Rumors from the NHL Blogosphere – November 11, 2011.

In today’s collection of blogosphere-generated NHL trade rumors: Cory Schneider to the Maple Leafs? Shea Weber to the Oilers? Could Jarome Iginla, Martin Brodeur and Shea Weber be dealt at some point this season? Enjoy!

GATHER.COM: Larry Seely (citing Bleacher Report) listed the Toronto Maple Leafs as one of the teams that would make a deal for Vancouver Canucks backup Cory Schneider. he also cited Bleacher Report in suggesting the Edmonton Oilers could be a destination for Nashville Predators defenseman Shea Weber (though he erroneously titled his post, “Shea Weber to Colorado Avalanche?”).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Toronto Maple Leafs have been linked to Evgeni Nabokov in the rumor mill, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the Leafs had been in touch with the Canucks about Schneider’s availability. That being said, it appears the Canucks aren’t in any hurry to move Schneider this season, preferring to hang onto him to spell off starter Roberto Luongo more often this season. As for Weber, while I wouldn’t doubt the Oilers would love to have someone like him patrolling their blueline, they’re currently in no hurry to pursue him, nor are the Predators in any hurry to move him.

BLEACHER REPORT: Donald Wood suggested Weber, Calgary’s Jarome Iginla and New Jersey’s Martin Brodeur could be on the move this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t believe Iginla wants to move, nor do I believe Flames management wish to consider that option, at least not during the season. The Predators, as noted earlier, aren’t in any hurry to move Weber, and if they’re still in the playoff chase by the trade deadline, won’t consider it. As for Brodeur, he knows he’s coming to the end of his career, having previously acknowledged this, though he didn’t rule out perhaps playing one more season after this one, depending on his performance and if there’s another lockout. The Devils won’t trade him. Period. End of story.


  1. Schnieder would be awesome in the Blue and White but is not what the Buds need. They need the vet and I’d prefer to see Turco or Nabby backing up Riemer and starting while he is gone. Fact is Schnieder would probably take Riemer + Franson or Aulie or something.

    I don’t think Weber will be with the Preds next year, but he will be a deadline deal if anything. I do believe his most likely destination will be in Edmonton who will eventually begin to flounder a bit or come back down to earth.

    Broduer and Iginla not moving, like Lyle said period, end of story.

  2. JJB I agree. Although the Leafs would love to have Schnieder it would take more than a 2nd rounder (ie Nabokov) or a straight up UFA signing (ie Turco) to pull him out of Van. Besides if you are going to give up significant pieces of youth to get a goalie I would rather go after Kiprusoff (not that he is presently available). Good news is we are planning the parade route after watching another crazy preformance by Scrivens last night. lol

  3. Schnieder is better than Riemer and Nabakov.
    At this point Turco is not better than my Wednesday Night pick up goalie. He was brutal last year and considering he isn’t in the league, he is porbably even worse today.

  4. I don’t think Vancouver would want one of the Leafs’ goalies for Schneider – not even if it’s Reimer. ‘Nucks need another right-handed shot from the blueline. How ’bout something like this, Leafs Nation?:

    Cory Schneider
    Keith Ballard

    Luke Schenn
    Jonas Gustavsson

    ‘Nucks still need another right-handed shot on the blueline – they’re already loaded with lefties. Then, if he doesn’t work out as backup, demote Gustavsson and sign Turco.

  5. Lyle, do you think if the Flames are out of contention by the deadline they will move Iginla? I feel this is something that would benefit the flames, and his value would be higher as he still has another year on his contract. Because of this I believe the Flames could net a couple high end prospects and a pick. I do not believe Iginla wants to leave, but if he had a shot to play for a legit contender I think he would accept.

  6. The leafs could get much more than Schneider for Schenn. I would hold on to Schenn until something better becomes available later on in the year. Columbus is bound to start shedding Salary at some point and when they do, you might just see someone like Rick Nash on the block. Zach Parise could be another noteable mention.

    The Leafs have a good defensive core and it will take a couple of years before they see results from their youth. Reimer is not a true number 1 goaltender in my opinion and is a backup at best so far. I am a Leafs fan and would love nothing more than for Reimer to prove me wrong, but he can’t be compare to Ed Belfour, Grant Fuhr or Curtis Joseph. We still need a solid #1 and I agree that I would love to see Kiprusoff in nets for us and he could be a movable piece if Calgary falters this year.

    Turco is our best option on a 1 year contract because he costs us nothing.

  7. Regarding Iginla, ultimately, I believe it’s up to him. I still doubt the Flames shop him during the season, and if they were to consider moving him, it would be during the off-season, nearly the entry draft or the first week of free agency.

  8. VanCanFan: Ballard is tiny, terrible, and stuck with a ridiculous contract, I don’t think we would want to set ourselves into another terrible contract defense deal see Komisarek, plus will Schnieder is better I don’t think we need to move past Reims at this moment. As I stated, I would def rather see a goalie like Nabby, Turco, Clemmenson come in as a mentor to Reims and giving up very little asset wise. If I wanted to live in fantasy Toronto trade land I would be saying.

    Sign Turco to a one year for free

    trade – Kadri, MacAurthur, Aulie/Franson for Rick Nash :) (I know that is pure fantasy)

  9. VanCanFan – I’d have to agree with JJB on canning that offer although for different reasons. Gustavson doesn’t even look like a viable NHL goalie and Schenn is not an offensive-minded D-man. Schneider is arguably the hottest goalie prospect with actual NHL experience and quality stats in the NHL right now. Unless an excellent deal came past, the value for the Canucks lies in keeping him for the season. This assumes the coaching staff might actually play him in the playoffs, of course. If not, trade him and bring up Eddie Lack. Above all Vancouver’s starting to role now anyway so for any prospective trade, the ball would be in their court.

  10. To SJ: Shea Weber
    To NSH: 2 1st rounders
    Jason Dermers

    Sj demotes niitymaki and then have the best d in the leauge
    and then they win Lord Stanley’s Cup

  11. @VanCanFan

    No chance the Leafs would give up Schenn for Schneider. The Leafs really don’t even need another goalie. Scrivens played great last night and has stolen the Leafs two games in only 3 starts, people really overreacted to the loss in Boston. You don’t go out and trade away your best young player for another team’s backup goalie just because your 3rd string rookie goalie had one bad game, especially when you’ve already got a young #1 goalie in James Reimer who should be back before long.

    If the Leafs were to trade for any goalie it would be a cheap veteran like Nabokov who they can let walk as a UFA next summer.

    BTW people saying the Leafs should sign Turco clearly haven’t watched Turco play over the past few years. He is completely washed up and not even capable of being a backup in the NHL any more. They would be better off putting a cardboard cut-out in the net than Marty Turco.

  12. Eklund saved Nashville and will be the main reason why Weber is deat to the Oilers.

  13. Malone Stamkos Purcell
    Iginla Lecavalier St. Louis
    Book it!!!!!!!

  14. Ok folks….. all this chatter about Shea Webber.
    Remember when everyone was trying to sign Dan Hamhuis a while back? Well, we in Vancouver knew that he wanted back in BC and he just didn’t sign until the opportunity presented itself in Vancouver.
    So as for Webber…he’s another BC boy who wants to come home and he is close friends with Hamhuis.
    Stay tuned Webber watchers!

  15. Andy – I’m a Canucks fan and would love nothing better than to see a true franchise defenseman like Shea Webber come to Vancouver. That said, where have you heard Webber “wants to come home”? I haven’t heard that said anywhere and to honest I question whether he’d be willing to take a home town discount even more discounted than Hamhuis (there’s just no way the Canucks pay Webber $7.5M/yr). And the whole “he’s friends with this guy” means nothing. These guys are discussing multi-million dollar contracts not where to meet up for a beer. Not saying the trade can’t happen, but I think your argument is a bit lite.

  16. It would cost VAN at least three roster players to make cap-room for Weber…..that’s not the model they’re working with.
    Leaf fans happy with their goaltending situation is my smile for the day.

  17. @VanCanFan I’m a ‘nucks fan and there’s no way I make that trade. We don’t need another defensive D-man and what on earth would we do with Gustavsson when we have Lack ready to replace Schneids already? And giving up Ballard in the process when he’s been playing reasonably well seems like a bad deal all around.

    To be honest I don’t think there’s anyone on TO that Van would want back in that deal. Tampa, NJ or Columbus are somewhat more likely trade partners considering their current tenuous goalie situations.