Rumors from the NHL Blogosphere – November 29, 2011.

Bobby Ryan to the Blue Jackets? Jason Spezza to the Avalanche? Alexander Semin to the Red Wings or Kings? Jason Arnott to the Sharks? Read on for the latest from the blogosphere. Enjoy!

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” on November 27th claimed if there were a player the Anaheim Ducks could possibly move it would be Ryan. “I am not hearing anything imminent, but I am hearing several teams inquiring including Carolina, the Islanders, Ottawa, Montreal and St. Louis”, he wrote.  He also claimed, “a source connected to Columbus told me he has heard tons of chatter involving Jeff Carter and a prospect for Bobby Ryan”. He followed up on November 29th claiming the Ducks weren’t shopping Ryan, but then suggested “teams are VERY interested in Bobby and sources continue to tell me something could go down”, adding the Blue Jackets, Maple Leafs, Wild and Flyers would all love a shot…”Eklund” also suggested there are whispers new Washington Capitals head coach Dale Hunter “will force a bold move to wake the Caps up”, claiming Alexander Semin would be the favorite to be dealt, with Detroit and LA the likely destinations.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  I don’t see where Carter would fit with the Ducks, as they’ve already got a first line center in Ryan Getzlaf. Yes, I know, Carter can play the wing, but he’s better at center.  Carter, his agent and Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson vehemently denied a recent rumor claiming he wants to be dealt, and by the sound of things, if Howson were to make a trade, it would be for goaltending, not a first line winger.

Any deal with the Ducks if they were shopping Ryan couldn’t involve them taking on deals longer than Ryan’s, or more expensive, because they reportedly are stretched to the limit with their budget. The Leafs and Flyers would have to give up at least $5.5 million to free up sufficient cap space to make room for Ryan and still leave sufficient “wiggle room” under the cap for potential call-ups later in the season. I doubt the Wild, one of the best teams in the league, are interested in Ryan.

As for Semin, his market value is likely in the crapper right now. He’s played poorly, has garnered a reputation as a “soft” player, and is carrying $6.7 million in salary this season. Yeah, that’s a player the Red Wings and Kings want. Action that yesterday! As for Hunter, he hasn’t even been Capitals coach a day yet, and already he’s going to “force a bold move?”  He hasn’t been there long enough to force anything, and last time I checked, that call is up to the GM, not the coach.

GATHER.COM: Larry Seely claimed “the latest rumor” from Bleacher Report had the Colorado Avalanche looking at Ottawa Senators center Jason Spezza, and the San Jose Sharks looking at Jason Arnott of the St Louis Blues to add veteran leadership and scoring to their third line.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No, they’re not. The Bleacher Report bit on the Avs was merely suggesting the club should look at Spezza, not a rumor the Avs were actively doing so. That suggestion is crazy, as the Senators aren’t parting with Spezza, but that’s all it is, a suggestion, not an actual rumor. Ditto the “Sharks interested in Arnott” speculation. The author of that report was merely suggesting the Sharks consider targeting Arnott by the trade deadline, believing the Blues are already out of the playoff race and will be sellers at the trade deadline. The author of that post, by the way, hasn’t checked the standings in the Western Conference lately. The Blues are currently fifth in the Western Conference.


  1. Reposted here on the new thread;

    Here is the latest article from Damien Cox who often has the inside track on trades and always say’s it like it is when it comes to trade potentials. If he feels it’s possible then there is…

    Damien Cox, the Star’s hockey columnist and associate sports editor
    The reported availability of Bobby Ryan should be of interest to 29 other clubs, not just the Maple Leafs. The kid can score, being No. 2 in the draft to Sidney Crosby has never bothered him and there’s a personality there that sells in a bigger hockey market.

    Do the Ducks have to move him? No, but they may want to do something soon, and looking further ahead, carrying Ryan’s $5.1 million per season cap hit will make the squeeze a little tighter after next season when both Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry become unrestricted free agents. It seems doubtful Anaheim can keep all three.

    But that’s the longer term view. Short term, the Ducks could fire coach Randy Carlyle, which seems unlikely, or they could shuffle the deck. GM Bob Murray might be of a mind right now to try and recover some of the young assets lost to Toronto in the Francois Beauchemin deal last winter. The Ducks made the playoffs and Beauchemin played well, but now the team’s lousy, he’s 31 years old and both Joffrey Lupul and cherubic blueliner Jake Gardiner are playing well with the Leafs.

    Murray and Brian Burke have done deals before – Anaheim moved J.S. Giguere’s monster contract, the Leafs dumped Vesa Toskala and Jason Blake – and it seems some teams are comfortable doing deals with certain others. Look at all the trades Vancouver and Florida have swung in recent seasons. Burke loves Ryan, and indeed, he turned down overtures from Cliff Fletcher in his final months in Anaheim when the Silver Fox was pitching hard for Ryan.

    So should the Leafs be interested now? Yes. Does it matter than Ryan’s another scoring winger, not a centre? Not really. The Leafs are in the business of acquiring top six forwards as assets. The positional balance can be addressed later. Is Ryan’s salary a problem? He’s got three more years after this one at $5.1 million. That’s hefty, but not a cap crippler for a team like the Leafs.

    Which brings us to the cost, and here’s the tricky part. Ryan’s a 30-35 goal man, a real stylist out there, not surprising for a legendary roller hockey player. But he doesn’t really have a physical component to his game, he’s not an accomplished penalty killer and he’s off to a so-so start this season.

    You don’t want to overpay, but here’s a guy it’s easy to get over-excited about. Obviously, a young defenceman would have to be part of a deal, and maybe that’s Luke Schenn or Carl Gunnarson or Cody Franson. Nazem Kadri could be in there. Stuart Percy is a young blueliner and Leaf first round playing junior in Mississauga. Nik Kulemin might make sense, but he’s having an off-year, too. With the Leafs high in the NHL standings, a 2012 first rounder could come into play.

    Some combination of that group might make sense. Perhaps it’s Kulemin and Franson for Ryan. Schenn and Kadri? The Leafs have assets, more than in a long time, the result of steady work by Burke and Dave Nonis over the past three years.

    You can bet Burke will kick the tires on this one, see if Ryan really is up for grabs. He knows the young man well and believes in him, and he and Murray can do business, with the fact they’re a conference apart making it a little easier for both.

  2. My opinion is the Leafs don’t need Ryan but if they can get him for a prospect and Scheen then maybe Burke thinks about it.

  3. Spezza would be sweet in a Leafs uniform but I can’t see Ottawa and TO doing a deal for fear of players swapped coming back to bite them in the ass down the road.

  4. We got 75 comments and counting in the thread that didn’t mention the Leafs. This time the buds were mentioned!
    Ryan to the Leafs for an empty bag of pucks and the team dryer. Because the Leafs win every trade.

  5. They win every trade with the Ducks, so you might be right!!! A bag of pucks it is then…

  6. igggy for semin and carlson? i know semins got a big contract, but i could see him with the flames. and the caps could use some leadership and experience in the room

  7. I’m a big fan of this site, great info. I don’t feel the same about “Eklund. ” I ignore him, never go there, to avoid giving him site hits to pad his ad income. He’s an idiot.

  8. Accoring to Larry Brooks at the NY Post Sather has put in a call regarding Ryan’s availability. NY has a need for a top line LW as they are weak in that position and have young assets with reasonable salaries that the Ducks may find interest in. Brooks claims “Stepan, Callahan, Staal, Mcdounagh and Sauer are the only ‘untouchables’ for NY

  9. If the kings want Alexander Semin i wouldnt trade much for him, Russian players are soft and lazy the most i would give for him is Penner thats it


  11. I cant see the kings giving up 2 up and coming young kids for another 2 centers they already have 5