Responses to Some Readers’ Comments.

I often receive feedback via e-mail, Twitter or the comments sections on this site from readers reacting to either a column I’ve writter, or a report I’ve commented upon.

Here’s a compilation of some of the more notable (and less offensive) reactions of the past week. I feel it’s easier to more fully respond here, rather than in a quickly tossed-off e-mail or hampered by Twitter’s 140 characters.

-A response to my March 15th Rumor Roundup regarding Ryane Clowe (“It may be Clowe’s time to go”): “hahahaha, go where? Nobody in the NHL is giving up more than a late round pick for him, and that’d be asking a lot”.

As per my article (which he obviously didn’t read), Clowe’s been linked to the Boston Bruins, Pittsburgh Penguins, Toronto Maple Leafs, Edmonton Oilers and Montreal Canadiens. The Bruins have scouted the Sharks for a couple of weeks. Despite the decline in his offensive numbers this season, Clowe remains an attractive target for teams seeking grit and playoff experience on left wing. If he’s moved, the Sharks should get more than a late-round pick.

– A response to my March 15th Morning Rumor Mill, in which I dismissed Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s Rob Rossi’s recent suggestion Jarome Iginla “might not fill a top-six role with the Penguins”: “Would you break up the top line in the NHL and give up a prospect just for Iggy?”

There’s no argument the return for Iginla could be costly, especially if he’s a rental player. Still, it wouldn’t be the first time Ray Shero’s done that (hello there, Marian Hossa), so we can’t dismiss the possibility. If they acquire Iginla, suggesting he wouldn’t fill a top-six role is absurd.

Besides, I don’t believe scoring is something the Penguins must address, unless Malkin’s recent upper body injury is more serious than believed.

I think the Penguins focus should be on bolstering their defensive game, given as of March 16th they were 24th in penalty killing and 20th in goals-against per game.

– A response to my dismissing the Senators pursuing Corey Perry if he become a free agent this summer, owing to  their commitment to rebuilding with youth and the memory of Dany Heatley’s contract fiasco: “You have to remember (Senators team owner) Eugene Melnyk was willing to take on (Rick) Nash’s salary last summer, so he’s willing to spend for an elite winger, I wouldn’t rule out Ottawa going after Perry this summer (trade is another thing).

Good point about Nash, though his contract at that time had six years remaining at $7.8 million per. If Perry hits the open market, I see him landing a seven-year deal worth between $9.5 – $10.5 million per season. That’s far more than Nash’s contract. Even with the salary cap dropping, never underestimate the ability of NHL GMs and owners to succumb to auction fever in the opening week of the free agent market.

I don’t doubt the Senators would like to add an experienced scoring winger, especially with Daniel Alfredsson clearly in the twilight of his career, but I’m not convinced Melnyk would spend $10 million per on Perry. Time will tell.

– “NHL Gossip”, responding to my recent comments on Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller: “SpectorsHockey believes Ryan Miller does not want to re-sign in Buffalo. I second that”.

Great minds think alike. At the risk of offending Sabres fans, their team is a mess, and I just don’t see their current management improving things before Miller becomes a UFA next summer. He’s clearly unhappy with the club’s performance, and I believe he’ll seek a championship somewhere else.

That’s not dumping on Miller. After all, he re-signed a lengthy, expensive deal with the Sabres because he believed they were building toward Cup contention. Sadly, it hasn’t worked out that way, and at 32, Miller’s chances of winning a Cup lie elsewhere. He could prove me wrong, but I see him leaving leaving Buffalo via trade or free agency by next summer.

“DavetheHammer”, responding to one of my articles this past week noting speculation about the Toronto Maple Leafs: “Richardson uses the Maple Leafs in his articles to maintain hits on his posting”.

Yeah, the Leafs recent losing skid, the ongoing uncertainty over the statuses of Jake Gardiner, Mike Komisarek and John-Michael Liles, the recent trade rumors about Tyler Bozak and Clarke MacArthur, and the never-ending speculation linking the Leafs with Colorado Avalanche center Paul Stastny had nothing to do with their being featured in a recent column in which the lead was the state of the Florida Panthers. Overlook the fact it was also the first time in a week I’d mentioned the Leafs in my column. No, it was all about the hits. Bravo, Sherlock, you figured me out.


  1. I like the idea of this column. You should try and answer some posts once a week. Call spectors rebutal or something like that. You should get a fair chance to defend your posts, especially from some people that really don’t have a clue about what’s going on.

  2. Even if Lyle does (he doesn’t) mention the Leafs for hits; what’s wrong with that? Its not about hits, its about what people want to read. Any good journalist caters to his audience.
    Don’t channel your hatred towards the leafs on Lyle. This site is great and a much needed read for my afternoon coffee break

  3. I like this column, one of the reasons I hit this site is for Spector’s insights into other media outlets’ news. Reaction to the “less offensive” emails and thoughts of the readers creates a bit more of the good stuff, creates more of a “community” here, and might even bring more material than standard media stuff. This is also something in the vein of the Sportsguy’s Mailbag. I love these types of columns.

  4. And the gloves are off!
    Spector wins! He can take punches as well as give them.

  5. Well played my good sir. I too would enjoy seeing something like this continue (and I like the name spectors rebuttals too!)

  6. Appreciate the feedback, folks. I won’t do this on a weekly basis, but could consider a couple of times a month.

  7. Spectors Hockey remains my first read in the morning, Lyle. Keep on keeping on.

  8. For years now I’ve come to this site as my ‘one stop’ for all things NHL. Spector has, in my opinion, always covered teams as evenly as their respective news was happening. I have always enjoyed this site, and like the few people above, would also appreciate seeing this sort of rebuttal happen more often. A lot of us think we know whats best for our favorite teams, but it’s easy to be an armchair GM. Last time I checked though, I wasn’t in the employ of ANY NHL team, and I venture to say none of you are either….which is why we all come here…to read someone with a little more insight than the rest of us 😉

  9. Readers won’t always agree with you, (who would want that anyway?) but readers should appreciate your insight and usually well thought out articles/comments. I can’t remember being confused by any of your columns – unlike other reporters or bloggers who don’t take the time to read over and edit their work or at the least use the “spell check”.

    That may not sound like a ringing endorsement, but I keep coming back and I enjoy your views and comments and many comments made by fellow readers/followers.

    Keep up the good work.