Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – April 13, 2014.

The latest on the Maple Leafs, Senators, Capitals, Coyotes, Sabres and much more.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports sources claim the Sabres are shopping Chris Stewart, Christian Ehrhoff, Luke Adam and Drew Stafford, plus they’re willing to listen to offers for Marcus Foligno, Johan Larsson and Chad Ruhwedel…The Canucks will likely have to surrender a draft pick if they don’t select one of their assistant GMs (Laurence Gilman and Lorne Henning) as one of the replacements. Coyotes assistant GM Brad Treliving has surfaced as a top candidate…Garrioch claims Pittsburgh and Chicago were both close on deal for Canucks center Ryan Kesler. He believes the Canucks could revisit that possibility in June…Lots of changes could be coming for the Hurricanes…The Kings could be a landing spot for Mike Cammalleri via free agency in July…Garrioch claims one suggestion for possible destinations this summer for Martin Brodeur could be Pittsburgh to mentor Marc-Andre Fleury…There’s talk Panthers GM Dale Tallon might not be on solid footing. Garrioch suggests the Panthers should add Doug MacLean to give Tallon some help.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe the Sabres are more interested in shopping their pricey veterans than their young players, but one can never fully dismiss the possibility of moving one or two of the latter for the right price…The Ducks had serious interest in Kesler.  Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman claimed he wasn’t among the clubs pursuing Kesler. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t, but the asking price was likely  more than Bowman was willing to pay…Cammalleri’s tenure with the Kings didn’t end well (contract dispute resulting in arbitration, followed by Kings GM Dean Lombardi eventually trading him to Calgary), but he was linked to them leading up to the trade deadline…I don’t see the Penguins adding Brodeur to mentor Fleury.  If anything, I could see them trying to replace the latter if he has another lousy playoff performance…I also doubt the Panthers hire Doug MacLean.

NBC SPORTS: Jason Brough recently analyzed this summer’s UFA goalie market. Among the notables are Ryan Miller, Jonas Hiller, Jaroslav Halak, Martin Brodeur, Tim Thomas, Brian Elliott and Chad Johnson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blues are keen to re-sign Miller. Hiller’s struggled of late which is generating speculation the Ducks could part ways with him if they come up short in the postseason.  Brodeur will attract some interest if he still wants to play, as could Thomas. Johnson could be the sleeper of the bunch, just like Anton Khudobin was last year.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons cites a report out of New Jersey suggesting new Maple Leafs president Brendan Shanahan would like to Devils coach Pete DeBoer behind the Leafs bench next season…Simmons believes Leafs defenseman Cody Franson (a restricted free agent this summer) has less trade value now than he did a year ago.

Was this James Reimer's last game with the Leafs?

Was this James Reimer’s last game with the Leafs?

TORONTO STAR: Kevin McGran suggests replacing Randy Carlyle as head coach and trading goalie James Reimer could be among the big changes for the Leafs this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s believed the Devils hope to re-sign DeBoer.  I don’t see Carlyle returning as Leafs coach. Reimer and probably Franson could be dealt this summer.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch believes the Senators won’t be the same club when they return next season. They not only have to decide if they’ll re-sign free agents Milan Michalek, Ales Hemsky and Matt Kassian, but also if they’ll offer contract extensions this summer to Jason Spezza, Bobby Ryan, Craig Anderson, Clarke MacArthur and Marc Methot.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Read my take on possible moves by the Senators here

FOXSPORTS ARIZONA: Craig Morgan reports the Phoenix Coyotes off-season actions will speak volumes about their future. While GM Don Maloney is reluctant to promote too many young players too soon, particularly if they fail to add veteran pieces via trade or free agency.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hat tip to GJ Berg. After missing two straight playoffs, the Coyotes face a crucial off-season. I think you’ll see them draw on some of their depth in young players as trade bait for some established talent to bolster next season’s lineup.

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Chuck Gormley recently responded to reader questions about the Capitals. He suggests the possibility of a “mutual breakup” between the Capitals and GM George McPhee. He doesn’t believe they’ll trade Alexander Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom but could see Mike Green dealt.  The Caps need a gritty top-four defenseman, of which the best in this summer’s market could be Pittsburgh’s Brooks Orpik. He’s heard Mikhail Grabovski is seeking $5 million per season. He feels the Caps could re-sign him if he accepts $4 million per.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Capitals are a mess but they don’t need to completely blow up the roster. They must bolster their defensive game and their depth at center. 


  1. Yes you are right Lyle, Kings will have ZERO interest in Cammalleri, for two reasons, one like you said Lombardi wasn’t fond of him and his greedy attitude the first time he was in LA, and two Gaborik has been the best rental player so far this season and has showed great chemistry with Kopitar. Gabby will be resigned this summer.

  2. 1) Leafs – sorry Leaf fans but Leafs went out like a dead thud. They looked exactly like the Ducks looked when Carlyle was finally fired. Leafs first move should be remove Carlyle.
    2) Vancouver maybe having to give up a draft pick to get a GM ? How high ?
    For a team that has rarely had high picks in recent years ( except for Schneider trade) this could really
    hurt, as they need an infusion of youth.
    3) Hiller has not played in awhile, it’s been Gibson & Andersen. If Hiller does not play tonight in a
    meaningless game against Colorado ( meaningless for Anaheim) doubt he starts in playoffs.
    4)Forget about St Louis signing Miller before July 1, as each day goes by it looks more and more that
    Hiller is out in Anaheim and Millers one shot in getting to California is getting clearer by the day.
    If it falls apart Miller can always resign with St Louis after July 1.

    • Im not really sure how Carlyle kept his job this long tbh should have axed him in Dec during the first losing streak,Blind man could see this coming. Terrible People keep saying he wont be out of work long?After seeing how his last 2 teams have performed I would think long and hard about ever letting this guy coach in the league again. Terrible system cup or not, nvm how the players respond to him and his wacky personnel decisions. The system dosent work you need 2 norris type winning D men to win that way, at which point there would be eadier ways to win than standing on the face off dots and letting a team cycle around your own end and take shots at will from the outside and hope one of those norris type d men or Getzlaf come up with the puck. BRUTAL SYSTEM.

    • Alford, I have to agree with you on this. Miller’s ultimate goal is to get on a California Team and I thought all three teams were solid at Goalie.. As such, St. Louis was an ideal place for Miller, but if Hiller doesn’t get it together, I can see Miller signing with Anaheim and at a “home town” discount because of his desire to get close to the wife.

      I think with the Sabres – most everyone on the team is open for discussion. Most certainly Ehrhoff and/or Meyers and I could see Stewart being shopped. Thing is with Stewart – although he played a limited number of games, he made a statement coming back and playing a couple of games instead of just taking it easy with his injury. He is a Nolan type of player, is young and comes at a reasonable price. Why not keep him. The Sabres need to cut bait with Leino – that should be one of there first orders of business. But, Murray has a plan and we’ll see what happens.

      • Yes Steve, I agree. Almost everyone is available. I think Myers is safe for now, but if he slides next year he could be as good as gone.

        I honestly feel that Ville has zero chance of surviving until next year. He has been apathetic to his poor performance all season.
        Foligno is a fan favorite, but doesn’t perform. Chad R and Larsson haven’t really done well either. It appears that the late season demotion of Pysyk was his audition to stay with the team.
        That said I can see one or two of these younger guys being packaged together at the draft for an established player in his early twenties. E. Kane, N. Kadri or even A. Barkov. (still a rookie, but high end talent)

        I don’t know about you, but I feel better with Murray at the helm, than I ever did with Darcy.

        • I agree with most of what you and Steve have said, but I think you’re dreaming if you believe there is any way Florida will let go of Barkov. While he would be coveted by all 29 teams, there is no way Florida would trade him.

          Kane and Kadri are more likely, but I’m not sure they’re desirable…particularly considering Kane’s maturity level.

          I’m hoping Foligno is traded. Ditto for Stewart and Ehrhoff. But I think they’ll keep Meyers around – too much potential there. And of course, Leino is history.

          Regarding Regier/Murray, I have to say I was always been comfortable with Regier. His trading ability was a proven commodity and he rarely got the raw end of a deal. Murry is still unproven, but my hopes are high that he can do what is right for this franchise. Given the two, I’d rather have Regier – because I know I can trust him – but Murray hasn’t done too badly so far.

          • Regier was likable until he gained notoriety for being unable to replace an exodus of the best players through trades and free agency. He sat on his hands in the 2013 offseason. A horrid start cost he and Rolston their jobs.

            I believe Murray is going to do things other successful general managers around the League do–sign high quality free agents and acquire other good players through trades. That is thinking outside the box Regier stayed in and thinking inside the box Stanley Cup teams function in.

        • Myers is in no way close to being dealt. Him Girgensons and Ristolainen seem like the only untouchables on the roster.

          I don’t think Foligno is a fan favorite. He’s shown absolutely nothing since his first career NHL call-up.

          Moving Larsson would be a mistake IMO.

          I’d like to see Sabres trade Stewart, Ehrhoff and McBain for good group of up and coming youngsters.

          Buyout Leino and Weber.

          • Larsson has not stepped up on scoring in Buffalo. The Sabres really, really need him to score on his call ups. If he cannot translate his success from the AHL to the NHL, he will be nothing more than a third or fourth liner in the NHL or an AHL career player.

            Trading Ehrhoff would be a mistake. Do you want to keep defensemen who will help the team play in their end the entire duration of each game? No, you would not. McBain and Weber are easily expendable.

  3. Well said. MLSE’s PR department hard at work again.

  4. I’m speculating at where Reimer will end up. It would be funny to see another Leaf (Reimer) in up in Motown showing the Leafs how they mismanaged another player. lol

    My guess is Winnipeg or Calgary. Then again the Isles, Nucks and Sabres could all be potential suitors. The big issue is the UFA goalies available this year.

    • Not sure why the Canucks or Sabres would be interested in Reimer. Could see Calgary or the islanders tho.

      • Actually, I could see Vancouver being in on Reimer, now that Luongo is gone, and they are using Lack and Markstrom.

        I also believe Reimer has some roots in Vancouver. He was out here for the lock out a few years ago, and was practicing with the Canucks players at an arena they rented.

        Check it out:

        Sorry if the link is not allowed.
        Just copy and paste into your browser.

        I could see a deal there.

        Gets him out of the East as well, in case Reimer improves with a change.

        • Never know I guess but I think if the Canucks just kind of retool they may try to shed some salary and pick up some depth, and if they go complete rebuild goaltending wont be really high on the list of needs right away, eitherway I think they will give Lack and Mrakstrom some time. I think the Canucks need to kind of take a step back and look at some of the bigger issues with the team. 2young goalies competing for the number 1 job who both have had some potential and are relatively cheap could work for a season or 2 and see where it goes from there. Same in Buffalo with Enroth and Hacket.

          • No, Enroth and Neuvirth.

          • Ya I forhot about Enroth, further to what I was saying they have a bit of a pool of young goalies, dont really need Reimer, team like the Islsnders or Calgary where he could go compete or at least be a 1 a and 1 b rotation with Maby if the Islanders resign him or Ramo possibly even in Minny with Kumpner depending on Backstrom I think makes a little more sense. Tough to say there are alot of ufa goalies.

          • Totally agree Shticky.

    • How about Reimer and the 8th overall for the 5th overall hey Leafs24/7? Lol…

  5. I really like Davidson but I think you be making a bit more of experience than it actually is he did great things in St louis but was there for 6 years as a GM besides that he was a broadcaster. Shanny agreed doesnt have as much experience as a GM and it could blow up in their face but his experience 7n the league head offices dealing with other exevs and league official, aswell as spending alot of time with the Rangers Devils and Wings winning cups should give him a pretty good background on how a good team is run. He is not a GM. His experiences imo would be more valuable than the years Davidson spent in a broadcast booth. Again nothing against Davidson he is a good exec and has done good things, but Shanny could too. Lets not put the Jackets success all onDavidson some of Hosons moves are starting to pay off there aswell how good have Dubinski and Anisimov been?

  6. Book it, Reimer will be traded to Vancouver for Lack, or traded at the draft for a 2nd rounder. Franson will also be gone at the draft for a 3rd rounder.

    • 2nd rounder? A bit generous… 3rd rounder at best. If someone is real desperate to take on an overrated backup goalie then I can see a 2nd.

    • Nothing to do with Reimer but if Im the Canucks thst are an aging team with cap issues Im not trading Lack for another 3-4 million cap hit. If Reimer decides to go to arbitration hes looking atleast 3 million bucks. This is getting back to what I mean that Im not sure Reimer fits there quite yet, a team that needs a goalie next year that will have some space, otherwise why trade a cheap young goalie for a more expensive young goalie? They may aswell keep their 2 young guys and see how that goes.

      • This is where you give Reimer a bridge contract, like what we saw Kadri and Bernier sign.

    • Can someone explain to me why they think Reimer will fetch anything at all? What team is sitting there thinking : “If we could only get Reimer”? As far as I am concerned, he is VERY average.

  7. I truly do believe Michalek & Hemsky should be allowed to walk while Spezza & Anderson are traded. However I don’t believe Spezza will be traded to the Ducks unless it is a draft day deal where the Senators get their 1st round pick back. Outside of that Ottawa would be asking for either Fowler or Lindholm back in a deal to bolster their defense which the Ducks won’t want to do. So best case scenario for a Ducks/Spezza deal is probably draft day for Ottawa 1st & Smith-Pelley. Anderson can land in Winnipeg or New York for a depth forward or draft pick.

    I personally think Reimtime is going to end up in Calgary. Burke was always a fan of Reimer and he is young enough to grow with a rebuilding team. Don’t see my the Canucks would do it, if they wanted to go young they should run with Lack, my bet is they look to add a UFA goalie. The Islanders are going to be looking for someone with experience, either something like signing Hiller or Halak or trading for Ward or Anderson.

    • I don’t think Spezza will land a top 10 pick + Fowler or Lindholm. He’s a HUGE injury concern and the whole NHL knows it. Maybe Lindholm and the Ducks 1st? Would you do that deal alforducks?

      • JES
        No I wouldn’t – Lindholm is exactly what the Ducks have to have, young D-man, mobile, and top 4 potential. For Spezza Bonnino + Ducks #1 is best I’d offer and
        only if Ducks tanked in first round, other wise I stay with the kids.

  8. leafs should move gardner to center where he initially played in college. trades should be sought for franson, ranger and kulemin. reimer should be kept . they need to find a group of defencemen that will stay at home and actually body check someone. phaneuf needs to be traded while he has value and doug gilmore should be the coach.