Report: Turris Could Be Traded As Early As Today.


Turris trade coming soon?

TSN’s Darren Dreger reports via Twitter “Things are heating up on the Kyle Turris trade front. Sources indicate a deal could come down today.” Dreger subsequently claimed the Calgary Flames and Winnipeg Jets weren’t interested, while the Ottawa Senators have interest, and the Toronto Maple Leafs are in their holiday trade freeze.

MIAMI HERALD: The Florida Panthers are rumored in the running for Turris.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Interesting development. I’ve said in the past the Coyotes won’t move Turris unless they got a good offer, so it’ll be interesting to see what (if anything) transpires today.


  1. to redwings Turris

    To coyotes Thomas McCollum, Emmerton, Landon Ferraro and a 2nd round pick

  2. if they want sucky hudler i’m very ok with that too

  3. Buff are you insane? mccollum emmerton and ferraro for a guy whose never proven himself? you crazy dude…i’m soooo glad you are not a GM cause you don’t know anything about the detroit red wings…all those players you listed are all solid prospects…ecspecially mccollum a former 1st round draft pick

  4. Interesting to see what happens here!

    I called this once he came back to Pheonix, he was getting moved. Everyone said Maloney is a man of his word, but he’s like every other GM in the league… in every sport…. he holds his cards right to his chest.

    Pheonix has 10 million in cap, so they could be taking in some new faces that have price tags associated with them. I’m just unsure of what each team could offer for this kids services.

  5. Morris was scratched last night and Summers played , maybe a package deal , Morris is struggling this season , but who knows hope coyotes get something decent in this trade,

  6. According to Dreger, Calgary and Toronto are currently not in the hunt and Winnipeg may also be out.

    This might be Ottawa’s pick up.

  7. You called this Miokid? I think everyone knew Turris was getting delt

  8. hey tvp you don’t know anything. Thomas McCollum has bounced between ahl-echl 2 years in a row and lost his starting job in both leagues cause he has been horrible, he is a bust and we have Petr Mrazek, who is our goalie of the future now. Ferraro has bounced between 2 junior clubs cause after his injury he has never been the same. He was awful last year in the AHL so he got sent down to the ECHL as well, another bust. Corey Emmerton is a 4th line player who was out of options in the ahl so we had to bring him up. We have Mursak coming back from injury in 2 weeks plus already at 14 forwads. We have Chris Connor who has been great coming back in 2 weeks as well, I do like Emmerton but there is no room for him. Why not trade 2 bust prospects and a 4th line player that is a healthy scratch every night cause there is no room for him for a potential 20 year old stud.

    He was taken 2nd overall for a reason. If you watched the playoff series last year against against PHX he was the only one who was showing any life that series. He was an animal and on a deep team like Detroit he would be a 3rd line center with talent all around him to help him reach his potential. I know more about Detroit prospects then you obviously cause if you are calling 2 early picks by det gems you do not keep up with the prospect depth chart. By the way right now Ferraro is rated #15 and McCollum is now rated #20. Yeah top prospects my A$$. Go study a little bit more then comment on me. The Red Wings would jump at that deal if PHX would accept it. I was only saying it cause i knew the wings had about as much of a chance at getting this kid as they do getting the #1 overall pick in this years draft. Go study the wings depth chart then come back at me kid.

  9. I was just thinking Pit may be a new team in this mix, without Sid there’s a gap in the 3 center system, we traded Letestu, Vitale is a perfect 4th liner, and our other prospects aren’t C’s.

    So bumping Evgeni up to #1 and Staal to 2, we need a 3rd line center, for under $2M.

    There’s also a hstory of trade partnerships between these teams.

  10. Buff I think you just showed why that deal would never happen.

  11. innovator-like i was saying i was just wishing they would do that deal, but no way phx does it. But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen cause those prospects are too good, like TVP said.

  12. How the hell did Detroit end up in this thread????? Anyhow….. Turris is ALL potential at this point. Same as Filatov, so let’s not all get crazy offering up the keys to the prospect cupboard for bloody Turris. What the hell has he done??? Nada. A player or propect of equal stats and age or draft picks is all Maloney will/should get for this malcontent non-achiever (so far)

  13. @Miokid “I called this….”…relax The Amazing Kreskin, EVERYONE called this.

  14. I am not sure that Tallon will want a contract headache in Turris, unless Kyle says he will lock up for a few more years with the Panthers.

    Also, not sure who the Panthers would trade for him. Maybe Santorelli, but management likes him a lot too. Ellerby could be a possibility, and/or then a combo of Repik and Dadonov.

  15. Nah, I meant called this once he resigned. I would say that 50% of the people off the bat said he wasn’t going to be moved before he signed; and then another 80% people once he resigned were like “Nah, Maloney’s a man of his word, they did the press conferences, Turris will play in Pheonix or no where”. The day he signed I said, kid’s getting dealt no matter what.

    So settle down ladies, just said I called the trade after sign =o) not breaking news, but definitely ended up on the right end.

  16. @miokid what board you looking at from what I have seen most people said Turris would be traded after he signed yes a lot of people thought he would be traded before he signed too but most still figured he would be dealt its more like after Turris signed 80% said he will be dealt

  17. From reading the Ottawa Sun — I don’t know how much faith you can put into what they write… but Phoenix wants a young roster player and a 1st round pick.

    No way right now, Turris is worth that.

    Murray had better not give up that 1st rounder for this year or next year for this malcontent.

    Leave him where he is — keep your picks.