Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – April 29, 2012.

The latest from Hockey Night in Canada, Edmonton Journal, Boston Globe , Toronto Sun, The Globe and Mail, and more.


Could Jordan Staal be on the move this summer?

CBC.CA: During the April 28, 2012 second period “Hotstove” segment, Elliotte Friedman, Glenn Healy and Eric Francis discussed the latest on Roberto Luongo, Tim Thomas and Jordan Staal. Friedman acknowledged Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli said he was inclined to keep his goalie tandem intact, but he spoke with a couple of GMs who said they’d be interested in Thomas if he’s available…Francis suggested Miikka Kiprusoff might be available but there’s nothing known for certain about that. Francis believes there’ll be considerable interest in Roberto Luongo, and could help save a general manager’s job. He strikes the Florida Panthers off the list, pointing out they’ve got Jacob Markstrom and Jose Theodore, and suggested Toronto, Tampa Bay and Chicago make sense…Friedman and Healy believes Luongo will be moved, especially since the Vancouver fans no longer want him there…Friedman said Jordan Staal hasn’t asked the Penguins to be traded but wants more responsibility. The Penguins will try to do everything possible to re-sign Staal before he becomes a UFA next summer, but if he is available there will be plenty of interest. Healy and Francis believe if the Penguins do decide to move him, it would be smarter to do it this summer, rather than during next season.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports the San Jose Sharks might consider trading Patrick Marleau, though he feels they missed their opportunity, which would’ve been two or three years ago, to get top value for him. Matheson suggested Columbus, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Winnipeg as destinations, believing the Sharks would want promising young assets in return…He feels it would be a mistake for the Bruins to shop Tim Thomas, as he’s not fully convinced Tuukka Rask is ready for the starter’s role yet…Matheson feels it’ll come down to the Leafs and Blackhawks for Roberto Luongo’s services, and in the end, the Leafs will get him…He also believes Penguins defenseman Paul Martin is on the block, but given his $5 million per season salary, doubts there’s much of a market for him…

David Staples, meanwhile, suggests it would be a good idea for the Oilers to offer up the first overall pick to Pittsburgh for center Jordan Staal if he becomes available in the trade market.

BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont lists the reasons why the Bruins shouldn’t trade Tim Thomas this summer (unless he asks to be dealt), doubting he’d fetch much in return. He feels it would be better to hang onto Thomas for another season, and if Tuukka Rask proves himself as the starter, they could try to move Thomas near the trade deadline…He speculates Rask will be re-signed to a short-term deal at $3 million per…Term and payout will determine Chris Kelly’s future with the Bruins…Joe Corvo and Greg Zanon aren’t expected to be re-signed…Dupont wonders if Rick Nash will be reunited with Joe Thornton in San Jose, as the pair had terrific chemistry playing for Davos in Switzerland during the lockout…

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons asked two questions on a possible “Luongo-to-Toronto” trade: Would defenseman Mike Komisarek waive his no-movement clause to go to Vancouver, and would the Canucks take on his contract? Simmons believes the Canucks would have more interest in Matt Lombardi…Though Devils GM Lou Lamoriello told Simmons Zach Parise wasn’t going anywhere, others claim Parise is keen to test this summer’s UFA market…

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Eric Duhatschek noted Detroit Red Wings defenseman Brad Stuart wants to play for a California-based team to be closer to his San Jose-based family. Having already played for the Sharks and LA Kings, Duhatschek wondered if the Anaheim Ducks might be his next destination.

OTTAWA SUN:  Bruce Garrioch reports Senators GM Bryan Murray has work ahead, topping the list being re-signing Norris trophy nominee Erik Karlsson. He also admitted he’d like to add another defenseman and perhaps a top-six forward for Kyle Turris’ wing. Murray will await word from team captain Daniel Alfredsson if he’ll return next season, and faces decisions on pending UFAs Filip Kuba, Matt Carkner and Zenon Kenopka. Murray is also willing to go shopping for help in this summer’s UFA market if he can find something which makes sense for his team.

THE TENNESSEAN: Nate Rau reports Nashville Predators chairman Tom Cigarran said the team remains committed to re-signing its top stars despite the fact the club hasn’t turned a profit and the ownership group has invested $60 million of its own money into the team in recent years. Those stars include RFAs Shea Weber and Alexander Radulov, and UFA defenseman Ryan Suter.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lots of stuff to tackle this morning, so here goes: I wouldn’t be surprised if the Maple Leafs landed Luongo, but I’m still not buying Chicago as a destination, given how many players they’ve got committed to hefty, long-term salaries, plus they appear committed to Corey Crawford as their starter next season. I also doubt the Canucks would want to take back a bad contract like Komisarek’s. Say what you will about Luongo’s contract, at least he’s justified it so far. Same cannot be said of Komisarek. Besides, the Canucks already have a bad contract on their blueline (Keith Ballard), so why add another one? As for Lombardi, given his injury history, I doubt they’ll want him…the Flames apparently aren’t in any rush to move Kiprusoff, who still has two more seasons on his contract and apparently no desire to leave…Staal would undoubtedly attract considerable attention if the Penguins decide to shop him this summer, but that’s not a guarantee. Yes, they’re facing a potential cap crunch with Staal and Sidney Crosby being eligible for UFA status next summer, and Evgeni Malkin in two years time, but let’s not be too hasty assuming Staal will be the one to go. If he is available, however, by the June Entry Draft, I concur with Staples the Oilers should try to land him by offering up that first overall pick, though the danger with that is there’s no certainty Staal would want to stay with Edmonton beyond next season, as he’d be an expensive re-signing.

Marleau could be shopped, but his “no-trade” clause will significantly limit where the Sharks could move him. I doubt the Jets – committed to rebuilding with younger, affordable talent – would be interested in taking on an expensive, 33-year-old center, and we don’t know if Marleau would be interested in playing in Canada…I don’t see any takers for Paul Martin and his $5 million per season salary…I think there’s a fit for Stuart on all three California-based teams, depending on his salary demands. He could take a little less than market value to play closer to home…Here’s an interesting question: assuming the New Jersey Devils were to win the Stanley Cup this spring, might that push Zach Parise into the UFA market? Having won a Cup, perhaps he might be more willing then to consider returning to his home state of Minnesota, and a rebuilding Wild team.

While I don’t expect the Senators to just sit on their hands during the free agent period, I don’t expect them to make a big splash in the UFA market…Interesting bit about the Predators ownership and the willingness to spend to re-sign their best players. It’s been assumed Ryan Suter could depart, or Shea Weber could be traded, or Alexander Radulov could be dealt or return to the KHL. Three years ago, that probably would’ve been the case, but it appears a good possibility all three could return with the Preds next season. Much could depend, of course, on how they perform in this year’s playoffs, and how far the team goes.


  1. I am not sure about Luongo to Toronto. I think the Leafs might find themselves figting with the cap for years to come if they take on that contract. I am not really sure if Luongo is the solution to T.O.’s goaltending problems. He is good but I think it is clear that he is on the down side of his career and that isn’t what the team needs.
    I think they should go the cheaper route and see if they can land a guy like Harding. At least if he dosen’t work out they wouldn’t be saddled with a never ending contract.
    I think the Leafs should offer up Schen,Kadri and a 3rd to the oilers for the first overall. The oilers get a solid still developing dman and another speedy young forward who would mess well with the young forwards they have now. Toronto gets to pick twice in the top five and a chance to have a franchise player.

    • Schenn and Kadri?? Wow that seems a lot to me. I think when/if Kadri can add a few pounds he will be dominating. It is a great return though. The Russian kid could step in quickly.

  2. Interesting how the media from various parts of the hockey world see Lou heading to Toronto. I agree that the move could save BB’s job. The city would go crazy if they land him. Given the relationship between the two GM’s it would fall to Nonnis to make the deal…again.

    I am always concerned how all the analysts never consider any big names going to Buffalo. Mr. Pegula has shown he is willing to spend his money. Is there no chance Parise or Staal could be woo’d away to Buffalo? They too need/want a big center and more goal scoring. I don’t understand.

    Staal could get everything he has been asking for. More responsibility, chance to be the leader and be the face of the franchise.

    I won’t speculate on what pieces move, but they have the resources to make it interesting. (2 firsts and 2 seconds)

    The Pred’s are in trouble to keep all their big names. They are $10 million under the cap and are still losing money. Business people don’t like this pattern and won’t let it continue for very long. The ownership is saying they want to resign everyone, but realistically I struggle to see it happening. Losing one top d-man seams like the only possibility, but which one?

  3. Unless Chia can get equal or better value back for Thomas, there is zero sense in trading him. Then again, you don’t want to lose him for nothing. It really comes down to whether Timmy wants to stay in Boston beyond next season as a back up. I think the more pressing issue is whether Horton and Darth Quaider are going to be able to come back 100%. With the goaltending “issue” and all of the concussion history (Bergeron is another), Chiarelli is going to need to be busy making a back up plan so we don’t suffer the same fate next year.

  4. I meant “mesh well” not “mess well”. Ineed another coffee.

  5. Have to disagree with the Devils bit and Parise.
    If the Devils somehow manage to get past Philadelphia, which will be quite a task, and they make it to the conference finals… He’ll resign.
    If they win the cup, he’ll resign in Jersey, I’ll say that with 100% certainty, they’ll find the room to make it work.

    IF you want to play for a winner, why not play with the team you just captained to the cup!

    Staal to Edmonton. I don’t know. He is pretty young, and he’s been on some great teams… Even him in Edmonton, they’ll be bottom feeding again because they don’t have a blue-line.
    I’m fully expecting them to do everything in their power to land a top D-man. No point spinning wheels on forwards, when you can’t play any defense. Those kids they have will be gaining more and more confidence and will get you the offense you need… you need someone to patrol that blue-line and get out of the bottom 10 in GAA.

    This will be an interesting off-season.

    • If Edmonton lands a couple of good d-men this off season, look out they will be jumping up the standings.

    • Edmonton needs a goalie too. Dubie isn’t a legit number 1.

  6. Lets just say the Leafs will get Luongo, Kipper, (Brodeur for the Marlies), Nash, Suter, Parise, Staal, and Edmontons first rounder this summer so we can put this to bed. lol

  7. The Man – I think a Staal to Buflo trade would be a dream come true – he would give us the leadership, skill and centerman we need and bring some grit. What was the Pen’s weakest link – D – in excahnge we could give them Roy and also throw in Weber or a high draft pick (we have 2 #1s and 2 #2’s).

  8. Why isn’t anyone mentioning Columbus as a possible destination for Luongo? The guy thrives with low profile team. I think Toronto would be a suicide mission for him.

    Staal should ask to be dealt. He is always an unsung hero, puts up numbers, but it limited because of Malkin and Crosby. Let this guy be a go-to-guy for a team. He should be heavily pursued by the Leafs.

    • No way Luongo says to Gillis – Hey Mike, I’d really like to play and live in Columbus. I’ve had it with the Stanley Cup, I just want longer off seasons until I retire.

  9. Judging by what others have said in the past, I think I’ll be in the minority here, but I’d rather keep Komi. I honestly think he’s got a bit of a bad rap in TO. I think he’s a tad overpaid, but his grittiness will be very valuable if we ever make the playoffs. So if we were to offer a package for Luongo I’d way rather give Lombardi or Connolly as a salary dump. They only have one year left on their deals and considering the Leafs would take on Luongo for the next 10, Vancouver would have to take a small salary dump to even the books. That being said, I still don’t see BB taking that contract. But if he does, I see a willingness from future FA’s to sign here based on our new stability in net. I’d explore signing Vokoun to a 3 year 9mil deal, if he doesn’t want to come here, THEN kick tires on Kipper and Luongo.

  10. The Oilers need to trade the first pick overall. By moving down to 3 to 5 overall they could get a Ryan Murray or Morgan Rielly, Also a young Defencemen like Montreal’s Nathan Beaulieu or Toronto’s Jesse Blacker plus a second or third round pick.
    They would also need to pick up a high end defence through UFA or in a trade to show these young guys how to play in the NHL next year, than the following year watch out.
    If they take the Russian first overall, The young forwards on the Oilers will fight for ice time, one or two of them will not develop properly and lose confidence and will turn into a bust.The defence will still suck. They will finish just out of the playoffs, a which time they will draft a D-man that will be at least two years away from playing and so on……

    • With Edmontons weath of tallent they can afford to have a couple of busts….trade bait for an ellite defenceman. Drafting D takes to much time.

  11. I do not see why Edmonton needs anymore forwards, so I cannot comprehend where that Staal to Edmonton rumour generated. They need defense and or a goalie (and a coach).

    As for Staal to the Leafs, what about this deal? Kulemin and Franson for Staal, but the Leafs agree to take Paul Martin as well. Jeff Fingers contract is now off the books, so Burke can send Martin to the Marlies and let him try to clear reentry waivers when the season is underway, and other teams might need a D due to injury, and they would get him at 2.5 million which is not unreasonable, or they could just buyout his contract like they did with Finger. That still leaves the Leafs with 6 NHL defensemen plus a few Marlies like Holzer they can bring up when needed.That solves a major hole with the Leafs and allows Pittsburgh to go after Nash or Suter or whatever.

    Then they trade Komisarek, Joe Colborne and this years second round pick for Luongo.If Staal and Grabovski and Steckel are on the Leafs, Colborne will not see any playing time at Centre as he would not be effective on the 4th line. I would love to see Mike Zygomanis take on the 4th line centre role -great at face offs, high energy and a scoring touch.

    Canucks get a big third line centre, a physical defenseman whose contract is done in 2 years, and a draft pick that will almost be like another first rounder for them, and the cash is a wash.

    Just dreaming on a Sunday afternoon………

    • This is just me, but these both sound like great deals for the Leafs and bad deals for Pitts/Van. Someone had suggested a Sutter/McBain/2012 1st rounder for Staal, and that seems like a reasonable starting point. Franson struggled to get ice time for a bad T.O. defense, and Kulemin’s stock plummeted dramatically from a year ago. Even with Burkie eating Paul Martin’s contract, it doesn’t seem like anywhere near enough.

      As for Luongo…Colbourne looks more and more like a career AHL’er- a big player who doesn’t play big, and doesn’t rack up the points to make up for it. The 2nd rounder is in a bad draft year, and Komisarek is the very definition of “salary dump”- Vancouver might take him to balance the books, but he has no actual value.

      I can and do see T.O. getting Luongo. But the Leafs don’t seem to have the assets to pull off a Jordan Staal deal.

    • Probably best to keep dreaming =o)

      Throw in a high end draft pick along with Kulemin and Franson and you could *perhaps* get him out of Pittsburgh.

      Canucks don’t want a horrid contract like Komi; Colborne also doesn’t use his size at all. Tough to see what Vancouver will want from Toronto. Like, you know they’d want Kadri or Colborne and then picks.

  12. I do not think Luongo would want to goto Toronto despite media reports. I feel Tampa Bay would be the best fit by far. It would be good for his family life and it is low profile place to play. Plus I bet the Canucks would be more than happy to accept a draft pick and a couple of prospects in return. He is a great goalie who I feel just needs a fresh start. I think he just put his foot in his mouth and few time and the fan base jumped all over him. I am not saying these two guys are on the same level but I remember when Patrick Roy was traded to Denver and it reignited his career. I think this would happen with Luongo.

  13. I see the pens trying to do three things this summer

    1. Restock the farm team drafting true power fowards
    2. Trade Stall (Package Deal)and get a kings ransom
    3. Become more defensifly responible

    My Trade Idea (Mind you I am not a leafs fan)
    To Leafs: 1st(Pitt)Stall Martin
    To Pens: 1st(Tor) Ashton Kadri Schenn Armtrong

    Swap 1st rounds Gives Leafs Great Center they have been searching for along with a defensemen Pgh just dont want (Could return to form in a new venue)

    Pens Get True third line center (Kadri) and two wingers in Armstrong (With a questionable contract) ans Ashton Perfect compliment for the third line (maybe 2nd line potential) Finally another true shut down defensemen (Schenn) that pittsburgh is lacking (Orpick is getting older)

    Allows Pens to stay under the cap and makes both teams a lot better. Leafs Finally have Kessel a true center with offensive upside and strong two way play. Martin dosent fit into Pens style of play and should return to form for a team that could use a puck moving defensemen.

    • If you take the first out for Pitts… You’re close on the Toronto end for *Staal*.

  14. @Durt Vokoun only makes $1.5 million now why offer him double?? Because he sat on the bench in Washington??

    You are right though, this who the Leafs should go after. Anything else makes BB look like a lie and an idiot.

    All this talk about trading top tier players is crazy. I will be shocked if have of these guys get moved, but it is fun to see how everyone else values the assets of your team.

    That said, I would love to see Buffalo trade the following:

    To Pitts: Roy, 1st round in 2012(from Preds) a second in 2012 and third in 2013.

    To Buffalo: Staal and second in 2013.

    If required I would be willing to give them Stafford too.


    Vanek and Roy to Pitts for Staal.

  15. I think Malkin is going to be the one moved in the long run. Malkin brings more cap relief, larger return, and you keep the best two way center in the game. Just my thought.

  16. The swap of the firsts are important because of this years draft gives them a bit of a chance to draft and devolop a top tier prospect as a 2nd line wing you wont get the quality of a prospect to build the “future” on

  17. The Man, Vokoun took a discounted salary to play for who he thought was a contender. Lots of players have done this in the past. Either sign short term and cheap for a contender, or short term and cheap to bolster your value in a less competitive FA market. I doubt Vokoun takes 1.5 again, but if he did…great!

  18. A bit off topic here but I noticed how tight Philly is going to be on cap space next year, they have a ton of forwards and scoring goals is obviously not a problem. Will they look at moving someone like JVR who will be making 4.25 next season? I’m not sure they really need him

  19. The Canucks might want to look into taking Schenn, IMO his development in TO has been stunted by being thrust into a starting role too soon. In Van, he could play with any of the pretty decent defencemen in Hamhuis, Edler, Bieksa or Salo if they resign him to another one year contract. The Defence would break down something like this: Hamhuis-Bieksa….Edler-Schenn….Salo-Tanev. Thats pretty good in my eyes. Trade Ballard who got a bad rap, and actually played pretty good in the playoffs paired with Tanev.

  20. I think JVR could def move this off-season if the Flyers are looking for some help on defense.

  21. JVR is a good forward but I wonder what a team would give up for him? I assume its based on potential.