Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – April 22, 2012.

From the latest on Roberto Luongo, to what plans Red Wings management have in store for their club this summer. It’s all here in today’s Sunday rumor roundup. Enjoy!

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jim Jamieson reports Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo is ignoring the rumor mill, remaining focused on being a good team player. Backup Cory Schneider has supplanted Luongo as the Canucks starting goalie in their series against the LA Kings, giving rise to speculation he, not Schneider, could be dealt this summer.

TAMPABAY.COM: Damian Cristodero jokingly scolds the Canucks for creating this goalie controversy. ” Didn’t Vancouver’s coaches know the Lightning was casting a covetous eye at goaltender Cory Schneider? Didn’t they know Schneider was going to solve all the Lightning’s problems?”, writes Cristodero, who does a comparison of the goalies potentially available to the Lightning – including Luongo – and what it would cost to land them.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks dismisses the notion of the Toronto Maple Leafs acquiring Luongo, pointing out Leafs GM Brian Burke’s public objection to heavily front-loaded, long-term deals like Luongo’s.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We won’t know for certain what the Canucks will do vis their goaltenders until mid-June at the earliest, once the playoffs are over and the entry draft weekend approaches. Until then, expect Luongo to be linked to the other 29 NHL teams in trade rumors.

As for some of the places he’s been linked to, Braden Holtby’s performance ensures Washington isn’t a destination. I really don’t believe the Lightning would have interest, unless they can convince Vincent Lecavalier to waive his movement clause and agree to a trade to Vancouver, which I don’t see happening. Can’t see Luongo going to the Oilers, as they’re a division rival, and have indicated they’ll come back with Devan Dubnyk and Nikolai Khabibulin next summer. The Columbus Blue Jackets would be intrigued, but would Luongo agree to go to Columbus?

Forget about the Florida Panthers, especially if Jose Theodore carries them to playoff victory over the Devils. Speaking of the Devils, they might be interested if Martin Brodeur retires, but again, would Luongo want to go there?  Perhaps the San Jose Sharks might consider a shakeup in goal? Chicago? Nah, don’t see that, unless they move out one of their high-salaried stars first. The Islanders? Never mind. The Flyers? Not unless they can dump the overpaid Ilya Bryzgalov.

As we can see, easier said than done to find potential destinations for Luongo if he were to be shopped this summer. Doesn’t mean he couldn’t be dealt, just saying it’s not going to be easy, and the odds seem against such a move this summer. Unless there’s an amnesty buyout period in the next CBA, Luongo could still be with the Canucks next season.

Will Lidstrom return or retire?

DETROIT NEWS/DETROIT FREE PRESS/MLIVE.COM: all report Red Wings management are expected to make significant moves in the off-season to improve their roster, which could see them target potential UFAs Zach Parise and Ryan Suter if they become available on July 1st. Team captain Nicklas Lidstrom, the subject of retirement speculation, said he’ll take a few weeks off, then meet with management to discuss his future plans.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Expect the Red Wings to be among the favorites to land Parise and/or Suter if they are available on July 1st. They have the cap space, plus a winning reputation which also makes them a desirable destination for top free agent talent.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson also weighed in on the Luongo trade speculation, listing Tampa Bay, Toronto, Columbus, Florida and Chicago as possible destinations…Nashville Predators forward Jordin Tootoo’s unhappy over his lack of playing time in this year’s playoffs, while forward Colin Wilson’s been a healthy scratch and could become prime trade bait this summer…Brad Stuart’s played his final game as a Red Wings, as he’s expected to sign with a California-based team to be closer to his family in San Jose…Matheson suspects the Capitals will let Tomas Vokoun walk via free agency, and wonders if the LA Kings would be interested in him as a replacement for current backup Jonathan Bernier, who’s expected to be dealt this summer…He also wondered if Bruins goalie Tim Thomas might be available if the Bruins fall in round one and decide they don’t want to pay for his final season …Matheson also considers Josh Harding’s stock as a free agent “middling” because of his injury history.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ve already touched on potential destinations for Luongo…Tootoo might also find himself on the trade block if he continues to see limited action this spring. I’ll be surprised if Wilson isn’t shopped this summer…Stuart is singing, “California, here I come, right back where I started from”…Of course the Capitals will let Vokoun walk, as they’ll go with Holtby and Michal Neuvirth as their tandem, just as they should’ve in the first place! As for the Kings, let’s wait and see what they do with Bernier first. There’s a chance they could decide to hang onto him…Thomas’ “no-trade” clause expires on July 1st, and Tuukka Rask is, as Matheson noted, waiting in the wings. Don’t be surprised if the Bruins field offers…Harding’s stock may be “middling” now, but it’ll improve this summer if teams in need of goaltending depth can’t find what they’re looking for via trades or free agency.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: John Vogl recently reported Sabres GM Darcy Regier sees Ryan Miller returning in the club’s crease next season. “Regier remains high on restricted free-agent forwards Tyler Ennis and Patrick Kaleta and would like unrestricted defenseman Alexander Sulzer to return”, reports Vogl. Regier also has two picks in the first and second rounds, and he claims to be “very open on using and/or moving the pick or picks”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No word on the status of Derek Roy or Drew Stafford, who were often mentioned in Sabres trade rumors this past season. At least we know for certain Miller won’t be moved.


  1. O M G more about Luongo ??????……Rumour has it hes going to the KKL …geeze I think this is the only option that has not been discussed here on Luongo so why not !!!LOL!!!! Just joking !

    Seriously and for the last time Luongo is a control freak and has pride why would he go to a last place team in the NHL abyss and waste his time …he wants to win …if he doesnt stay in Vanmcouver he will only go to Florida if they want him …IF NOT …he can stick it to Gillis and say Iam not going anywhere sit me on the bench and play Schnieder all you want !!!! This is a possibility !!!


    I say you will se Thomas in Detroit next year! It is a common practice for detroit to do something like this with veteran goalies ….Thomas is a Michigan native and Detroit could use the help in net … they had back up troubles this year ….this is not a long term contract so it might make sense if the dont resign some players and decide to add some depth in the off season it is a peefect contract to have for the length and term for a one time shot at the can if Lidstrum comes back.


    Having season tickets to Buffalo being a Leaf fan …I can say that Buffalo has done another tremendous job drafting and working with there prospects …high quality players on the rise there will move out some long term veterans….Foligno looks fantastic ….Adams as well…Rieger should explore moving Roy nad Stafford for youth to grwo with Hodgson who is having a tough time fitting in there on the Ice !


    Ive been posting about Holtby all season here and was desperate to let it be known that Burke should have picked up this kid around the trade dead line
    ( trade deadline posts )….I posted it then and was really looking to possibly get this guy for a song ..becuase he had not played that much and flew under the radar …BUT the genie is out of the bottle now …and McPhee can command a significant trade for this guy ….Tampa and Columbus should look at this option moving forward as well to replace there current situation .

    San Jose

    Wilson will most likely get the AXE within a couple of weeks ……..they need to blow it up and start fresh so it should start with a new GMs plan moving forward coach will be gone as well!!! thornton and Marleau will be on the block and you can add anothe Goalie to help the goalie market with Niemei available for sure as well !!!!
    for sure!

    This year may end up being the best season for top notch goalies avialable by July 1st …it will be a terribel year for UFAs …but the goalie pool is getting bigger ……this is raising Kippers fee tremedously !!

    I still stand firm on Holmgren trying to get rid if Bryzgalov in the off season as well I hope Burke does not bite on that! …You all called me crazy !!!!

  2. If Parise doesn’t re-sign with the Devils, I think he’ll almost definitely end up with the Wings.

    Suter is a different story, I can’t see him signing with such a huge rival of the Preds, although stranger things have happened (Johnny Damon left the Red Sox and signed with the Yankees). I see Suter as a very nice fit in either Tampa Bay, Boston or Philadelphia.

    If Yzerman were able to sign both Suter and Vokoun, the Lightning should definitely return to the post season again next year. I think Vokoun would be a great addition, allowing them to ease in Dustin Tokarski.

  3. It seems like anybody with a keyboard can come up with Luongo rumours. All you have to do is write down a bunch of teams who might need goaltending and speculate. Very few of those teams are a realistic destination based on his contract. Any team in the sunbelt is a budget team, and probably won’t want to take on that much money.

  4. Suter & Parise are friends.. so I don’t know why they wouldn’t both sign in Detroit..

    As for Tootoo — would the Leafs take him? He is the type of player Burke likes — ie truculent….

    Luongo is an interesting issue…. we will probably hear about this right to July.

  5. With the Sharks loss last night and their 1st round elimination – I think we see Marleau, Pavelski, Mitchell and even Clowe on the block. It’s interesting because the media is not questioning Big Joe’s performance as he is a “distributor” of the puck, but Marleau again is in their sights for his lack of playoff scoring (not just this year, but in past playoffs) and Pavelski’s lack of scoring. In my opinion, they need another D man – while Murray may be a physical player – he is slow. While McLellan lays blame on team chemistry – I thought Moore and Winnik fit in pretty nicely, but McLellan spent more time shuffling his players instead of letting them gain confidence together. Personally, I don’t think McLellan or his coaching staff are the answer and this year the Sharks were missing something – maybe a Winnik (in your face) player earlier in the year.

  6. As for the Sabres – what they lack is veteran presence – leadership – someone who knows how to win. Get rid of Roy – let’s get someone like a Clowe, Pavelski, Brown, Getzlaf, Downie, Morrow et al. I wouldn’t even mind going after Nick Foligno (RFA) – might be some good chemistry and I see both brothers being leaders. We also need to sign Ennis and Sulzer and if the price is right – even Kaleta. But, its time to unload Roy, Boyes, Hecht, and Ellis. I know Hecht wants to stay and continue playing, but I am concerned about his health and maybe he could help in Rochester.

  7. Sandy, I’d take Tootoo in a heartbeat at the right price.

  8. Vancouver I actually see a very likely scenario that the Canucks are unable to move Luongo, not for lack of trying, and I have to believe they want to hang on to Schneider. I foresee a very likely situation of being forced to keep 2 keepers with big cap hits. With the new CBA that might just make this year the Canucks last chance for success.

    Detroit Have actually positioned themselves well. They have a number of players ready to make the jump from the AHL, and have given themselves enough cap clearance to pursue one of the two biggies. I think they would lean more to Parise than Suter. Detroit has never spent big on D-men.

    Buffalo I actually see Toronto more interested in Miller than Luongo. I can also see a big trade between Buf and the Oil at the draft if the Oil move Gagner. Two young (but smallish) centers with Hodgson, and he comes cheap. Roy is gone if the stories about his attitude are true.

    I think there is going to some older big names available at the draft but a short list of teams interested. Look at San Jose, they have to make changes, Boston might need to move a goalie, same with Vancouver, and I think Washington might be willing to move some pieces, the new style of Hunter doesn’t really fit his lineup….kinda like Carlyle.

  9. Slap & Shot: in what universe would McPhee even consider moving Holtby? You’re out of your mind to even dream up such a ridiculous notion. There’s a better chance of them moving Neuvirth (which they won’t do).

  10. @Durt and Slap
    Did either of you guys watch the Marlies game yesterday?
    Colborne got pushed around like he’s 5ft tall and 140lbs. No fight back at all… That’s scary if this is how he is going to play.

    • His finger was sliced so badly yesterday that according to Eakins it was hanging like a thread. Had to have it sewn back on and that is why he had trouble holding his stick and couldn’t take face-offs which up until then he had been winning. Even the coach was surprised that he came back to play and he said he was in a lot of pain. Therefore, I think he deserves credit for being pretty tough to play like that.

  11. @Steve

    Oh how your words are music to my ears. I am tired of seeing this team constantly saying the leadership core of this team can get it done when they are healthy(insert excuse).

    The big named center they need must be a leader type. Pommer did a decent job this year, but he is not the right guy. He has been there too long with all the same guys. They need someone new.

    I would like to add the incredibly over paid and soft Vanek to the list of pieces to move. Based on the interviews I have heard from Sabres management, A few guys will be on the block this summer. Regeir has stated he wants more scoring up front and a big centerman.

    I expect him to cannonball into the deep end of the trade pool this summer.

  12. If we are talking about players the Caps move, I want to make that bold is it time to move ‘Ovie’ statement? Once again a coach is having no faith in him, not playing him, and reducing his ice time. Alex Semin has averaged more ice time in this playoffs then Ovi. We saw one coach moved as it was blamed on him … now another coach is doing the same thing.

    I don’t believe the Caps move Holtby as he is knock out … but what about the Caps trying to lure Parise via UFA this off season, resigning Semin and moving Ovechkin? I know far shot … really far shot, but Ovie’s no trade doesn’t even start until 2014 and that is a limited no trade clause. This also makes me think this deal right here …

    ANA: Getzlaf, 1st, 2nd
    WSH: Ovechkin

    Bring in Parise and you have Semin – Getzlaf – Parise as your top line bringing in a whole new culture and having 3 1st round picks in this years draft. Again PURE FANTASY on this front but just thinking outside the box.

  13. The Sharks’ problem is lack of depth beyond their stars: 3 dmen and 7 or so forwards.

    If the Broons’ lose in the first round, which seems likely, Thomas is gone. Their needs are a scoring left wing and a mobile left shooting dman.

  14. If, and it is an if, Lidstrom would agree to sign for a bargain price to take one more shot at the Cup and allow the Wings the cap space to sign both Parise and Suter, I think that scenario could very well play out.

    It is puzzling why the Preds are sitting Wilson in the playoffs once again. Trotz finally has the players to have 3 scoring lines with but doesn’t utilize the talent he now has. But as long as they’re winning, I doubt Wilson will see the ice. The trouble comes this summer when Wilson demands a trade out of town.

  15. I also believe the Sharks need a shack up. We had 3 lines of scoring depth last season. And only 2 lines this season. Lines 3 and 4 were so inconsistent they could have both been line 4. I also do not like the shifting of players to find a hot group. As Mc Clellen does this all season long. PK was a dissaster and The Sharks as a whole have become to predictable.Give to Big Joe and let him QB everytime. Joe is a great player but the game has change alot sense his trade to SJ. It’s become a transition game. And I’m sorry but the Sharks only transition right now is realing in there zone unable to keep up and chasing the puck. And when they do get the puck they are always looking rushed. Boyle trying to do to much when he has the puck and Murray is a handicap due to speed and puck control.Havlat and Burns conbine were a BUST. Big moves need to happen. Thornton is our best player but it might be time to move him for First round pick or Players and prospects. Start looking to the future. And no I didn’t forget about Marleau, Boyle, Havlat, all are aging players who still have some good value that teams would want.I’m not saying trade them all just one or two this will free up Salary space also. Pavs, Couture,these are keepers these guys you can rebuild around. We need to get back to 3 lines of depth. And no over paid Luongo. We have 3 possibly 4 goaltending prospects in minors that are very close to making the move to the NHL in Slalock,Sexsmith and Sateri all very good keepers.

  16. The Man – I agree, Vanek is overpaid – but soft, I don’t think so. He is willing to stand in front of the net and he does take a beating at times. The problem with Vanek is immaturity – he is not a leader nor does he know how to keep his emotion in check – wears it on his sleeve and he also tends to put too much on himself. That is the problem when you only have one line. Pommer is a sniper, but too mellow to be a Captain and no one really stepped up to take on that role. What is interesting is seeing the transition over in Philly – with Giroux, he quietly has stepped into the Captaincy role and sealed within the first 10 seconds of the game today – making his statement with Crosby and scoring right away. There are guys that are natural leaders Callahan, Grioux, Gionta and Parise to name a few. I also think guys like Downey, Boyle, Clowe and even Winnik can wear the mantle. As for the Sabres, I can see someone like Foligno or even Hodgson being the guy in a couple of years – but both need a mentor – now. I’m looking forward to see what Darcy, Terry and Lindy come up with – we have a couple of players that we can trade and they might be more desirable and bring in a better value when coupled with a high draft pick.

  17. Let’s follow the bouncing puck…
    Zack Parise has stated that his favorite player to watch in the NHL is Pavel Datsyuk. Zack Parise and Ryan Suter are very close friends and, as such, would enjoy the opportunity of playing together on the same team – preferably, a Stanley Cup contender. The Detroit Red Wings are one of the teams that fits that criteria and also has sufficient space under the salary cap to sign the both of them – regardless whether Niklas Lidstrom plays another year or not. In fact, a heavy, front-loaded contract for both Parise and Suter would makes sense as Lidstrom’s $6 million will be coming off the books either this year, or next. The deal is a match made in heaven for Parise and Suter, as well as the Detroit Red Wings.

  18. I would love my Hawks to trade Crawford for Lou.

  19. would a Patrick Marleau for Pomminville and a pick make sense for the sharks an sabers?