Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – April 15, 2012.

Jarome Iginla’s trade value, the Oilers and Blue Jackets plans for the first and second overall pick, and more.


What's Iginla's trade value?

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis reports a poll of over a dozen NHL GMs reveals there would be considerable interest in Jarome Iginla if the Flames were to shop him, but several factors – upcoming CBA negotiations, the remaining year of his contract, his age (35) – would have an affect on that interest as well as his trade value. It’s believed Iginla could fetch “a first-round pick and a top-six forward and/or a top young prospect.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It remains to be seen what the Flames will do with Iginla, who also have a full “no-movement” clause which would limit potential trade partners, but I think it’s safe to say the Flames could get a first round pick, a top six forward, and a prospect for Iginla. Never underestimate the ability of NHL general managers to overpay for talent. If the Flames could get a bidding war going for Iginla, they’d have little trouble landing that kind of return.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson believes the Oilers “won’t trade the No. 1 pick unless they get a top 2 defenceman from another team or one that will grow it into a high-end NHLer.”…The Blue Jackets are seeking a number one goalie and believes they’ll use Rick Nash plus their two first round picks (second and 17th overall) to get one…The Anaheim Ducks won’t re-sign UFA forwards Jason Blake and Niklas Hagman…The Lightning, with two first round picks and possibly four second round picks in this year’s draft, are expected to pursue Canucks goalie Cory Schneider via trade…A rumor out of Montreal has the Oilers shipping winger Linus Omark to the Canadiens for defenseman Yannick Weber. Matheson doubts that, believing Omark won’t fetch more than a fourth round pick on the trade market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe the Oilers will keep their first overall pick and use it to select Nail Yakupov, then try to woo Anaheim Ducks potential UFA prospect defenseman Justin Schultz…I believe the Blue Jackets will pursue a starting goalie this summer, but if they trade Nash plus their two first round picks, that goalie would be part of a package return…No surprise Blake and Hagman won’t be re-signed…The Lightning will pursue Schneider, as well as Jonathan Bernier and Anders Lindback if Schneider isn’t available…I agree with Matheson about Omark to Montreal: why would the Habs want another small forward?

TSN.CA: Darren Dreger recently suggested the Oilers might consider all options regarding their first overall pick. He doesn’t see Jarome Iginla or Rick Nash ending up with the Oilers if they were to shop that pick, but believes GM Steve Tambellini would listen if a rival were to offer up a top pairing defenseman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, if, say, the Predators GM contacted Tambellini and offered Shea Weber straight up for the first overall pick, the Oilers GM would listen. Do I believe that’s going to happen? No. Again, I can see the Oilers hanging onto that pick and selecting Yakupov, who’s considered the top prospect in this year’s draft. Yes, I know, he’s another forward, but you don’t pass up the opportunity to select a player of his skills, who’d be a terrific fit with Jordan Eberle, Taylor Hall and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. 

COLUMBUS DISPATCH Blue Jackets beat writer Aaron Portzline recently tweeted “Told it’s unlikely – not out of the question, but unlikely – the #CBJ trade No. 2 overall pick. They’d gladly move the No. 17, if that holds”.


  1. Iginla
    There are a limited amount of teams that can truly give up a player & prospect and future first round pick for a 35 year old player ..that would hurt the team down the road but there are a handfull that would take the chance matbe Anahiem …Colorado or Minnesota… possibly the Sabres Cody Hodgson…Roy & Foligno.. …Hodgson hasnt really worked out to well in Buffalo.
    Sabres are deep in propects and have a really solid veteran core that Iginla would fit in with very well ….just a thought !!! Sabres will be a team that will be VERY aggressive this off season as money is not a problem !!

    Edmonton & Montreal !

    If I were Montreal Id be looking to trade Subban to Edmonton …for a possible combination of players such as Lander , Petrell,Hartikainen…Teubert….Pajaarvi and Omark …Montreal could get younger and more talented up front to compliment there draft pick ( Grigerenko)
    If they could get any 2 of thos players it would be a good start to a rebuild …Montreal has Tinordi coming up as well as getting rid of Gomezes contract they could hit the UFA market for top defesnman to replace Subban !
    Once again thinking out loud!! Helps both teams who are in need of easch others propects or players !

    I would say that CBJ would move Nash first and see what they would get in return before flirting with a trade for the First rounder… they would need to evaluate who can play with the incoming talent from the Nash trade.
    If they get a decent young return and can improve surrounding those players by trading the first rounder for more assets they should seriously look at that!
    In the end result for 2 players ( Nash &1st rounder) they could realisticly get a full line of 5 proven guys !!

  2. The chances of Columbus getting a quality goaltender in any Nash deal is limited. Not saying it won’t happen, but there are only a select few teams that are going to be dealt with. If one of those few teams has a quality starter then bonus, otherwise they’ll probably have to peddle one of their firsts to get one. If I were Hawson, I would try to get the best possible package for Nash regardless of position. If no goalie is involved, use the second overall to try and get Schneider or Kipper. If that fails, use the 17th to try and land Bernier, or Lindback…or see who else is availible like Niemi or someone. Again, best possible package for Nash regardless of position. Columbus can always aquire a goalie with other assets.

  3. No way I would give up that package for a 35 year old player, even if it is Iginla.

  4. In my opinion the first or second overall pick is way too much to pay for any of the available goalies. I’m also wondering if Columbus is going to take Grigorenko, Murray or someone else. As a habs fan I was kinda hoping to get Grigorenko but I have a feeling Columbus will take him. And no, I have no interest in Linus Omark.

  5. Subban is not getting traded to Edmonton or anywhere. No way. Eventually the D in Mtl is going to be Subban. Gorges, Emelin, Tinordi, Beaulieu,and like St-Denis or Diaz. In the mean time, Markov will hold a spt until the kids are ready for the jump, and maybe a return of Gill for next year.
    If, big if, Edmonton trades the first it would be to CBJ for the #2 pick and a defensman like Wiz, tyutin, or Johnson.

  6. The argument for the Oilers seems to be that they need defense, not offense, but maybe they draft Yakupov then look to move Sam Gagner for that defenseman. Obviously he won’t fetch the same return, but he’s probably easier to let go. As for the goalie market, I’d say Schneider is the best option, but if someone offers up a large package for him, they probably want to make sure they can lock him up long term. I’m pretty sure that, if he signs a 1-year deal as an RFA this summer, he would be a UFA in 2013.

  7. Vancouver Canucks

    I dont see Vancouver moving Schnieder as I wil maintain this position until he resigns or get moved!!!

    If the Canucks bow out early this year there is trouble brewing in NUCKS land ..they may move out some players that have been there a while to shake some things up I M O.
    This new direction would include Schnieder as the centerpiece moving forward ….I have a feeling that they will look to move out two veterans and replace them with high quality prospects to make this team viable down the road …this team is slipping when it comes down to the big games ….they could use some stanley cup presence in the room Selanne would have been perfect for this team !
    If IOam moving out Cory Schneider Iam looking for a veteran goalie back like Cam Ward or Kipper and move out Luongo at the same time!

  8. Given the way the Pens are playing in the playoffs right now, how good would Iginla look on Crosby’s line? I hate to trade him, but if he went to the Pens, he’d have a shot at the Cup, and with only one year left on his contract, he could come back to Calgary after next season. Pens look to need some D-men also! I don’t know if they could afford it, as I don’t know their cap situation, but how about Iginla and Bouwmeester to the Pens for a 1st, a 2nd, and James Neal?

  9. @ Slap & Shot

    Schneider has not proved enough to be worth half of Cam Ward

  10. @Nor Cal

    Gotta look at salary my friend.
    Pens are right at the cap next season, and would have +13mil coming back on that deal :o).


    Montreal won’t be getting rid of Subban yet. He’s still very young and a decent defensemen. Additionally, I’d want of a return than what you suggested for that. I don’t know what your fixation is with Linus and Magnus… but you’re starting to sound like a Toronto fan and Kadri… like any package deal with those two would work :o).

    For Edmonton.

    Calgary’s got a top 2 Dman in Jay Bouwmeester and also a younger guy who could end up being pretty good in Wilson/Connelly in Abb. Both fit the billing Edmonton is looking at… in addition, I think it’s pointless to to draft another top pick… in 5 years you won’t be able to keep them all if you want any kind of chance to win (look at what happened in Chicago, they drafted very smart, the got a ton of talent… and then they all had to go b/c of cap limitations; Pitts is the only team that’s made it work, but they got young talent in every position: Cros, Staal, Malkin, Letang & MAF).

    I don’t think some of you all understand this whole age thing. Jerome is 35, that’s up there… but he could be the difference between ~100 points and a president’s for a winning team or 95 points and sneaking in to home ice.
    The things you need to factor in when trading him:

    A) Sending Jerome out East. Never, ever, ever send a player that can take control of a game through scoring or even physical play to a team you have to play more than twice a year (if that).
    B) Getting the right amount of Salary back, youth back, talent back and picks back.
    – there are 6 teams in the East I can see making a move for Jerome. Two were outside looking in this year, the other four were in.

    IF you ever have a team that has a chance to win it all, why not take a shot?

  11. I think a good fit in Edmonton can be Phaneuf. He doesn’t have to be the leader in the room, and doesn’t have to be a focal point of the team. I don’t know if Burke is going to give up his guy, but a package around Phaneuf is enough to get the 1st pick. In my opinion, they got Phaneuf for basically nothing and should turn him into an asset that has increasing value before his erodes to basically zero in Toronto. Again, I doubt Burke trades him.

  12. If you think Iginla is worth what your talking about, sit back and wonder why he has had so many problems with different coaches, he wants to run the show..I would not want him on my team..there is a definite problem.