Rumors from the NHL Blogosphere – December 7, 2011.

Just because Flames GM Jay Feaster denies Jarome Iginla is being shopped doesn’t mean rumor bloggers believe him! Read on for the latest on this and more. Enjoy!

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” disregards the frequent denials of Jarome Iginla, his agent, and Flames GM Jay Feaster that he wants out of Calgary or that he’s being shopped, claiming he’s heard Flames and Capitals are working on a deal which would send “Alex Semin, Braden Holtby and 2 picks for Jarome Iginla, Chris Butler and a prospect”, though he hedges his bet by claiming “This is one of those deals which would more than likely happen sooner than later, but until the deadline passes will definitely remain as a contingency plan or “keeping our options open” type of rumor”, adding ” I see this either happening or not by mid-January”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So this deal could happen by mid-January, or not, or maybe after the season, or not at all.  I’m taking Feaster at his word when he says – often – he’s not shopping Iginla, but supposing for a moment he was, why would he trade Iginla, a respected, beloved player because of his rugged style of play, for a marshmallow-soft winger who has a reputation for fading in the heat of playoff action? Especially one who, if he doesn’t like it in Calgary, or if Feaster were to refuse to pay him big bucks, would bolt via free agency next summer? Feaster would only have Holtby and two picks to show for parting with Iggy and Butler. Yes, Holtby’s a promising goalie, but he and two picks won’t compensate for the loss of Iginla and Butler. This just doesn’t make any sense on the part of the Flames, none at all.

BLEACHER REPORT: 12 trades to make prior to the NHL Christmas trade freeze, including Bobby Ryan, Jeff Carter, Jarome Iginla (of course!), Kyle Turris, Scott Gomez, Rick Nash, Zach Parise, Alexander Semin, Kyle Okposo, Tuukka Rask, the Vancouver Canucks moving a goalie, and the Ottawa Senators( for no apparent reason) cleaning house, Ten teams that should pursue Zach Parise,  Six goalies who should be on the move at the deadlineFive players the Colorado Avalanche should try to trade for, and  five teams that might pursue Jeff Carter at the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: And a par-tridge, in a pear treee-eeeeee!

GATHER.COM: Rene Bourque to the NY Rangers?

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No. Given their depth, they don’t want or need him.


  1. Couldn’t have said it better myself – Igilna to the Caps for that package is plain outright stupid. Perhaps they ship Mike Green instead of Semin and this starts to make more sense – starts. Next, of course Holtby is a promising goalie, but then so is Irving as well. It is never a bad thing to have a surplus of talent in goal (ask the Islanders about that one), but after moving Igilna, they have a more pressing need in the top 6 which makes trading to Holtby a sign that your moving Kipper, or have little faith in Irving – both of which I don’t see.

  2. There goes that “marshmallow-soft winger” comment…again! Getting the feeling that Spector doesn’t really “feel” for Semin. Get it?
    I have to comment on the last portion of this blog….with regards to Parise. First a question: What the hell is going on with Zach Parise? The guy gets a nice contract, is all healed up, get’s the C and he is playing for another contract! He isn’t the same player he was before the injury. Strange. One has to wonder if the arrival of Kovalchuk might have something to do with it….they haven’t played a season together until this year (a handful of games last year before the injury and some games after the deadline in which Kovalchuk got traded). This guy put up 40 goals, was a huge part of the Devil’s and now most people don’t even know he’s playing! Weird.
    I’m thinking Bruce Boudeau saved Bobby Ryan from being traded…..Boudreau will be able to light a fire under his ass and get him going…my bet says at the end of the year people will be jokingly saying “i can’t believe they considered moving Ryan!”. One more thing….when it comes to Vancouver, Lou is under contract until 2022 and has a NTC…

  3. The prospect mentioned that would be included with Iggy is Broadie. OMG Eklund is rediculous.
    If it is for Avs #1, WSH #1, Alzner or non goalie prospect, and Semin (to deal at deadline or Draft for another pick) for Iggy straight up, would make more sence.

    Iggy rumors will never go away. Never. Every fan of 29 other teams will say he’s almost done and slowing down, but as stats show us, in December he starts to go. another 3 point game last night, and again he will be a 80+ point guy. 29 teams would offer a package. You can’t not kick the tires on a guy with so much success. If Matt Sundin can score x amount of points at 36-37, I’m sure Iggy can too.

    Also, look at the standings, if the Caps are ‘contenders’ how come they are just a few points ahead of the ‘must blow-up Flames’. Furthermore, 4 prospects in the world juniors, and 10 UFA’s means the future is not as bad as everyone thinks. Brodie (21), Backlund (22), Comeau (25), and Horak (20) are now regulars in the Flames line-up. With the likes of Byron (22) coming in soon, plus the 4 players going to juniors……Iggy, Kipper, etc could very well stay during the obvious ‘rebuild’ without needing to be traded.

    Next Jay-Bo. I may be the only Flames fan or hockey fan even, that could say J-Bo should not be traded. he over-acheived maybe in Florida which maybe got an extra 1.5mill on his contract. 55 minutes on the back to backs this weekend. 16 minutes of PK. Seriously? Who puts up those numbers? Every night? Durable, and has gained a more physical approach to the game too. Top skater too……seriously lames fans, carefull what you wish for. I wouldnt say he’s untradable either…….but I wouldn’t trade him.

  4. The Bleacher Report is actually worse than Hockeybuzz, and that is one tight competition.

  5. I cant really see and way in hell that Feaster would trade Iggy for those players mentioned in “Ek’s credible Report”. First i dont believe that Management would give the go ahead unless iggy did come forth and request one, and lets face it, this guy is a class act since coming into the league and he would rather sink with the titanic then abandon ship. Now it is plausible that he wants to have his name ingraved into Lord stanleys side as any canadian born player dreams of ever since they could remember lacing up their skates on the first day the lake freezes over but the fact of the matter is capitals are still 1-2 players short of competing with the likes of Boston and Penguines especially since Sid came back. It’s more plausible that “IF” the flames were to trade Iggy, the heart , soul and face of the franchise for the better part of this generation, then they would trade for someone with alittle more spine then Semin. As for Bouwmeester, the guy tries to do too much because of the less talented pairing which he has indured since coming to Calgary. On most nights he’s stuck playing everything, PK,PP, Shutdown and granted he should do this because of the money he’s making but he cant make a bag of pucks(Butler) more then what is is, a bag of pucks, the guy is not a magician.

  6. Iggy – of coarse he wants to win the cup. Lots of players play for money, he plays for passion. When he slump’s, no one is more frustrated than him. I also hate when I hear “He owes it to the team to accept a trade for the future of the Flames. I disagree unless there is a backdoor agreement he signs as a UFA with Calgary after we haul in a huge return. But he owes Calgary nothing. He signed a NTC because he deserved it.

  7. Why would the Rangers trade anyone right now? They’re one of the hottest teams in the league.

  8. How about Crosby and Neal for Kadri and Colton Orr? Although this is one of those deals which would more than likely happen sooner than later, but until the deadline passes will definitely remain as a contingency plan or a “keeping our options open” type of rumor”, “ I see this either happening or not by mid-January”. OMG Ecklund. Just say you heard it or not. If you don’t think it has any possible credbility why bother?

  9. It’s the coaching in Jersey that’s suppressing Parise. Ilya Kovalchuk is getting way too many minutes in Jersey and Parise isn’t getting enough. And I’m not entirely sure if that’s DeBoer’s doing or the presidents up high who don’t know crap about hockey but want to try to increase their attendance by putting a superstar on the ice (even though Parise is head and shoulders better than Kovalchuk).

  10. While I don’t see any deals happening in December I can see Ducks and Caps dealing in January and February. The caps window for the cup is closing fast and I can see Boudreau telling Murray to go after certain prospects in the CAPS system in exchange for veteran Ducks that may help the Caps.
    BUT PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM GREEN & SEMIN if salary has to be taken back. Classic Underachievers

  11. I would like to say: Who in their right mind trades for Semin right now? Inflated contract that you could easily cut in half during the summer.

    If Semin moves it’s at the deadline when the majority of his contract is paid off. Eklund is ridiculous. He has no sources; he only makes up rumours in his basement then says they are sourced and insider.

    Flames are 4 points out of 8th position in the West, and playing some decent hockey as of late (points in 4 out of the 5 last games); now is NOT the time to think of trading Jerome. If they find themselves 10-20 points out of 8th by trade deadline, then you start moving assets for teams looking to move forward in the playoffs; that can get you good return on (Olli Jokinen, David Moss, Scott Hannan, Lee Stempniak & Tom Kos.) and pickup some draft picks and prospects.

    If Jerome is to be moved; it will be during the summer. That is fair for him, he has a young family, and it’s unfair to move him from a city he’s been at his entire career in the middle of the season.
    Flames have 20 million in cap space (not including if the cap increases next season). Have 6 30+ year old’s coming off the books; more than enough cap to resign your RFAs, some of the UFA’s (if you want) and any free agent you really want. You have assets and have 3 kids tearing it up in the Dub; and one playing very well in the AHL… as well as Byron who needs to come back up… There’s no need for a major mid season shake-up like trading Jerome at this point of time.

  12. Miokid – unless your a Flames fan, no one understands. I completly agree, and I’m not worried about Iggy, Kipps, or the future of the Flames. It takes a bit of common sense, but once you look at it all from the WHL – AHL – NHL, and our contracts, we are NOT in as bad of shape. Really the media on TV and Internet have nothing more to write, and feel a Iggy trade would give them lots to talk/write about for seasons to come.

  13. That Bleacher Report is a bunch of garbage. Sens will NOT be cleaning house.

    They need to deal about 2 forwards & 1 D to make room for the young players…

  14. I find reading anything Eklund writes to be somewhat comical. He speaks like a fortune teller, hedging his bets. “A trade could be coming” really?? wow I could say the same friggin thing and if it doesn’t happen (which is usually doesn’t) I say hey i said maybe! So ridiculous

  15. Holtby and 2 picks, if first rounders is more then enough for Iginla. Take Butler and Semin outta the mix though. Don’t forget at the time Iginla was aquired the flames traded a superstar in Joe Nieuwendyk for him. Nieuwendyk had a stanley cup two 50+ goals seasons two 40+ goals seasons and two 30+ goals seasons and was averaging over a point per game for his career up to that point. Flash forward 16 years and you don’t think a goalie of the future in Holtby and two draft picks most likely first rounders are worth Iginla. I gotta shake my head at that one and ask where your head is at??? That is a great deal for Iginla and the flames, seeing as how he has been with the flames longer then Nieuwendyk was and has less accomplishments then Joe Nieuwendyk did at the time he was with CGY.

  16. once Iginla gets his 500th goal in a Calgary uniform the clock should start on getting the best package for him now, while he can still help another team win a cup for a season or three.
    but his cap hit maybe too big to fit into any contenders budget until the summer .
    calgary doesn t want any bad contracts coming back and the top contenders dont have any of those that i could think makes sense.
    maybe the bruins could swing a deal but they really dont need to unless injuries happen .
    i dont think calgary has as many assets coming as ottawa had last year but they could benefit finishing at the bottom and getting some top end talent in the draft .

  17. Why do I see a Jarome Iginla to Philly for Brayden Schenn.
    Nieuwendyk for Iginla, Iginla for Schenn, would make some sense.
    The circle of life.

  18. I love how the Bleacher Report just ignores facts that would be problematic to their story. The Bruins better trade Rask or they’ll loose him for nothing when he becomes a free agent this summer! (except, oh yeah, he’s a restricted free agent so they likely won’t loose him. and if they do it won’t for nothing as at the very least they’d get draft picks by a team signing him away -which is a long shot to begin with).


  19. Love reading these obviously biased flames fans assessments about their team. This is why you’re team is in trouble. They are bad now (competitive but not a playoff team), and their prospects are average at best. Every team in the league has guys who their die hard fans are excited about (recent top 3 rounders in general). Fans always assume because of the hype and potential, that these prospects will come to fruition in the NHL and be hidden gems, but it rarely happens. The reason Calgary is screwed is not because they’re awful, because they aren’t. It’s because they’re just bad enough to not make any noise, while at the same time not making any progress for the future (never top 3 o 5 picks in the draft).

    Seeing you’re comments makes me feel like I did as a blackhawks fan with the ABC line. Tyler Arnason, Mark Bell, Kyle Calder. Sorry to say it, well I’m not actually, but you guys are screwed for at least 3 years minimum. Not saying they should trade Iggy, but it should be explored if the deal is right.

  20. I am a huge Flames fan and an Iggy and Kipper fan.

    On Iggy- I believe he has been the best all around captain and player in the league for the last 10 years- he can do it all. Fight, score, and be a positive fixture in the community. Hands down, he is class all the way. As much as I would hate to see him go right now, I think it would be for the betterment of the organization to do it if we could get two HIGH draft picks and a good prospect. There is NO saying that Iggy cannot come back to Calgary after the end of next season when he is a UFA.- And my feelings are this…I think Iggy and management should have a serious sit down and talk about this possibility of him being moved. Reason being, if Iggy knows he wants to come back and management wants that too, then Iggy may want to think that him moving now for some serious assets only helps the team and maybe his bid for a better Flames team to compete with after next year- In a sense, he can help this team for the future and be a part of it also when he goes UFA. It’s a win-win for both team and player. I just think holding on to Iggy now till the end of his contract will not do him any good or the organizations future as his return will not be as impactful as it would now.

    This organization NEEDS a top 3 pick or two to jump start the inevitable re-build of the future of this club. As I believe we got a few really good prospects in the system, this organization needs some IMPACT picks/prospects to compete in this division for the future – especially Edmonton, in the near future. If the Flames can find a way to get 3-4 of the top 10 picks in this upcoming draft that is super deep with talent, I think we will not have to go through this 5 year re-build process that the Oilers, Sens, or Toronto teams have had to endure. Mixed with a few veterans like Gio, J-Bo, Glenncross, Tanguay, Ollie, along with a few guys who have now had a year or two of years under their belt like Backlund, T.J. Brodie, Horak- we should be deadly. I haven’t even mentioned the inevitable next year where guys like Baertchi, Nemisz, Reinhardt, and Ferland may and should make this team depending on development- not sure about Ferland, or Reinhardt but the first two mentioned should for sure.

    On Kipper- I love Kipper. But at 35 and 36 at the start of next season- how “elite” can he stay ? can he be possibly be relied upon for a new generation or re-build and be part of the long term plans ? As Kipper may have a GOOD 3 years left, he may be more valuable to a team contending now verses what the Flames may be doing in the next couple of years. I believe Kipper could fetch us an equally, if not greater return than Iggy right now. Heck, maybe a first overall pick or close to. The Flames got Irving, Karlsson and if we were to say to get a Holtby out of Washington, that would make for some interesting young talent in our goaltending position. Worse comes to worse, we got the cap space next year to go after another young good talent like Bobrovsky out of Philly if needed.

    Even if we made the post season this year, which is unlikely, we would not go far and next year would be even harder. Between Iggy and Kipper, the Flames could do some serious loading up on top draft picks and prospects for the future of this team and make a drastic impact for the Flames organization in a positive way for years to come- the payoff can be huge. Two quotes come to mind- —

    “big risk = big rewards” and
    ” you got to break some eggs to make an omelette ”

    remember….Iggy can always come back to enjoy this turnaround after next season if he really wants to win in Calgary and he may think it would be interesting to play with high end talent like a Yakupov, Gaylenchuk, Dumba, and a Murray. If both player and team played their cards right, this could be an absolute possibility and everyone wins- for now and the future.

  21. When will the oilers trade for a solid d man, way too many forwards and not nealry enough quality d men. Sounds simple really. I think the main reason there are so few trades is because the GM’s are terrified to make a wrong decision and lose their job.This looks like another season down the drain with a coach and a GM that will be looking for work at the end of the season.
    Iggy needs to go to a team while he can still help them, his best days are behind him and the longer this takes the less Calgary will get.

  22. Least we forget “Hockey is a Business First” fans seem to forget that fact and that players are strategic assets and that is all.
    There are 2 “Major components” for a team to function successfully

    1. The body’s they put on the ice
    2. The body’s they put in the seats

    One drives the other….simple economics folks

    What motivates management is when one or the other or both begins to decline.

    In the Flames case the body’s in the seats have not declined yet but the body’s on the ice have been in decline for several years.
    Solution in this case is to tweak the body’s on the ice first….should the body’s in the seats begin to decline the less desired coarse of action will be to make serious changes to stem the flow of seat body’s……..Conclusion is that the flames revenue stream is not being impacted at this time so continue to monitor the situation if it begins to change make the necessary changes.