Schenn for van Riemsdyk.

Schenn joins his brother in Philadelphia.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have dealt defenseman Luke Schenn to the Philadelphia Flyers for winger James van Riemsdyk.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: One of the most rumored and anticipated trades of the season finally went down. Schenn and van Riemsdyk had been linked to each other in the rumor mill for months. It was widely anticipated van Riemsdyk would be moved by the Flyers, perhaps for Rick Nash, Bobby Ryan, Keith Yandle or Ryan Suter, but Schenn seemed out of the equation by that point.  

By making this move, the Leafs add more size and offensive skill in van Riemsdyk, though he’s been battling injuries over the past couple of seasons. Schenn should provide a welcome boost of youth and depth to a blueline corps which has concerns over the future of Chris Pronger and the health of aging Kimmo Timonen, plus he’ll be united with his younger brother Brayden. He might also thrive away from the fishbowl existence of a Maple Leaf.  It appears to be of mutual benefit for both clubs, especially if both players reach their full potential.





  1. Solid deal. Hopefully both these guys reach their potential in the new environments. Schenn as a broad Street bully is kinda scary. Both teams fill a need here.

  2. Good for Luke, this past year was brutal for him both on and off the ice. Hopefully he figures it out in Philly, only thing for him Philly fans aren’t any easier on a struggling player, hello bryzgalov.
    Great deal for Burke, if JVR can put a healthy season together he is a awesome pick up.

  3. Finally, the Flyers get a legit RHS defender, and he’s a good fit in the orange and black as well, very physical. And I can’t wait to see how he does in the battle of Pennsylvania. Sad to see JVR go, he’s got a very high ceiling as well, and should develop into a very dominant power forward in the very near future. Good move by both teams, it’s nice to see some actual hockey deals in the last couple of days. Ironically, the deals I refer to are deals that both unite brothers; Schenns and Staals.

  4. I know the flyers needed to add to their defensive core and I certainly like the age and upside of the player they got in return. But I am always worried that they have a knee jerk reaction each year to not winning the cup. Let the young guys grow together for a few years and build through the draft. Who are they going to give up for Nash or Ryan…it would be too much. Try for the kid Shultz, shouldn’t cost too much. Then find yourself a back up goaltender and a winger who is solid defensively and can chip in 15 to 20 goals.

  5. good deal for both team but i do think the flyers overpaid just a little bit. would have expected them to get a 2nd or 3rd round pick or equivalent prospect in addition to schenn.

    • Much as I hate to say it Holmgren is going to look like a genius yet again. Philly fans will be very happy with this in the long run if they aren’t already.

      • You sure about that? I mean you have to remember, or maybe you just don’t know, but Schenn had a hard time holding down a 3rd pairing position on a 26th place team and shared time in the press box as a healthy scratch. He has a ton of upside much like JVR but both players have big question marks as to how effective they will eventually be. In the end this is an ok move by both GMs.

        • the guy is a perennial league leader in hits for defencemen… he was made to be a flyer

  6. I think this one came down to Van Riemsdyk wanting out. Similar to the Staal and now Ryan situations. Both these guys have been the long talked about baits on their teams so I’m sure they are both relieved to finally be moved, especially Schenn.

    I think Schenn will thrive in Philly. He will have a solid mentor in Timonen. I don’t think James knows what he is in for. Good luck there.

  7. I really love watching the same people who claim that Schenn is the next coming of Jesus, when he was in TO, now claim that they stole JVR. Both players are at best 3rd line/D-pairing. Schenn has no mobility and JVR isnt”t “tough” enough. If he couldn’t perform in TO, the toughest Canadian market, GL in Philly.

    • So I guess what they say about Pitts fans is true, your hockey IQ isn’t the best to say the least.

  8. I don’t know about this one.. the positive is that Flyers now have more caproom since Schenn is less expensive and he is a D-man. The negative is that yet again the Flyers org. has given up on a young star in the making. One injury plauged season and of you go. Justin Williams, Pat Sharp, Rus Fedotenko, Rich and Carter, Gagne.. a few names that we tought we could do better without, all have had their hands and lips on the cup. JVR will have a breakout season eventually and then we will be sorry, cause now we are even more weak on the wing. Everybody talks about how much talent we have up front, but it is mostly the Center position, same goes in the minors. We need at least one proven goal scorer now, and that was my thought even before this trade.

    Now lets resign Carle and be done with the D-man dilemma and concentrate on the whole team.

  9. I thought Schenn would thrive under Carlyle, but now we will never know. After watching the Leafs for 50 years this trade is up there with the Wendel trade in disappointment, but we did get Mats for Wendel and that worked out nicely