Sunday NHL Morning Rumor Mill – April 28, 2013.

The latest speculation on Dustin Byfuglien, Thomas Vanek, Patrik Elias, Marc Staal, Daniel Briere and more.

Will the Devils re-sign Elias this summer?

Will the Devils re-sign Elias this summer?

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch also reported the Dallas Stars could replace Joe Nieuwendyk as GM with Detroit Red Wings assistant GM Jim Nill. The Colorado Avalanche could also consider a management change…Speculation persists the Flyers could buy out Danny Briere this summer. Garrioch suggests the Canadiens as a destination…Coyotes GM Don Maloney and coach Dave Tippett might not re-sign with the club if they’re bought by a group they consider underfunded. If Coyotes goalie Mike Smith hits the UFA market, the Flyers might have interest if they buy out Ilya Bryzgalov. Ray Emery could be another UFA goalie worth watching…It’s believed there’s a 50-50 chance Patrik Elias re-signs with the Devils. The Flyers, Leafs, Wings, Habs and Sharks could be among those who could have interest in Elias…The Sabres could shop Ryan Miller this summer, with the Coyotes a possible destination if they remain in Phoenix…A “good bet” for Penguins UFA forward Jarome Iginla next season: Dallas.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No official word yet on Nieuwendyk being replaced but no denials either…Just what the Canadiens need: a small, ageing winger with a concussion history…We probably won’t get a clear picture on the Coyotes  owership situation until June. If Smith hits the market there will be considerable interest in him. The Panthers, Sabres, Devils, Flames and Oilers would certainly be among those putting in a call to his agent. Ditto Emery…If Miller wants to live closer to his wife, who works in Hollywood, Phoenix could be his best option if the Coyotes stay put…If the Stars hire Jim Nill as GM, I don’t see him pursuing expensive, ageing free agents like Iginla. The Stars tried that this season under Nieuwendyk and it didn’t work.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks suggests the Staal family reunion this week in Carolina (featuring Eric, Jordan and called-up Jared) should worry the NY Rangers when blueliner Marc Staal becomes a free agent in two years.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We shouldn’t assume Marc will bolt the Blueshirts to play with his brothers in two years time. Sure, it could happen, doesn’t mean it will. Staal is among the Rangers key players and GM Glen Sather will offer up big bucks to retain him.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Gary Lawless believes the Jets should rid themselves of Dustin Byfuglien, citing his inconsistency as harmful to the Jets development.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The real question is, does Jets management feel the same as Lawless? If not, Byfuglien’s not going anywhere. if they do, he would have considerable trade value if they wish to bolster their scoring depth at forward. 

BUFFALO NEWS: Mike Harrington reports Sabres forward Thomas Vanek reiterates it would be best for him and the Sabres to part ways if management engages in a lengthy rebuild. Vanek, 29, has one year left on his contract and becomes a UFA next summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s why I believe Vanek will be dealt this summer. He doesn’t appear keen to re-sign, and GM Darcy Regier has already admitted rebuilding the Sabres will take time.

NJ.COM: Rich Chere reports Patrik Elias isn’t sure he would sign with the NY Rangers if he become an unrestricted free agent, while David Clarkson refused to discuss the subject.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Considering how the Devils offense was weakened by failing to re-sign or suitably replace Zach Parise and Petr Sykora last summer, I believe the Devils will push hard to re-sign Elias and Clarkson.


  1. Clarkson will be a leaf. (Well HopefullY fingers crossed) pick up Clarkson and let mac walk and either buyout grabo or let bozak walk frees up capsapce.

  2. If Briere is bought out in Philly I could see WPG as a potential landing spot if pr

    • Not happening—he wants to be stay closer to his kids. He also needs to stay stateside because of rules with kids/divorce.

      Likely landing spots would be Detroit, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Washington, NYC teams, Boston, and buffalo.

  3. Clarkson is terribly overrated. I’d rather see Elias a Leaf.

    I thought about Marc to the Canes as well, but Carolina has nothing valuable except for one really good prospect.

    As far as Panthers and goaltending:

    Get a cheap, short-term goalie
    Get Luongo
    Stick with Markstrom-Clemmensen

    Iginla to Stars is not an unlikely scenario. Joey signed free agents, but made poor trades and did not build an identity. Nill will make some slick moves, i think. He has to change the attitude of that team. Give it more guts that was lost with Ott and Neal. I say he tries hard for Iginla and Clarkson.

    No one will trade for Briere, but as a buyout to then sign cheaply? Many teams will go for that.

    Maloney and Tippet should tell Flyers owner Snider to wake up, smell the coffee, and fire the guy that gutted the team.

    Jets media doesn’t want Byfuglien? Get Tallon on the line, we’d take him next minute.

    Vanek will be a Predator says i.

    • While i said that Clarkson is overrated, he is, and thus not worth it for the Leafs, but worth it for the Stars? Absolutely.

    • Micki – I understand what you are saying about Clarkson, and perhaps the Leafs will go after Elias, but I think that would be a mistake because Elias is 37 and the Leafs need someone who is mature, but consistent and Clarkson fills that bill.

      I think eventually the Staal brothers will all play together. The Rangers have a pretty good core of Dmen and I could see them doing a trade with NC – maybe for someone like Tlusty and some draft picks.

      I agree that Philly won’t be able to trade Briere, but with a buyout I see Briere having his pick of teams to choose from. Personally, I would love to see him back in a Sabre uniform – he and his family know the area and it would give him an opportunity for him to turn those “boo’s” into cheers. When Briere left for Philly he broke a lot of Sabre Fan’s hearts, but all would be forgotten if he returned. Buffalo could use Danny for their “rebuild/retool” and it would be a win win for all.

      Vanek to Nashville? Don’t see anything Nashville has that we can use. So, I don’t really see him going there. I could see him being packaged with Miller and maybe going to the Sharks in return for Pavelski or Couture and Niemi. I think the playoffs will be the deciding factor on where Miller ends up – if the Sharks, Anaheim or LA exit in the first round – I can see them trading for an “Elite” goaltender like Miller. What we tend to forget is that Miller is considered an Elite playing for a lower eschelon team.

      • LA will NOT be trading for an “elite” goalie like Miller, Why? Because they already have an elite goalie in Quick, who by the way is younger, better and cheaper than Miller, oh and not a whiny headcase. Same goes for the Sharks and Niemi.

  4. I understand if Vanek doesn’t want to hang around Buffalo for a “rebuild/retool” and since he doesn’t have a NTC – it opens a lot of doors for possible trades – I’d like to see something like Duchene from CO, Gagner or Eberle from Edmonton, Dubinsky or Foligno from Columbus or even Fleischmann from Florida. The Sabres have a lot of talented youngsters, but we need someone to replace Vanek that has played in the NHL for a couple of years that can lend some leadership as well as scoring skill. What I would like to see would be Philly cutting Briere loose and him turning around and signing a 2 year deal with Buffalo – providing leadership, mentoring along with his scoring ability. To me, he had an off year due to injuries and Laviolet’s continuous shuffling of lines. Anyway should be an interesting off season.

    • The Sabres’ first order of business is to fire general manager Darcy Regier. The Sabres should be having a postseason press conference tomorrow, and may address Regier’s future.

      The Sabres’ second order of business is addressing players. Retaining Ryan Miller and Thomas Vanek, not for a long rebuild, but a retooling to make postseason play next season is likely. If the Flyers buyout Daniel Briere, look for Buffalo’s new general manager to make a push for him.

      • I think whether there is a new Gm or not – Pegula will want the team to go after Briere. As for Miller and Vanek, I’d like them to commit to the retool, but if they don’t see it – then get as much as you can for them.

        Ice, Darcy has made more good moves than bad. You should remember, Barnes, Gillmour and JP Dumont, Wilson for Warrener and a 5th round (Miller), Briere, Drury, Hodgeson and Sulzer, Ott and Pardy and Gaustad for a 1st rounder. Being a GM and trading and judgeting talent is like a crap shoot. Aside from that, Darcy has also had to work within some guidelines that have handcuffed him – “addition by subtraction” and also league ownership – something that has also affected Phoenix.

        I look at other GMs – Nieuwendyk, Holmgren, Feaster, Burke and I really don’t think Darcy has done that bad a job. I am willing to see what happens this offseason and see what he does – but I also realize that whatever direction the team takes, it does come from the top and not necessarily from Darcy. I would like to see the bring in a coach that can motivate our players – our defense stunk this year and looked confused – makes me wonder because James Patrick and Teppo Numminen were running the D. On the other hand, Kevyn Adams has been running the “Special Teams” which have been horrible for the past two years – time for a change!

  5. Asinine comments. Eberle, Couture available? LA needs an elite goalie? Please. They ready have two. Couture and Eberle are not going anywhere. Give your heads a shake.

    • Chesty – as I said – it depends on where Anheim, LA or SJ exit – if its in the 1st round – you will see some changes. Quick – didn’t have a great year – had one good year when he won the SC so I think the jury is still in on this one.

      And I did shake my head and you’re right – Couture won’t be going anywhere, either will Eberle as he is set to make the big bucks until 2019. Trading either for Vanek won’t fly and it would overvalue Vanek something Darcy seems to do all the time with his players. But, stranger things have happened and I think the playoffs will dictate the offseason moves that will be made.

      • Steve, why don’t you do some research on Quick before looking like a complete moron. Quick has gotten better in each of his last three seasons, last year he was amazing bu the two years prior he played great. As for this year he is coming off back surgery and had a slow start but has been one of the hottest goalies in the league the past few weeks.

        Going off your logic I can say the same thing about Miller being a one year wonder. Trust me when I say the Kings have ZERO interest in Miller. Quick is better, deal with it.

      • One more thing, how many Stanley Cups and Conn Smythes has Miller won in his career?

  6. Briere and Elias are the type of player the Habs do not need..We need more thumpers in the forward lines..Some more beef to even out the skill..

    Someone in the mold of Milan Lucic or David Clarkson…Prust can’t do all the fighting alone..

    Bruce Garrioch is an idiot..