Rumors from the NHL Blogosphere – December 3, 2011.

Derick Brassard or Bryan McCabe to Montreal? Rick Nash to Toronto?  Enjoy!

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” claimed there are some who believe the Columbus Blue Jackets were prepared to make a move this week, until Urban Meyer was hired as the new coach of the Ohio State Football team, “and Ohio State Football news is not easy to compete with in Columbus.”…He also claimed the Montreal Canadiens were the latest team interested in Derick Brassard, and believed they’d be the best fit for Brassard….”Be prepared” for some preliminary Rick Nash to Toronto rumors…The Kings remain interested in Zach Parise…He “keeps hearing” the Wings and Jets might be interested in Alex Semin, and the Canucks might be “up to something”…One “well-placed Montreal source” believes Bryan McCabe to the Canadiens makes a lot of sense…The Flames and Penguins had had talks, not Iginla, but talks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given the Blue Jackets desperate situation, I doubt very much they’d delay making a move which could help their team because they didn’t want it to coincide with Ohio State hiring a new coach in the local news…I don’t see how Brassard would be a good fit with the Habs …Nash has consistently stated he wants to stay with the Blue Jackets, and GM Scott Howson has consistently said Nash isn’t available, nor has he mentioned his name at all in trade talks…I’m sure the Kings are interested in Parise, but as long as the Devils are in the playoff hunt this season, he’s not available…Why would the Wings be interested in Semin? Because he’s Russian and would get along with Pavel Datsyuk? Because the Wings are among the few good teams with the cap space to absorb his salary this season? Because Ken Holland has gone insane? And why in heaven’s name would the Jets want this guy?  He’s a UFA next summer, and carries an expensive contract for this season, which doesn’t fit into the budget of the cost-conscious Jets this season. As for the Canucks, they’re getting Mason Raymond back this weekend, and have no reason to pursue Semin…McCabe makes no sense for the Canadiens for two reasons. One, if he did return to the NHL, he would prefer it be with a team close to his Florida home. Two, Andrei Markov is due back very soon, plus Chris Campoli is expected back around mid-December…The Flames need offense, but what could they have which the Penguins would need? Apart from Iginla, who’s not available, I don’t believe the Flames have anything that would interest the Penguins.


  1. So basically all of Eklund’s rumours down the poooper

  2. You should make the title of your post “what is not going to happen in the NHL”

  3. Maybe it’s just me but I have a feeling Buckeye fans and Blue Jacket fans generally swim in separate pools. Stands to reason that Eklund is name-dropping for the sake of name-dropping. Now if any GM in the NHL decided not to improve their team through a trade because of a news story in another sport, said GM is no longer suited to hold his position. Granted we’re talking about the Blue Jackets, but I don’t think Howson is genuinely stupid. I do, however, think he is an incompetent team-builder. The more likely scenario, which is generally the case through the first half of the year, is the teams willing to deal with him have no desire for what he’s offering.

  4. I find the comments below any Blogosphrere to be far more acurate and astute then Eklund’s. Other than that the rest of the comments are insulting Eklund and completely made up sources. Hey let me try one. Luongo to the blue jackets for Nash. I heard it from a guy who knows trust me.

  5. Hey Spector…news out here is Markov visited his doctor in LA which is why he made the trip with the team. The news may not be good as in a clip from practice Markov had trouble pivoting to the left. Rumour in Mtl news is (Randy Tieman on CTV news) Markov is taking at least a week off before he starts trying to come back again. IMHO he is done for at least the year, maybe in the NHL.

  6. Eklund sure seems able to create rumors out of nothing that largely make little or no sense and will likely never come to fruition.

  7. Letting Wiz walk away really coming back to bite the habs where it hurts..nice move front office…

  8. Don’t you get tired of dismissing erroneous report after erroneous report from Eklund?? I know I get tired of hearing all the crazy ideas he has. I am yet to find one that he has gotten right in the past year or so. What a pain it must be for you.

  9. Spector when is the last time you posted a supposed rumor that had any truth to it. It must be great to make up anything you want and pretend you are a hockey expert. Really NOTHING you ever posts happens and in most cases you are so far off you look like a joke. Maybe you should start NBA rumors since nobody cares about that sport anymore.

  10. @Marc: Please get a clue. Spector lists two types of rumours, one from the blogoshere (which are ussually nonsense) and those from media types in the respective hockey markets. Spector DOES NOT post his own rumours nor ouright support any given by the respective originators.

    What Spector does do is comment on those rumours in a very clear eyed fashion, points out the non-sense ones and why they are so, and pointing out where the writers make valid points. Nothing more, nothing less. In other words. he does not make anything up, so back off.

  11. More Markov news. Gauthier on RDS during the game vs Kings is saying Markov did go to his doctor and has some junk in his knee which is causing inflamation. he ahd the pieces removed and hence while he will be out for the next few games.

  12. lol, if the Jackets are planning their trades around when they can get the most press attention away from Ohio State they have way more serious probelms then the on ice issues.

    I’ve never been more convinced Eklund some 14 year old sitting in the middle of nowhere in Canada.

  13. Here’s an interesting challenge to anyone: can you find ANY of Eklund’s rumors that have ever been true from the archived articles on hockeybuzz?

    I can’t recall any. Maybe Spector knows.

  14. How bout the Luongo for Nash rumours …crazy

  15. @ACR
    lol 😀
    but I feel real sad for the 14 yr old lost in Tuktuk, Nowhere Canada to be compared to Eklund

  16. I have never been able to figure out why Nash would want to waste his career in obsurity in Columbus. Then my brother reminded me of all the hot Buckeye chicks that are in that town…

    He should have never signed that extension, become a free agent and become a walking God by leading Toronto to winning multiple cups… Everyone will always remember Crosby for scoring the golden goal in 2010 but it was Nash who dominated games consistently in that Olympics. He the best hockey player not named Crosby in the NHL today and as long as he hides in Columbus he will never really get to show the masses his incredible and dominating abilities…

  17. Whats sad is that he is starting to draw comparisons to Karyia in Anahiem in the 90’s before they became relevant. I really hope Nash doesn’t end up having the same situation, wasting much of his career somewhere like that.