Saturday Evening NHL Post-Draft Rumor Mill – June 28, 2014.

The latest on Jason Spezza, Josh Gorges, Michael Del Zotto, Cam Ward, Martin Brodeur and more. 

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators GM Bryan Murray claims he had a deal in place to ship Jason Spezza to the Nashville Predators, but Spezza invoked his “no-move” clause to reject it. The Predators are on Spezza’s “no-trade” list. The deal was supposedly in place before the Predators acquired James Neal, but Murray said their acquisition of Neal now kills the potential Spezza deal. Predators GM David Poile said if Spezza didn’t want to join his club he wasn’t going to pursue the center. Murray’s still hopeful of working out a trade but it appears he’ll have to wait until after the July 1 free-agent frenzy to get it done.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Spezza doesn’t want to go to Nashville there’s little that can be done about it, unless it turns out they’re among the few teams still interested if the Senators haven’t been able to move him to a club of his preference by mid-July. Murray could ask Spezza to widen his no-trade list, but when you consider he’s still open to going to more than half the league, he could be unwilling to expand it. 

Canadiens reportedly shopping Josh Gorges.

Canadiens reportedly shopping Josh Gorges.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun also reported on Spezza’s rejection of a trade to Nashville… He also reports the Montreal Canadiens are shopping Josh Gorges and the Toronto Maple Leafs had expressed interest. The Leafs apparently are on Gorges 15-team “no-trade” list… The Dallas Stars reportedly had interest in Spezza and Sharks center Joe Thornton…The Avalanche continue contract talks with Paul Stastny.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Surprised that Gorges is now in play. It’ll be interesting to determine what led to this situation. It’s not as though the Habs have to shed salary, as they have more than enough room to re-sign P.K. Subban and Lars Eller, as well as re-sign or replace players like Mike Weaver and Brian Gionta…The Stars could be a destination for Spezza, depending upon what the Senators could be seeking now that they can’t land a first-round pick in this year’s draft. 

CBS SPORTS: Chris Peters cites reports claiming the Chicago Blackhawks, Boston Bruins, Toronto Maple Leafs and Pittsburgh Penguins have interest in Martin Brodeur, who is definitely hitting the UFA market on July 1.

NBC SPORTS: Mike Halford cites reports claiming the Nashville Predators are shopping defenseman Michael Del Zotto, who they acquired in a midseason deal from the New York Rangers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Del Zotto’s stock really tumbled this season as he struggled with both clubs. Still, he’s only 25, and could attract interest from teams in need of blueline depth willing to take a chance on improving his game. 

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Chip Alexander reports Carolina Hurricanes GM Ron Francis said his plan is to go into next season with Cam Ward and Anton Khudobin as his goalie tandem. Justin Peters is headed to unrestricted free agency.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Francis could try to move Ward, but his injury history and $6.3 million cap hit (with a full no-trade clause) probably means there’s no market for the veteran starter. 


  1. Until Stasny’s destination is determined, Spezza’s likely going to have to wait.

  2. Memo to Myself
    Next years draft do not believe the hype when the experts scream into the TV that there will be trade after trade, players, picks etc, the computers won’t be able to keep up. Hyped again.
    So will all the UFA’s now be signed by current clubs and the poor saps on TV July 1 will be playing bridge ?
    I may have to go to work after all. Oh wait did I just say……..

    • Every trade deadline, summer and draft day is like this. Lots of hype. Even if the moves were made still leaves the fans wanting more.

      • It’s true, reading a lot about the different team’s needs, but the difference now and 10 years ago is well that everyone is afraid of what we have. Better keep than risk getting something worse.

    • This league is one disappointment after another. I am losing interest quickly. I mean, If your team is bad, It’s going to be bad for a very very very long time and the means to fix the problems are not there anymore (cough…..cap, NTC’s, whiny players only wanting to go to winning teams)

      • Go watch golf

        • Or Basketbore

      • Every day the same from you! Whining about NTC’s and whiny players who only want to play for winning teams! If you’re losing interest why do you comment every day?

  3. Dear Mr, Brodeur

    Please just retire you are 42, reflexes are not what they used to be and, youre not very good anymore.


    • Second that Shticky.

      I’d also add “You’ve had a great career and there is no point in destroying some of the respect you’ve gained throughout your Hall of Fame career by playing backup.”

      • Good point.

      • Especially for the Leafs.

      • Couldn’t agree more!

    • Totally agree Shticky!

  4. Chia an Neely gotta start pulling there heads out of there u know what! Rumors flying about them trading good players away cause of cap problems but are kicking the tires on a washed up Brodeur what for Svenburg is ready an just signed for a year to play backup

    • I’d rather just keep Johnson as backup. You guys have to get rid of Kelly and McQuaid though. Edmonton and Carolina would be good targets for you guys. Won’t get really anything in return. But if worst comes to worst you guys might have to deal Boychuck.

  5. Spezza is a friggin idiot. If you demand a trade you shouldn’t be able to turn down a trade to any of the 29 teams. Lost a lot of respect for him today. He’s now in that Kesler circle for me. “I wanna get traded but I’m only gonna accept a trade to Anaheim or Chicago.”

    Next lockout and I’m sure there will be one they should do something about that.

    • Yep, Murray should dump him to the worse team thats not on his no trade list….make him wallow in the mire.

      • Waaaaaah,Waaaah,Waaaaaaah. I don’t want to play there. I will only take home 3 million a year instead of 3.5. How would I ever make ends meet? Waaaaaaaah. Frickin spoiled B******S.

        • Spezza is getting a really bad rep here, but all the propaganda is coming from managements side, Spezza never gave an ultimatum. From my understanding he told Murray he would not object to being traded. That if Ottawa was embarking on some kind of rebuild he would rather be traded but if they were going to seriously push to be a contender he would like to stay. So having a no trade clause that was negotiated in good faith and openly telling his GM he wants to contend for a cup gives him every right to envolk his right. After all he would be leaving one budget team for another. I can understand Murray wanting to trade him for even if Murray tried hard to make the Sens a ligit contender Spezza may still view it as not enough and leave for nothing in free agency. Demonized a player who is willing to play in Ottawa is kinda odd. They are obviously attempting to pressure him to waive his no trade close they willing gave him.

          • Exactly

          • Lol sorry for my typos.

          • Agreed, no one is twisting GMs arms to put in NTC or NMC in to contracts, dont whine or make a guy look unreasonable when it come s time to trade a guy and he uses something you negotiated in good faith in the first place. If Im Spezza I woildnt want to go to Nashville either, Ill take a playoff team thanks more importantly I got to worry about a contract next year how bout you send me somewhere there is a winger that can put the puck in the net. I dont want to go to a team with no offense so my point totals take a bigger hit than where I am….Murray has places he would rather not deal Spezza like Toronto or Montreal why should Spezza not have places he would rather not go?

          • Agree. Why did Murray go to all the trouble of negotiating a deal with a team on Spezza’s NTC list, without confirming whether he might re-consider. Only acceptable reason (IMO) is that he was trying to get the buzz out that Nashville was going hard and hope another team not on JS’s list stepped up. But once that didn’t work, the only reason for announcing the failed deal was to be vindictive.

        • Waah waah waah I had a deal for Spezza but it was a team on the list he gave me that are places he already said he wouldnt go so I tried to trade him there anyway then opened my big mouth about it to the newspsper now he looks bad even tho I agreed to not trade him in the first place….

          • That’s the point! Murry gave Spezza the NTC, so why did he go public with the Nashville deal? Only to put pressure on Spezza and make him the bad boy. Acting like this sure helps attracting players (sarcasm)!

          • Spezza should announce to the media that he and his family have decided to stay in Ottawa. Play the out the year and go UFA period. No more Drama!

    • What I don’t get about Spezza is that he wants out of Ottawa because he is taking heat.
      Well if you don’t want to take heat, make 6-7 million a year and live in one of the better areas then Nashville would be perfect. Mild weather, low prices on homes with big lots, kids won’t get picked on in school if your not playing well and half the reporters in town aren’t sitting on your front lawn waiting for you to get home after screwing up and in the off season dozens of great places to take the family within a days drive of Nashville. It could be worse like driving thru Detroit to get to the arena and if you get a flat tire, your dead.

  6. I don’t want to play there because of taxes. I don’t want to play there because its cold in the winter. I don’t want to play there because they wont win a cup in the next two years. I don’t want to play there because I don’t like the players. I don’t want to play there because the girls are not pretty. I don’t want to play for the love of the game. I don’t want to play there because I’m a greedy son- of- b****. I don’t…… my gosh I just wrote the next big hit. I think I’ll call it, “the greedy whiny selfish athlete theme song”

    • How bout Stupid GMs do it to their self song?

  7. Spezza could’ve played on the top line with James Neal. That would be horrible. So would playing with that defense led by Shea Weber and an all-star goalie in Pekka Rinne. It’s comparable to eating glass.

    • It’s been reported that the Neal trade only went through after Spezza refused to go to Nashville.

      • I’m sure that made Neal happy.

  8. Here’s one better… Lecavalier WANTS to be traded to Florida. Florida!? Will not play wing and won’t accept a trade to a cold weather market. Better get used to sitting in the Wells Fargo press box. If I were Hextall, i’d crank the A/C up there for good measure.

  9. Its funny how none or most of the Canadian players don’t want to play in Canada, but as soon as an international event comes around they all want to play for the home country so they can bask in the glory of victory. What a bunch of hypocrites. I love hockey, but I am slowly losing interest mainly because of these guys who turn there backs on Canada until the situation suits them.

    • Yep cause everyone loves taxes losing and miserable winters. Lots of normal people would rather have less of all of these, its not like they are draft dodging and burning flags.

      How many good Canadian people retire to Florida Arizona and California?

      • taxes are generally not that much different unless you live in Quebec and are better in states that don’t have state tax. Sorry its cold in Canada but hey isn’t hockey a cold weather game. And yes they do retire there after paying there dues working there butts off there whole lives

        • Not that much different? You have no clue there is 0 % tax on income in some states others its generally between 3-7 % and 7 % is very high including the 39 federal tax you pay just over 40 % add on lower sales taxes generally lower cost of living its a big dfference to Canada in Ontario Qubec and BC the provincial rate is over 25% on top the Federal rate of nearly 30% for people with that kind of income do the math add in things like GST HST the cost of living and Hockey players in Canada dont see half their salary. Look at what it costs to buy a house in most states right now then compare it to what it cost to buy a house in Canada….its almost double here at least for a comparable house to places like Arizona Michigan Tennessee Texas Florida… no difference what a bonehead comment.

      • but there aren’t any good Canadian people … so there goes your moronic logic, yet again

  10. Spezza honor your contract. You are not a free agent. Why do guys sign these contracts then want out. That was their choice. NHL should take out ntc’s.
    Why would Boston want Marty makes no sense at all.

    • Did Spezza demand a trade or did he say he’d be open to moving if the team wants to move him to another market?

    • He **is** honouring his deal. I don’t recall Spezza ever demanding a trade, BM the GM said JS wanted to be dealt. Contracts do not have a “no asking to be traded” clause; and how could that ever work anyway. Players who are unhappy but just play out their deal are like parents who dispose each other but stay together for the kids; it really isn’t good for anyone.

      Spezza signed his current deal a year after the Sens went to the Finals with Ray Emery in goal and then after a season where the Sens still finished tied for 12th in the NHL despite Emery getting hurt and having to turn to MARTIN GERBER in goal. Those were optimistic times.

      Back when the contract was signed, the Sens were Melnyk’s toy, now they are his biggest financial asset. Melnyk’s fortunes had’t been hit by investment/business losses and his divorce. Those were the “we will spend what we need to win” days, and now the Sens have a self-imposed cap and talk about the “value for money” (i.e., a 15 goal scorer for $2 million is better than $6 million for a 30 goal scorer).

      I have never liked Spezza, but for once I can’t trash him.

  11. Know wonder the owners locked them out they are spoiled babies. Must be rough making around 7 million a year an have to live in a cold climate cause your ex playmate wife or girlfriend hates the cold

  12. Until Stasny’s signed Spezza’s likely going to stay in limbo.

  13. Hell with the additions of Hornqvist, Spaling, and soon Kulemin why not sign a way past prime Brodeur at the age of 42. Let’s make a disaster into a complete full out meltdown. I was sick of actual talented hockey here in Pittsburgh anyway. I wanted a top five pick in 2015 anyway. Oh wait, Rutherford will probably screw that up too. Damn.

    • There is nothing wrong with any of those players for what they are, biggest issues for the Pens is that all of them together will be hard pressed to replace Neal’s production. The deal was a bad one, not because Hornqvist isn’t a very useful player, but he’s no James Neal. Kulemin is a reasonable 3rd liner, but if he gets paid too much to play with Malkin it could be like forcing a square peg into a round hole.

      • kulemin will shine on malkins wing, he can actually speak with him, and they have past chemistry when kulemin lit up the khl.

    • I think Hornqvist will be a pretty good addition for the Pens. While Neal can score goals, that’s the limit of his abilities, and he’s a liability with some of the boneheaded decisions he makes. Hornqvist will do whatever it takes to win, and he’ll be a great puck retrieval guy for either Crosby or Malkin. The guy’s not a bad scorer either. Wouldn’t surprise me if he pots 30 this year. Spaling helps fill out the Pens abysmal bottom 6.

      • I think all of you don’t know crap about Pittsburgh. Pens took a major step backwards and getting ferther from winning a cup everyday.

  14. The Bruins want Broduer as a 1 year bridge to bring up Subban as their backup in 2016. He will be the starter in Providence this year. Johnson wants an opportunity to start so he won’t sign in Boston. Don’t know the details on Svedberg, but he got pulled in the AHL playoffs last year in favor of Subban. Looks to me like they don’t trust him if Rask gets hurt and Subban isn’t ready yet.

  15. What are your predictions for best and worst value signings this off season?

    S. Thornton (I think someone will overpay for a 4th liner because of cup pedigree)

    Vrbata (almost forgot he was an FA, very solid player nobody is talking much about, think he could turn out to be a great value if he doesn’t demand too many years)

    Wildcard Moulson. He hasn’t been talked about as much lately after 2 trades, if that hurt his asking price he could be a value signing for 4 or less years at 4 or less million for a guy likely to score 25 goals or so consistently. If he garners some offers, someone could be really disappointed paying him over 5 for more than 5 years realizing he is very reliant on someone else to create a lot of his chances, and doesn’t skate overly well)

  16. the sabres are not on spezzas no trade list so is it possible that both murrays can work out a trade and spezza agrees to come here ? hes only under contract for one more season and plus he would have every right to go elsewere after the season . so maybe the sabres should see if he would be interested in waiving his no trade clause to accept a trade to come here. now what would bryan murray want in return? reports say that he wants chris stewart but i wouldnt give him stewart maybe somthing like this.

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