Rumors from the NHL Blogosphere – September 20, 2011.

Should the Rangers use Wade Redden to replace injured Marc Staal? Could Shea Weber be dealt to Edmonton? Read on for the latest from the blogosphere. Enjoy!

HOCKEYBUZZ.COM: “Eklund” not only believes Wade Redden is still an NHL-caliber player, but calls for the club to use him to replace the injured Marc Staal. While acknowledging Redden’s $6.5 million salary, he believes the Rangers should at least invite Redden to camp, see what he can do, and try to find a buyer.

“So why not at least invite him to camp and give teams a chance to see him play? Then maybe get a buyer…Are the Rangers too paranoid Redden will get hurt and they will be stuck or are they perhaps closing in on a team who may be willing to pick up half the money?”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If other NHL teams believed Redden was a worthwhile addition to their rosters, they would’ve picked him up earlier this summer, or plucked him off re-entry waivers last season. Staal meanwhile doesn’t earn enough to free up sufficient cap space to add Redden’s salary if the former goes on LTIR. I fail to see how the Rangers would be “too paranoid” Redden would get hurt and they would be stuck. If he’s hurt long-term, he goes on LTIR.  I do agree with “Eklund” the Rangers might need to find a short-term replacement for Staal if he remains out for a lengthy period, but for now it appears they’ll look to within.

GATHER.COM: Larry Seely claims the latest rumor from The Bleacher Report has the Edmonton Oilers expressing some interest in Nashville defenseman Shea Weber, with the Predators getting Ales Hemsky, Magnus Paajarvi, Jeff Petry and draft picks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This isn’t the first time Seely has cited Bleacher Report for a rumor without providing a link to the report in question. Once again, I checked Bleacher Report but there’s nothing about Weber being dealt to the Oilers or anyone else. 



  1. That Oilers “rumor” is one of the most one-sided deals I’ve ever seen.

  2. There may be a team that worries more about salary than the cap that may take a chance on a re-entry Redden, considering that his salary goes down to $5Million next season. But then again, you never know about the upcoming new CBA (from a Rangers perspective).

  3. Hahaha! Larry Seely seems to be trying to become a poor man’s Eklund! If you’re going to link to a non-existent source, why not say it was a legitimate source? Bleacher Report is just a bunch of 14 year olds writing about the trades they made in NHL 2011, and they didn’t even support his garbage!

  4. I don’t see the point in even discussing Seely’s reports any further. The guy is a fraud.

    As for the Rangers, Eklund has it all wrong, unsurprisingly. I am not sure how he even considers Redden NHL caliber when he has put up an average performance in the AHL. Redden is not a problem solver, he is a problem.

    While Brooks suggests Mara, as i thought as well some time ago, i disagree with the notion that Torts would want him. He ran him out in Tampa and in NY. Let’s not forget who Torts is.

  5. As a oilers fan I wouldn’t make that trade, paajarvi is going to be a very solid very soon, took awhile for him to adjust last year, but by the end he was the same player we all saw playing for Sweden at various times. They won’t pay Hemsky what they’re not paying Weber. Oilers have a stock pile of drafted D waiting in the wings, I send them plus o’mark. Nashville will save their precious money developing a stock pile of young d, o’mark will get possibly better minutes, weber can tandem with Whitney, I’ll grab my second cup of coffee now and dream alil while longer.

  6. If the Rangers need a d-man – why not pick up Campoli, I’m sure he could be picked up at a reasonable price. Or they could give Redden a look – but again, they only have $1.3 in cap space. I’m sure they will look inside to fill the void.

  7. eklund i believe just makes things up in his head…i cant even believe the guy makes a living off the site…

    with just over a mill in cap space and only needing a potentially short term fall back option, i think it’s pretty clear the rangers will let someone from within step in and fill the void. look for guys like sauer, eminger or that mcilrath kid to step in as the temps…

    as for that oilers/preds offer…wow! if i’m nashville i do it in a heartbeat.
    what about gagner, omark, teubert, and a 2012 1st round pick for weber, 2012 2nd rd pick

  8. You’re always good on making sense, but the main reason Redden didn’t get any looks wasn’t because he’s not worthwhile. It just might of had something to do with that little old 6.5M issue.

  9. good to stop selling season tickets…..would never happen

  10. I agree with the above comments on Redden. He will stay in the AHL.There is no room for his salary in the NHL cap market and he is done.

  11. The oilers rumor is so far from left field and definitely wishful thinking. May Lombardi may have a change of heart after the Symth fiasco where he got screwed with taking back Colin Fraser. I look at the Doughty situation with more light than Weber leaving Nashville.

  12. Well as far as Eklund goes…. It’s EKLUND! Take anything he says with a grain of salt followed by 15 Whiskey shots… I still cant fathom how a guy can make a living not reporting rumors, but just making them up. Not to mention reporting after the fact when deals are made, then assuming credit for “breaking the news”… No serious Hockey fan or reporter should lend this guy any creedance what so ever. (IMHO)

  13. If I am Slats, and had cap space, I probably would bring Redden up and give him a shot. If he can’t play at the NHL level anymore, no big deal as he simply gets pushed back down. If he can, then you may be able to salvage some of the lost cash. It would never hurt.
    However I am not Slats, and Slats doesn’t have the cap space, so it looks like this mistake will have to continue playing out in the AHL.