Schultz signs with Oilers.

Schultz an Oiler.

The long wait on where blueline prospect Justin Schultz signs is over: he’s joined the Edmonton Oilers. It’s a two-year, entry-level contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The media is being blamed for ramping up the hype over where Schultz might sign. Regardless of who’s to blame, Schultz will still face high expectations to play up to that hype.


  1. Best opportunity for him. I hope he justifies all the talk.

  2. another promising rookie going to throw away a promising career in Coiler country…too bad.:(

    • only because they are putting rookies that are too small and under developed into a game that is too physical for them..Hall has had a few head injuries already..Nuge has had a serious shoulder injury and Eberle is one solid hit away from injury too..put a media hyped kid in the line-up and he is going to be a target..and the Oilers just don’t have the toughness to protect them..