Reports: Radulov To Join Predators This Week.

SPORT-EXPRESS’s Slava Malamud, YAHOO! SPORTS’ Dmitry Chesnokov and Sovietsky Sport’s Pavel Lysenkov all report Alexander Radulov  is set to rejoin the Nashville Predators later this week, possibly as early as this Thursday.


  1. This is the kind of karma that gets you bounced in the 1st round.
    I hope it happens, too.

  2. But i bet if he was on your favorite team, you would want him back in a second

  3. The hard thing to figure here is why the Preds organization would allow Radulov to essentially put them over a barrel like this. Rads will now have all the power in future contract talks by fulfilling his final year of his entry level contract by playing only a dozen games or so this season in the NHL. As a RFA this summer, he can allow offer sheets to come his way and force the Preds to match it, or worse yet, go back to the KHL for the 12/13 season and then be declared an UFA on 07/01/2013 due to his being 27 years old by then. It’s a brilliant move by Rads and his agent, but it makes the Preds organization look rather foolish.