Saturday NHL Rumor Roundup – January 21, 2012.

The latest from ESPN, TSN and USA Today.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports “Chicago, Toronto, Minnesota, Los Angeles, Detroit, NY Rangers and Nashville Predators” are in the market for a top-six forward. “San Jose could be in the mix for either a top-six forward or a checking-line forward. Boston and Vancouver are looking for a depth forward”, writes LeBrun.  The problem for those teams at the present time is there isn’t much available in the trade market. Names rumored to be in play include Buffalo’s Derek Roy, Drew Stafford and Brad Boyes. Columbus’ Vinny Prospal, Antoine Vermette and Kristian Huselius, Edmonton’s Ales Hemsky, Carolina’s Tuomo Ruutu and Anaheim’s Jason Blake. LeBrun believes Detroit and Nashville are among those interested in Hemsky. He also feel the Ducks could get calls about Bobby Ryan up to the trade deadline, but believes they’ll wait for the off-season to consider possible move…With Brian Elliott and Jaroslav Halak under contract with the Blues, minor leaguer Ben Bishop – considered by some the best goalie not in the NHL – might garner some trade interest…LeBrun believes Ryan Suter’s camp is waiting to see what moves Predators management David Poile makes by the trade deadline before making a decision on re-signing. Poile denies he could be hard-pressed to move Suter before the trade deadline…The San Jose Sharks have demoted goalie Antero Niittymaki to their AHL affiliate on a two-week conditioning stint, which is also seen as a means of showcasing him.

TSN.CA: Darren Dreger recently responded to e-mail questions from readers, suggesting the Oilers might listen to offers for Nikolai Khabibulin, though if they move him, they’ll need to get a goalie back. He doubts the Oilers and Canucks would do a deal including Cory Schneider, but suggested if the Oilers were to offer Ales Hemsky to the LA Kings in a bigger deal, perhaps Jonathan Bernier might make sense…Dreger considers the Calgary Flames could be among the teams active at the trade deadline in hopes of bolstering their playoff chances…Columbus, Montreal, Buffalo, Tampa Bay, Minnesota, Calgary and Anaheim are among teams who could move key players…Regarding the Alexander Semin trade rumors, Dreger believes Capitals GM George McPhee “is willing to consider just about anything to improve his club.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’d consider shopping Khabibulin at this point, though I agree the Oilers would need to get back a goalie, either for the rest of the season, or one who fits into their long-term plans…Unless the Capitals can get another quality scoring forward, I don’t believe they’ll move Semin, who has 15 points in his last 19 games dating back to December 7th. And no, they won’t trade him to Calgary for Jarome Iginla!

USA TODAY: Kevin Allen looks at several teams – Nashville, Buffalo, Phoenix, Minnesota, Edmonton, Philadelphia, Ottawa, Anaheim, Columbus and Carolina – which could be active near the trade deadline and what moves they could make.


  1. I have a feeling the Sens will pick up Ruutu, the Leafs will get Penner, and the Preds will overpay for Hemsky….just to prove to Suter that they want to win. Just guesses, but they make sense in my mind.

  2. So Nashville is looking for a top-6 forward….and last I heard, Flyers are looking for at least a top-4 defensemen….would love to have a top-2 defensemen. Shea Weber will prove to be way too expensive in a trade or in the open market (some teams will just toss the cheque book at that guy and tell him to write his own amount)….however I’ve been saying for a long time that Ryan Suter is the real target for Paul Holmgren. If the rumours are true and Philly and Toronto talked about a JVR-Schenn swap….keep in mind the word rumour here….than I don’t see any reason why Philly and Nashville can’t talk JVR-Suter….and obviously someone else from Philly’s end.
    Certainly there are some road blocks in the that if Nashville is in the top 8 odds are they’d keep him and on the other side I’m sure Homer would like to have some kind of agreement that he’ll sign with the Flyers considering he’ll be a UFA this summer. And who knows, maybe Nashville has no interest in JVR, but I’m sure they would find someone on the Flyer roster that would fit the bill. Homer doesn’t want to mess with the chemistry too much, and you’d have to agree that names like Couturier and Read are untouchable in the rookie department. Aside from that I’m sure Homer could pony up Schenn, or Gus as a possibility. By no means am I suggesting deals here, just suggesting names that could be in play if Ryan Suter ever had a chance of being moved. Addition by subtraction….these 2 teams have pieces that the other needs….could be interesting as the deadline nears.

  3. i heard the bruins are also looking at ruutu so also look for them to also make push for him and we have plenty of people to give up for him… i think it would take caron and maybe hamil or some low graded prospect for him…

    And we’re looking at gleason so i would give up boychuk and maybe a draft pick for him

  4. Dreger loses any and all accountability when he suggests the Kings would give up Bernier for Hemsky. There is no way in hell the Kings do that deal unless a guy like Hall or Eberle are involved, which they won’t be cause they are untouchable for the Oilers. So move on no trade here.

  5. Bernier isn’t worth Hall or Eberle alone…by a long shot. Kudos for saying Edmonton wouldn’t do that deal (you’re right) but to even suggest that Berniers trade value is THAT high is radiculous. He’ll net a good package if traded (pun intended) but nobody future elite.

  6. Wrong.

    Check the returns for goalies that are traded. It’s not even close to what you’d think it’d be.

    Bernier is a very good, young goalie. I think he can fetch a roster player and a 2nd round pick, but that’s about it.

  7. @ Canadian King The way I read that rumor said perhaps Hemsky would be involved in a bigger deal. I don’t think he was implying a Hemsky for Bernier trade straight up. But Durt is right, Berniers trade value is no where near being able to fetch hall or Eberle.

    I could see Nashville and Philly doing a deal involving Suter or Weber but not until the offseason. Maybe even just Philly trading for negotiation rights a few days before free agency begins.

  8. @Durt

    Why would the Leafs want Penner? He’s a winger and his production has dropped off significantly. Maybe he can be got for minimal with his value being very low right now but bringing in another winger just makes things worse for the Leaf’s young talent trying to progress. I understnd he has the size the Leaf’s need so are you thinking a straight up trade involving say MacArthur for him?

  9. Dreger didn’t say Bernier for Hemsky, he said a deal involving Bernier might make sense. Kings would have to get someone else in return. Doesn’t matter, the Kings and Oilers are kind of pissy with each other so I don’t expect them two to deal anyway.

    Nashville seems to me a team that is going to trade prospects or picks (maybe 1st rounder) for a top 6 forward. Last year they dealt for Mike Fisher, which was good enough to get them to round 2. If they made the right deal this year, maybe they can make it to round 3, but to do that, they need to keep Suter and Weber… otherwise, they’d just be going back a step.

    Flyers will probably get Gleason.

  10. In defense of my Canadian brother, Canadian King, his point remains…Dreger is a cretin.

  11. “if the Oilers were to offer Ales Hemsky to the LA Kings in a bigger deal, perhaps Jonathan Bernier might make sense” — a lot of tentativeness being misconstrued.

    I disagree on the cretin comment. I highly respect Dregs. He, McKenzie, and LeBrun are the guys I give the most credit to in the media right now.

  12. FireWilson, ya I think Penner would be a plan B. Not the best move, but I think Burke will have a hard time getting a more elite top 6. He’s already proven he doesn’t want to move any of the more promising kids. He’s said a few times that he’s willing to move a defenceman and maybe draft picks to get a big bodied forward. But like Lyle said, there are a plethora of teams seeking one too. I think the price will be to high and he’ll except a lesser deal. Penner has size, his value is a little low, he has a history with Burke and he slides in the second/third line. if we can move a contract with more term in the deal, it also gives us more cap space to resign Liles, Grabovski or spend in the FA market. Not a slam dunk, but getting Getzlaf or JVR will cost substantially more. (Mac is an interesting suggestion, not sure of a straight up trade) maybe Mac plus for Penner plus.

  13. Bernier and Taylor Hall don’t deserve their names in the same trade sentence.

    We can talk until will are blue in the face about Bernier “upside.”
    Playing as an NHL regular night after night netminder takes time and I am not saying he doesn’t has the potential, but the Kid Hall is a bit of Mark Messier, and no team is trading him.
    Bernier gets you a better top two line guy or a secon pairing defenseman or lesser NHL -lites and futures.

    Teams are gonna want to give you picks and lessers not weaken their top lines for promise.

    Cory Schneider right now would cost more not based on if he has less or more upside than Bernier, but just based on what he has shown so far.

    So, Schneider, Bernier, and even big Ben Bishop seem to have more value as gusy you don’t impulsive squander on trade deadline impulse item buying.

    If we are talking necessary trades, only Bishop will be exposed next season, with two experienced goalies in front of him filling roster limit of two.
    St. Louis is best to evaluate all their options and come into the Entry Draft meetings with a more speciifc want list and also a clear trading chip list (whether it is Halak, Bishop or Blues NHLers), so they know exactly what they want to do.

    Although the fans in L.A. might expect a explode tehre b/c of recent results, I don’t think they has a definitive cut in stone plan for making their vet club better at the trade deadline either.

    That is why the Draft meetings will be were things get done, after rational sorting out of what the needs are…

  14. The way the Ducks are playing, I don’t believe they will be making drastic trades and by the time the trade deadline is around they should be within striking distance of the playoffs and end up becoming buyers instead for additional forward and defensive depth.

  15. Well considering Penner is on track for 5 goals this year and MacA is going to hit 20 again I’d say straight up or don’t bother.
    I’d like to see them move Kessel while his value is through the roof only because I don’t see him being a playoff performer due to his size/grit as show cased this year when the bigger teams take him out of the play by laying the body. He’s fast and has great skill but as you know most of the softer skilled guys usually disappear in the playoffs when the going gets tough. Some of them eventually come around ala Sedins, and the Hossa’s of the world but it usually takes years and plenty of bad press. I just don’t have a lot of hope that we will see the “Gilmore heart and grit” come out in Kessel although he is still very young so maybe it will come with time. In the mean time we will probably have to go through many years and many playoff runs complaining about how he disappears each year when the going gets tough. He just never seemed to fit the Burke mold from from a size perspective so I don’t know why he went in that direction? I think without Lupul, Phil would be a bust this year going long stretches without scoring. Then again where would the Sedins be without each other?

  16. I don’t know if Bernier is worth more then Hemsky.. Sure he’s been injured and him and renney aren’t on good terms, but this is a .80ppg player over seven seasons. What is Bernier? 5 starts a year. As an oiler fan, which most of us don’t want to see Hemsky go, it better not take more then a Hemsky to land Bernier.

  17. Considering that Hemsky is an injury waiting to happen, I hope the Preds do not make any play for him.

    The Hawks and Canes might make good trade partners. Hawks have lots of good young forwards in their system the Canes could use and the Canes have the forward (Ruutu) and Dman (Gleason) the Hawks are looking for. I’d keep an eye on those two teams.

  18. Hawks should add Ruutu and Gil
    Detroit adds Hemsky + Gleason
    Oilers should try and get Mason out of Columbus for peanuts and try and rebound his career
    Boston goes for a depth forward with size/playoff experience on a one year contract … Brian Rolston?
    Leafs pick up Hanzal, Malone, or Sutter in some sort of package … why? Nobody sees it coming
    Islanders take on some inflated contracts of useless players to get picks
    Suter, Weber, Ryan, Semin all stay put

    Just some of my own predictions.

  19. Gill is a nice fit for Hawks, but Ruutu isn’t.

    The Hawks had interest in Vermette before Columbus gave him that huge salary boost, that looks extravagant if goals are the main criteria you use to judge.

    You would think at thos point that Buffalo would have already done something to shake thinks up.

  20. Anyone think the Wild would like to get out from under Backstrom’s $6.0M salary now that the teams heading in the wrong direction and Harding has proven he should be able to carry the work load?

  21. going out on the limb here , if the Avs start to slide , Milan Hedjuk ( and a conditional pick ) to the Sens for Peter Regin or Stefan DaCosta. If Hedjuk ( UFA ) re-signs with the Avs they would owe Ottawa a 5th rnd pick.
    Hedjuk would look good on a line with Spezza and Michalek. Gill would also be a good add for Ottawa. I don’t see Ottawa adding anyone with a fat contract. This could be Alfredsson’s last season and I think they make a push to make the playoffs and maybe win a round.

  22. I don’t think it is going to take Mac to get Penner. I bet LA would take A second or third round pick just to get out of his contract. Does it seem funny that to anyone that for so many years the Leafs couldn’t find a winger to play with Mats. I think they will do the same looking for a centre for Kessel. Getslaf would be ideal but way to big a price tag. Leafs should stand pat. Win or lose but make the big move in the offseason

  23. No way Backstrom leaves. He’s still the backbone of the team. Harding is good but I’m not sure he’s proved he can carry the workload himself. He’ll probably get a chance to do so with a team like Tampa or Columbus next year.

    I could see Hemsky ending up in Detroit. He isn’t worth much these days so it’s a fairly low risk option, shouldn’t cost more than a 3rd rounder and average prospect IMO.

    Gill is a great fit for the Hawks. Ruutu could be a good fit if Kruger can stay as the 2nd line center, but his contract may be more than they’re looking to take on, depending on which d man they get.

  24. Lyle, caught you on the Fan590 just now, interesting to put a voice to the online profile. Held your own, good segment.

  25. I saw the Caps-Hurricanes game last night and the Caps are dead men skating. I don’t know of anything McPhee could do to improve that bunch of underachievers. Semin looked totally disinterested.

  26. Thanks Durt, glad you enjoyed the segment.,

  27. Bruins Fan are you nuts? Boychuk and a draft pick for Gleason? Boychuk is better than Gleason!

  28. Motorcitysmitty is right, the leafs could totally get penner for a 2nd or even 3rd round pick. lombardi will likely be looking to dump salary to make any sort of deadline dealing and penner is ripe for dumping. if penner is moved for a player it will likely be for another player on an expiring contract so that lombardi as some space to do some free agent shopping -particularly if parise goes unsigned come the first of july.

  29. @FireWilson.,

    I am sure the Wild would be interested in getting out of Backstroms 6 million. But who would be willing to take it?

    Agree wit KC….I would rather have Boychuk.

  30. I agree with KC and Murph , Boychuck over Gleason ( straight up )

    Penner is a big man but does not play big , he is not what the Leafs need . Kinda like Bertuzzi , has lots & lots of talent but just is not consistent enuff ( although Bert is playing well of late ) . I am thinking Ryan Malone would be a better fit if the Leafs are looking for size up front ( if he is healthy )

  31. I can see Boston doing a trade with Buffalo.
    They have been trade partners in the past.
    Would love to see Stafford in Beantown.
    Also agree Boychuk is close to untradeable he’s close to our #2-3 d-man.