Rumors from the NHL Blogosphere – August 11, 2012.

Nothing of note for NHL trade and free agent rumors from the mainstream media, so here’s a sampling of the latest from the rumor bloggers. Enjoy!

HOCKEYBUZZ: “Eklund” recently spoke vaguely of the Oilers and Sabres discussing a “MAJOR” deal, claiming “it sounds like a “significant” defenseman going to Edmonton along with a solid prospect (or possibly even Enroth) for “young star top 6 center and a third line young player who many feel has top six potential.”…He also claimed this week the Red Wings “may also be looking hard” at Phoenix’s Keith Yandle or possibly Ottawa’s Sergei Gonchar…He claimed the Maple Leafs “have considered both Kiprusoff and Backstrom” as goalie possibilities.

Rumor bloggers keeping Yandle’s name in the rumor mill.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If we examine the Oilers current depth chart, the “young star top 6 center” would have to be Sam Gagner, as they’re not trading Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, who’s the only other center to fit that description. That young third line player? Maybe he’s referring to Linus Omark or Magnus Paajarvi?  As for the Sabres “significant” defenseman, the only  one I could see them trade is Jordan Leopold, as Tyler Myers, Christian Ehrhoff and Robyn Regehr aren’t going anywhere. So, Gagner and either Paajarvi or Omark for Leopold? Hardly a “significant” return for the Oilers. And why would the Sabres move Jhonas Enroth? They still need a solid backup for Ryan Miller if he gets hurt or struggles, and the Oilers already have Dubnyk and Khabibulin under contract for this season, so he doesn’t fit there.

The Red Wings can look as hard as they want at Yandle and Gonchar. They’re not going anywhere…I’m sure the Maple Leafs may have considered either Kiprusoff or Backstrom earlier this spring, when there was talk one or both could be available. They’re not. The Flames have no one to replace Kipper if they were to trade him, and Wild GM Chuck Fletcher already dismissed any talk of Backstrom being dealt.

THE BLEACHER REPORT: James Battle suggests “Rather than risk P.K. Subban going out and signing a huge offer sheet with another team, it may be a smart move for the Canadiens to deal the 23-year-old defenseman and get some valuable pieces in return.” Adam Rickert, meanwhile, suggests it might not be a bad idea for the Nashville Predators to pursue Jay Bouwmeester.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Subban’s already said he’s not interested in signing with another team. Even if he were, the Habs would quickly match. If the Habs were so inclined to trade Subban, the last place – the very last place – they would trade him is Toronto. Besides, the Leafs desperately need a quality starting goalie and a first line center. They don’t need Subban. Rickert, meanwhile, makes a decent case for the Predators to pursue Bouwmeester, but I have my doubts now the Flames want to part with “Jay-Bo”, plus he’s got that ‘no-trade” clause and might not be keen to go to Nashville.


  1. You believe Eklund ?

    • It is amazing how the very fact that he conjures up imaginary conversations,and trade scenarios on a daily basis that people go back day after day.
      The new journalism…no basic just teasers to get the hockey mavens there with regularity.

  2. Eklund has pretty dumb rumors. The Sabres are pretty good at center. Maybe Gagner would add a nice touch to a great looking center position depth for My Buffalo Sabres. Girgensons, Grigrorenko, Ennis, and Hodgson add Gagner to the mix we’d be set for years to come. What we really need is a right wing more than anything. Right now the only 2 RW’s we have that can actually put the puck in the net are Jason Pominville and Drew Stafford. Kaleta and Tropp are good 3rd-4th line guys. Right now another scoring RW would be awesome and will make way for a strong playoff push.

    • I wouldn’t mind getting Gagner and Paarjavi for Leopold and Adam. While we look good at center, we should remember that Leino and Ott are more comfortable playing wings – so acquiring Gagner would be a good move. I also agree with you about getting another RW and Paarjavi would be a good pickup. While I like Enroth, I wouldn’t be upset if he were included in the deal. I think as a backup for Miller we could pick up someone like Ellis, Nittymaki or make an offer to Scrivens. I also think we have some good prospects in Rochester.

  3. Ek is pretty much a hack! he’s got no more chance than you or i have of “calling an actual trade”! That said…Gagner and a 3rd line wing for Leopold and a prospect/ pick sounds reasonable (assuming Buff. wants to move Leopold, and others are agreed on..??

    • Bflo has a glut of D – so moving Leopold, Weber and Pardy wouldn’t hurt and if they could get a valid Center like Gagner and a wing like Paarjavi – why not.

  4. PK grew up a Habs fan, along with his dad (Malcolm was a Leafs fan I think). He wants to stay there, thus people can offer sheet him all they want, he would still need to sign it.

    It would also have to be HUGE money/term for Montreal not to match. I just wish journalists would stop talking about it like it’s even a possibility of happening.

  5. Hey, you keep saying Ek is a hack, but he was only only one to predict the Phaneuf trade. But hey he’s just a hack. He reports rumors which by their definition are mostly just dreams or GM wishes. Instead of treating rumors like fact have fun with them instead of being the typical Debbie Downer and say how untrue they are.

    • Even a broken clock is right twice a day…Eklund runs a rumor site and the last trade you can mention him predicting is the Phaneuf trade? How long ago was that?Eklund would have to improve greatly to even be a legitimate hack,lol.

  6. Making fun of Eklund is like calling the sky blue: it’s really just pointing out the obvious.

    However, I’m on that site every day because of the blogs underneath his posts; it does promote a pretty active hockey community.

    Like poster said above… have fun with them. He’s the first one I heard say that Doan was offered 7.5 M/y for 4 years. I think even if someone had the insiders he claims to, they’d also list off random thoughts that the GMs ponder before they slap themselves in the face.

  7. In these dog days of summer (aren’t all summer days “dog days”?) where hockey info is almost non-existent, even I look at Eklund from time to time.

  8. If a team like Philly were to offer Subban an offer sheet like they offered Weber, Montreal would never afford that. And even though he said he isn’t interested in signing with another team, doesn’t disregard that he would or not. Meaning, I have no interest in selling my truck, but if the right offer came along, I would certainly give it some consideration and with a high possibility taking that offer.

    • The issue with hats that (a) Subban isn’t worth $7m+ a season (including $26m in one calendar year), and (b) Montreal would be stupid to not take the 4 1st rounders for him. Would be a massive oveayment in both money and picks by Philly, which is why it would never happen.

      If you’re going to idly speculate, at least make it believable.

      • Damn autocorrect… hats=”that”.

    • I take your point LeeafsAdvovate but the way I see the scenario playing out is Subban does not sign the offer sheet but takes it to Habs management and shows what is out there to get himself a better deal. I agree that if 4 1sts are offered up for Subban due to offer sheet, the Habs should take it especially with the changes Bergevin has made that, IMO, will really help Mtl develop and identify talent.

      Cuccumber Kid and MJR I….%100 agree.

    • What do u mean mtl couldn’t afford it??????? One of the richest franchises in the league!! That being said they have 7.3 million they can easily dump to the minors to free up cap space!(Gomez) please don’t comment any more unless u know what u r talking about

      • maybe they could afford it but would be silly to do so. subban is not in Weber’s league because of size and capability at actually playing defense. subban is a nice player with high offensive upside tho, so an offer sheet of $5.5 over 8 years would be more likely to fit the bill of “overpaying” but not being completely silly.

  9. Could the Oilers not be going after Sekera?

  10. I think that he seriously just goes out of his way to write way more when Eklund is the source, like he has a beef and goes out of his way to prove him stupid/wrong/unsourced.

  11. Please don’t ever quote Eklund rumours…you have a great site and referring to Eklund just damages the sites credibility. Check out:
    for evidence that Ekland is a “fraud and more importantly a liar”.

    I love your site, I hate to see it tarnished by anything Eklund. keep up the great work!

    Telio…the greatest NHL and Canadiens website!

  12. I’m with you MJR, the other bloggers on that site are what I read. Eklund is just humourous.
    If any GM gave Subban a offer sheet I’d be more than stunned, the kid isn’t that good. I bet Montreal would love someone to do that.
    As for Edmonton; I don’t believe they are as desperate as some are saying. They have enough young guys in the system to develop and by the time they become legit contenders they will have a fairly formidible defense. Trading a young forward or two just to get a veteran does not make any sense to me.

    • Subban not that good?????? Are u eklunds brother??? Lol learn about hockey my friend!

  13. As usual Eklund makes no sense.

  14. Pursuing Subban by offer sheet only make sense to me if you are Edmonton. Meaning you have a tonne of young talent coming up and need to bolster Defense. I think their bigger issue is steady goaltending, then defense.

    Sure Nashville would want him, but can they really afford what they need to give up in the future? The need first round picks at forward to add to solid goaltending and defense.

    If I were Edmonton, I would not trade forwards for Defensemen, as securing the best will cost you offense. They should sign the likes of Scott Hannan and Cam Barker.Gritty, tough to play against, and will “protect” the kids.

    • Cam Barker protecting one of the “kids” … that’s laughable …

  15. Legendary you are a typical habs fan. You actually think Subban is worth 4 firsts. Your an idiot.

    • he is not worth four first round picks but an offer sheet that he would get would not be in the range that would require four first rounders back, so it’s a moot point.

  16. Drew he may not be worth it but it goes on how much the offer was for not what you think he is worth.

  17. Why is that Ed?

    Is Barker in the NHL because of his goal scoring prowess?

    Who should they get instead, Danielle Briere?

  18. You will never see a player being offer sheeted from a team like MTL/TOR/NYR…Why? Because they are the 3 richest teams in the NHL…

    If PHI were to offer sheet PK, they have a guy named Giroux that would look real good in a Habs jersey when his RFA comes up in a year…I doubt any team will want to try and pillage a big dog like the Habs/Leafs/Rags…

    PK is going nowhere…

  19. I find it hilarious that all the ones ragging on EK are pretty much daily visitors to his site… Have fun with it guys/gals… they are called rumors for a reason… Nothing more.. nothing less. Who knows…. maybe a G.M or 2 might visit here and actually listen to one of our crazy trade suggestions! LMAO

  20. Hey ”Murph” you know Cam Barker was on the Oilers last year right? and sucked BIG TIME. When has he ever been gritty :S Barker wont be in the NHL this year haha. TRUST ME