Sunday NHL Evening Rumor Update – February 26, 2012.

Heading toward deadline day, here’s the latest on the Canadiens, Islanders, Predators and more. Enjoy!

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke isn’t considering a coaching change, and while sources say the Leafs have spoken to the Blue Jackets about Rick Nash, LeBrun senses they’re not close on that front…A source claims the Bruins have interest in Avalanche players Daniel Winnik, T.J. Galiardi, and David Jones, who remain very much in play…There’s interest in  Jets defenseman Johnny Oduya, a UFA this summer…The Wild are fielding calls for goalie Josh Harding….

ESPN.COM: Katie Strang reports the Islanders are not looking to trade goaltender Evgeni Nabokov by the deadline. The Islanders remain in contract talks with Nabokov.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s a growing sense the Rangers and Maple Leafs are backing out of the Nash sweepstakes because of the high asking price…The Avalanche, who are battling for a playoff berth, would want something in return for either of those three to help them right now….Ditto the Jets for Oduya….The Wild could get a decent return for Harding, especially after the Blues landed a second round pick today from Ottawa for Ben Bishop…Even if Nabokov isn’t re-signed by tomorrow’s deadline, the Islanders are unlikely to move him

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Pat Hickey reports Canadien Tomas Plekanec’s agent denied a rumor his client was willing to waive his “no-trade” clause or had been asked to do so.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hickey’s original report claimed Plekanec’s agent had told management his client was willing to waive his clause, which was subsequently met with a swift denial by the center’s agent. Certainly stirred things up for about 20 minutes or so this morning on Twitter!

USA TODAY: Kevin Allen is counting down toward the trade deadline, looking at teams which must make a trade, and players believed garnering interest. Check it out regularly for updates.

THE CITY PAPER: David Boclair recently reported multiple sources claimed the Nashville Predators had made an offer for Columbus Blue Jackets forward Ric Nash. Using the template of the Predators successful pitch in 2007 to Philadelphia for Peter Forsberg, Boclair suggests “Nashville’s offer for Nash could include the likes of Colin Wilson (Nash would take his spot in the lineup), Ryan Ellis or Jonathon Blum and multiple other picks and/or prospects.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The question is, could the Predators outbid the Rangers or Maple Leafs, and if they could, would Nash agree to waive his movement clause to go to Nashville. I’m not suggesting he wouldn’t, but we don’t know where he’d prefer to go. It’s rumored he’d prefer to go to Eastern Conference teams, and if that’s true, then any offer from the Predators is moot.


  1. Sharks need to get someone before the deadline

  2. i dont understand the stubbornness of burke. he says he doesnt want to change 3 years of work. well it hasnt worked in net all of those years. i think you better swing something!

  3. I want Burke to make a solid pitch for Ott. We need his grittiness when playing Teams like Boston. I read a stat somewhere that he has alot of third period goals, could be one of those clutch players that endears himself to the fanbase….could be a solid leader. I’d offer a first, see what Newy says, if thats not enough I might sweeten the pot with a prospect like D’Amigo but that’s as far as I’d go. Get ‘er done Burke!

  4. In the time Brian Burke has been in Toronto, he has shipped out dead weight that he inherited from JFJ and Fletcher, brought in pieces and stocked the system with some bright prospects for the first time in a while. Yet, over the past 4 years the team’s results on the ice have remained mediocre. I realize they still haven’t had a solid goaltender since Belfour (and I don’t count Raycroft despite the fact he tied a franchise record for wins – too many softies)… but I really am starting to point the finger at Wilson, and I think it’s ridiculous he was given an extension so prematurely.

  5. Has anyone else heard of this crazy rumor going around that says the Jets are considering a deal that would send Pavelec to the Flyers for JVR and Bobrovsky? I find this really hard to believe and and was just wondering if anyone else has heard about this. Any thoughts on this Lyle?

  6. Hey Durt MC hurt

    I agree but if your going to go get OTT broaden the deal and make a multi player deal …to include Goalie Kari Leightonen …Loui Erikson …Michael Ryder and Sheldon Souray …….

    PKG kessel ..Schenn Scrivens.Connolly Colborne and a second…….

    this would help in OHHH so many ways but most of all experience size toughness playmaking ….essentially you are really only giving up on Kessel …but you get that back in scoring with thiose guys ..toughness and a Legit # 1 goalie !!!

  7. Wow!!
    29 teams just lost out on a doozie of a prospect goalie in Ben Bishop ……you cant draft a better propect in net for a 2nd rounder….this puts Ottawa in serious contention if they make a play for another piece moving into the playoffs …I hate to say this but watch out for Ottawa if they make some more moves.

    Ive been watching highlights of Ben Bishop on you tube …this kid is good he even got into a line brawl fight …hes the real deal ..BIG GUY wow!!! Iam a goalie who played Junior as well and this kid is really good …the Sens need to flip Lehner for a piece upfront!!!& they are rolling into the playoffs

    Burke missed out on this oneI would have traded Scrivens and a 2nd for this kid

  8. Even if the Preds aren’t on Nash’s list of to go to teams, they are doing their diligence by putting in a solid offer for him. It shows the fans and the players this team has a commitment to win and bringing Nash in should certainly show that to Suter and Weber. Problem is if Nash isn’t going to Nashville (names make that a perfect fit) then who else do the Preds go to in order to fix their scoring issues?

    AK 47 seems set on staying in Montreal
    Roy to me just doesn’t fit the Nashville system
    Isles aren’t going to deal PA!
    Car has retained almost all their players
    Dustin Brown is staying put

    Honestly I see the only other option is hoping they could make a successful pitch for Alex Semin out of Washington. But with the Caps battling for a spot and Nashville’s history with Russian players I am not sure that is a viable option either. Do they maybe take an off chance on Penner, hope he can regain form for a low cost low risk play? Any chance a big pitch might wrangle Setaguchi out of the Wild?

    Preds deserve to make a good deal and get in deep this year!

  9. It’s not like Burke is going to answer anything else on the Wilson front. “Yeah I’m considering a coaching change”… I’m sure Wilson’d be real happy to hear that. Then again, he isn’t afraid of throwing his goalie under the bus, it would be poetic justice.

  10. Chris, the Maple Leafs aren’t going to do that. Burke is on record as saying he’s not willing to blow up the roster. Besides just because the Dallas rumor is everyone over 27 is on the block, that probably doesn’t include their starting goaltender. Aside from all the other things wrong with your trade proposal, you can probably forget trying to trade your third string goalie for a starter, regardless of the circumstances.

  11. Steve Ott would look so good in a Canucks uniform, especially against Marchand in Boston….

  12. If you’re a Leaf fan like I am you have to ask yourself – does making the playoffs really matter that much this year? Not enough to blow up the team like some idiots are demanding. The only purpose making the playoffs would serve would be to give the young guys the experience of 4 playoff hockey games. Burkie – other than finally getting rid of Wilson (which after watching him throw his goalies under the bus this week reaks of a coach in self preservation mode), stay the course. Remember – we’re the second youngest team in the NHL. We WILL play like it from time to time. I can’t stand another rebuild again – we’re three years in – changes (good ones) have been made. I’d rather do nothing this trade deadline then do something that could blow up in our faces just because of a restless Nation’s need to make the playoffs…

  13. The Gazette writers suck, they never have any scoops and they say the dumbest things sometimes. I wouldn’t believe anything they say.

  14. @KC, ya Bishop was a savvy pick-up by Murray. John Shannon (@jsportsnet) from Sportsnet has a coach on record (no, not anyone from Ottawa) saying Bishop’s already better than half the goalies in the league….in fact, here’s the tweet: “Sens might have made another great trade in Bishop.NHL coach just told me “Bishop is better than half of the guys in NHL already” . I’m so glad the Sens got him and got him at a great price….a 2nd rounder 2 years from now 😀

  15. @JJB
    Preds can have Penner for a some stick tape and bag of pucks

  16. Penner needs bus fare too!!