Report: Wings Close to Re-signing Bertuzzi.


Bertuzzi to remain a Red Wing.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Helene St. James reports agent Pat Morris claimed his client, Todd Bertuzzi, was close to re-signing a two-year contract extension, expected to be announced on Thursday.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No word on what the financial terms will be. Bertuzzi is currently in the final year of a two-year contract worth an average annual cap hit of $1.937,500.  I expect the salary could work out to be roughly the same. I must admit I’m a bit surprised, as I anticipated the Wings wouldn’t re-sign Bertuzzi this summer, but the club obviously still thinks highly of him and wish to keep him in the fold a little longer.

**UPDATE** The extension is worth around $2.25 million per season.


  1. Like him or not, at $2M per season, he is a very afordable, highly skilled power forward. He seems to fit in well with the group in Detroit and I am not suprised to see him resigned. He has the skill to jump up to the 1st line, and the size and smarts to play in the bottom-6. Excellent move by Ken Holland (what else is new?!)

  2. Bert has found the fountain of youth while playing wing (with Franzen) for Datsyuk on the #1 line for most of this season. 54 GP, 12 17 29 +21. He has used his size to good advantage this season, strong on the puck and on the boards. His defensive game has been pretty impressive as well. $2 million/year for a #1 winger seems like a bargain.

  3. This is another awful move by Holland. 2 mill on this guy??? Holland makes the worst panic moves i’ve ever seen. I would never want to see whats out there next year either, matter of fact he should offer lidstrom another 6.5 mill. This guy is the worst GM, and dont be fooled, Nill, Devallano and Bowman won those Cups.

  4. oh by the way i could put anybody that has a pulse on a line with Datsyuk and he’ll look good too, morons.

  5. JayZ, signing Bert is a good move. He has been a solid winger for the Wings and at roughly 2 mil. he is a bargain. He has been strong on the defensive side and chipped in with timely goals and shot out winners. Maybe you would like to sign a Gomez, Hemsky or Redden for 2 or 3 times the amount and get 1/2 or 1/3 of the production. I understand and want them to go after the likes of Webber, Sutter or Parise, but they may not be available or want to come to the Wings.

  6. Ah yes mike, a 37 yr. old bertuzzi, who is now a “first liner” who will amass 40 points if hes lucky. Thats a steal of a deal. I mean he scores a fancy shootout goal, gets into fight and has a game winner and now all of sudden hes a great pickup at 2.2 mil. Its not all or nothing, parise, gomez…… There are a lot better options than bertuzzi. Parise would be nice but tying your money up in bert starts to limit your spending, but hey according to you we can afford two of him.

  7. Well, yes Bert at 2.2 mil is a good deal. And as far as Holland being a bad GM, and the Wings affording two of him, the Wings will have cap space using this years cap ceiling. The Wings have 10 forwards, 4 defensemen and 2 goalies singed for next year. That leaves 22.2 mil to filed out the rest of the lineup. If you sign the bum Lidstrom for 6.5, Qunicey for 3.5, Helm and Abdelkader each for 1.5 mil, that would be 13 million. That leaves you with some 9 million to sign another forward. Wow sonds like a bad GM to me. And with the new CBA coming this year the cap maybe lower but the Wings will be in a very good position.