Sharks re-sign Burns.

Various sources today report the San Jose Sharks have re-signed defenseman Brent Burns, whom they acquired in a trade at the June entry draft with Minnesota, to a five-year contract extension. Burns was eligible for UFA status next July. The San Jose Mercury News reports the new deal is worth around $28.75 million, or an average cap hit of $5.75million, with no signing bonus and no front-loading.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Interesting move by Sharks GM Doug Wilson, getting Burns re-signed before he’s even played his first shift as a Shark. Not that Burns isn’t worth re-signing, but it’s apparent both sides wanted to get this out of the way this summer, rather than have it linger throughout the upcoming season. It also perhaps shows a willingness on the Burns camp to get a deal done before next summer, when uncertainty over the outcome of the next round of CBA talks undoubtedly would have had an impact upon his contract situation.

**Update** This move will leave the Sharks with over $52 million invested in 12 players for the 2012-13 season.



  1. great signing

    the sharks are doing all the right things this off season

  2. Disagree. This is a gamble and Wilson has just rolled the dice. Admittedly a player with good upside, but to make Burns one of the higher-paid D-men in the league that has a spotty injury history and hasn’t even skated in competitive action with your team is risky. Hope it works out for the Sharks.

  3. hes only had 2 seasons where he played less than 70 games and he just played 80 last season. he put up big points on a team with a horrible offense. i really hate the whole injury prone thing, every guy who skates in the nhl is gonna be at risk to injury, its just part of the game.

  4. Been a Wild season ticket holder for 11 years and I’m here to say SJ got fleeced big-time. Not only did we get Gooch, Coyle, and a 1st rnd pick but we did NOT sign a terrible D-man to a 5yr/$5.75 mil contract. Horrible signing as the SJ fans will soon find out. Burns may have the occasional one-man breakout and flashy goal but his defense is terrible – bad positional play, can’t read a rush, takes himself out of the play all the time, has a atrocious first pass, and has ZERO hockey sense. If a fore checker pressures him, he has no clue what to do. Check it out – his turnover rate is one of the worst in the NHL for a Dman.

  5. i love how everyone bashes what they are trading and talk up the players they are getting. the only good player that the wild got out of either trade was coyle. you will eventually see, just wait for october.