Rumors from the NHL Blogosphere – November 21, 2011.

In this compilation of rumor from the blogosphere: Should the Kings trade for Jeff Carter? Mike Ribeiro to Toronto? Read on, if you dare!

BLEACHER REPORT: reacted to Friday’s rumor Jeff Carter might want out of Columbus by asking if the LA Kings should make a pitch for Carter and reunite him with former Flyers teammate Mike Richards.

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” also weighed in Saturday on Carter’s rumored “trade demand”. While acknowledging at the time he didn’t know for certain if the Blue Jackets center was demanding a trade, claimed he “knew” Carter would probably accept trades to “certain cities”, one being Montreal, the other Los Angeles.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Carter, his agent, and Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson all denied on Friday he demanded a trade. Even if he were available, however, I doubt the Kings could comfortably afford to take on his salary.

GATHER.COM: cited the Bleacher Report in claiming “the latest trade rumor” had the Toronto Maple Leafs trading for Dallas Stars center Mike Ribeiro.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Actually, that Bleacher Report post was about “ten trade targets” that could make the Maple Leafs a championship team, and its author was merely suggesting names, not stating the Leafs might be trying to land Ribeiro. The Stars, by the way, aren’t planning any rosters moves at this time.

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” reported the following: “The Leafs, Kings, and Devils are in talks…something VERY big could go down and it could be soon…there are some interesting names I am trying to confirm, but this trade could possibly “rock the league” if it goes down.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Let your imagination run wild as to what this potentially league rocking deal could be. It’s the Leafs, Kings and Devils, so perhaps a three way deal? With Jonathan Bernier going to the Leafs or Devils? Zach Parise to the Kings? The possibilities are limitless! 


  1. With Dallas humming a long it would make little sense to move Ribeiro, especially since I can’t imagine they would get anything worthwhile for him, especially from the Leafs and after loosing Brad Richards and needing a play making centre to fill the gap.

  2. I guess anything is possible on a three way trade but I don’t see who Burke has to trade considering all these injuries. Reimer is expected back soon so I figure Burke will give him a long hard look before giving up the farm to bring in another young starter (ie Bernier) to compete or take his place. Franson isn’t going anywhere while Komi is injuried regardless of Aulie being down in the A. Burke won’t deplete his defense with a trade at any point let alone during injuries. I don’t see any teams finding value in any of the Leafs young guys on the farm team considering a guy like Kadri has such low depth value in so many other GM’s eyes. I guess anything is possible but with the Leafs at the cap ceiling, so many injuries, and sitting in 8th overall I just can’t see Burke making any moves right now. I suppose he always has this years first rounder to trade again. I think we are in for another long winter of “get out shot while tearing it up offensively one game and follow it up with get out shot and out played while losing to the bottom feeders the next game”. Until a coaching change is made no trade will spark this team to greatness. Here’s to seeing the glass for what it really is… half empty…

  3. As of this morning the Leafs have officially given up the most goals of any team in the NHL. What player in a trade is going to help this stat other then a spectacular top notch goalie. To get a guy like Bernier will empty the Leafs prospect cupboard.

  4. Wow, Schnieder, Nabokov or Semin are going to make the Leafs into a championship team? Somebody is living in a dream world over at the Bleacher report. Most of the other guys he mentions that are game changers are pretty much untouchables on their current team so prying them away would mean giving up every decent player the Leafs have in their line up. Like I said in a dream world…

  5. There are three problems with Carter going to the Kings. The first is cap which Spector covered. This could probably be overcome if Penner went in the other direction.

    The second problem is that I doubt they’d want to mess too much with team chemistry. Any players leaving would probably have to be guys who are playing very little or are in the minors.

    The third and biggest problem is that the Kings already have too many centers. The Kings top three centers are Kopitar, Richards, and Stoll. I doubt they’d trade away Stoll nor would they want Carter as a third line center. If the Kings have a need, it’s a top six winger, not a top center.

    So if Penner goes the other way, it doesn’t cost anybody significant off the current roster, and Carter can play wing, then it could happen. Otherwise, I can’t see it.

  6. If Kings want a scoring winger, they should wait until January and go after Selanne. Yea I know that Selanne said he wants to stay with Ducks but this will be his last year and he won’t win another cup with Ducks, PERIOD. By trading him to Kings, he does not have to move, he can keep driving to the same home as he is living now and he would have another cup shot. His contract is workable and they won’t be stuck paying him next year. Ducks could certainly use the draft pick to start the rebuilding process.

  7. Does anyone really think the Kings want anything to do with reuniting Carter with Richards and start the party wagon in process again? We all remember the stories coming out of Philly about those two partying all the time and it taking it’s toll on their work ethic. Imagine the awesome parties in LA!!!

  8. Kings – Devils I could see working. Kings need top 6 forwards, Devils need goaltendering … Leafs don’t fit in there at all. The Leafs NEED a new head coach to keep them honest and consistent as Kessel and Lupul can only carry this team so far.

    As for Carter I doubt he’d end up in LA … why? Well how many teams in the league are desperately seeking a #1 center right now? If CBS were to shop Jeff Carter teams like Toronto, Nashville, Calgary, Montreal, Dallas, Phoenix, Ottawa ect (just shooting teams off the top of my head) would be likely to give up a lot more or be seeking the forward help a lot more as Carter would bill into any of these teams as a #1 or #2 center. Personally if he went I’d like to see him somehow land in Toronto or Nashville.

    @alforducks : I like the idea of Selanne in LA at the deadline if the Ducks are out of the playoffs. I think Selanne stays with the Ducks even if there is a shred of playoff hope because that is where he wants to play. But if you are down and out, move him, let him help LA, keep him close, and get a pick/prospect.

  9. @JDBGiGC just to let you know Carter can play wing and play it well he played next to giroux all year and had 36 goals

    @DLS The carter and richards drinking stories were mostly old and started from a media member that didn’t like Richards and Carter. Yes there was the dry island thing that they wouldn’t sign, But they were not the only ones who wouldn’t sign. It was never said that any of this translated to the Ice. Don’t buy into the media crap. Notice it wasn’t in any Philly paper that they Flyers were at a local drinking establishment in winnipeg having a few the night before a bad loss. Philly media tend to target players and don’t care what they say if they don’t like said player. Ones they like can do no wrong.

  10. So this 3 way deal, I’m sure there are going to be other pieces (if there is actually a trade) but leafs need a back up for riemer, devils need a future goalie and la is needing a top 6 winger, so
    Leafs get hedberg
    La gets gustavsonn and parise
    Devils get bernier
    Again add players to make it fair but it fits everyones needs

  11. The problem with Carter is that he is really a RW, not a center, although he played the position with the Flyers some. Too much of a shooter himself, and not enough of a playmaker. What CBJ should do is get a playmaking center and move Carter to RW, with Nash on LW. That would be a great line.

  12. @JJB – Why in the hell would Ottawa want Carter? They are re-building and would have to give up their young depth to do that. John Muckler does not run this team any longer — and IF Murray ever did that… a lot of fans will be very upset. That would just about stop the re-build right there… and would be a stupid move.

    The Sens have Regin (when he is back) as 2nd line centre… and Zibanejad in the future. Spezza is and will remain the #1 centre in Ottawa. The re-build is about developing young players.. not trading them away.

  13. @Fran

    I hear you but it seams odd that all these stories about Carter and Richards would be false considering Holmgren shipped them both out of town this summer. Maybe Carter and Richards really weren’t partying anymore then the norm but if Holmgren saw it differently and that’s the reason they got shipped out then LA’s GM could also figure it to be true which would veto any chance of them being reunited and getting buddy buddy again.

    Only Holmgren really knows for sure. I just think LA’s GM would probably avoid the whole situation.

  14. Ron Wilson and a 1st round pick for Barry Trotz.

  15. I say columbus will trade carter for mtl
    Mtl only has 1 top 2 center and heis not a 1 center man
    So Carter and a d will go to mtl for drafts prospects and a good potential player like kostytsn

  16. Everyone in entire NHL must be trade by Feb 28 deadline, just to keeps us from getting bored

  17. mojo19, no way I make that deal if I’m Nashville…

  18. Since when have any of “Eklund’s” predictions come to fruition???? What do you expect from a blogger who won’t even reveal his true identity? His whole purpose is to build excitement and get hits on his website so he can charge more to his advertisers. Stick with TSN if you want real hockey news!