Report: Stars Ship Jagr to Bruins.

The Dallas Morning News reports the Stars have shipped winger Jaromir Jagr to the Boston Bruins. 

Stars ship Jaromir Jagr to Boston.

Stars ship Jaromir Jagr to Boston.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The return is reportedly two prospects and a draft pick. Earlier today, the Stars let it be known they wouldn’t re-sign Jagr and would entertain trade offers. After losing out in the Jarome Iginla sweepstakes last week, it’s no surprise the Bruins quickly got in on this one. Though Jagr’s still capable of putting up decent numbers, some might question how well he’ll fit into the Bruins system. Still, he had little problem playing with the Flyers last season. If he can help jump-start their struggling offense down the stretch and into the playoffs, he’ll be a worthwhile rental.

**UPDATE** The Stars will receive Matt Bartkowski, Alexander Khokhlochev and a second round pick. In other words, two-thirds of the return the Calgary Flames would’ve received had they shipped Jarome Iginla to the Bruins. 

Actually, it’s Lance McDermid, Cody Payne and a conditional second round pick. I regret the error.



  1. Well, there goes the rumored destination for Clowe. No wonder the trade last night got called off

  2. Bruins fan here. I am very pleased at this trade. It’s a very reasonable deal for both teams.

    • Well I like this deal if Claude is going to let Jagr be Jagr. I wouldn’t have been OK if this was 10 years ago and he was sticking around a bit. Now they need to go out there and get some Defensive help. Any Flames fans out there has Giordano been put on the block at all? I would offer one of those guys in the proposed Iginla trade and a 1st for Giordano.

  3. Interesting deal and I have a few comments.

    1. If the Bruins make the Eastern Finals then the 2nd becomes a 1st round pick, thus they gave up MORE for Jagr who is 41 than they would have Iginla (only if they make it)
    2. This deal actually now doesn’t allow them to move their 2013 1st, it has been added as a conditional in a deal so it can’t be shipped to another team.

    Great job on getting a return by Dallas and I bet they are hoping for a deep Boston run, interesting move by Bruins hoping the 41y old Jagr can change their fortunes.

    • in no way did they give up more. The pick is higher but the prospect cost is drastically lower. They gave up two fourth line grinders for jagr as opposed to a solid dman and a potential sniper.

      • Yeah, this is a crap deal for Dallas. Two guys who will do nothing more than fill space on a AHL roster. The only real return is the pick. Now, I have to pull for Boston to win their first two series so it at least becomes a 1st not a 2nd.

  4. Lane McDermid is a career minor leaguer and Payne never signed a contract with the B’s,they owned his rights and merely transferred them to Dallas.The Bruins will get a number one back in June I would imagine especially if they fall short of the intended goal.There will be several players moved in the off season I am sure with the declining cap.

  5. I like this deal. The B’s gave up two 4th line checkers, at best. the only part that stings is the condition pick, which could be a first rounder. The deal for Iginla was waaaaaay more. Bartkowski was an NHL ready dman and Koko is the #3 or 4 prospect on the AHL club.

    Comparatively this is a great trade for the B’s.