Rumors From The Blogosphere – August 5, 2013.

It’s a slow day for media-generated rumors, so let’s take a look at what rumor bloggers have been posting in recent weeks.

Looks like it’s been slow for rumor bloggers since mid-July. The only site with any consistent rumor updates over the past couple of weeks was HockeyBuzz. If anyone knows of a hockey rumors blog that’s been updating regularly for the past two-three weeks, send along their link. If it’s something notable, I’ll post it up here in a future “Rumors from the Blogosphere” update. Anyway, here’s what’s been reported by “Eklund” over the past week or so:

Mikhail Grabovski has generated considerable speculation in the rumor mill.

Wondering which club Mikhail Grabovski will sign with has generated considerable speculation in the rumor mill.

– A “source” claimed the Edmonton Oilers were making a late push for Mikhail Grabovski. “Eklund” claimed Carolina, Ottawa and Washington were also “in the mix”. He subsequently reported Washington was out of the Grabovski bidding, but “Ottawa, Carolina, Anaheim, and NJ remain”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Senators have plenty of cap space, but they’re under a self-imposed cap and still have Jared Cowen to re-sign, so I doubt they’re in the bidding for “Grabo”. The Hurricanes have been shopping for defensemen for months, so I’ll be very surprised if they sign Grabovski, especially since they’re already deep with top two line centers (The Staal brothers, Jeff Skinner).

The Ducks have limited cap space (roughly $4.3 million) and wish to leave room for Teemu Selanne if he decides to return next season. The Devils still have to re-sign Adam Henrique, but they have the cap space to add someone like Grabovski if they wish. Still, I’ve heard nothing in the MSM linking him to the Devils this summer. As for the Capitals, Grabovski seems like he’d be a perfect fit, but GM George McPhee last month expressed no interest in this summer’s free agent market.

– On August 3, “Eklund” suggested a Ryan Miller for Ales Hemsky swap wasn’t impossible.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Miller (who has a partial NTC in which he lists eight teams he won’t accept being dealt to) doesn’t want to be traded to the Oilers, then it is impossible. Sure, as a short-term move for one season for both clubs to move players which don’t fit into their long-term plans, it seems like a good idea, but if so, one would think it would’ve happened by now.

– Back on July 28, “Eklund” claimed the Devils were looking at Damien Brunner if a possible Thomas Vanek trade couldn’t be worked out.  He also claimed there was “a lot of speculation” over a possible Canadiens-Canucks trade, in which the Habs were seeking a defenseman for “some power play insurance”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sabres GM Darcy Regier last month claimed teams he’d spoken to about Vanek and Ryan Miller wanted him to absorb part of their contracts, which doesn’t sound like something Regier wanted to do. I thought the Devils would pursue Brunner to add speed on the wing, but his rumored asking price ($3.5 million per season) is what’s dampened interest in him around the league.

Looking at the Canucks roster, the only d-men who’d provide “power play insurance” is Alex Edler and Kevin Bieksa. The Canucks aren’t moving the latter, while the former’s expensive contract is too much for the Canadiens to take on.


  1. Eeek rumors from Ek….lol well really hes not much worse the some other media types Berger Simmons Graroch Waters

    • lol … you mean giggling out loud like a little girl? … now it makes sense

      • Not sure you make any sense Ed….Did you start drinking early this morning or?

  2. Slow day huh Lyle, to be posting anything regarding Eklund []

    • I believe I noted that at the start of this post…

      • Yeah, I wanted to reitterate that.

  3. EK seems like one of those “throw whatever at the wall and see what sticks” type. I troll his site sometimes just to tease his fans, and he does have a dedicated crew there, but there are others like me who love to have fun at their expense. I have trusted Lyle for years to actually get REAL rumors and news.

    • And I appreciate your support.

      • With out all the sensationalism, and long winded made up scenarios or the obvious posts for hits this is by far the better site, I was a member (non paying) over there for a while but it just got to be too much hype and drama ridiculous headlines and people degrading one another over it. I mean some of us here (me included I know) can get pretty heated when debating or giving our opinion on things but there it was on a much more personal level almost schoolyardish over things that were bound not to happen anyway. Yes Lyle you should be commended on your site and proud of it, its very honest professional classy and filled with opinion and insight all while not trying to put a slant on a story or team and pretending/implying that you are anything other then the person reporting on it. Great work! :-)

        • I say that and sure enough Ed comes in starts calling people girls and ripping in to people for no other reason then its Ed. So there ya have it I guess there are sometimes here too but all in all a lot less bashing goes on here then there. Some of the bloggers are decent enough over there its just Ek and his “I gotta call from a source at three in the am telling me to meet him behind the liquor store he had some news on the (insert name here) that I would find interesting…” and the constant trolling that goes on that drove me nuts.

  4. But lets touch up on the so called rumor of Miller for Hemsky, and why it won’t happen. Edmonton only has a little over a million in available cap space, and Hemsky alone isn’t worth Miller. Another thing, Edmonton doesn’t have the goaltending to swap with Hemsky for Miller, for Buffalo to be satisfied. I guess the only way Buffalo would be interested, is if Edmonton offered a top prospect or one of their main forwards. Other than that, this deal won’t ever be discussed thoroughly.

  5. In other news, that hasn’t been brought up by Lyle, is that the buyout for Liles has come and gone (48 hour buyout window after Frasers arbitration signing). The mistery continues for what Nonis will do next with their limited cap space to re-sign Kadri & Franson.

  6. Eklungs and his bs rumors. What a joke.

  7. This Shoot down Eklund segment brought to you by

    • Ah, we have an Eklund supporter, all 1 of 1

  8. I feel dirty for having read anything related to Dwayne Klessel.

  9. Nothing much to comment on in the blog so I will get something going with the Leafs. lol

    Failing a Franson trade which I doubt Nonis wants to do the next likely option is to trade Kuli. I am wondering what the return will be for this pending UFA who didn’t have much luck scoring goals last year and has pretty much been delegated to a checking role at a cap hit of $2.8M.

    • Kulemin is now the odd-man out yes, but his trade value is very high, as he is a very good two way forward, somewhat young and has a very very cap-friendly hit. I’d say we could get a 2nd rounder out of him.

      • more then a second and we would miss him way more then the second would be worth to us. Great 2 way game and can play anywhere but the top line in the lineup, IMO I would want quite a bit more then just a second for Kuli.

        • I like Kulemin as a player but as it stands the Leafs aren’t dealing from a position of strength. I also believe he’s a UFA at years end?

          Similar to Matt Read in Philly, can slot in anywhere in the lineup – You like everything he does but the question remains if you can afford to keep him in the mix. (Plus both teams are/will be in a cap space squeeze)

          • With out a doubt I agree with most you say Rickler just the point of Kuli straight across for a second I cant see it or for that matter Read for a second seems like a stretch as well cap crunch or not.

          • If yourgingt comparekuliment reade wellreade wasspposedly going to fetchbernier.. Not bad returnif you can get comparable for kulimen

          • jrd18, go back to school and learn how to spell and space your words

    • bound to be something going on….maybe we are all looking at it wrong maybe there are bigger deals out there then just Kuli. Nonis so far this year has showed he isn’t afraid to do some bold type moves maybe it continues… Im getting a little nervous but maybe Dion does move, if a more affordable defensive type guy was to come back who can play some minutes along with other parts it may not be horrible, or some kind of package deal for Liles and Kuli, maybe even Franson who knows really there are still lots of options and lots of time, but like I said so far Dave and Tim have been pretty aggressive in changing the look of this team. I wont be surprised if it continues.

    • lol? what’s so funny that you are laughing out loud? gas? i didn’t anything that you wrote that would prompt someone to laugh out loud …

      • I can only assume you are having a crappy long weekend at this point. LOL LOL LOL

    • I would think anyone without a NMC/NTC could be moving in a deal. I’d like to see some resolve on this issue soon and be cap friendly with all our RFA’s signed so the players on the team can breath easier for the rest of the summer knowing they aren’t being shopped. Seems unlikely everything will get resolved this month though.

  10. In a way I do like the idea of Grabovski signing with Ottawa or any divisional opponent, since you know he will play extra motivated against the Leafs, Habs and lesser extent the Bruins.

    • He won’t go to Ottawa

      • and why not?

        • Because you have Spezza and Turris as 1-2 I cant see where Grabo wants to fight for minutes with 2 guys that have established themselves in a line up still think a team like Calgary makes the most sense but we will see.

  11. For the Canadiens/Canucks rumor: if Van is seeking center or winger help then a trade for edler is possible. I would think that Pleks, DD, Gionta, Bourque, Moen, Markov, Diaz, Gorges, beaulieu are available. Trading one or two of those players frees up the space for the Edler or Bieksa contract.

    As far as Miller to Edm, I think he would take that trade IF the Oil had a big management shake up and new direction. But it’s the same guys who have been there, just recycled, for the last 7-8 yrs and it seems like no one wants to play for them. You add miller to that team and you have a pretty massive ability to compete.

    • Gorges is not going anywhere soon, possibly the next captain when Gionta goes. Pleks could be traded at the deadline if Eller has the same or better season than last year. Markov also will be shopped at or just before the deadline. Beaulieu will not go anywhere this year but Leblanc could be available. You are right about the rest IMO. Van has to finish sorting their roster to figure out what cap space they have so no changes really to either roster until the season starts. I agree with Spector that Mtl has some contracts to sort out (Eller, Subban) before they take on a salary like Edler.

      I could see Carolina having interest in Garbo if you place Skinner on wing, where I hear he is better/more comfortable…..but could be totally wrong.

      • I think Subban will sign a contract extension, that is good for both him and the Habs, yet not out of whack to the rest of the NHL, in case of any unforeseen trade option. Maybe a 8 year, $56M ($7M per). See comparable notables:

        Ryan Suter: $7,538,462 per
        Erik Karlsson: $6,500,000 per
        Kris Letang: $7,250,000 per

        Subban will likely ask for the highest comparable, but then Montreal will return the comparable of Karlsson (best comparable). Subban will then request Letang dollars, then Montreal will want something like $6.75M per, and then settle for $7M.

        • If Subban signs a 8x7mil deal that would be incredible. Especially if he continues to grow. The thing with waiting on Van might not be ideal for Mon.
          Seems Carolina has about 3-4 million they can toss out on a 1-2 yr term.
          I’m personally hoping for a good Habs trade for a solid offensive D to replace markov next year.

  12. I can’t see Van trading Bieksa, as they really need his grit.

    He’s the kind of player Torts prefers.

  13. I have to admit that I do visit the hockeybuzz site. I have learned to take whatever Eklund says with a mouthful of salt, but some of the bloggers actually are decent reading, you just have to pick and choose the ones that seem to make sense.
    Lyle, I do enjoy your site, although at times seems to be dominated by the same people day after day. I would like to see your comments or opinions just a tad more than you do now though. Just throwing out an opinion, thanks.

  14. Love to see Miller in Edmonton but no way it’s for Hem’s straight up unless the Sabres are suddenly desperate (which they aren’t).

  15. Apples and oranges, friends
    Comparing hockey buzz and Spector makes no sense. Even though they have a few things in common(rumours conjecture and opinions ect), both sites are so completely different that lumping them together is pointless.
    Does the New York Times worry about what the national enquirer posts day to day? Not a chance. The times is a trusted and respected paper, and has been for many years. But that doesn’t stop people from buying the enquirer( which btw has a greater readership then most of the newspapers in this continent combined). Point is, after all is said and done, you read Spector for news and hockey buzz for everything else.
    Eklund has never done anything other than provide a site that has great team by team coverage, puts out rumours that get people talking, and provides insight into deals that actually do go down. I have read, and will continue to read both sites for years to come.
    Lastly, with all do respect, to all of you who constantly hound Eklund from your laptops and smartphones, what have you done lately?
    -Mr Bond

    • Wow, you certainly took this to heart. One, nobody in here compared this site to HockeyBuzz. Secondly, Eklunds “insight” is roughly 1%…maybe 0.75% that it goes down (correct). He does not provide team by team coverage, he merely put two and two together and wishes upon a star that he gets something right. HockeyBuzz is a joke.

      • What he was saying was the site provides great team by team coverage with all its other bloggers who follow specific teams. In the end its all entertainment. Hockeybuzz is to hockey what Justin Bieber is to music. No body seems to like him but he’s still got a large following.

  16. Anyone else think Kulie is an expensive 3rd liner that’d fetch a decent return? Maybe that’s the player Grabo is waiting on

    • My apologies, I missed the convo b4. I remember the Blues were previously interested in Kulie (a good fit). Having two solid RH dmen (a need for the Leafs) in Shattenkirk and Pietrangelo, possibly involving Roman Polak? The Leafs would still need to add on Liles, probably retain some salary but a depth forward like Porter (maybe Cracknell) might work for both teams. Ie. Kulie+Liles for Polak+Porter

    • Are you serious, Kulemin is cheap! Not many good 2 way forwards are making $2.8M per

      • I agree, hence a decent fetch. But he’ll only play shutdown minutes so why not free up the extra 2 mill for Nazem and Cody?

  17. I’ve been away from Spector’s for a long time until recently because I couldn’t support your site linking to that fraud on HockeyBuzz. The past couple weeks I was starting to enjoy it here again, but I have to say goodbye once more. If you promote that fraud by linking to him, I can’t in good conscience give you my hits.

    • Hey, it is the summer doldrums. Give Spector a break for talking about Hockeybuzz because there is NOTHING going on for Rumours right now. Some folks have touched on it but if you can get past Eklund some of the team bloggers on the site are not bad. Personally I like Engels writes about the Habs, usually decent stuff. It is a shame that Eklunds stuff takes so much away from the blogger who actually have some thing legitimately say.

      • John Jakel is pretty good and Augello is not bad if hes not listening to Berger. Metzler is not horribly onesided most of the time, Adam French is ok but there are lots there who really shouldnt be blogging or writing for anyone (Garth, Matt Berry…etc)

    • If it makes you feel better he debunks most of Eklunds stuff. Relax and don’t take things so seriously. Rumors are basically gossip for entertainment. Be entertained!

    • Lyles always has great opinions about hockey stories and links to many, many, many dif hockey/blogger sites. He can talk about what buzz/opinions might be interesting to hockey fans. Take it easy.

      I like Engels, jaeckel, Anderson, Augello, McCann. Always quality reads.

  18. Here is some NEWS:

    Phoenix Coyotes sale approved

    GLENDALE, Ariz. – A binational investment group completed its purchase of the Phoenix Coyotes from the NHL on Monday, putting the franchise on solid ice for the first time in years.

    IceArizona’s expected price to finish the transaction was $170 million. The group is headed by Canadian businessmen George Gosbee and Anthony LeBlanc along with American businessmen Avik Dey and Daryl Jones.

    “Dear Coyotes fans, it’s official and we are thrilled to be the owners of this wonderful franchise. Go Yotes!” LeBlanc tweeted.

    The sale will trigger a separate $225 million deal IceArizona reached with Glendale in July to manage Arena, the city-owned facility where the team has played since 2003.

  19. Its hard to post how you really feel about Eklund on his site. Either he himself or one of his blind minions (aka mods) will ban you for taking to task on his “roomers”. I can’t go there anymore and post because a Habs mod banned me for making fun of his team when they were trounced from the playoffs and he couldn’t take it. Pathetic people running that place, starting with Dwayne “nobody knows my real name” Kessel

  20. Hey spec, what did up you think about eklund’s article about your web postings? I got your back jack, this sight is much more reliable and professional.

    • Oops I meant site

  21. Eklund does what he does, I do what I do, and we get along fine. Plenty of room on the internet for both of us to co-exist.