Saturday NHL Rumor Roundup – December 17, 2011.

The latest on Kyle Turris, Zach Parise,  the Philadelphia Flyers, Edmonton Oilers, and more.


More trade talk about Turris.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Eric Duhatschek reports the expectation is the Phoenix Coyotes, who’ve made center Kyle Turris a healthy scratch in the last two games, could try to trade his rights prior to the imposition of the NHL holiday “trade freeze” period of December 19-27. While Turris has done little so far in his NHL career, the Coyotes could try to capitalize on the expectation the 22-year-old could blossom under a change of scenery…Much of the early expectation regarding possible options for the Philadelphia Flyers to replace Chris Pronger is a “home run” deal landing either Shea Weber or Ryan Suter from the Nashville Predators, but the Predators would prefer to re-sign both. Barring that, a more likely option could see them deal with the Carolina Hurricanes for a depth defenseman. Calgary’s Cory Sarich might also be an option later in the season…Duhatschek also compared Turris with Columbus’s Derick Brassard, noting teams see their potential upside, but also think of the career trajectory of Calgary’s Matt Stajan and get cautious…The declining fortunes of the Edmonton Oilers since their hot early season start makes one wonder if they’ll move Ales Hemsky or Sam Gagner.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I find all the trade hype over Turris a little puzzling. Sure, he has potential, and sure, a change of scenery could see him blossom into a star, but he’s done very little to justify the outrageous salary demands of earlier this year, and his contract holdout in hopes of forcing a trade or landing an offer sheet was ill-advised, doing him little good. If the Coyotes can get a good return, like a first round pick or a top prospect, they’ll probably move him, but for those who land him, I’d be cautious in my expectations. As Duhatschek pointed out, he could blossom, or turn into another Matt Stajan…As for the Flyers and Weber and Suter, the chances of landing either guy are remote. The Predators want to keep them, and as long as they’re in playoff contention, won’t move either guy. Flyers fans hoping to see either on their team by the trade deadline need to temper their expectations with reality…As for the Oilers, if they haven’t pulled out of their tailspin by month’s end, I would expect management to start looking for help, and Hemsky or Gagner could become trade bait.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Senators are among several teams believed interested in Turris. Garrioch claims the Flames, Kings, Canucks, Blue Jackets and Maple Leafs have also show interest.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: reports Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson offered no comment when asked if he had interest in Turris.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: TSN’s Darren Dreger claimed yesterday the Flames had no interest in Turris, and pointed out the Maple Leafs are under their current self-imposed trade freeze. Not sure why the Canucks would have interest in Turris as they’re very deep at center, and there’s no room for him among the top two lines.

ESPN.COM: Scott Burnside reports Tampa Bay Lightning GM Steve Yzerman will have to decide if he’ll try to land a goalie which can help his team now, or a prospect for the long haul. Burnside wondered if the Kings Jonathan Bernier, the Wild’s Josh Harding, and the Capitals Braden Holtby could be possible options.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Yzerman will have to make that decision soon, otherwise he’ll have to wait until after the trade freeze is lifted.

TSN.CA: Darren Dreger doubts the New Jersey Devils will trade Zach Parise if he’s still unsigned by the February trade deadline.

TORONTO SUN: Chris Stevenson suggested Carolina blueliners Tim Gleason and Bryan Allen as possible trade targets for the Flyers…Talk in Buffalo is the Sabres would move Derek Roy and Drew Stafford if they could find takers…

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m skeptical the Sabres would move Roy and Stafford this season. Don’t see them giving up on either guy. If they were to try to move one, I’d say it would be Stafford.

PHILLY.COM: Flyers GM Paul Holmgren seemed to imply he didn’t feel a trade was needed at this time to find a replacement for Pronger.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The report also claimed Shea Weber was “reportedly” on the block. That’s been reported by supposed internet “insiders”, not from the MSM.


  1. Garrioch is casting a pretty wide net of teams showing interest, hedging his bets so he can come back later and claim he predicted it all. Considering the financial situation in Phoenix it would stand to reason that if Turris gets moved it will likely be for a pick(s) or a prospect rather than the burden of existing salaries. It must be tough trying to manage a team that needs to be kept attractive for potentially a new ownership and different market.

  2. What’s up with Burke’s self inposed trade freeze.
    19th-27th isn’t enough time.
    Can’t he work a normal schedule like the rest of us.
    If I was a rival gm I’d have a problem with him doing this nowing he isn’t available for trades when your trying to move a guy before the 19th.
    I think my boss would have a problem if I said I cant do my job on certain dates when the rest of my peirs are working.

  3. Dave, I don’t see what your problem is with Burke giving an extra week for the trade freeze. How would you like it (as a player) if you had to pack up and move to a new city days before Christmas? And as far as him “not doing his job” for that extra week, GMs do more then just pull the trigger on trades lol! I’m sure he’s spending time scouting the farm, talking with his scouts about other teams prospects, keeping in touch with other GMs to see who might be available later (trades are usually put together weeks in advance) and doing the million other things a GMs do. I’m sure the respect Burke shows for his players is appreciated and reciprocated.
    Is Chris Stevenson on crack? So now Buffalo is dying to get rid of Stafford and Roy? Lmfao! I’ll take Roy for Komi lol! (if the LOL’s weren’t a big enough clue, I was joking. Roy is a good player)

  4. Burke needs that extra week to do his Christmas shopping and go pheasant-hunting with his staff…… and Nero fiddled while, well, you know the rest.

  5. So first Montreal fires their assistant coach, now Martin is gone. If I were the equiptment manager I’d be feeling the heat right about now.

  6. Yeah, Durt – surely the poor team the Habs are icing can’t be the GM’s fault! lol Gauthier will just keep firing people and trading for scrubs – that *has* to work…

    Sigh. Tough year to be a Habs fan.

  7. Turris is an interesting case. Maybe Bressard for Turris?

  8. The leafs can make a trade and make it as a player from a team for future considerations and wait till Burke’s trade freeze is over

  9. Since Montreal needs some shaking up – what about Kostitsyn for Stafford – both are the same age, have similar stats and might be a good way for both of them to kickstart their play. Last night the Roy, Ennis, Stafford line did a great job – perhaps they have found their chemistry and Buffalo doesn’t need to make a trade. Although, if a trade occurs – I would rather trade for Bobby Ryan.

  10. Turris to Ottawa. Done deal. Gave up a lot though. Rundblad and a second. Hope he doesnt turn out to be another Filatov.

  11. I have mentioned it on here, on TSN blogs, on Calgary Puck and I am so glad to hear it somewhat echoed. – Ever since the talk of Turris began, and the outrageous salary demands, I said that I see this guy being the next Matt Stajan and no one gave me any love on that. Now, almost 4 months later, I am hearing fears and similarities from prominent hockey writers- and everyone laughed at me when I first made that statement. Granted, time will tell. However, I would be surprised if Turris even tops some of Stajans’ yearly stats. Just another example of a player (Turris) being talked about too much and over-hyped- ala. Kaberle trade talks on here for 2 years like he was some kind of superstar worth talking about – yeah, what a great player Kaberle is too- definately worth talking about for 2 years in a row on here- that was painful. Worst part was- people were saying he was a top 10 d-man hense the reason for talking about him every freakin day for 2 years. I said, he wouldn’t even make my top 25 d-men. Granted, Kaberle was in Toronto at the time and T.O. and the fans and the media there have a habit I noticed of thinking they are the center of the universe and highly over-rate their players and what they can get for them in a trade- just look at all the T.O. fans trading their golden boy Kadri off for a decent return- lol…ok. I guess no one in the hockey world hasnt noticed that Kadri can’t even make the Maple Leafs since being drafted- even on a team who havent made the playoffs and are in a re-build of sorts.
    I am glad Turris was dealt because we don’t have to read it anymore- especially for over 2 years like Kaberle was. But I guess we will surely move on to another next apparent underachiever … Kadri. Yay !!!

  12. For those attacking Burke on his early hiatus on trades…he always does this, makes no bones about it, and gives ample notice. I think its classy. How would you like to get this call ?. Merry Christmas _____, by the way, we need you to report to the____________on Christmas Eve,?Christmas Day, have been traded.