Selanne returning to Ducks.

Selanne back with the Ducks.

To the surprise of no one, the Anaheim Ducks have announced winger Teemu Selanne has signed a one-year deal, reportedly worth $4.5 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t believe anyone’s shocked by this news. It follows the pattern since the summer of 2007. Selanne takes time off, claims he’ll make his decision after July 1st, rumors emerge from the Finnish media he’ll return to the Ducks, and later in the summer it’s confirmed. The difference this time is it didn’t take as long as in previous summers to reach his decision. That’s not to disparage Selanne, just pointing out the pattern. I think when he finally decides to retire, he won’t wait until after July 1 to make his decision.  Given how well he continues to play despite being in his early-forties, we should expect he’ll remain among the Ducks offensive leaders this season.


  1. Not a bad signing at all. I would have liked the hit to be around 4,

  2. Cap hit doesn’t much matter at this point, ducks are still below the floor even with this signing.

  3. As training knowledge continues to progress we will probably see an increase of gifted and/or really determined players going into their forties and still able to play at a high level.
    For $4.5 million I think Anaheim can look at Dallas giving the same to Jagr and feel pretty good about the seemingly lesser gamble on projected production this upcoming season on the dollars spent.
    Of course it should be pointed out Anaheim probably got a bit of a home team discount where Dallas overpaid a little based on their needs and what was available in the FA market, but was willing to do so to show the fans they want to be competitive.

  4. The ducks arent that far below the cap floor. Once they add the cap hit of Fasthe, Etem and a few others that were on the AHL roster, they will be fine. I can see if the ducks needed to get to the floor in the worst way, they would gamble on Semin. Even though i dont want him

  5. Glad to see him back for another season. He is a bargain at that price and still one of the top power play performers in the league.