Should the Red Wings trade Filppula?

Detroit Red Wings forward Valtteri Filppula has been mentioned as a possible trade candidate, but would dealing him be a wise move?


Should the Wings shop Filppula for a defenseman?

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Helene St. James conducted an analysis of Red Wings forward Valtteri Filppula, noting his age and versatile talent makes him a prime trade asset, but they have to consider 34-year-old Pavel Datsyuk has two seasons remaining on his contract and it is unknown if he’ll re-sign or return to Russia. She believes Filppula, who is eligible for UFA status next summer, would make an excellent second-line center behind Datysuk.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Filppula is often mentioned this summer as potential trade bait for either Calgary’s Jay Bouwmeester or Phoenix’s Keith Yandle, but I believe moving him for a defenseman would create another problem, as dealing him would weaken their offensive depth. It remains to be seen what the Wings do, but I’m guessing they don’t want to move Filppula.


  1. it is time to unload some of the older guy’s like bert cleary holmstrom franzen samuelson. They have a younger defence and goaltending but need to give guy’s like nyquist,mursak,anderson tatar and sheahan a chance to take over. It is time to suck it up and bring in the kids and somewhat rebuild.

  2. Why trade when there will be a strike . No one is trading or signing much until a agreement is done.

    • I guarantee there will not be a strike!

      • I guarantee there will not be a strike. But I guarantee that there WILL be a lockout.

  3. How about if we get back to basics 50/50 and stop the greed.

  4. Wings are a little long in the tooth, I’m iin agreement that they should trade off assets to bring in some youth to set the team up for success in the future. Detroit seems to find some gems in the later rounds of the draft, so there’s no reason to think that they will not be competitive in a shorterr time then most other teams in the league. Great scouting, ownership. Some good coaching, and player development is what sets them apart from other teams.

    • @ Patrick

      I’ve been saying that the Red Wings are old and their days are numbered since Larionov and Fedorov were on the team. Each year they manage to find special players from seemingly out of nowhere. And consider that in the last 20 years, they’ve probably only drafted in the first round 10 times. I don’t know how they do it, but I wouldn’t bet against them. They’ll find somebody.

  5. I guarantee that guarantee’s made here are worthless. It’s a big word and should be used sparingly.

  6. Have no problem trading Leopold and Adam for Filppula – gives Detroit an offensive minded D-man and an upcoming center and it would give Bflo a 1st or 2nd lineCenter.

  7. I’m amazed that some toronto-tard hasn’t made their insane trade idea for filppula yet. After all they love offering up their overrated prospects in trade senerios instead of placing them into roster spots.

    • Shush, you just jinxed it.

    • You mean like Filppula for Mike Brown and a 7th rounder…sounds fair for both sides…get it done burke….oh wait…

  8. Got some Maple Leaf Hate, Ryan?

    • I see his point, i mean i’m a leafs fan but some of the things i read online make me chuckle and gives all other leafs fans a bad name. even though not all of us a retarded.

    • Just that the fans grossly overrate their prospects. If the prospects where really that great they wouldn’t have to trade and be working on a hat trick of stanley cups. Don’t hate the Leafs just the fans that think they are GMs.

  9. subban and pleckanec and a 3rd for ryan and a 1st

  10. The Wings defense is extremely thin right now, trading Filppula for a D-man might not be the answer but our starting 6 is very scary:

    Kronwall, Quincey, White, Ericsson, Kindl, Smith.

    Yikes, that is thin. We need to do something.

  11. i agree that trading filppula would weaken the wings forward lines, something they can’t really afford to do, but most nhl gm’s will agree that a steady corps of blueliners is the key to a winning team.

    ken holland would be a fool to throw filppula at the first gm to offer him a defenseman but if he can find a good deal for top four d-man whose is under 30 he should probably make the deal.

  12. Red Wings know that they are old and have a problem coming up.
    They have 13 million in cap space right now and if NOTHING changes 29 million next year. My wild guess is that they figure CAP will go down next year and that some teams like Philly may ( I said may) have problems signing UFA”s and with plenty of space they can then sign quality at reasonable prices.

  13. These are just my two cents and they don’t count for much but here goes. Ill start by saying that Filppula is a good young player who just had a career year, but do I think he will constantly put up that type of production, I don’t think so. The argument being thrown around here is that it creates a problem up front, which i somewhat disagree with. If he is traded, it will be in a package for a top pairing D, which the wings are lacking and need. Sure, you would lose his 40-60 points of production, but the wings have a couple prospects that could potentially fill that void. Players like Tatar, Nyquist, and Jarnkrok could all potentially fill the hole of trading away Filppula. You have to give up talent in order to receive talent, and as far as the Red Wings are concerned Filppula seems to be their biggest trading asset

  14. I like Fillipula, but he’s a Slava Kozlov. I agree with the poster above that even though he just had a career year there’s no guarantee he’ll be able to repeat that and he may return to more average expectations. The Wings are just in an unfamiliar place. Their entire lineup looks thin. Wings fans like to point to their young guys and say “we’ll be fine, look at our youth coming up” but good prospects are hard to come by, and don’t always pan out. As Wings fans we should know that, especially when you look back at some of our D prospects over the years. Since Lidstrom…Kronwall, and arguably Aron Ward are the only ones who amounted to much (I remember when Pushor, Kuznetsov, Wallin, Erikson were all supposed to be the next “big thing.” None amounted to much).

    My point being the Wings have always rebuilt by trading away for more established players and mixing them with proven youth. I wouldn’t say that Fillipula is the type of proven player the Wings typically keep. He’s expendable like Kozlov, because while he’s capable of being great, he’s not consistent, yet he still has good trade value because he’s young and probably in or approaching his prime. The D needs help because we have less established and proven players on D. Even though the forward crop is also thin you still have Dats, Zetts, Bert, Franzen, and Cleary to bring in the younger forwards. Kronwall is the loan proven guy on D, that’s not enough to bring up young guys.

    Those aging forwards don’t have much trade value, but they do have intrinsic value to the Wings because they fit and they know the system. Fillipula plus some prospects, or perhaps picks….might bring in a decent veteran D-man and/or a forward.

  15. As much as I hate it, we have to think of the members of the Wings as bodies and numbers. Right now, we have an abundance of forwards, and are VERY thin on “D”. I’m not saying we should trade Filppula, but we could stand to give a forward or 2 to gain a top D-man, balance out the team and be better off overall. We now have 16 forwards fighting for 14 spots not including Abdelkader or Homer (once that situation is figured out). Sounds to me like a pretty decent problem to have.

  16. Detroit is one of the teams that would benefit from a lockout. They have a lot of top flight prospects who could use that extra year in the minors/Europe to continue their development, and then be able to step in a year from now. Given the state of negotiations I would not be in a rush to trade anyone if I was them.

    • Sad to say that I would have to agree with you there.

  17. Bottom line I would only trade Filppula for Bobby Ryan? Why trade a forward for a Defenseman only to leave us weak up front does’nt make much sense.