Rumors from the NHL Blogosphere – September 29, 2011.

In today’s roundup of blogosphere-generated rumor goodness: Five teams that will pursue Martin Brodeur next summer…Ales Hemsky for Drew Doughty?… Canadiens planning a trade?

BLEACHER REPORT: Andy Campbell listed five teams that will pursue Martin Brodeur next summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A tad premature to start speculating where Brodeur might be next summer, especially since he doesn’t know for certain if he’ll even play another season after this one. Let’s wait and see what unfolds this season before we start wondering about where Brodeur will go…oh, ok, since some of my readers suggest I’m a bit of a bore in my analysis of trade and free agent rumors by not at least considering some alternative options….I predict Brodeur will…..wait until this season ends, see how well he and the Devils performed, and if there’s a new CBA in place…(drumroll)… re-sign with the Devils, or retire. Hey, whaddya mean that was predictable?…;)

GATHER.COM: Larry Seely cites a Bleacher Report post claiming Drew Doughty could be heading to the Edmonton Oilers, as they have put together an offer sheet and the Kings are considering their options, one of which could see Doughty shipped to Edmonton for Ales Hemsky and “possible” first round draft picks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I followed the link Seely cited, which linked to a HockeyBuzz Oilers blogger, who wrote, “I have no information or knowledge that the Oilers have talked offer sheet with the Doughty camp”, before launching into speculation over how it might be possible. In other words, there is nothing but baseless blogger speculation about the Oilers, or any other NHL team, sending the Kings an offer sheet for Doughty. 

A WINNING HABIT: Steven Ellis wondered why the Canadiens signed Chris Campoli if Yannick Weber is NHL-ready, and suggested perhaps the Habs might move Jaroslav Spacek’s bad contract (over $3.8 million) for a forward at a similar price.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe the reason for the Campoli signing was Andrei Markov will likely be sidelined longer than anticipated to start the season, and Weber isn’t ready, or at least the coaching staff doesn’t believe he’s ready, to log big minutes. Reports out of Montreal claim Weber has been moved to forward, and he, not Spacek, could be the odd man out. There’s been nothing about Spacek being dealt, likely because that contract and his age makes him tough to move, especially for a forward with a similar salary. Sure, it could happen, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up if I were a Habs fan.


  1. Campoli his in Montreal, because Markov will miss the start of the season and because Subban’s injury could be worst than expected. Plus Weber his playing on offensive since a few days in Habs training camp. Spacek won’t be traded… who want’s him at that price?

  2. Seems ludicrous that Kings would deal with Oilers after Ryan Smyth travesty unless that issue was addressed in the deal. Ales Hemsky would be a throw in at best. I don’t know if Edmonton has a player the equal of Doughty.

  3. TSN is already reporting that Doughty has just resigned with the Kings for $7 million per year for the next 8 years so lets get over this Doughty to anybody thing

  4. Looks like joey grabbed the news on here.

    Anyway, for conversation’s sake I would say Edmonton does have a player of Doughty’s caliber in Taylor Hall. This would make it a franchise defenseman for a franchise sniper/winger The problem is that Edmonton won’t be giving up on him anytime soon. And depending on how you look at building a team it makes sense. To some, finding a franchise star sniper like Hall is rare, while to others, the franchise defenseman is also very rare. its hard to exactly compare who in this case would be more valuable unless you consider what the deal is going to do to the makeup of each team moving forward.

  5. Yannick Weber is a big deception, he play very bad, Jacques Martin use Weber has a extra attacker on the fourth line,,,Weber don’t talk to media, Weber is probally on the trade block. Also Desharnais and Enquvist don’t do the job, Gauthier have to take decision at the center position he have big trouble there.