Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – April 6, 2014

The latest Leafs speculation, the latest musings on potential coaching changes, and updates on the Sedins, Cam Ward, Tomas Vanek and more.

Should the Canucks shop the Sedins this summer?

Should the Canucks shop the Sedins this summer?

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Adam Proteau believes the Canucks should stage a serious rebuild by shopping the Sedins and Ryan Kesler for as much as they can get in return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I concur with Adam, as the Canucks don’t want to turn into a steadily declining team as the Flames were during Jarome Iginla’s final seasons. However, they’ll likely keep the Sedins and move Kesler.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons believes the Maple Leafs must re-sign center Dave Bolland, even if it means overpaying him…Simmons wonders how much impact MLSE CEO Tim Leiweke could have on Randy Carlyle’s future as Leafs head coach…If the Predators fire long-time head coach Barry Trotz, how long until another club hires him? If the Penguins suffer an early playoff exit, could head coach Dan Bylsma lose his job?…The Leafs, Avalanche and Lightning could have serious interest in signing former Leaf Leo Komarov as a UFA this summer…Terry Koshan reports of speculation Leafs goalie James Reimer could request a trade this summer…Koshan also speculates Leafs defenseman Cody Franson could be dealt this summer if the Leafs miss the playoffs.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Re-signing Bolland could cost the Leafs $5 million per season on a six-seven year deal…Komarov’s indicated his preference is to return with the Leafs. They have over $22 million in cap space, but there might not be much of that left once they’re dong re-signing or replacing other key players…I still believe Reimer’s as good as gone this summer, probably by the NHL Draft weekend in June.  I could also see them move Franson. 

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch believes either Canucks GM Mike Gillis or Canucks head coach John Tortorella could lose their job at season’s end…The top candidates for the position of Flames general manager are Capitals GM George McPhee, Canucks assistant GM Laurence Gilman, and Maple Leafs assistants Dave Poulin and Claude Loiselle… Prior to the Islanders dealing Thomas Vanek to the Canadiens he spurned their seven-year, $50 million contract offer. Garrioch believes that could be the starting point for offers Vanek could receive as a UFA this summer…It’s believed three groups have interest in purchasing the Islanders before their move next year to Brooklyn…Capitals coach Adam Oates could lose his job at season’s end…The Hurricanes could shop goalie Cam Ward this summer. While the Oilers seem an obvious destination they recently added Ben Scrivens and Viktor Fasth. The Flames, Islanders, Sabres and Capitals could be seeking a goalie this summer…Garrioch believes the Hurricanes must decide if they’ll buy out the remaining four years of Alexander Semin’s contract, claiming if they don’t this summer they won’t get another chance…If the Blues suffer another early playoff exit, coach Ken Hitchcock could lose his job…Serious contract talks between the Canadiens and P.K. Subban could take place in the off-season…The Panthers hope to re-sign RFAs Dmitry Kulikov and Erik Gudbranson. They could take a run at Toronto’s Dave Bolland and Minnesota’s Matt Moulson if they become UFAs this summer…The Oilers are expected to bring back Dallas Eakins next season as their coach.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Vanek will almost certainly get another expensive, long-term deal this summer as a UFA, probably in the ballpark of that seven-year, $50 million range…I think the Hurricanes will have to pick up part of the remaining two years of Ward’s contract ($6.3 million annual cap hit) to move him this summer…As for a Semin buyout, I think Garrioch is referring to a compliance buyout when he said if they don’t do so this summer they won’t get another chance. This June is the last time teams can avail themselves of their compliance buyout options. Regular buyouts are still allowed and will continue over the remainder of this CBA. 

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks also believes either Gillis or Tortorella lose their job at season’s end. He claims Tortorella is quietly spreading word former Flames and Lightning GM Jay Feaster is a general manager he can work with…Brooks believes Hurricanes coach Kirk Muller will be replaced this summer.

BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa reports the Bruins are expected to carry a $4.5 million cap penalty into next season for exceeding this year’s $64.3 million cap ceiling due to bonuses to Jarome Iginla, Dougie Hamilton and Torey Krug. Even by placing Marc Savard on LTIR again for next season, they must re-sign those three, as well as RFAs Matt Bartkowski, Reilly Smith, Jordan Caron and Niklas Svedberg…Shinzawa believes the NY Rangers should re-sign pending UFA Benoit Pouliot, who’s been a good fit this season on their third line.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Without subtracting Savard’s $4.027 million cap hit, the Bruins have a little over $9 million in cap space next summer. Even by subtracting Savard’s cap hit, they’ll be no further ahead by being hit with $4. 5 million in cap penalties. So, either Igina goes unsigned, or the Bruins trade or use a compliance buyout to shed some salary, meaning they won’t be major players in this summer’s UFA market.


  1. Save the money on Bolland and sign Komarov. Both are 3rd liners who have never scored 20 goals in the NHL. Both are competitors (for what ever thats worth) 1 wants 5 mill the other you would probably sign for 2. Building a teams identity around a guy who misses anywhere between 15 and 50 games a year every year of his career except 1 is just plain stupid. Figures its coming from Mr. “Good thing the Leafs dont play in the Corsi Hockey league ” Simmons.

    • Don’t be to surprized if your boy Nonis signs him to a $5M+ contract for 7 years. He has a knack for caving. Lupul would have to be moved out to afford it

      • Is that what you would call Kadri Franson, Komarov (leaving for more money) Raymond or Berniers deal? Not so sure I agree that he has a knack for caving, and Im not getting into others that you dont like so they must be over paid arguements.

        • Oh my god you are priceless. You just went on ranting about the difference between an RFA and a UFA two days ago and now you suddenly have amnesia.

          It’s easy to hold tight on an RFA with no arb rights ala Kadri and Franson since they hold no power. Why would you put Bernier in your statement? Nonis gave him what he wanted. $3M for a guy with barely any playing time and zero experience as a number one. Oh that’s tough negotiating.
          Komarov as a 4th liner was easy to let go and Raymond? he was a UFA that no one wanted. Your argument makes no sense.
          How about talking about decent UFA players who have held power ie: Phaneuf, Clarkson, Kessel, Bozak, Grabovski, Lyles. Nonis caved on everyone of them. The only reason Nonis will let Bolland walk is because he can’t afford him otherwise he will totally over pay as he does with every UFA.

          • Reading comprehension not very strong? You said knack for caving I said I dont think so. You made no mention of RFA or UFA and a guy with a “knack for caving” may just have some thoughts on caving to a 22 year old player who was on pace for 80 points the year he is negotiating a deal or trading him. Franson did have rights didnt use them, that Nonis fault too? Why do you blame Nonis for bad contracts before he was the actual GM Lyles and Grabo. At the time Burke was th GM and Loiselle did the contracts not Dave pretty sure we have had this discussion before.

          • Hey Shticky…

            off topic I know, but I have to know..Now that the season is almost done, how would you rate the performance of the guys we argue about?

            Kadri, Franson and Gardiner, and to a lesser extent Reimer?

            Just curious. Looking at numbers, I’d have to say Kadri is a disappointment, as is Reimer.

            What about the 2 young dmen?

            Sorry for being off topic, but your comments on the rfa’s stirred the question.

          • I think since Jan maybe Feb, Gardiner has been one of the better Leafs D, Kadri maybe a bit of a dissapointment but has been dragging around Clarkson on a line and when not Clarkdon has been thru Kuli and Raymond with the m7xing up of his line overall Id say cant really judge him too much from this season next year would be more of a true indication. Franson I was calling a 1 trick pony last year after he moved up away from Fraser to play second pairing minutes, you seen big giant holes in his game in his own end, but still very good offensively and probably capable of being a no. 1 type d on a pp. I still believe Reimer is a starter in this league and would be fine on a team that has some kind of D structure, not an elite type starter but more than a backup. I think once he moves on he is going too look a lot better than he has here, and the haters will be laughing and pointing at another guy that left for little to nothing…such is the way of the Leafs.

          • I hope they keep Gardi er because Rielly and Gardiner coulld be a great pairing in the future or possibly playing 1 with Phaneuf and using them in more o zone starts and finding more of a defensive stud and playing him with the other would cut down on Dions minutes put Dion back in to a role he played well in (Erickkson was his d partner in Calgary they were more of an offensive role than shut down) when he finnished second for the Norris.
            A guy like Fayne and Gardiner and Reilly and Phaneuf gives way better ballance as a 1/2 pairing. Gardiner and Franson was asking for trouble.

          • shticky maybe I wouldn’t have a reading issue if you could actually write. Franson had no rights you are confusing him with Fraser and of course I forgot you always give Nonis a free pass for the four years he was AGM handling the contracts while Burke was GM when it was a well known fact Nonis was in charge of the contracts.

            Fine defend your boy Nonis just let it be known he will be gone by seasons end next year and I better not ever hear even a whisper out of you when everyone is complaining about Phaneuf and his monster immovable contract next season and how we are once again up against the cap.

          • lol oooh ripping on a guys writing abilities (new phone is a little more touchy than the last one) Ill use a keyboard to keep it a little more simple for ya.

            How many links do you need to show you that you are wrong?
            Loiselle did and still does the contracts and takes care of the cap…that’s his job. Yes as a GM Nonis would have of course have to sign off on deals like Clarksons so yes he has some responsibility in that, but as far as Lyles Komisarek Grabovski ect he was the assistant GM. who did things like look after the Marlies had input on trades had a hand in hiring coaches ect. Loiselle did the contracts


            Read up Mr. everybody knows.

      • I wonder how secure Nonis is as GM. He could be on the way out as well.

        • I used to think Nonis was safe but now I am not so sure after hearing Tim Lieweke talk this week, not sure now that secure would be a word Id use to describe Nonis now. Probably but I wouldnt be shocked after all the other GMs Tim has fired or at least helped get rid of since he came to Toronto

          • Nonis in charge of contracts over Burke? Do you think Burke would even allow that? He hired the guy. Nonis assisted Burke man as what an assistant GM does. Lol where are you getting your information from?

            Clarkson and Phaneuf are Nonis’ fault but Liles and Grabovski wasn’t his fault. What is wrong with Bozak? If he had been playing the whole year he’d be on pace for 70 points on a cap hit of $4.2 I think? Absolute steal IMO. Nothing wrong with Kadri either. He’s doing a lot of the work by himself on his line. I don’t even follow the Leafs and I know that man. Nonis also brought you guys a legitimate starter in Bernier for not much going out. Pretty solid GM so far.

            Like I’ve said earlier the only mistakes I’ve seen Nonis make is Phaneuf and Clarkson contracts.

      • off the subject someone tell eckland that tor has 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 % in spezza

  2. Semin’s contract was signed after the CBA was ratified Carolina can’t use a compliance buyout.

    • Indeed, which makes Garrioch’s claim they cannot buy him out after this year even more bizarre.

      • Not really.
        Bobo heard, Bobo typed, Sun printed.
        Garrioch is undoubtedly plugged in to good sources, but IMO has never exhibited any real/independent understanding of issues or value added analysis.

  3. Now with the Predators on a tear right now, do you think that Trotz could get another year, since most of the year was player without Rinne his work horse?

    • Yes he deserves a chance IMO. He really has nothing to show for his time there IMO anyway. I don’t know how many times they’ve made the 2nd round of the playoffs (1 maybe?)A coach like Laviolette IMO could do wonders there.

  4. Sabres do not need another goalie. Especially an overrated one like Ward. I’d take Reimer before I’d take Ward. We have Enroth, Neuvirth, Lieuwen and Hackett vying for playing time no way Murray screws that up with more goalies with inflated salaries.

    If I was Calgary or Washington I’d hire Darcy Regier. McPhee has proven he cannot make the right trades or bring in the right free agents so I do not know why any team would hire him.

    Who would the Bruins buyout? That whole team looks like they should be together.

    • Why would you want to hire a general manager who has proven himself unable to make wise trades and sign any free agents? If you are going to ignore external talent to address your team’s needs and depth, you are going to suffer. Regier was fired from Buffalo for a reason. I would be very surprised he found another job in the NHL.

  5. The comment that Dallas Eakins is going to be back is mind numbing. People who think Torts is the worst coach this year have not been paying attention to Edmonton. He came out of a hyped up situation with the Marlies and they’re doing fine without him. He has to go.

    The saving grace in this is that all those quotes come from Simmons, Garrioch and Brooks. The worst writers in the history of sports going back to ancient Greece. The only trustworthy content here is Lyle’s analysis after each comment.

  6. I liked Leo Komarov. Perhaps he would consider resigning here while Bolland walks as an UFA; and he likely will.Reimer will likely only resign if Carlyle is removed as the coach; otherwise he too will choose to go.

    Carlyle? time to go man..players have had enough of you..whatever it is you think just doesn’t seem to matter to this group of MoFo’s called Maple Leafs..time to go somewhere else and cheer them up instead.

  7. The Bruins will definitely not resign Caron who is a RFA,big disappointment. Bartkowski gets moved I think since the B’s have several young defenseman and forwards in Providence who are ready for prime time.Iginla will go back to Calgary for his final season after he wins his Cup.Svedberg will probably be the backup next year as Johnson like so many backups will move to another home for considerably more than he is making now.