Sunday Evening NHL Rumors – June 24, 2012.

Updates on Rick Nash, Cory Schneider and Lubomir Visnovsky.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Allen Panzeri reports the Senators aren’t on Rick Nash’s list of preferred trade destinations, but that could change as the Senators appear to be the only serious bidders. The San Jose Sharks are believed to have dropped out of the bidding, while the NY Rangers turn their focus toward New Jersey Devils pending UFA Zach Parise.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blue Jackets apparently intend to be patience, believing Nash’s trade value will improve once the big name free agent forwards are off the market. Time will tell if the gamble is worth it.

Could an offer sheet for Schneider force Canucks to trade Luongo?

TORONTO STAR: Damien Cox suggests the Maple Leafs should pitch an expensive, multi-year offer sheet to Vancouver Canucks RFA Cory Schneider, for while it won’t get them Schneider (the Canucks will match), it could force them into trading Roberto Luongo.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given Leafs GM Brian Burke’s distaste for offer sheets, this scenario isn’t expected to occur.

NEWSDAY’S Arthur Staple reported the following on Twitter earlier today regarding Islanders newly-acquired defenseman Lubomir Visnovsky: “Just got off the phone w/ #Isles D Lubomir Visnovsky. Ready to come to camp and play. “This is my first choice, to play for the Islanders.” Apparently, the Slovakian report appeared before the trade, and was asked if he would join the KHL or play for a Slovakian team if there were a lockout. Staple also reported Visnovsky knows he’s got a year left on his NHL contract and would only play in Europe next season if there’s a lockout.

SPECTOR’ S NOTE: So relax, Islanders fans, Visnovsky is joining your team next season.


  1. I think if Columbus is waiting until after free agency begins, they’re playing a dangerous game. Realistically there are only a certain amount of teams that are or will be interested in getting Nash. The number of teams seriously interested will decline after free agents start signing. Columbus needs to hope that the intensity in demand for Nash increases enough to cover the decrease in quantity of buyers.

    • Kinda of the situation Vancouver has itself in with luongo. Limit the amount of teams interested and price should go down IMO

      • If BB made an offer sheet for scheinder , what makes u think that they would trade loungo to TO n not Florida who is already offering a lot more than TO is. Gillis needs to be pashient wait forthe Leafs Tampa blackhawks or Florida to go on a loosing streak n than wait for the big names to come to Vancouver

  2. Time will tell how this works out. It should also tell how much longer Howson has his job.

  3. I know Burke won’t do it, but I am kinda shocked that GM’s haven’t employed that tactic. I mean I get spirit of the game and all, but it is still competition and if I am a division rival or something I want to handicap your team as much as possible and drive the stock up on a player.

    Anyway sticking with my Nash to Ottawa guns, Nash wants out and I believe he’ll waive to go if that is the option being presented. I also truly believe Nash is the perfect fit for Ottawa and man Michalek-Spezza-Nash could be a helluva #1 line!

  4. I see NY throwing picks and prospects at CBJ when they realize that Parise will never sign with them.

    He was around when Gomez did the unthinkable. He saw how he was treated in Jersey. If Parise doesn’t sign in Jersey, he’ll move somewhere not so hated. I don’t think a lot of you guys posting understand this hatred. It’s like if someone in Montreal goes to Boston, Calgary to Edmonton, Philly to Pitts, Vancouver and Chicago.

    It’s like it’s not computing for some people. He already said he wasn’t going to New York, I don’t know why these guys keep banging their drums.

    • money talks..the Rangers throw enough of it at him, he’ll sign, don’t kid yourself.

      • LoL; yes.

        Because as we learn Rangers throw the most money at people always. And it’s not like a team like Minnesota doesn’t have the cap space to giggle at any Ranger offer.

        You know the Rangers offer on Richards last year wasn’t the biggest deal on the table right? He was just going to NY, that was a known fact even before the season was over.

  5. Schneider = 4-5 million dollar contract = 1,2,3 or 1,3 round picks.

    This is why it’s stupid to do offer sheets on big name RFA’s. You can have Luongo for much cheaper; Burke can’t be that dumb to lose 3 first round picks 4 years.

  6. I wonder what Burkie finds more distasteful, Offer Sheets or Mike Gillis? lol

  7. “This is my first choice, to play for the Islanders.”

    They got some really good crystal meth in Orange County

  8. Probably Mike Gillis, at least I would.

    The best way to move Luongo sooner than later is to have some team (Not Toronto or Florida) submit a ridiculous offer sheet at Vancouver that they will have to match. Deal is done and they now need, (not just want) to get Luongo off the books.
    However, while legal, I see no one having the stones to do it, as they may need to trade with the Canucks somewhere down the road, and most GM’s would rather eat Tar for breakfast than deal with someone who “offer sheeted” their guy.

    I feel for Nash, but Howson seems bent on getting himself canned before realizing that he really does not hold the the hammer in this situation. If he does not trade Nash, and Nash decides not to play? Nash gets suspended. Big Whup!
    Then Howson gets fired, and Nash gets traded. You can win the battle or the war, but not usually both.

  9. @Ed Van Impe, A bit off topic I concede, but can you clarify these two seemingly contradictory statements?

    Ed Van Impe says:
    June 12, 2012 at 11:22 am

    Yeah, Luke Schenn has had a ton of spectacular seasons … homer

    Ed Van Impe says:
    June 24, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    Flyers win this deal by a lot … they got a young, tough physical d-man with upside who gets to play with his brother and the pressure of Toronto is off … the Leafs get an injury-prone head case … when did Brian Burke get so stupid?

    • lol

    • the flyers are a joke. the longer they go without a cup the happier I’ll be. Worst fans in the world.

      • really?

        wow..I am highly insulted by this.

        I live in Vancouver, and the local fans are far worse than anything I have seen in 32 years as a Flyers fan.

        We want to win..every fan does.

        To say we are the worst? No, I don’t think so. We are knowledgeable, and understand the sport.

        No need to throw us under the bus.

        The most biased fans in the sports are Toronto’s and Vancouver’ far.

  10. Howson is overvaluing Nash.
    I heard the rumor he wanted Seguin and Hamilton or Lucic and Hamilton. I’m glad Chia hung up on him.
    Howson thinks he’s a franchise player maybe in Columbus but if he went to Boston he would be behind Chara,Seguin and Bergeron in my eyes.maybe even krejci and lucic as they had more points than him.Plus his cap is huge.I would pass.

    • I don’t see the Boston fit.

      I see San Jose, NY (once Parise resigns or goes to Minny) and maybe Ottawa (who’ll give up the most).

      It’s interesting to see what Nash fetches, because his trade could line up potential rebuilds for teams like Calgary (with pieces like Iginla).

  11. Who is this Ed Van Impe guy… Must be a Columbus Blue Jacket fan… Who else makes ridiculous comments like this … JVR could very well switch gears and go play centre and give Toronto the #1 centre they so desperately need. Schenn desperately needed a change and all the best to him, but JVR is a far superior player, no contest!!!

    • Wait, Leafs won another trade!
      That keeps their score at 100% right?

      Year hasn’t even started. Neither of these guys has even put on a jersey. JVR has proven nothing outside he can’t play a full season, and Schenn has proven only that he can still play relatively well; even though every single trade in the NHL involves him or Nazim Kadri.

      Just a quick hitter, if Kadri gets traded, who’ll land Toronto every single available player then?

    • Also, quick note.

      Even Burke sees him staying on LW. He played center up to pro, but it is a nasty thing to pick back up/pick up… playing C in the NHL that is.

    • I am sure you are being sarcastic, but if not:


      has you answer.

  12. If Nash won’t waive his NTC to go to Ottawa.. then stay in Columbus… That may be his only choice.

    Rumours are it’s his wife who wants the big lights of the big city… so NY is probably her choice. If the Rangers pay that price… that’s a lot of high salary between 4 players(Gaborik, Richards, Nash & Lundqvist)…and it could cost them moving forward. With possible changes coming to the salary structure to stop these cap-circumventing long contracts.. it could make it difficult for them.

    It is going to take more than prospects & picks. Columbus wants players that can play now…

  13. I like him coming to Ottawa, for one of our goalies….I thought the deal would go down before the draft and include a pick.

    I think the longer Columbus waits the better it is for the suitors.

    and people will openly start saying they’re “out of the race” for Nash.

    until it’s Ottawa or bust…and then you’re not getting as much out of Murray, who quite frankly, is WAY ahead on this rebuild and certainly doesn’t need Nash.