The Buffalo Sabres have announced they’ve reached agreement with defenseman Tyler Myers on a seven-year contract. Details to follow…


TSN’s Bob McKenzie reports it’s a $38.5 million deal, breaking down as follows:  “$12M in Year 1, followed by years of $6M, $5M, $5M, $4M, $3.5M, $3M.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Holy front-loading, Batman! It’s an average cap hit of $5.5 million, but you can expect this contract will be held up as a prime example by those NHL GMs and owners who’ll want to close the loophole on front-and back-loaded contracts in the next round of CBA talks.

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5 Responses to Sabres re-sign Myers.

  1. BillyBarou says:

    if 5.5 mil is the cap hit as is reported elsewhere, seems like an over-payment to me…

  2. CoachBowman_2003 says:

    As I have said before, the owners better not expect too much support from the fans, if ever they decide to hold an another lockout.

    Actual salary should count as the cap hit and not the average.

  3. CoachBowman_2003 says:

    One more thing, Drew Doughty must be licking his chops on this contract.

  4. A. Donnybrook says:

    File this under, WTF is this ever bad.

  5. Pixie says:

    I understand the Myers signing – Myers is a cornerstone in the “revamping” of the Sabres. The Sabres have always talked about the future of Myers in terms of leadership and #1 D-man. Last year was an off year for Myers – in fact if you consider the weaknesses of the Sabres defense – Butler, Morrisonn, Montador (who played well for 2/3 of the season) and Leopold – Myers didn’t do too badly. With the addition of Reghr and Ehrhoff as mentors, Myers, Weber, Gragnani and Sekara should improve greatly. Seeing Doughty wants more than $6.8/year – Myers $5.5 will be considered a bargain.

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