Saturday Evening NHL Rumor Update – February 25, 2012.

Updates on Rick Nash, Steve Ott and more. Enjoy!

SPORTSNET’s Mark Spector (no relation) this afternoon “tweeted” the Rangers could be offering up “CBJ gets 1 of Del Zotto or McDonagh, a 1st, & prospect (Tim Erixon).

THE SPORTING NEWS’ Jesse Spector (also, no relation) countered ” NYR suddenly willing to include not only Erixon, but Del Zotto or McDonagh as well for Nash? I don’t see it.”

NEW YORK POST’s Larry Brooks reported there was nothing to reports of Michael Del Zotto going to Columbus, but was told Erixon might be in play.

OTTAWA SUN’s Bruce Garrioch tweeted the Sharks were “still in on Nash but they could probably make a better offer to CBJ in offseason. Leafs and NYR still in talks.

TSN: Bob McKenzie reports Joe Resnick, Nash’s agent, said he’s “hopeful a deal can get done prior to the trade deadline that is fair and equitable for the Blue Jackets”, but if it can’t be done by the deadline, the list of acceptable teams will not change. McKenzie feels Resnick doesn’t want his client his client to be a “lame duck Blue Jacket” down the stretch, but GM Scott Howson is under no obligation to move Nash by the deadline. McKenzie believe the Rangers remain the front runner, but Howson is holding out for either McDonagh or Del Zotto as part of the return. McKenzie claims the Maple Leafs remain in the thick of this, but as with the Rangers, the asking price would be high, perhaps more than they want to give up at this time.

McKenzie also reports Vancouver Canucks defenseman Keith Ballard is now on LTIR , which frees up over $4 million in cap space, allowing the Canucks to shop aggressively for depth, including Dallas’ Steve Ott, who might be available for the right price (young players). Another is the Kings Dustin Brown if he’s available. The Canucks could inquire about Rick Nash. He doesn’t believe at this point in time the Canucks are not prepared to give up Cory Schneider, but he doesn’t know if Vancouver is a preferred destination for Nash.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I still don’t believe the Canucks will move Schneider, and with the Stars scrapping for a playoff berth, I can’t see them giving up on Ott. The Rangers, meanwhile, aren’t keen to give up on McDonagh and Del Zotto, and I can’t say I blame them. The Blueshirts have one of the best defense corps in the league, and blueline depth is crucial in winning playoff games. I know I’m sounding like a broken record, but I still believe the Blue Jackets will have to wait until this summer to find a better deal for Nash.

In other notable rumor news tonight:

– On Hockey Night in Canada, during their Hotstove segment, Eric Francis claimed the Maple Leafs and Mikhail Grabovski cannot agree on term for a new contract, but are still trying to negotiate a deal. Burke claims he doesn’t intend to trade Grabovski at the deadline. He also told Luke Schenn he couldn’t guarantee Schenn wouldn’t be dealt, but isn’t shopping him. Francis also said the Leafs have no interest in Capitals goalie Tomas Vokoun, and only had a short conversation with the Oilers regarding Nikolai Khabibulin, which suggests no real interest in him.

SPORTSNET’s Daren Millard reported via Twitter the Kings, Canucks and Sharks have some interest in Leafs forward Colby Armstrong.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports it’s believed the Senators and Penguins are looking at Minnesota’s Josh Harding…The Leafs are believed to have contacted the Islanders about Evgeni Nabokov, whom the Isles are attempting to re-sign, but the fact he’s yet to do so has Garrioch suggesting that could “grease his departure”…Leafs, Rangers and Sharks all have offers on the table for Rick Nash…Rangers, Avalanche,  Bruins and Maple Leafs are believed interested in Kings Dustin Brown. Management claims they’re not shopping him but have listened to offers…There’s “plenty of interest” in Sabres center Derek Roy…Canadiens would be open to dealing Tomas Plekanec…Islanders PA Parenteau has expressed willingness to re-sign with Isles, but several teams are seeking depth up front who might have interest in him…Hurricanes are talking contract extension with defenseman Bryan Allen…The Stars might not be willing to part with Steve Ott, but Mike Ribeiro could find a new home.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Penguins might look at finding a backup as Brent Johnson has struggled, but I still have my doubts the Senators chase a goalie…Nabokov isn’t going anywhere, even if he’s not re-signed by deadline day. They want to keep him. Ditto Parenteau..Can’t see the Habs moving Plekanec because of one bad year, which isn’t his fault, given the musical wingers he’s had this season…Ribeiro has 14 points in 15 games. With the Stars battling for a playoff spot, they won’t move “Mickey Ribs” unless they get a return that helps them now.


  1. how often does a player like Nash become available?(rhetorical)
    I’m Rick Nash bitch!
    this is big.

  2. kaberle to canucks. you heard it here first!

  3. Wish the Hawks would get a center , soon, & a stay at home D.

  4. heard the play by play man for the Stars on Team 1040 and he said he talked to Dallas GM Niewendyk and he doesn’t have any illusions about Dallas’s chances once they get into the playoffs so any veterans will be in play if the deal is good enough. Dallas won’t part with their young players but the new owner wants to trim costs (with only 9000 people showing up for a game who can blame him) and you might see Dallas trade veterans even if it looks like they’ll make the playoffs. so maybe not only Ott gets moved but Nystrom, Burish, and Souray might be moved as well.

  5. Please Gillis, pass on Armstrong. The Canucks are well oiled and don’t need any Leaf voodoo in the dressing room or on the ice.

  6. yes plz take kaberle !!!

  7. Hot stove lounge reporting if the Leafs lose (which they did) they will be sellers on Monday which is good news to Leaf fans taking a long term view. Good bye Nash and hello first round pick for Grabovski. Now which team is take Grabo?

    I hope that means Wilson is getting canned too.

  8. What few seem to talk about is the Stars sit on the cap floor which means any salary thats shed has to be brought back in. Nothing will happen in Dallas

  9. I think Columbus should wait to the draft to trade Nash, to get the most out of his trade value. The Rangers have a solid roster right now and they really dont need Nash. I think its gonna take more than than what we are hearing for the Rangers to pry Nash out of Columbus anyway. It’s basically a win-win situation for the Blue Jackets if they trade Nash or not by the deadline. I mean they can say what they want in return and if the other team does’nt agree…well there’s the door, you dont like? you dont buy.

    My opionion is that I dont think Nash will be traded until the draft, and if Columbus was smart that is probaly best case scenerio. I do believe we will see Dustin Brown moved though. Colorado should persue Brown aggressively, he would make a great fit in Denver.

  10. Brian burke is not going to be a SELLER he is a …..builder…..he is going to seel off some assets to bring in a true core player ..he will not sell for draft picks he does not believe in it….he will package a deal to a team for multiple players with a cenrepice being a franchise player and build around that ….Kessel is not a franchise player….and in my opinion shoiuld be the main source of what BB should trade to get back as much as possible right now …if Nash and Getzlaf and Ryan and Stastny are commanding 4 players then why cant Kessel get 3 …this is where Burke gets a legit #1 goalie…player and great young propect…its very simple…trade yout best moveable asset for your best return …before that asset expires…….Burke should be considering Kessel as the center piece of a pkg for ….Nash ..or …Getzlaf or Weber and Lindback in Nashville.
    If one player can get you back multiple players to fill holes and start fresh you have to do it and I see this as what he should do…he also needs to have a firesale on anyone making over 3 .5 million on the team and bring up all the youth from the marlies to finish out the rest of the season!!!

  11. Why is nobody ripping on the proposed NY deal for Nash? I mean, really? A package of Schenn, Kadri and a first is terrible according to most of you. But Kadri >>> Erixon, Leafs first > NY’s and Del Zotto hasn’t proved any more than Schenn. (two different skill sets, so hard to compare) Columbus has enough offensive defensemen, they need a future shutdown guy.
    NY’s package might’ve landed you Carter…not Nash.

  12. Hi durtMChurt…..its becuase Howson know Nash wants to go to Toronto …its his dream …so hes squeezing Burke out of th emost he can …Burkes team has not given him any cockiness to play with Burke is on the hot seat and will have to pay dearly now that they are out of the playoofs if he wants to get any quality trade done……maybe at this point…Burke does nothing because it wont change enything …the Leafs are done ..lastnights game was atroshis and the most meaningful; game of the season.

    Iam interested to see what the Stars ..Nashville and St Louis is going to do …these are teams that are going places and really need to pick up a brand name to make a legit puch ….they have a lot of successfull peices in play right now and can become an instant threat to compete for the cup with the right trade especially Nashville and St Louis….Nashviell wants bigtime impact plauer upfront and the Blues need a D man and some physical player. The Blues should trade Bishop for an impact D man …I was suggesting to Calgary for Boumeester …this way Clagary can trade Kipper in the offseason at the draft and score large and have a good Golie to move forward …

  13. I realize salary will be pro rated but explain to me how the top teams mentioned as trade deadline players are supposedly going to add guys like nash or brown or ott when according to cap geek they don’t have the room without offloading significant players from their repective teams in return and mortgaging so much that it makes little sense. I specuate these teams like nyr and van are always part of media frenzy but are not even real players. Its just media hype.

  14. Nieuwendyk will not let this teams playoff hopes get in the way of getting a deal done for the third year in a row. Fighting for the last playoff spot is not enough, he wants to build a contender.

  15. With Nieuwendyk and Burkes past …this could be a good plan B or C for Burke….if the Stars are willing to sell players over 27 that would suggest that Loui Erickson …Steve Ott and Kari Leightonon are available!
    This would help to plug holes in 3 major areas ..a gritt player that they need desperately in OTT a true playmeker and one of the most underestimated players in the game in Erickson and a Legit #1 goalie…I would be all over this …I would offer up Schenn..( Riemer or Scrivens ) sign and trade Grabovski a second rounder and Include Tim Connolly for there cap floor.
    This would be a better trade than the a Nash deal…… as they would address multiple issues and save assets for other trades. they would also get MAJOR top quality in three positions

  16. @Chris
    Some might consider your proposal of what Brian Burke will do Monday as selling. Call it building if you want but at the end of the day if you are getting rid of your top player and anyone that makes over 3.5M so you can bring up youth most people would consider that selling. I don’t disagree with a Kessel for Nash trade because as I have stated here before Burke hasn’t surrounded Kessel with tough forwards and so if he has no intention of doing so then Kessel needs to be moved for a bigger body of similar quality and more grit along with a few others.

  17. It has come to my attention that a few of you are using multiple names to post comments here, pretending to be different people in order to give the impression of support for their opinions. THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. VIOLATORS WILL BE BANNED PERMANENTLY. THIS IS YOUR FIRST AND ONLY WARNING. NO THREE STRIKE RULE HERE. I can track you folks via your IP address, so don’t do it.

  18. testing……….please Lyle?

  19. Whoa. Out of the penalty box. What a great guy you are. Thanks.

    This is a weird deadline this year. Who remembers a name as big as Nash being tossed about at this time of year?

  20. Looks like there may be something to the Plekanec being shopped rumor by Garrioch after all. Montreal Gazette reporting Plekanec’s agent earlier this month told management his client might be willing to waive his movement clause. Dunno if that means Pleks gets shopped by tomorrow’s deadline, but certainly indicative of the frustration he’s felt this season.

  21. Plekanec would be a great pick up for a few teams.