Sabres Fire Ruff.

The Buffalo Sabres have announced the firing of Lindy Ruff as their head coach. He will be replaced on an interim basis by Ron Rolston, the now-former head coach of the Rochester Americans.

Sabres fire head coach Lindy Ruff.

Sabres fire head coach Lindy Ruff.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  Ruff was, until today, the longest-tenured active coach in the NHL, having been the Sabres bench boss for nearly 15 seasons, having coached them to the 1999 Stanley Cup Final, and winning coach of the year honors in 2006. Given the club’s struggles this season, as well as recent years, it was apparent something had to be done. The Sabres were spinning their wheels, and it was time for what some observers believe was a long-overdue coaching change. Given his lengthy resume, however, don’t expect him to be unemployed for long, either as a coach or an analyst.


  1. Ron Wilson is available!! Lol

    • mike! too soon dude. =)

  2. Finally….and no freakin way do we move to Wilson.

  3. Being a Sabre fan, I would like to thank Lindy Ruff for serving half his life in the organization as a player and as Head Coach. Thank you, Lindy.

    Putting emotions aside, it comes dowm to business. On the ice, the Sabres showed weakness from Ruff’s system. The system failed for so long good players were disguised as bad players. A change behind the bench became necessary, and it was the time to execute.

    I wish Ruff’s replacement, Ron Rolston, well in his NHL debut hoping he can get the Sabres back on track.

    As for the Sabres’ permanent solution, that will be addressed in the offseason.

    • Lindy is a good coach, one of the best and I don’t see him being unemployed for very long, although he may take the rest of the season off. I’m sure there will be several openings at the end of the season. Thing is, there is a problem with the Sabres and since you get get rid of the whole time, you change the captain to try to right the ship. This season, the bulk of our team looks slow, lethargic, confused and frankly not worthy of their paychecks. Our D is overrated, overpaid and look like rookies. Other than our 1st line, a team that looked good on paper really looks pretty bad. Stafford is the same old bust and will do enough to keep him around – giving us a glimpse of what he could do. Gerbe and Kaleta – both have heart and energy, but Gerbe is too slow and Kaleta on most teams would be a 4th line guy. I think where the Sabres need to improve is do a buy out of Leino – admit a mistake was made. Then trade Stafford, Leopold, Sekera, Regher and even Miller. Miight as well let the rookies play and scrap the season. Frankly, I’m sick of Miller giving up soft goals. I know there are times when he stands on his head and makes wonderful saves, but at the same time there usually is a soft goal that sinks the ship. In addiiton, I’m tired of his “temper tantrums” or rants – he is one that needs to look in the mirror as well as his teammates. You know what is interesting – Giroux told his team they need to step up and give more, Pomminville – not a peep.

      Anyway, thanks Lindy for all the memories and I wish you the best.

  4. In response to steve, I think it is going to come down to whether the management decides to do a full rebuild or if they think they have a strong enough core group to build off of. I think your right stafford and Leino are busts. If they decide to do a full rebuild, then I think they can be successful sellers with Vanek and Miller and get some real assets to rebuild with. I think your stuck with Leopold and Regher, unless they’re reasonable on what they get in return. Time will tell, if they finish low enough this season they could trade away Vanek and Miller for some real high draft choices and let the rebuilding begin. I don’t see that happening, but you never know.