Stars sign Jagr.

Jagr heads to Lone Star State.

TSN’s Darren Dreger reports the Dallas Stars have signed forward Jaromir Jagr to a one-year. $4.5 million contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I can understand GM Joe Nieuwendyk’s desire to bolster his offense and add experience, but this one signing is puzzling. Jagr, at 40, had a decent performance last season, but critics suggest he faded down the stretch and was out of gas in the playoffs. Though the tenure is fair enough, the dollars are far too much.  Not a wise move by Nieuwendyk.



  1. If this is true, it is the most bizzare signing this year. Why would the Stars sign him???

  2. I agree this was a little bit out of left field for a signing. Maybe hoping his leadership and intangibles can help their room.

  3. I like this signing. One year commitment is minimal. If you can get 50 points out of him and he improves the powerplay then you make the playoffs.

  4. smells of desperation by both parties.

  5. Stars are way under the cap floor!

  6. The dollars are fine on this signing, it’s inconsequential because A) It’s only a 1 yr deal, B) The stars are below the cap floor and are even further below the ceiling, and C) Value is relative. For a team like the stars, who need scoring ability and depth, it’s worth paying 4.5 million for that. Now for a team who already has more offensive ability than the stars, obviously paying him 4.5 million wouldn’t make any sense at all.

  7. Was kinda hoping he would sign with Montreal as he’s got great chemistry with Pleks.. but at 4.5 million.. wow no thanks!

  8. Was hoping the bruins would grab him but yeah way too much money for us.Good signing for a team with lots of cap space.Looks like Jagr went for the money.

  9. If JJ got himself into top condition (like Ray Whitney) he could still dominate for stretches. His body along the boards is like trying to defend Shaq down low. 4.5M is a bit pricey but I think he will earn the money by years end.

  10. More of a business decision. The fan base in Dallas has dwindled over the last few seasons. Signing Jagr is a way to quickly put people back in the seats.

  11. Jagr I would think was signed to help mentor the likes of the Stars first pick in the draft this season Radek Faksa (may or may not make it to the team at the start of the season) and to a lesser extent perhaps Tomas Vincour both of whom are from the Czech Republic.