Reports: Carter to Kings? Confirmed.

Carter soon to join the Kings?

Various sources (TSN’s Darren Dreger, Sportsnet’s Scotty Morrison,Columbus Dispatch’s Aaron Portzline) are reporting the Los Angeles Kings and Columbus Dispatch are close to a deal which would ship center Jeff Carter to the Kings. It’s rumored defenseman Jack Johnson could be heading to Columbus, along with a first round pick, but not goaltender Jonathan Bernier. More to come (hopefully) later tonight. Stay tuned….

**UPDATE** Deal confirmed, Jeff Carter to the Kings for Jack Johnson and a first round pick. Bob McKenzie claims deal is now contingent on Carter passing his medical tomorrow.

The first round pick is conditional. If the Kings make the playoffs, Blue Jackets get their first round pick for 2012. If Kings miss the playoffs, the Jackets instead get their first round pick in 2013.

This was a move which had to be made by both clubs. The Blue Jackets wanted to be rid of Carter, who hadn’t worked out as hoped, while the Kings are desperate for scoring punch. This move reunites Carter with Mike Richards, his friend and former Flyers teammate. This could be the move to rejuvenate them, as Richards has struggled this season with the Kings. If so, it could provide a considerable jolt to the Kings offense.

As for the Blue Jackets, they’re getting a quality, top-pairing defenseman in Johnson, and hopefully, he’ll be a better fit for them than Carter was. The addition of a first round pick also sweetens the deal for them. It now remains to be seen what happens with the Rick Nash trade rumors, but at least the Jackets have made a significant shakeup by moving out Carter and the remaining ten years of his contract for a solid return.

This has the potential to work out for both teams, but of course, time will tell.


  1. If the deal is Carter for Johnson and a 1st then great job by Columbus to get an equal or maybe greater return than what he gave up (Voracek and a 1st).

  2. If the deal comes together, it probably takes Edmonton out of the equation to move Hemsky to LA because the two players they want most (a goalie and a defenceman) would be shipped to Columbus and Edmonton has nothing Columbus would want.

  3. It would reunite the Flyers Old town party boys -Carter and Richards. They should have no trouble keeping out of mischeif in L.A.. Party on dudes!

  4. Jack Johnson sucks and this years draft is not deep past the first 7 picks ….which columbus will get like 14th 15th pick so go deal for the kings helps out both teams …And we can still trade Bernier in the summer for a good prospect !!! LOVE THE DEAL hope it works out tonite !

  5. Could really go both ways LAKINGS88, there’s a reason Carter is being traded twice in under a year… and while at a decent yearly cap.. your paying him until he’s 37 years old.

  6. Carter’s a great player. He’s going to be awesome where ever he goes. Cbj’s are a mess and no one wants to be there right now. They need to redo the entire management team it seems.

  7. ugh don’t like this deal for the kings, but things are bad on that team right now maybe something like this will get them to get there together and start scoring. lombardi is desperate. what they really need to do is fire kompon. his job is to handle the forwards and the PP both of which have sucked most of the year. fire him already dean-o!

  8. LA would be a good spot for Carter I think. Playing along Kopitar will provide some easy goals.

  9. Dreger stating Carter to LA is done. To be announced soon

  10. Next up

    Nash to the Sharks??????

  11. Given the situation I would say that is really is a great deal for both clubs, with both getting exactly what they are looking for. Further than that it will truly set the pace of this years deadline with teams now using LA as the meter stick to measure up to as far as loading up goes. Its a big gamble by Lombardi who with this deal, will no doubt make or break his job.

  12. I think it’s a gamble by both clubs really considering where they are.. can’t really blame either right now.

  13. I’m not exactly sure what this does for columbus. johnson is a great young talent but was he what they really needed with wisneiwski? as well as talented younger players like nikitin, savard, and even clitsome? all of who may not measure up to johnson but have the potential to develop into fine offensive d-men, which seem to be johnson strongest suit.

    i guess it’s better to have too many than too few but this deal doesn’t seem to address columbus’ real needs. then again i’m sure howson will be making plenty more deals before the start of next season.

  14. Colombus got a horrible deal jack Johnson cant play defends to save his life Howson would have been better trading for the other Jack Johnson

  15. Tsn said that la is also rumored to be working on deals involving bernier and possibly brown… Interesting

  16. said Howson. “We are in the process of moving forward and re-shaping our team

    Looks like Ownership is keeping horrible management and letting them execute the nuclear option.

  17. Kings get the better of this deal, IMO. Not really seeing how this helps the Jackets all that much. Just think, if they never traded for Carter in the first place, they could have Couturier and Voracek, which is better than Johnson and whatever mid-1st round pick they’ll get. It’s moves like these that keep the Jackets in the NHL basement.

  18. Why is LA out on Hemsky? They didn’t move Bernier so a deal for Hemsky is still in play. IMO Carter alone can get LA into the playoffs but nowhere near a cup winning team. Add Carter and Hemsky then you can at least have the discussion that lines of Kopitar, Williams and Hemsky and Carter, Richards and Brown are good enough to win with the sound D LA plays with.

    Columbs is ok after this deal. Lots of talk of a redundant D to go with Wiz but I see it as an advantage for the Blue Jackets as they will now have 2 solid puck moving D lines for even strenght and the PP. Wiz and Tyutin is a fine pairing (evidenced by Columbus’ much better play when Wiz has been healthy) and Johnson and Nikitin is also solid then you can play Moore on the 3rd pairing givng him another year to develop without top pairing pressure. Put a proper goalie behind that group and at least you have the foundation of a solid D.

    The O wil be the main problem unless they keep Nash. If he stays you can at least hope:

    1. Johansen and Brassard break out
    2. That Yakupov is the real deal
    3. 2-3 solid free agents are brought in

  19. I’m sorry, but the biggest loser in this whole situation has to be Jeff Carter. Not because he’s finally getting to go play hockey with his buddy again, but because he couldn’t hack it without him. I completely understood his frustration in the beginning, but it wasn’t the Blue Jackets fault. He took his anger out on them and never gave them a chance. At some point Jeff should have manned up and accepted his new surroundings.

    Maybe I’m wrong, maybe he only scores a goal or 2 in LA to finish out the year. In which case the real winners are the Flyers for having seen the future for Carter, but if he goes out there and produces a point a night, then my suspicion and really the media’s portrayal will have to be confirmed and the true Jeff Carter will have stood up…

  20. Wouldn’t be shocked if Johnson was Traded this weekend for another #1 Pick and prospect

  21. The best part of seeing these trades go down is watching G.M’s like Yzerman and Howson trip all over themselves to load up on high draft picks to stock up their offers to Vancouver for Cory Schneider. Anyone who thinks Mike Gillis won’t get what he wants for the kid is clueless. Van is in the drivers seat when it comes to this trade going down with C.S being an R.F.A this summer, some of these teams will not be able to wait on offer sheets and will have to pull the trigger. Rumors suggest Gillis is looking for two 1st rounders and a prospect, while others say one 1st,a high end prospect and a top 4 D/ top end winger.
    Let’s face it, Tamps Bay needs a goalie now while they have a window of opportunity, Columbus needs a goalie now while they have a fan left in the building. Teams like this cannot re-build/re-tool forever and need to show fans and prospective free agent signings that they mean business.
    As a long time Canuck supporter I still cringe when I think of the return they got for Bure, Mike Gillis (Bure’s agent at that time) will not get fleeced in this deal. For those who have forgotten:
    To Florida- Bure, Bret Hedican, Brad Ference, 3rd rounder
    To Vancouver- Jovocop, Kevin Weekes, Dave Gagner, Mike Brown, 1st rounder (Nathan Smith, who???)

  22. Schneider
    A 1st, high end prospect AND a top 4 D or high end winger ? BS
    Is Schneider that good or is he just playing PART TIME goal for a very good defensive team ?

  23. I actually like this deal for CBJ and hoping it sparks them to keep Nash. Johnson helps build what looks like it could become a deep defensive core and the addition of Yakupov this season will also help the scoring punch. The Jackets need to bring in an experienced vet goalie to mentor Mason, sign some real character players and maybe another top 6 forward, plus get a new coach. This team could come around big time next year.

    They are still trying to demonstrate that they want to win and they could off load that 1st this year or next year at the draft in hopes to obtain some more talent coming their way. I’m not a fan of Howson, but he was told to try and win, picked up a center, signed a solid D, didn’t work out and he is making it work. I believe if you look around the league a lot of teams are trying to build from the D outwards and maybe Howson is looking at doing the same now.

  24. Hey alforducks are you watching Schneider play right now against the Devils?, you still think those trade wants are B.S? There are a lot of people out there who would gladly over-pay for a young #1 goalie. As far as the Canucks being a very good defensive team, keep watching how Luongo and Schneider have bailed them out lately. These teams that need Schneider need to start winning now, picks and high end prospects do nothing for a struggling team. He is that good.