Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – April 20, 2014

Latest on the Islanders, Hurricanes, Devils, Jets and Ducks.

What will Isles GM Garth Snow do with his 2014 first round pick?

What will Isles GM Garth Snow do with his 2014 first round pick?

THE BUFFALO NEWS: John Vogl reports NY Islanders GM Garth Snow faces three choices with his 2014 first round pick (fifth overall). He can either send it to Sabres to complete the Thomas Vanek trade made earlier in the season, retain the pick and use it himself,  or keep the pick and trade it…Vogl speculates Carolina Hurricanes coach Kirk Muller is safe for now, but Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford is expected to step down soon, leaving it up to the new GM to sort out possible dissension between Muller and Hurricanes stars Eric Staal and Cam Ward.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s speculation the Isles could retain that pick for their own use…I believe Muller’s a goner, but so too is Ward via trade, though the ‘Canes will probably have to pick up part of his remaining salary to make a deal. I’ll be very surprised if they trade Eric Staal. 

BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa reports the New Jersey Devils have cap space to re-sign pending UFAs Jaromir Jagr and Marek Zidlicky…If Bruins backup Chad Johnson isn’t re-signed, Shinzawa suggests the Winnipeg Jets should pursue him, as they need reliability in goal…Anaheim Ducks goalie Jonas Hiller’s poor performance down the stretch led to his being benched in favor of backup Frederik Andersen in the opening two games of their divisional semifinal against Dallas. Hiller’s a UFA this summer and it’s possible the Ducks could let him walk.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  I believe the Devils will re-sign Jagr, but it remains to be seen if they’ll also re-up Zidlicky…Johnson will attract considerable interest if he hits this summer’s UFA market. If Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff is smart he’ll go after Johnson, but he seems to have a blind spot when it comes to his goaltending…At this point it appears a certainty Hiller will become a UFA. Andersen’s gotten the start in both Ducks games against the Stars so far and coach Bruce Boudreau is likely to stick with him.


  1. Think they should stick with Andersen and Gibson starting next year. Let Hiller walk and use the money for some forward depth. Johnson in Winnipeg would make sense if Pavalec is bought out and the Jets go after Halak, Hiller, or trade for Ward. Any three of those guys with Johnson as back-up would be a decent tandem. I would also add Miller to that list but I believe there is no way he would go to Winnipeg. I would hope the Ducks stay clear of chasing Miller this summer. He would probably jump at any offer from them but I think they’ll be fine without him.

    • still think marty b as backup would fit nicely in ANA. Gibson could get starting time in AHL at least to start season and both gibson and anderson get to share the ice with possibly the best ever..

  2. Snow has to send that pick to Buffalo this year. There is now way you can take the chance on next years draft. It was a horrible trade and the price needs to be paid.
    Like what Burke did, he was confident the Kessel deal , the pick would not be as high as # 2 overall. Keeping the pick puts way too much pressure on the NYI players.

    Garth should have done some more homework on Vanek.

    • to me it makes no sense not to use the pick this year. It’s #5 overall, it’s a known commodity. The Islanders will get a very good player at #5. To expect to have back to back top 5 picks is not a good thing to bank on , or in reality – to hope for, because that’s what this would amount to. By keeping 2015 pick, you are hoping for another crappy year. As a Sabre fan, I hope they give us this years pick, but can’t see that happening.

      • Islanders should draft with the pick. They want to improve and with a shot at Dal Colle at #5 that is more than a good enough reason to hold it. You gamble that you can improve, with the goalie market they should see some improvement on that end … I know 15 is tempting but just can’t send that message to your fan base.

      • I understand what your saying, but The Islanders can pick someone like dal Colle this year and give up the potential to pick up a Sidney Crosby-type player in Connor McDavid next year or pay the piper to the Sabres this year. Thing is..Wang as the owner is not going to spend the $ to improve the club like he should if anything, I think Wang is looking to sell and make his profit which will garner him more with the move to Brooklyn. He runs the Islanders like he ran CA – lean/mean and milking the customer.

        In all honesty, it doesn’t matter to Bflo whether they get #5 this year or next year’s pick. Either way, they both should be in the top 10.

        so I believe the Islanders will be in the running to get a high draft pick in 2015 which they would have to turn over to Bflo. Either way, the Vanek trade is costing them.

      • You forget, Wang is the owner and he doesn’t like to spend money. The #5 pick will not be NHL ready for a couple of years as compared to some of the 2015 Draft Picks, ie. McDavid, Eichel etc. I don’t see the Islanders making a big improvement, but I do see them getting a high draft pick next year and won’t mind them turning it over to Bflo.

        • Even if we don’t see it, again the Islanders aren’t considering themselves in a re-build and they won’t send that message to their fan base. They also NEED to improve as they want to make the move to the Barclay arena a successful one as they’ve been touting all year.

          Also, next season Strome should be up full-time and they have a wealth of young talent that will get some serious looks. They may not spend like crazy, but they will certainly bring in a goalie to replace Nabakov which will also improve their situation. I don’t think the Islanders are dead in the water as many people think.

          Calgary & Buffalo are the only teams I look at and say without doubt will just be bad next season and are in an admitted rebuild.

  3. Islanders would be smart to offer the 5th overall pick an their first rounder from last year to the Canucks in return for a package including Kesler. With Kesler, Tavares and Strome they would be set at centre and would not be in jeopardy of finishing in the bottom 5 in the league. Thoughts?

    • I like Kesler, but his durability is in question. He’s 29 and he seems to have had a high amount of injuries the past 3 years. I think trading #5 for Kesler is too much – trading the future for the present. If Wang would spend some of his cap space (Islanders should have approx. $30M), they can get a couple of solid UFA to complement their team, keep their draft pick at #5 or for the following year. I think the dilema is whether to keep this year’s pick or next year’s pick. Either way – Buffalo was the winner in the Vanek for Moulson trade.

    • I don’t think two first rounders without a player or prospect added in would do it for the Canucks. On top of that, yes, it gives the Islanders a great trio of centers but it won’t win them many more games without improving the defense and in net.

      As far as the NYI keeping the 1st or sending it to Buffalo – they might as well get the pain of it over now, send it to Buffalo, and move on.

  4. Jets should buyout Pavelec and sign Hiller in the offseason.

    Buffalo will get Isles pick next year IMO. Supposedly Snow stated “If I were a betting man Isles will retain the pick in this years draft” or something along the lines of that. Either way Sabres will be getting a future star.

    • Why would they even put the stipulation of we retain if a top 10 if they had no intention of holding it. Sabres def getting 2015 first round pick.

      Chevy is one of the worst GM’s in the league … he has done nothing for the Jets and looks poised to continue to sit pat on his team next season as well. How can you give confidence to a terrible goalie like Pavelec with Hiller, Anderson, Ward, Broduer, Johnson, Reimer, Halak all believed to be on the market next season?

      • Having Pavelec is about the same as having Johnson, Reimer, Ward and Marty’s has lost a few steps as well. Other then Halak and Hiller I don’t see anyone else in this years pool that’d be an upgrade over. Pavalec. Miller is huge upgrade but he will never sign with a Canadian team IMO.

        • Pavelec is hands down, by far the worst “starter” in the NHL. The only teams worse off are teams that don’t actually have a real starter goalie like Islanders, Flames, & Oilers.

  5. Maybe Snow will give the Sabres the 2014 pick and trade the 2015 pick for a UFA that has no intention of signing with the Islanders.

  6. islanders give the sabres there 5th pick in this years draft. the sabres trade tyler myers and grigoren ko to edmonton for the oilers 3rd pick overall in this years draft.
    the sabres will pick 2,3,5. here are a few scenarios:

    sabres trade the 3rd or 5th pick for a number one center in the nhl possible players could be – ERIC STAAL, EVGENI MALKIN, PATRICK KANE , we can pretty much do whatever we want. but if we didnt trade asny of those picks and we had those three picks then i can possibly see them doing this;




  7. Let’s put it this way…history seems to repeat itself so whatever Snow chooses to do will be the wrong decision so I as a Sabre fan couldn’t be happier that it is in his hands!!!

    • As a leafs fan, I’m jealous of the sabres. Four or five years from now, they will have a tough team to play against