Rumors from the NHL Blogosphere – November 22, 2011.

In today’s compilation of trade rumors plucked from the hoary netherworld of the NHL blogosphere: Seven deals the Flyers could get for Sergei Bobrovsky, Deadline deals to help each team, 8 teams which could blow up their rosters and how they’ll do it. Enjoy, if you dare!

BLEACHER REPORT: Jason Sapunka suggests 7 deals the Philadelphia Flyers could get with goalie Sergei Bobrovsky, suggesting the Flames, Oilers, Devils, Islanders, Senators, and Lightning as possibilities.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flames are grooming Henrik Karlsson as Miikka Kiprusoff’s successor, the Oilers still have faith in Devan Dubnyk, while the Devils might be a possibility, but I doubt they’ll make such a move during the season as they’re still content with Martin Brodeur and Johan Hedberg. Just what the Islanders need, another goalie! Sorry, I don’t see them having interest in “Bob”. The Senators have Robin Lehner waiting in the wings, so no fit there. The Lightning could be a possibility, but I don’t see the Flyers sending Bobrovsky to a Conference rival. In fact, for the remainder of this season, I don’t believe the Flyers have any intention of moving Bobrovsky, as they’ll want him for insurance in case Ilya Bryzgalov gets hurt.

Nicholas Goss meanwhile looks at one deadline deal for each team which could help them.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Several of these trade suggestions are far-fetched. Players like Stephen Weiss, Rick Nash, Jarome Iginla, Roberto Luongo, Zach Bogosian, Ryan Suter, Cory Schneider, Kyle Turris and  Zach Parise aren’t available now, nor will they be at the trade deadline. How can I sound so sure? In some cases (Weiss and Bogosian), their value has increased with his team to the point where they’re no longer available. Nash, Iginla, Luongo, and Parise won’t be moved unless they ask to be dealt, and that’s simply not going to happen. The Coyotes under no circumstances will move Turris. Schneider won’t be dealt because the Canucks want to keep him around this season in case Luongo struggles or gets hurt.

Tab Bamford lists eight teams which need to blow up their rosters and how they’ll do it.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Every deal in this one won’t happen. Why do the Phoenix Coyotes, 7th in the West and winners of six of their last ten, need a “roster blow-up”?  Why in Buddha’s name are the Dallas Stars on this list? The Montreal Canadiens need to “blow up their roster”? Since when? And dealing Scott Gomez is how they’ll do it? The guy who hasn’t scored since February and carries a $7 million-plus per season cap hit until 2015? I’ll let Dr.Evil respond to that.


  1. Lyle, a little late today, but extra spicy. Keep tearing them up.

  2. Do these guys have nothing better to do than waste time making up foolish trade scenarios. I like trade rumours as much as other fans do but some are just beyond ridiculous. Maybe Eklund is holding secret rumour classes for media types. Lyle, which teams do you think should blow things up and why?

  3. Some of these regional reporters fancy themselves top knowledge on hockey in general… Instead, what they really know is their team. So they suggest these rumours associated with their team without true understanding of each other teams requirements.

    I.E 1st guy: Why would Calgary want Bobrovsky? Leland Irving is showing great potential in the AHL; and they are attempting to groom Henrik Karlson (who knows how well that’ll do)

    2nd guy: Cory Schneider to Col. Who in their right mind would accept this? 2 reasons here: 1) Colorado gave up a TON to get Varly… they’ll ride him to the end really. 2) Who in their right mind trades a goalie with high talent (Cory might become one of the best in the league, who knows) to a team they have to play 6 times a year?

    3rd guy: Not even worth mentioning. These trades that are like 1 player for 3 players and 2 picks… RARELY happen. Some don’t even make sense. Calgary – Montreal? Jay Bo for Gomez? Why would the Flames accept getting older when you see they’re trying to move to a younger type of brand? I know for a fact, although his contract is swollen; Jay Boumeester could be traded out east for a normal return that does not include a 31 year old off and on scorer… Flames don’t need that… they already have a team of that.

  4. Keeping them honest Lyle! That’s why we come to this site.

    “Pundits” love to speculate on blowing teams up because it’s something fun to talk about (apparently actual hockey is sometimes not enough) but if you asked them to place some dollars behind their bets they would swiftly retract. That said, I think the “blow up” caption is misleading in this article as he’s clearly only suggesting big trades (some of them not even that big) apart from a total overhaul that a blow up would entail. The only teams that might consider a blow-up overhaul from this list would be Calgary and perhaps Carolina. I dare say Columbus (as Sanford has shown) may just require a #1 goalie and perhaps a front office change (coach + GM) to begin turning things around.

  5. How: Trade Rick Nash
    Where: Edmonton
    For: Alex Hemsky, Sam Gagner and two first-round picks

    LMFAO I am no Oilers fan but is that not grossly over paying for a guy who has never won a playoff series?

    Columbus would be crazy not to take that deal those 2 first will probably be 1 top 10 pick and 1 top 20 pick.

  6. James, I think the Blue Jackets and Flames right now are the only teams who should be in “blow up” mode. The Flames are going nowhere with this ageing lineup, and I don’t think I need to explain why the Blue Jackets need to rebuild, though I wouldn’t move Nash, Carter, Wisniewski or Johansen.

  7. Turris just resigned in Pheonix. 2.8 mil total over two years. Let the trade speculation begin in earnest.

  8. The funniest thing about the Nash to Edmonton rumour is that it doesn’t address Edmonton’s biggest need: a #1/#2 puck moving defenceman who can eat up 22-27 minutes a game and remain a plus player.

  9. Hey Lyle, too early for the Flames to blow it up. Not because I think they still have a chance to be a playoff team but because their players have low trade value right now. I am a Flames fan and am one of many who feel that this will continue to be a terrible season for the Flames, maybe first of a few terrible seasons and I AM ok with that. We’ve been given the same propaganda from Flames management for five years now. Its the management and owners that need to pull their heads out of the sand. n We don’t need a couple pieces here or there, a rebuild is required. Some people in Calgary point out to the available cap space the Flames will have next year. Too me its a little scary having a GM in place that has publicly stated that if Flames fans want a rebuild, he would not be the man to do it..That concerns me…very much. I think this franchise is in a lot of trouble and could be many years without something to look forward to with that kind of mentallity. If Iginla and Kiprosoff are traded/agree to a trade, I really hope Feaster will wait until the deadline. I hope these players aren’t traded for the sake of making a trade…its been done too many times by this team which has hurt us. I am glad to see that younger players are finally getting their shot in the big show. Glad to hear Irving is playing well in Abb…So, for me its stay the course to get a good pick (cause they aren’t making the playoffs anyway) and if the right offer comes at the deadline when another GM will overpay, by all means take it then…So here’s to all Flames fans looking for a rebuild…GO Flames GO!!

  10. I don’t think the Blue Jackets should blow up their roster. They’re not as far as everyone thinks they are. They need to get a steady goaltender (even if he’s “okay”), a steady d-man who may not pot so many, and a better system. Their coach just isn’t doing the job.

  11. The Flames, however, really have to start building for the future. Sutter’s mortgage-future-for-possible-playoff-success didn’t work, and now we’re seeing the fallout from those deals, especially the year they got Jokinen. I don’t think they should deal Iginla. What I do think they should do is stay in the margins until late in the season and then fold in order to pick up Yakupov.

  12. If Carolina goes blowup mode, maybe they move Kaberle to Edmonton, in exchange for a pick or two ( depending on where). While not having a stellar year in Carolina he is still a smart and capable puck mover and can make the kind of passes the young stars in Edmonton can handle. Could be a fit in Columbus also, but Columbus also needs a strong defensive minded defense group in front of Mason for him to get back on track. As of last week Mason ranked 9th in terms of the greatest number of shots faced. He needs some help back there to get the puck out of their end more often. Thoughts?