Rick Nash Trade Watch – February 20, 2012.

The Blue Jackets efforts to drum up interest in Nash, some Toronto pundits believe Leafs should pass on the Blue Jackets captain, while Flyers appear unlikely to acquire him.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Shawn Mitchell reports Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson recently met with the GMs of the NY Rangers, Philadelphia Flyers and Toronto Maple Leafs (though the latter was unscheduled, as GM Brian Burke was in New York on personal business).

SPORTSNET.CA: Mark Spector (no relation) believes the Maple Leafs shouldn’t blow up their roster or decimate their future pursuing Nash.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: David Shoalts suggests Jeff Carter might be a better option for the Leafs, given their need at center and his market value is lower than Nash’s, and believes the LA Kings might be the best fit for Nash.

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli believes as each hour passes, the Flyers are less and less likely to acquire Nash.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Acquiring Nash makes no sense for the Leafs or Flyers. The best fit, in my opinion, is the Kings, depending on their willingness to pay what would be a steep asking price to land him.


  1. If i were burke i would go after carter more then nash, carter would fill our needs for a number 1 center and wouldnt cost us as much as it would tp acquire nash.

  2. good work Burkie, make them all think you want Nash, go in and take Carter off their hands for less and pick up Malone, Stewart and Mason Raymond all on the same day.

    Yes it will cost Schen, Kardi (for Carter) and perhaps a third for Malone and a prospect and a 4th for Stewart and maybe swap for dollars each way Komaserik for Vermeete.But you get 4 players all under contract who are veterans on one of the youngest teams.

  3. Burke doesn’t want Carter; he hates his contract.

    Burke still wants JVR, I’m guessing.

  4. hahaha , maybe you should go back to nhl 2012 for your computer. In the real world this doesnt happen …..lol I guess Toronto has a unlimited salary cap eh?

  5. Monkman- The only way those trades work is on a PS3 brother. Malone is worth more, so is Stewart. Not sure there’s much of a market for Komi at 4.5 mill for next yr. also not sure Kadri has the value you think. If he did he would have been moved a week or two ago. If Leafs fans can, somewhat, admit he’s been a bust then I’m sure a lot of GM’s see that as well. Leafs best trade chips are Schenn, Kessel, and Gardiner. I personally wouldn’t move any of them, but unless you start throwing first rounders into the deal those will be the players teams want for impact players. Leafs should be deciding what goaltender they want to move forward with and trade the other one while acquiring a mentoring backup for the one they keep. Hope I worded that correctly. Lol. Stability between the pipes creates confidence for the entire team. That should be a number one need of any team unless your the Flyers with crazy forward depth.

  6. Columbus should not trade Nash or Carter for many reasons.

    1. They host they all-star game next year so make one more run at the playoffs with your current core and hopefully get some buzz going for the all-star game.

    2. Let Huselius leave as UFA and trade Mason, Vermette, Phalsson and Umberger this year so there is money to spend to add a solid D, a solid G and players properly suited to play with Carter (ex. Whitney and Hemskey).

    3. Getting the first pick overall plus a few decent signings (see #2) give Columbus the option of a few very good lines:
    LW: Nash C: Johansen RW: Yakupov (1st overall pick)
    LW: Whitney (UFA add) C: Carter RW: Hemskey (UFA add)
    LW: Prospal C: Brassard RW: Dorsett
    LW: Moen (UFA add) C: Gaustad (UFA add) RW: Boll
    Extras: Gillies, Letesu
    D1: Wisniewski D1: Tyutin (resign)
    D2: Allen (UFA add) D2: Moore
    D3: Clitsome D3: Nikitin
    Extras: Keith Aullie or Geoff Blum (trade from Toronto or Nashville for Umberger)
    G1: Josh Harding (UFA add)
    G2: Bishop (trade from St. Louis for Vermette)

    That team, if healthy could easily make the playoffs.

  7. Monkman, turn down the sunshine on you Leaf homer glasses. Malone a 3rd? He goes anywhere, its Pittsburgh, for at least a second.

    Leafs need a goalie. Leafs need a center. Leafs don’t need Nash but as an Ottawa fan, I say you destroy all the effort in collecting picks and youngersters and blow it on Nash, play all three of your allstar wingers on one line. Gueess the only problem is actually winning a face off and gaining posession, and keeping the puck out of the net.

  8. Well if the Leafs acquired Nash, they could easily convert him to a center; he has all the skills for it, except faceoff, but players work on their faceoffs… Crosby sucked and then he worked on it.

    He’s played his career as a winger, but I say this over and over again, he has the skills of a center.

  9. It’s not that easy to convert a winger to a center MJR. Regardless of skill set it’s about style of play. As a winger your job in your own zone is simple, get between the puck and the defender on your wing. As a center you’re helping out below the goal line and in front of the net, just like a d man.It takes a long time to learn how to do this well and is very rare to see a player make the switch this far into his career. I’d be pretty surprised if anyone attempted to do this. Unless Nash grew up his whole life playing center until the NHL it’s not gonna happen. But perhaps he did grow up a center, I don’t know. Either way, it would be pretty gutsy to bring him into Toronto and make him hour no. 1 center.

  10. For Columbus, moving Carter’s contract may prove to be more difficult due to term!! Furthermore, Burkie has gone on record saying he won’t sign to long-term contract (beyond 5 years). I can see Burkie getting Carter if Connely and or Komaserik are included in the deal. Burkie can easier sell his change in position by dumping unwanted short-term contracts to get his big #1 center. Of course, a prospect(s) and pick(s) will also be included. I can see Kadri, but not Schenn…I still see Luke as a future Captain and he is one of only a handful of Leaf players who play a rough/truculence style game.

  11. If Malone is another big body option, either Armstrong or Connely would need to be included along with a one of our goalie prospects….which we have some depth! Tampa has an obvious need on the back end so goaltending and Dmen are wanted. Komi will provide some depth for playoffs (if we make it) but it would be nice to shed his contract. We have depth on defence in the Marlies

  12. I know it’s completely unrelated, but I wanted to say that the Canadiens did a very classy thing last night. They honored Gary Carter, the longtime catcher for the Expos who passed away from Cancer last week. They even wore Carter and his number 8 during the warmups. That was a very classy thing to do. It even made me forget about 1993 (for about five minutes).

  13. SmielmaN who are these idiots that can call a 21 yr/old a BUST? How dumb does one need to be to think something like that… once someone says something as idiotic as that, the conversation has to end. As for NHL12 like trade proposals, all fan bases make them and get fed by media… with Toronto though, there is some truth to the possibility that an NHL12 like trade could happen (though I doubt it) with Burke as history has shown… Bred Lebda+ Robert Slaney for Franson+Lombardi+4th or Kaberle for Colburn + 1st(Biggs) + 2nd(Liles) or if that wasn’t NHL12 enough for you, Beauchemin for Lupul + Gardner + 4th(?). We all know he traded away a goalie that cant stop a puck event if shot from 200ft away and Blake’s impossible long $5M+ contract as well as the scraps for Phaneauf + Aluie deals…
    I just hope whatever he makes, like so many in the past that flew under the radar, I’m hoping he’s dealing with other teams like the Blues for help… has anyone been following this team? They are a pretty good club with lots of exciting players.

  14. You said it Diceman. Most guys that are goal scorering wingers this stage of their career are what they are because the can find that little open patch and quickly launch a shot(Heatley, Nash) when fed the puck. This trade makes zero sense, it actaully makes the Leaf organization weaker in all asspects and doesn’t fiz a glaring need, Ccnter or goalie…

    Look at Lupul and Kessel’s face-off ability. 33%(Kessel) – 40%(Lupul) is not what I call even average NHL centerman face-off ability, let alone what they do positionally. I do believe Boston had Kessel playing the odd time at center, so he has the wheels and vision. Not tough enough in the circle. I guess you could always put Steckel out for everyface off, zip him back to the bench…

    I think Jeff Carter is the deal of the century for the Leafs. You uwill give up half of what you woud for Nash, and Carter WILL pick up his game as per Lupul. Its obvious that Columbus is an organization without purpose. Carter needs a Wilson style coach. Columbus needs to ditch Howson, keep Nash because if they deal Vermetter or Huesulis they’ll need his salary to no go UNDER the cap.

  15. EJ, that is one of the worst things I have ever read on this site. Congrats. Do you honestly think that Toronto or Nashville are going to trade Aulie or Blum for R.J. Umberger? Or that Columbus is actually going to spend money signing Hemsky and Moen this offseason? Wow. Just wow.

  16. For Columbus, moving Carter’s contract may prove to be more difficult due to term!! Furthermore, Burkie has gone on record saying he won’t sign to long-term contract (beyond 5 years). I can see Burkie getting Carter if Connely and or Komaserik are included in the deal. Burkie can easier sell his change in position by dumping unwanted short-term contracts to get his big #1 center. Of course, a prospect(s) and pick(s) will also be included. I can see Kadri, but not Schenn…I still see Luke as a future Captain and he is one of only a handful of Leaf players who play a rough/truculence style game.

  17. Donny – from what I’m reading all over the place it seems that a pretty fair amount of leafs fans don’t care for Kadri anymore citing size and strength as points to give up on him. I don’t watch every leaf game, but for a 7th overall pick who was as hyped as he was I would have figured he would have some higher numbers at this point and I think those same leaf fans expected the same. Im looking at what leaf fans have been writing and suggested that Kadri and Schenn don’t get you a impact player.
    I also believe the Lombardi and lupul deals were salary dumps by their former teams with and Franson being the actual target of Burkes. Lombardi is a Finger like contract and lupul decided he wanted to be a hockey player again so good for the leafs. IF lupul stuck around his reg career numbers it would be another albatross contract. I wonder if he can keep up the pace and be consistent from this point on. The Kaberle deal was a wash IMO as the bruins won the cup and the leafs don’t know the true potential of Biggs or colbourne yet. I have a couple of close friends that are hardcore B’s fans (yes, we rib each other hard sometimes lol) and they are of the opinion that colbourne is tall and that’s about it. I don’t know anything about him but you would think a large center with skill would be on the roster by now? Also, I agree that he traded no bodies for Phanuef but if all the other posters here who are fans of the 29 other teams could chime in and say if you would want Phanuef for almost 7 million I think guys would say “pass” Yes, I’m a Habs fan, yes Gomez sucks.

  18. Also, if the leafs don’t move some salary for next year they aren’t picking up anyone. I think the have around 10 million for around 8-9 guys including Grabovski. Pens are in bad cap shape too to acquire quality depth. I think they might be forced to deal Staal if they can’t move Martin

  19. BREAKING NEWS!!!! Nobody gets Nash or Carter, howson wants too much. enough with the speculation already.

  20. I just can’t wait for his trade to happen or howson say he’s not making he deal. Either way I think this has slowed down the trade market, not that it was booming before he came available,but seems
    Iike this could be holding up other deals, to see what the market actually is at.

  21. @smmielman I agree with your points that most leaf fans seem to have grown impatient with both schenn and kardi and seem to be willing to give them away in a heart beat, but this talk of kardi not putting up big numbers or being the impact player is a little harsh. If everyone would take a deep breath and take a look at what these you g players actually are, young players. Take a look at the 2009 1st round draft picks and see how many games most of those players have played never mind the points. Also take a look at the 2008 1st round picks, sure there are a bunch that have made a mark in the NHL already but also a number are just rookies this year along with a bunch that are highly talked about that haven’t made it. This is just the leafs guys I’m talking about but you could do this for any team. There are the exceptions such as Nash and hall, and I think people see them and expect the world of everyone.

  22. Look I’m no gm by any means but as a leaf fan I sit back and watch what Ottawa did last year. Personally I believe it makes a lot of sense for the leafs to. If it were my team I would unload everyone for picks minus Gardner schenn. Dion kess lups and liles. I mean everyone other then them. Get what you can. Trade for bishop and pick up theadore for chimp change. Fire Wilson and bring up Eakins and a bunch of marlies and start all over. Change the atmosphere in the room. Untill they do that it’s all over for the blue and white. Jmo

  23. The only Nash to Leafs deal that makes sense is one that includes Kessel. I know, i know. give up one 40 goal man for another. Nash brings a lot of game (size, power, defensive upside), and parting with a pure scorere like Kessel is a lot easier to swallow than mortgaging forever. Add a first rounder and any dman, and pull the trigger.

  24. @JayZ , I am starting to lean your way

    @EJ , wishfull thinking , not many UFA’s are going to want to go and sign with a last place team , and if St.L trades Bishop for Vermette then Doug Armstrong is going in the wrong direction.

  25. I love how everyone dumps on Kadri now, and calls him a bust while so many are drooling at the mouth anytime its mentioned the leafs are trying to get Brayden Schenn.

    Brayden Schenn 39gp 8g 5a 13p 24pim

    Nazem Kadri 49gp 7g 11a 18p 16pim

    Let the kid develop. Outside the top 5 of any draft it takes years for them to become solid NHLers.

    I would rather Toronto not get Nash, I don’t think he is worth the cost to trade for him, nor the cap hit any year. I am not opposed to the leafs grabbing Carter if he can be had at a discount which I don’t think is likely. Even with his long contract if he gets back to hitting the mid 30’s in goals and 25 to 30 assists he’d be worth the contract. He does not really fit the bill as a play making center though either.

    Burke would be better suited locking up the guys he wants to keep, ride the season out and replace Wilson in the offseason, then begin looking for his Center and evaluate his goaltending.

  26. If Bishop does not get traded at the deadline he will be a UFA and heading to any team what needs goaltending help where he will get NHL playing time

  27. Tell ya what, I’m going to check out Columbus’ next game and see how Nash plays then, because I’m basing this on how he was playing on team Canada, then I’ll get back to yas.

  28. @Innovator I agree with your point about Carter not being a play making center, which is really what the Leafs need. For years they’ve been looking for someone to feed Kessel and Carter’s not that guy. But I have to admit with Lupul’s play, maybe he could be the one to feed Kessel, as he has been, and with Carter planted in the crease and digging in the corners down low, this line could work.

  29. I wouldn’t say that “Nash isn’t a good fit for the Leafs” at all. I understad the Leafs’ most pressing need is for a centre, not a winger, but the Leafs aren’t exactly ready to compete for the Cup this year with or without Rick Nash. So picking him up could make some sense. This Leafs team is still being shaped, a centre could be acquired in the offseason or at some point next season, or the following offseason, etc. Nash is available now.

  30. Jrd18 – I hear what your saying. I don’t watch many leaf games and, like I said, it seems most leaf fans want to dump Kadri for anyone and everyone else. I don’t know why either way. I also don’t understand why the Leafs would trade Schenn at this point in his career. D men take time to hone their skills. I think everyone expects Kadri to be a major player already and because he hasn’t he should be moved. I don’t think that teams should give up on guys unless it’s about undeserved money or you gave the guy 3-4 years to work into the system and up the depth chart. It just seems like most Leaf fans want the quick fix all the time and that seems to have rubbed off on the GM as he has had a lot of player turnover since he’s been there. To trade any group of youth can be a major gamble.
    To be honest though, I think the Leafs greatest issue is the man behind the bench. I don’t understand how you reward a guy with a extension despite missing the playoffs consistently. Sometimes one guys message is lost or isn’t as good a motivator for a particular group.

  31. Innovator – great stats point. That’s why I’m feeling the message I’ve gathered from leaf fans is they want size up front.

    Quick question for anyone: at this point would you trade Kessel for Nash straight up?Just curious for some public opinion.

  32. A player with Nash’s ability would be a solid addition to any team, but, and yes there is a but. What is Toronto’s number 1 need, actually its been their number 1 need since Sundin. A big solid bona fide #1 center. Fine you get Nash, who does he play with? Who does Lupul and Kessel play with? And what will it cost as far as depth or cap hit to get a #1 center. An example of that would be Gaborik with the Rangers. When he first went there, the best player he played with was Dubinsky. Players like Nash need a complimentary player, one of the reasons he hasn’t had the success at Columbus he could have.

    Innovator, I am glad to see someone mention Bishop. With all the focus on Schneider and Bernier, I think he might be the biggest steal this summer. He needed to play 25 regular season games to qualify for RFA, since that isnt going to happen, he is UFA and if some team, hopefully my Oilers, make a trade for him and sign him, I think it would be one of the best deals this deadline.

    Personally, I think the biggest names traded at the deadline will be Roy or Hemsky, maybe Khabby since the Isles are trying to sign Nabokov. The only way I see Nash going at the deadline is if Lombardi is so desperate for scoring he overpays and goes for it. If that happens, the only real suitors for Carter would be the Leafs and Flames, since the Kings will have Nash. And of those two I see the Flames desperate enough to overpay for Carter.

  33. I like Nash as a player but he has a cap hit of $7.8. I am no GM (better for all teams 😉 lol) but for that kind of money I expect more! Don’t get me wrong, Nash is a great player, but is he worth $7.8 million? I don’t think so!
    @SmielmaN: I would not trade Kessel straight up for Nash! Kessel has four consecutive 30 goal seasons (on pace for 40 this season). Three of those four seasons were with the Leafs and two at a bad non-play-off team (hope this changes this season). Similar goal totals for Nash playing for a bad Columbus team, but his grit and size is not worth his higher salary!

  34. I’m not sure why people are all over Ben Bishop…..Granted I’ve only seen him play a handful of times, but he always looks average at best. He’s a big goalie, and maybe that’s what everyone sees in him, but at no point has he looked like an NHL goalie to me….At this point he is a solid prospect, but I can’t see him being the starter for any team next year. But perhaps he’s developed a lot more this season and is ready for the NHL. Just don’t see him in the same boat as Bernier, and no where near where Schneider is in his career.

  35. Do leafs fan get that there real issue is to tweak there goals againts, not a big center, or a big body up front, you guys have the 6th worst goals againts this year, but all i hear is get a bigger guy, a number 1 center, cough cough

  36. Innovator & Old Soldier , interesting point about Bishop I was not aware he needed g.p to qualify as an RFA. St.L has a good bargaining chip there , I doubt they will let him walk. Maybe a package deal involving Bishop + another player ( D’Agostini?) to TBay for Malone or Purcell?

  37. Isnt this the time of the year when Lou Lamoriello pulls off some incredible deal to land a high quality player while giving up virtually nothing in return? As a NYR fan I really hope its not the case with Nash this year!!!!!! Everyone I talk to seems to think I am crazy to be willing to part with Dubinsky in a trade for Nash. Now maybe a trade would come with some negative implications for the future re cap space and resigning others, but am I the only one that believes Nash is an upgrade from Dubinsky?? I know Dubie is a fan favorite and homegrown and all but the first time Nash powers through 2 guys and rifles one home will certainly ease the grieving process…. What I wouldnt part with though is any of the D except for Erixon. I also wouldnt part with Kreider, Id rather see JT Miller in that deal instead. I would see it as insurance because Gaboriks history is injury filled and in 2 years when his contract is up, I would rather sign a 29 year old Nash than a 32 year old Gaborik..

  38. Lou took Foster and Ponikarovsky away from teams for a fourth liner and a minor-leaguer. Since Ponikarovsky joined the Devils, he has something like 9 points in 11 games. Foster has a few goals for the Devils and does an okay job on the power play but unfortunately he’s still a defensive liability right now.

    But the Devils are done dealing unless something big came along that they couldn’t refuse. I doubt they’re going to make a move for Zidlicky or anyone else unless they sent equal dollars the other way.

  39. Problem with Colborne is his parents are loaded he is not a very motivated guy. He is set for life.

  40. Jdbigc- thumbs up bro.
    Carter was a legend in his time and did the expos proud by going in the Hall as a “nos amour”
    Jays expos world series 1994- jays in seven of the best games of baseball ever.

    If Burkie takes a shot at Carter, I hope he can find a way to keep grabovski and get rid of komisarek or Connolly, hopefully not Lombardi. Lombo is still feeling his way back after missing basically the entire season last year. There are flashes of the player he could be, but he seems to be stuck on the third line with Connolly and Armstrong. In theory, this line should be very dangerous. They’re obviously not, so why not put Armstrong on the second line with grabo and Mac-t, to mix it up a bit, and drop kulemin to play with steckle and lombo. Have brittle Tim play with brown and Boyce and maybe he will get the message.

  41. They still talk about circles (carter’s contract) fitting into square holes (Burke’s reluctance to take on players with mega-stupid contracts)…

  42. Columbus gets: Brown, Doughty, Stoll and Bernier from Los Angeles for:
    Nash, Carter, Boll and Sanford.

    Both teams win in this trade: RW “Captains”, 3rd line Centers, Columbus gets another young defensemen signed long term to build around and a young goalie to push Mason for the starting goalie job.
    Kings get scoring, scoring, scoring, duh!!! and a back-up goalie for Quick.

  43. Williams/Kopitar/Nash

  44. Think about that for another second Jason. I wouldn’t do Nash for Doughty straight up from LAs perspective and Brown is worth more to me than Carter (especially when you consider Carter’s contract). Bernier is worth a lot more than Sanford and Boll and Stoll is probably an even swap.

  45. If this keeps up the Leafs should be sellers not buyers. They have no goaltending which means no playoffs unless they find a solid goalie via trade to get them playoff bound.

  46. Jason, I said that EJ had the dumbest post of the today, but I think you have him beat there. Why on earth would LA trade Dustin Brown AND Drew Doughty AND Jonathan Bernier for Nash, Carter and Boll and their almost 15 million in salary? That has to be the most lopsided trade I have seen proposed yet. Giving up three great young players for two expensive, underproducing veterans and one plugger is just baffling to me. Are Blue Jackets fans replacing Leaf fans as the most delusional supporters in the NHL?

  47. jeez leaf media pundits were all horny over nash last week. pretty anticlimatic about it this week. i bet they would even curse if they got nash for picks!

  48. Hey DS- I still give that title to Leafs fans. Columbus fans don’t know any better- and the guy posting probably isn’t a Columbus fan.

  49. This morning, Columbus reporter Aaron Portzline, who is arguably the leading authority on Blue Jackets news, was on the FAN 590 radio in Toronto to discuss Rick Nash and speculate on what else Columbus might do before the deadline.

    The podcast can be found here:


    What I found interesting is that he mentioned that everyone is available from the roster and there are no untouchables. The most likely candidate to be moved is goalie Steve Mason, who is desperately in need of a change of scenery. Another name to look for would be R J Umberger, whose value around the NHL has increased significantly in the last 2 years.

  50. DS- and if he truely was… how much intelligent hockey talk can you possibly have with someone who is a Columbus Blue-Jackets fan ?…in all reality. I mean, everyone has their right to cheer for who they want, but, if I was talking to you in a pub over a beer and I said I was a Blue-Jackets fan, I’m sure some red flags would be going off ! lol

  51. I’m no bluejackets fan, but I will say they’ve had some passionate fans over the years. And they even had a respectable team under Hitch, even if they weren’t that good, always tough to play against. Now they are a joke of course.

    But if Howson plays this well he can get teams to overpay for Nash and Carter and perhaps lock up a solid young core with a goalie like bernier, d man like johnson (If nash is dealt to LA), and a young, good forward or two to go along with Yakupov at the draft. IF things play out perfectly at this deadline, they could create the makings of a talented team in a couple years…..of course that’s a big IF but it’s possible.

  52. The Flyers don’t want or need Nash at the price it would cost to acquire him! They already have the best offense in the league, have a Nash-like young player in JVR and need to do something about their goaltending first and foremost. Shoring up their D was smart but could all be for not if Bryz keeps letting in stinkers at key moments in the game.

  53. I don’t understand why LA would trade one of their offensive D-men since 4 of their top seven guys are big, slow stay-at-home type guys. The second they trade JJ they will be on the lookout for another puck mover on the backend……Maybe they drop JJ, Bernier and pick for Nash and pick up Suter as a FA?

  54. DS, the Nash, Carter, Boll for Doughty, Brown, Bernier isn’t as lopsided as you think. I think it leans in the Blue Jackets favour but not by the ridiculous amount that you claim.

    If you replaced Doughty with Johnson in that deal I think L.A. would come out on top. The age difference isn’t as drastic as you think either. Brown is right in the Middle of Nash and Carter and Berier is only 3 years behind them. Also, L.A. already has a good young goalie in Quick and Bernier hasn’t proven anything in 5 years. The only guy L.A. would be hesitant to trade would be Doughty, though he hasn’t really been anything special the last 2 years and is clear now he was a little over-hyped during his sophomore year.

  55. DS, and what exactly do you think Keith Aulie is worth? He can’t even crack the Leaf’s defense and any kind of regular basis. Umberger is a good, mid-aged powerforward who was acquired for a 1st and a 3rd 3 or 4 years ago and has posted career high numbers since then so I can’t see why his value would be much less. Would Aulie go for a 1st and a 3rd? NO!!

  56. Ryan, I agree the Flyers would be better served attending to their goaltending which has been shaky at best which is reflected by their 177 GA, their 193 GF is top 2 so acquiring Nash would most likely cost way too much without getting a good goalie in return and they only have Mason to give….an upgrade????Too risky…. But your comparison of JVR as a young Nash in my opinion is off. Maybe you could compare him to Umberger in fact if you compare their stats over the past 3 years, Umberger has averaged 52 pts to JVR’s 37 pts. I dont see why Flyers fans put JVR on the pedestal, especially now that hes becoming more injury prone. I dont think JVR will bring in any prize of a return.

  57. There is no way you will be able to convert Nash to play C. This is pro hockey not your lite beer mes league. Nash is also not Crosby, who played centre his whole life.

  58. Ryan,

    I am not sure what Aulie is worth, but he is better than Komisarek and is about 1/6 th the cost of his contract.
    He cannot crack the lineup because Gardiner is better than him, and every other defenseman is on a one way contract. Aulie cannot come up unless one of them is injured.

    I know everyone keeps talking about Carters contract term length, and even I have posted its not one that I think Burke would like.

    But I wonder if he is prepared to take it on as it was pre-existing, and he did not actually offer it or agree to it when it was actually signed.Semantics I know, but that could be Burkes way of getting around it, if he wants Carter that badly.

  59. Nashville is in win now mode after taking on Gil and they still need additional scoring and forward depth. Trading Blum for Umberger gives Nashville that type of forward Cup contenders have – a guy who could play well enough on the 2nd line as a socrer but is equally happy doing all the little things on the 3rd line to improve a team. And if Nashville is keeping Suter and Weber and have Ellis then Blum is expendable in exchange for a cup run.

    Bishop for Vermette works for the same reason. St. Louis has a shot now and Vermette is perfect for the 3rd or 4th line if a cup contender because he does all the little things. St. Louis is alos in a bind on Bishop because they have to deal him for whatever they can get or lose him as there is no way he resigns as an UFA knowing his road is blocked.

    Columbus has shown thy will spend and if they get their heads on straight they will spend agan next year leading up to the all-star game. Plus without Husleius and Phalsson, and assuming they could move Umberger and Vermette they wil have money to spend to get to the cap floor.

    The risk there is that Howson is so bad that insead of giving a Ruutu, Whitney or Hemsky a solid deal he’ll resign Huselius and Phalsson.

  60. i love how people dump on prospects like kadri. the kid is only 21 and still needs time to develop like any top prospect does minus the ones that are nhl ready (ie. hall, crosby etc). the worse thing you can do is rush a young player into the nhl. there’s a reason why burke acquires someone like a lombardi or connolly and that to fill a hole that a young player can have but is too young to have. kadri can play for the leafs but why the heck would you put a potential top 6 forward on the third line? give him top 6 minutes on the farm and let him develop. leaf fans are too damn impatient.

    the fact that he hasn’t cracked the lineup has nothing to do with him being a bust. Their are several reasons why a prospect doesn’t crack the lineup and it doesn’t help the kadri is in the number one hockey hotbed, the pressure he feels is unreal.

    IMO i think kadri’ days are numbered in toronto. Not because he sucks or he’s a bust but because he doesn’t fit into toronto plans. sure he’s fast and can skate just like the current leafs makeup but burke wanted brayden schenn for a reason, not because he thinks schenn is better but because schenn fits the mold of what burke is trying to do in toronto. thats why you hear names like nash, penner, getzlaf in rumors because they are big hockey players, kadri isn’t.

    and even if kadri does suck, the fact he’s 21, was the 7th pick overall and is loaded with offensive potential makes him very valuable to any team wanting a young, fast, offensive player.

    FYI you will see maybe half the current players still playing on the leafs when they start being a cup contending team. this will not be the team that goes for the cup.

    as for these nhl12 trade ideas. they wouldn’t even work on nhl12 unless you override the computer GM.

    i just wish leaf fans would getting a bleeping clue about hockey on and off the ice.

    and yes this is coming from a die hard leaf fan.

  61. ErikNYR, I don’t think that JVR IS Rick Nash, just that he is in the same mold and has shown flashes of being a very good power scorer. I do however agree with you that JVR wouldn’t fetch a great return, and that is my point, why dump a guy with big potential when his value is at a low point and you are under no pressure to upgrade or even tinker with your forwards? He’s only 21 (or 22) and is a big reason why Homer felt safe trading away Richards and Carter last year. JVR isn’t Nazem Kadri and is far from being a bust. Not yet anyway.