Report: Turris, Coyotes to Announce New Contract.


Turris returning to Coyotes.

TSN.CA: reports Kyle Turris’ contract standoff with the Phoenix Coyotes may be over, as it is expected the team will announce he’s been re-signed to a two-year deal. Darren Dreger “tweets” the new deal is worth $1.2 million this season and $1.6 million next season, though Turris still has to sign off on the contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dreger earlier also tweeted “trade still prime option”. Not sure if he meant that prior to confirmation the contract was in place or not. Hopefully we’ll get clarification, as that’s bound to generate speculation of this as a “sign-and-trade”. With only a week to go until the deadline to sign a contract or miss the entire season, time was against Turris. The Coyotes management made it clear they’d match any offer sheet, and had no intention of trading him. We’ll see if that also holds true now that he’s under contract.


  1. Just a guess but I think they will still end up trading him. It seems like their refusal to trade him while he was holding out had more to do with them wanting to send a message to the rest of their players that holding out is not going to get them what they want, and less about them having any real desire to keep around a disgruntled player who has made it perfectly clear that he wants nothing to do with the Coyotes franchise.

    Plus, one would think Phoenix will have a lot more leverage in trade negotiations now that Turris is under contract.

  2. Do people actually have a problem comprehending what Maloney has stated, frankly and repeatedly. First he said that there was no way he would trade Turris and that his only option was to sign with the Coyotes before Dec 1. Secondly, Maloney has stated numerous times that there would be no sign and trade with Turris. I tend to take a man at his word. I know that its the nature of hockey fans to create their own drama, usually centered around their favorite team, but the fact is Turris will report for his medical, get sent to the AHL, if he plays well, he will probably get called up later in the season, showcase himself, and “IF” he gets dealt it would probably be at the draft. Lastly, I cant believe what people think Turris would garner in a trade. A 3rd overall pick who hasnt played a full season, hasnt produced, and he will get Phoenix a regular starter and a pick?. Put it this way, his record is comparable to Cam Barker, also a 3rd overall pick. What would you trade for Barker? And he has tons of potential too.

  3. So much crap for a couple bucks. This is a sign and trade, after that crap he just pulled in Pheonix; Turris will be Canada bound. There’s no way he sticks in Pheonix after the stunt he just pulled. Now I imagine Calgary or Ottawa will be making a nice little push for Mr. Turris.

    Mr Kuba or Mr Bourque will be wearing those atrocious deep red dogs jerseys within in the next few weeks I imagine.

  4. When people say it can’t happen I would like to remind that last year the San Jose Sharks said there was no chance of them signing and trading Setuguchi … who the day after signing a $9 million contract was shipped to Minnesota. We have heard GM’s time and time again say no trade or they won’t do something to watch them do the opposite.

    MAYBE they hold out on him, send him down, play him in the AHL and move him at the deadline. But what use is it keeping a player who doesn’t want to be there, has alienated fans and teammates? I do believe he will fetch a decent return because of potential, but I wouldn’t expect a blockbuster.

  5. This all boils down to Turris not wanting to play in Phoenix, no? He had every right to not sign a contract until he did. He was a free agent. What is the big deal? He has stated his feeling, “I do not want to play here” – and it is done. At some point he will move on, until then he has 2 years of service due to the Coyotes.

  6. LOL at some of these posts
    it wouldn’t surprise me if Turris stays with the Coyotes!
    more likely, he will be traded before the deadline.
    the Coyotes can only send him to Portland for a conditioning stint, otherwise he would have to go through waivers.

  7. Speaking of Barker what a blow for him and the Oil, out for 3 months. He wasnt dazzling with the offense but wow he’s solid as there is on the back end. Hope he and the oilers work out a fair deal for both sides, be nice to see him in the blue and orange for a few more seasons.

  8. Turris tried to get something he wanted by holding out. He wanted to be out of Phoenix. He’s not. He wanted $3-4 Million per season. He’s getting $1.4 on average instead. The only thing he got out of this was a deservedly bad reputation as a me-first guy, which will follow him wherever he goes.

    Wonder what Paul Bissonette had to say about all this.