Sunday Evening Nash Trade Watch – February 19, 2012.

Are the Maple Leafs in the bidding for Rick Nash? Do the Blue Jackets want a goalie back in any return for Nash? Read on for the latest.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline reports of the sub-plots involved as the Blue Jackets field offers for Rick Nash. He claims Nash has provided GM Scott Howson a list of teams he’d prefer being dealt to, but Howson is also speaking with other clubs not on this list. Blue Jackets senior advisor Craig Patrick is doing the bulk of the work on this but Howson has the final say. They’re seeking value in return but not limited to any one position.  Portzline claims many around the league believe the Bruins are trying to put together a deal for Nash. The Rangers and Kings are also linked to Nash. Michael Arace, meanwhile, believes the Jackets are “behind the 8-ball” by dangling their star on the trade market this close to the deadline.

SPORTSNET.CA:reports Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke met with Howson in New York this morning. The site speculates any deal between the two teams could involve Luke Schenn, Nazem Kadri, Nikolai Kulemin “and possibly James Reimer”.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Burke denied he was talking trade with Howson, claiming he was there on other business.

ESPN.COM: Katie Strang reports the Blue Jackets have not made a demand for a goaltender. She also reported Nash remained tight-lipped about his situation.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So, it seems the lack of a goalie in an offer for Nash isn’t a deal breaker, provided they get a quality return. Can’t see the Bruins making a serious pitch for Nash, as I don’t believe they need him. I also believe the Leafs shouldn’t pursue Nash, as he won’t resolve their defensive and goaltending issues, but that won’t stop Leafs Nation from wondering if Burke could pull off another blockbuster. The Kings still seem the best destination right now, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s where Nash, or Carter, wind up. Shaping up to be an interesting week!


  1. Burke was probably talking to Howson about a job with the leafs this summer after he gets canned.

  2. we have waited toooooooo long

  3. Or a job for him with Columbus if they don’t make the playoff’s this season…

  4. The teams that are really in the market for Nash are all in the same boat as Columbus, he won’t fix what’s wrong, and the asking price being that high they overspending for him. The teams that I would bet are on his list won’t bet the future on him

  5. Nobody talks about the Sharks, but to me that is a team with a short shelf life to win it all, the most to win short term if they deal.
    How many scoring chances can Big Joe feed to Big Rick per shift, never mind per game?
    And I could live with another year of Burkie’s blarney, if he would sh*tcan Wilson before the deadline. Like tomorrow.

  6. I don’t see how the leafs can make this deal. If the deal were to happen, Grabo won’t get resigned, which further depletes the Leafs in the one area where they need the most help.
    Maybe if Komisarek is part of the package the finances would work. Why is there no speculation regarding a Carter trade to the Leafs, that would make a lot more sense. Be even nicer if we can dump Connelly in return.
    Here’s hoping Burke doesn’t trade Kadri, The kid is obviously going to be a force in the future

  7. I suspect that Columbus will use Nash as bait to get rid of Carter and that horrible contract. In other words, if a team wants Nash they have to take Carter too. Or, they will make a three way trade that gets rid of both at the same time. I think that’s more important to them than whether or not a goalie comes in return. It will enable them to clean house and start over with whatever superstar they draft in June, as well as youngsters they get in the trade.

  8. Schneider for Nash….. neither team would lose in this one.

  9. Hello Folks,
    I like Nash, don’t mind if anyone take him but don’t want my Leafs to take him. Why? I have read in numerous articles the cost for Nash would be 4 players including 1 roster player, 1 prospect, 1 first round pick and perhaps a goaltender. I think the Leafs have the parts to do the trade, but think other teams could offer more. I do not want to see the Leafs send any of the following for Nash:

    Gardiner, Colborne, Kadri, Frattin, Aulie, McKegg, Biggs, Percy, Scrivens, Rynnas, Gustavsson, Reimer, Kessel, Lupul, Franson, Phaneuf, (well all of Leaf roster except
    maybe Grabovski )

    I think trading for Nash is too high of a cost and will waste time for the Leafs in the rebuilding process. Leafs are a bubble team perhaps on the verge of making the playoffs for the first time in 6 years. I think Leafs need to stand pat and just develop what they have.

    See you

  10. @danielbcguy – Who all does Vancouver get rid of at this time of year to fit Nash’s salary in?

  11. @DomKing – The Jackets would reduce the value of both players trying to bundle them together, and no team that Nash would accept a trade to would be able to take on over 12 million in salary at this point in the season.

  12. Scott Howson has been seen talking with both the flyers and the leafs so…

    How’s this for a trade… Rick Nash traded to Leaf’s in Flyers-Jackets-Leaf’s three way trade
    gives up Luke Schenn (D), Jussi Rynnas (G) and 1st rd pick to get Rick Nash (LW) and Oskars Bartulis (D).

    gives up Rick Nash (LW) and Steve Mason (G) to get Sergei Bobrovsky (G), and Matt Carle (D) plus a 1st and philly’s pick.

    give up Sergei Bobrovsky (G), Matt Carle (D), Oskars Bartulis and a pick in the 2012 draft (D) to get Luke Schenn (D) and Steve Mason (G), Jussi Rynnas (G) minor league prospect.

    Benefits: Burke and Toronto get more than they could dream of in their big skilled left winger and don’t have to give up Phil Kessel. They also add a versatile 6th defender in Bartulis. Rick Nash gets to go to a bigger stage, where he’s been wanting to play. Columbus reloads with 2 picks, and two solid players (top 4 defensemen, and future goaltender of the organization, who needs a smaller stage to develop). The Flyers get a Chris-Pronger replacement in Luke Schenn, a solid goaltender replacement in Steve Mason (who is also happy to get out of Columbus) and a future goaltending prospect in Jussi Rynnas.

  13. Penner, Doughty and Bernier for Nash, Carter and Sanford.
    Get it done Dean!!!!

  14. @Innovator – Actually the Wings could take Nash and Carter right now without giving any salary back and could even add Weber on top of that. Nash has less than 2 million left to be paid this season and Carter 1.3…the Wings have 5.3 million in cap space which equals to overt 20 million in salaries at the deadline they can add. Wings obviously wouldn’t make that deal but they can basically add any player they want at the deadline when it comes to salaries. Only problem is Holland doesn’t want to give up any top prospects or 1st round picks.

  15. I think if the Leafs do get Nash, it hurts them short-term. What it WILL do is make it easier for them to lure quality UFA’s on July 1st. Its no myth that good players want to play with other good players. No one can deny Nash’s skill-level. He can flat out play. Long-term it just may finally push the Leafs into the playoffs and become legit contenders even with the pieces they’d have to give up. And this is coming from someone that hates the Leafs more than anything else in this world.

  16. I don’t think Nash will be a King,cause Jack Johnson will not be part of any deal… I feel that Carter will be more likely a King than Nash… Carter for Bernier,Penner and a # 1 pick, maybe a prospect/pick for Mason?….Stoll will be traded possibly for picks/prospect….

  17. Yeah Penner isn’t going anywhere so long as his play is “horsesh!@” (according to Darryl Sutter). Sorry.

  18. In response to Innovator, you’ve miscalculated there. The Wings have 5.3 million available on the entire season therefore with 20 games to go they have approx. 1.3 left for the remaining contacts. By your math Detroit’s roster at the beginning of the season was at a cap hit of 43 million. WOW

  19. How about Stafford, Sekera, Enroth, Adam and Gragnani for Nash and Mason. Then the Sabres could trade Gaustad, Boyes and Weber to the Sharks for Couture.

  20. Penner is cut from the same cloth as Alexi Kovalev , talented but just not near enthusiastic or consistent enough.

  21. Sportsnet… if you think giving up Luke Schenn, Nazem Kadri, Nikolai Kulemin “and possibly James Reimer” will get you Rick Nash… you are off base.
    Schenn may be part of it… but it will take more than Kulemin… I would think a signed Gravobski or Lupul or Kessel. Nash is the captain of the team and face of the franchise for a long time.. it’s going to take a real good roster player off the Leafs… to go with the 1st round pick and the prospect…

  22. You underestimate Kulemin, There’s a reason guy’s like T.Ruutu, S.Ott and S.Phalsson are highly sought after. They are energy players that unerstand the intangibles that win hockey games, Hard to find with Kulemin’s skill-set.