Sharks Re-sign Thornton and Marleau.

The San Jose Sharks have re-signed forwards Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau to three-year contract extensions. Both were eligible for unrestricted free agency in July.

Thornton and Marleau to stay in San Jose.

Thornton and Marleau to stay in San Jose.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: I doubt anyone’s surprised by these re-signings. Everyone knew they wanted to stay in San Jose and the Sharks wanted to keep them.

As expected, both took slight pay cuts to remain in San Jose. Thornton’s deal is worth $20.25 million ($6.75 million per season) while Marleau’s is $20 million ($6.66 million).Fair deals for these ageing but still effective star forwards.  Thornton leads the league in assists while Marleau is among the leading scorers.

It now remains to be seen if they’ll re-sign Dan Boyle, the other member of the Sharks “Big Three”.


  1. Wonder if they have NMC in their extensions

  2. they have nmc.

  3. Of course they wanted to remain in SJ, soft fans who adore them, no critical review of their play, a media base that has no clue whatsoever about hockey so why would they not want to stay here.