Rumors from the Blogosphere – Saturday, September 10, 2011.

The Maple Leafs, Roberto Luongo, Drew Doughty and Ryan Suter are the focus in today’s roundup of blogosphere speculation. Enjoy!

GATHER.COM: Larry Seely claims a rumor from Bleacher report has the Vancouver Canucks shipping Roberto Luongo to the New York Islanders in exchange for Calvin de Haan, Casey Cizkas, and two first-round draft picks. Seely also cited Bleacher Report claiming the Toronto Maple Leafs making a deal with the Philadelphia Flyers for backup Michael Leighton.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I hope reading the above didn’t make your morning coffee come out your nose, or spit your cereal out on your screen, especially the “Luongo to the Islanders” one. Seely didn’t provide links to either report, but why bother looking them up? They’re both ridiculous and have no basis in truth.  

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” commented on the recent report from Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos regarding Drew Doughty supposed rejection of several long-term offers from the LA Kings, claiming his sources tell him the situation isn’t as dire as it sounds. He still insists a Doughty re-signing is still tied to another deal GM Dean Lombardi is supposedly working on…He also doesn’t put any stock in a recent blogosphere rumor claiming the Predators might shop defenseman Ryan Suter.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We’ll just have to wait and see what’s going on with Doughty and the Kings. As for Suter, I agree with Eklund.  Don’t be shocked, Eklund haters, he’s correct in his assessment of Suter’s value to the Predators, though I’m not sure if calling him a “tent pole player” is a suitable description…;) 



  1. I’m not saying the print reporters aren’t irresponsible when it comes to reporting rumours. But Seely is just making stuff up – and he can’t spell the word goaltender. Where’s the value in quoting what he says?

    • Because it’s crap like that which inevitably gains a life of its own and before you know it, it ends up having to be denied by someone in the print media, and duly noted here. Better to nip it in the bud now.

  2. I can actually see some value in the Leafs finding an experienced back up goalie. Not saying Leighton is that guy, but I think the net is one area where Burke cannot be too confident right now.

  3. Rolls his eyes.

    I’d laugh if these blogs were in any part funny but they are anything but funny.

    They are completely TRAGIC!

  4. Yeah, I can see the value in nipping these rumors in the bud. Just seems like there is so much more wheat to separate from the chaff now.

  5. Like I’ve said before, if you don’t want to read the rumors from the Blogosphere, then just stick to the ones from the MSM that I post up instead. That’s why I separate the two.

  6. don’t know why people are complaining. i would rather read about this stuff here and have lyle laugh at it then hear about it from friends and not know where it came from….keep it up man, no harm

  7. Real or not, if I were the Canucks I would do that trade in 2 seconds flat

  8. i can see the leafs signing an experienced back up,maybe turco or emery if they stumble out of the gate.suter being traded cant see that happening.luongo to the islanders never .if he went anywhere i can see florida.i think vancouver shops luongo at the end of this season depending on playoffs and new cba impact.also if vancouvers back up proves himself even more then he has/he may be a better fit cash flow wise.

  9. I can see Toronto doing a deal for a solid back up goalie – we saw what happened with Laviolette’s shuffle last year and the team’s “overpayment” to Bryzgalov. I think Reimer is a solid goalie and since Nabokov has decided to show up in Long Island – makes me wonder if he will be trade bait.

  10. Lou is barely worth one first rounder let alone 2 and De Haan and Cizikas. That would be up there in one of the worst all time trades. Although we are talking about the Islanders, masters of terrible trades. Not going to happen but funny to read that someone out there actually thinks it might.

  11. I love reading the blog rumors here, they give me the belief I too one day will have inside sources(NHL 12), last season Boston offered up Edmonton Thomas, and Horton for khabby and cogliano.. Khabby was 34-3-1 at the time.. Maybe my sources are on to something here! Ahahahahaha. Please keep the blog rumors coming! I read them everyday, my new source of funnies.

  12. That’s true. I love the site. Just complaining about the shortage of standards on some of these blogs. Though I know I’m preaching to the converted!

  13. You should see the crap he has now.

    Dallas, who already have a marquee Finn goaltender suddenly have interest in Mikka Kiprusoff. … Yeah… Sense doesn’t survive the rumour blogging anymore.

  14. On the issue of HBuzz, I think you should start refering to Ecklund by his real name. I believe this would be a nice neutralizing tactic. Well, maybe.

  15. If anyone would trade for a second goalie with a huge contract, Charles lamb and Garth Snow are those guys

  16. the biggest problem is that Luongo has a no trade clause in his contract and the first opening isn’t until the 5th year and even then it’s his choice, the Canucks don’t have the option until the 7th year. even if Luongo was willing to waive his no trade clause to go to a non playoff team (unlikely now that he’s made it to the finals) it would probably be Florida where he has some ties not the Islanders. before people start talking about him choking in the finals you have to consider that the Canucks were beat up and gave him no goal support, all the games they won were by 1 goal while being heavily outshot.