Sabres re-sign Enroth.

WGR550 reports the Buffalo Sabres have re-signed goaltender Jhonas Enroth to a multi-year deal. Terms weren’t disclosed.

**Update** As one of my readers pointed out, Sabres GM Darcy Regier said it’s a two-year deal. Still no official word yet on the dollar amount.


  1. Darcy in his interview, you can hear it on the Sabre’s website, says that it’s two-year deal, but he did not mention the dollar amount. Goalies aren’t generally cheap, but I’d figure it’s between $750k and $1m per year. The Sabres also have a good tandem in the AHL, so I don’t think Jhonas had a lot of bargaining power.

    All that’s left for the Sabres is to sign Gragnani. Oh, and clear $5 million in cap space. If I was named Ales or Shoan I’d be worried about driving the Thruway to work. If I were named Jochen I’d be worried about finding myself traded to a team that needed to become cap compliant the other way. I like Hecht, but at $3.5m and no NMC, unlike Ales, I can see him being packaged with a pick or a prospect in return for a lesser pick. Good player, but overpayed, same as Brian Campbell was.

  2. The Sabres just need to sign Gragnani and unload some salary. I think we’ll see Kotalik and Morrisonn in Rochester unless a trade can be made – draft picks anyone? I know Morrisonn wants a trade and maybe Toronto is a good place for him since they think Connolly is soooo good. Also there are a few teams that need to get to the floor – like the Avs, Islanders, Yotes and Preds – so there might be some interest there. I like Jochen – he has a history of scoring an average. 45 points a season since 2003 and that is playing on some lines with “nonscoring” linemates and injuries. He seems to have a connection with Pommer and hopefully this will be rekindled this year – if he can stay healthy. In my mind Boyes and Hecht mirror each other and may not fully be comfortable at Center, but Hecht can play the position. I would much rather have a healthy Hecht – than a Neidermeyer or Grier or even Connolly. At least I know Hecht will show some emotion and he has shown grit – so for $3.5 I really don’t think it is too much out of alignment. In looking at players that make $3.5 – you have Seguin who is only 19 and played one year in the NHL scoring 22 points, Cullen who scored 39 points, Upshall who scored 34 points and Stajan who scored 31 points – also remember these guys played at least 10 more games than Hecht. So, overpaid – I don’t think so in today’s market.

    I’m willing to give him the final year of his contract for his veteran presence – but also he’ll have an upgrade in linemates since Grier, Connolly and Neids won’t be around.

  3. Ya I’d let Hecht finish his contract out this year with the Sabres seeing he was one of the reasons why Eherhoff signed with the Sabres. And is the only other German on the team. I don’t think it’d be smart for Darcy to get rid of him right away.

    I’m pretty sure Kotalik and Morrison will be in minors next year. If not one will be traded most likely Morrison. In a recent interview Darcy has stated that he is looking to still better the team but this time through trade rather than UFA market.