Rumors from the NHL Blogosphere – November 25, 2011.

Speculation on Kyle Okposo, Daniel Alfredsson, Linus Omark, Alexander Semin, Ryan Suter and more. Enjoy!

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” claims Columbus, Toronto, St.Louis and Winnipeg have expressed interest in NY Islanders forward Kyle Okposo.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blue Jackets are reportedly seeking a goalie, not a forward. The Leafs apparently seek depth at center, not on the wing. The Blues could perhaps use depth on left wing, though they’ve given no indication they’re in the market, while Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff on more than one occasion denied he’s in the market for anyone.

BLEACHER REPORT: Joseph Deluca offers up ten teams which could give Ottawa Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson a shot at the Stanley Cup, including the Toronto Maple Leafs, Buffalo Sabres and Minnesota Wild.  Andrew Eide wondered what the Edmonton Oilers could look for if they trade Linus Omark. Jake Ware suggested five trade scenarios for the Washington Capitals to unload Alexander Semin, and Jason Sapunka listed 13 defenseman who could be on the move at the trade deadline, including Nashville’s Shea Weber and Ryan Suter, Toronto’s Cody Franson, Philadelphia’s Matt Carle and Calgary’s Mark Giordano.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As long as the Senators remain in playoff contention this season, Alfredsson won’t be going anywhere. He’s also have to agree to be dealt, and I don’t believe he has any interest in that, nor do I believe he wants to leave the Senators. The Leafs and Sabres have yet to prove they’re Cup contenders, and while the Wild are off to a hot start this season, it’s far too early to consider them Cup contenders.

The Oilers won’t be trading Omark, as he’s sidelined for the next two months with a broken ankle. Even after he returns, I doubt they’ll get much in return for him, perhaps a third round pick. His stock has tumbled this season.

Semin’s poor performance this season, reputation for soft play, and $6.75 million salary makes him very difficult to trade, especially considering he’s also a UFA next summer. No way the Kings trade Dustin Brown and Willie Mitchell for Semin. The Predators also won’t deal for him because they’ll be spending big bucks to re-sign Ryan Suter and Shea Weber (who won’t be dealt at the trade deadline), and the Islanders would be fools to trade for him, because he’ll depart via free agency next summer.

I don’t believe the Flyers will trade Matt Carle, given that Kimmo Timonen and Chris Pronger are ageing. The Leafs have rejected offers for Franson, and with Mike Komisarek out for at least eight weeks, Franson’s not going anywhere. If the Flames finally decide to overhaul their roster, they won’t be moving Giordano unless he demands to be dealt.

GATHER.COM: Larry Seely claims the latest rumor has the Colorado Avalanche making a move for Nashville’s Ryan Suter.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Too bad the Predators intend on re-signing Suter.


  1. Alfredsson to the Leaf’s, wouldn’t that be the ultimate irony! lol

  2. He’d still get booed everytime he touched the puck lol!

  3. Alfredsson is a legend, but is not enough to put the leafs into contend territory. he would be a better fit in Detroit, Tampa Bay, Vancouver.

  4. I think with Alfredsson people forget that he has one more year at 4.875m. If a team were to take him on for this year they would be obligated to have him on the payroll for next year too. He can’t get out of that contract because it is a 25+ one. Vancouver is too cap-strapped to do this deal and Tbay already has so much money tied up in 3 forwards. Detroit could possibly take him on, but i’m not sure they would be willing to do so.

  5. I know not to take what the bleacher report says to seriously, but come on guys? Brown and Mitchell for Semin, Brown is the only player LA has that is a gritty top six guy and Mitchell has been awesome for us especially for only $3.5 mill. So all this for a guy that is a healthy scratch. If LA does trade for him the caps will be taking Penner in return, both UFA’s and both underacheiving and needed of a change.

  6. Where do people get these crazy ideas about the Kings trading players away. Here are some things to consider:
    1. The Kings are a really good, but not quite elite team. They could get there with some chemistry.
    2. The Kings goalie of the future appears to be Quick. This means the Kings may be willing to trade Bernier, a potential franchise goalie.
    3. The Kings have too many centers considering Stoll is playing on the third line, and seems better than that.
    4. The Kings don’t realistically need much at this point. The only thing they may realistically want is a top 6 winger as an upgrade over Penner. And that’s only a maybe they have young guys in the system that they may be more inclined to try.
    5. If the Kings get a player with a higher salary, Penner would have to go in the deal.

    So there’s the crux of your deal. Bernier, prospects, picks, and possibly Penner for cap space for a top 6 winger. I could maybe see Stoll being thrown in, but not likely. We have a few extra defensemen that wouldn’t be of high value that can be thrown in.

    I do not see a major roster shakeup trade of Brown and Mitchell.

  7. “the Islanders would be fools to trade for him, because he’ll depart via free agency next summer”

    As an Islanders fan, does the above sentence translate to “Garth Snow will trade for Semin”? :)

  8. If Alfie wants to go to a Cup contender, then why are the Leafs in that conversation of 10 teams to get traded to? I don’t see the Leafs as Cup contenders anytime soon. In fact, this team is still just trying to make the playoffs for the first time in what 6 years is it?

  9. I don’t know who works at the Bleacher Report but some of the garbage that comes out of there makes you wonder how they continue to be in business.

    Alfie will NOT be going to Toronto or Buffalo. I don’t think either of those teams are Cup contenders. They may make the playoffs… but they can’t compete with the Bruins or the Pens. ALFIE decides where he goes… and I can guarantee it will not be Toronto. Maybe Detroit or Vancouver…. but either way… he’s not going anywhere this year. No TRUE Cup contender has the cap room to take his cap hit for next season.

  10. I’m with you Sandy, he isn’t going anywhere this season. Hilarious having him go to Toronto of all places though!
    He’s been playing well so far this season and seems to have shaken the effects of his off-season surgery so barring any relapse there’s no reason to not believe he’ll be back with the Sen’s again next season. At this point next season he may ask or be asked whether he would like to go to a contender for one last try for a Stanely Cup ring. I love seeing veteran players given that option. I really hope Iginla get’s the same opportunity before his time comes although he’s not quite there yet.

  11. “The Leafs apparently seek depth at center, not on the wing.”

    I disagree. The Leafs actually have quite a bit of depth at center with Grabovski, Connolly, Lombardi, Bozak, Colborne, Steckel, Kadri, Boyce and Zigomanis all capable of playing center in the NHL in some role or another.

    I’d say the Leafs have proven they have a good amount of depth at all positions by the way they played against Tampa and Washington after all the injuries they are dealing with. What they really need if they want to be anything more than a fringe playoff team is high end skill at all positions (which they are unlikely to find in the middle of the season) and more size and toughness on their 1st two lines. I don’t think Okposo fits the mold of what the Leafs should be looking for. It’s a moot point anyway since Eklund is full of s*** and Okposo almost certainly wont be traded.