Senators re-sign Turris to Five-Year Deal.

Turris nets big raise with Senators.

The Ottawa Senat0rs have re-signed center Kyle Turris to a five-year, $17.5 million contract extension, worth an average cap hit of $3.5 million. Turris, 23, has one year remaining on his current contract (at a cap hit of $1.4 million).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nice little raise there for Turris, who had 29 points in 49 games after joining the Senators in a mid-season trade from the Phoenix Coyotes. I would question, however, if he’s worth that much. Granted, Turris has considerable promise, and certainly seemed to blossom with the Senators, but that’s still a  gamble on a player who has yet to net more than 29 points in a season. If he achieves his potential, however, this could be considered a bargain over time.


  1. Wow…….really, a 5 year extension at that money based on what???? I have to know who were the comparables used in this negotiation?

  2. the money is about what a decent second line center would get so clearly Ottawa is gambling that Turris will break out before the contract expires. he was drafted 3rd overall by Gretzky himself so he showed a lot of promise (picked ahead of Sam Gagner, Jakub Voracek, and Logan Coture who make around that kind of money) but got stuck in Phoenix’s stifling defensive game.

  3. Ottawa’s stated objective is to sign or trade for young players and try and lock them up long term. For a small market Canadian team this is probably the best approach. There’s always a risk to this however based on what we saw last season he seems to have a lot of potential. Turris does need to fill out a bit but has reportadly spent most of the off-season in Ottawa training and apparently has filled out. As to him having some attitude issues, no truth whatsoever. The issues he had in Phoenix were left there the day he was traded.
    My firm belief is that, depending on where the cap is once an agreement is finally made, he’s going to look like a bargain as their 2nd line centre within two seasons.

  4. Another contract based on “potential”. Sorry, I like Turris and yeah he shows promise but he hasn’t done squat yet to earn that kind of contract. The GMs and owners want to over pay and then paint the players the bad guys in CBA negotiations. Get real. I have no sympathy.