Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – April 8, 2012.

Latest on Jarome Iginla, Daniel Alfredsson, Zach Parise, Paul Stastny and Milan Hejduk.

Does Iginla want to return with the Flames?

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis reports Jarome Iginla’s future with the Flames will be a prime topic for the front office, while Steve MacFarlane reports Iginla for the first time wondered about his future in Calgary, particularly if the team engages in a rebuild.

MacFarlane also heard from a beat writer who follows the Anaheim Ducks say he believes they might have interest in Flames center Olli Jokinen if he hits the UFA market this summer to play center on their second line with Teemu Selanne, if the latter returns next season.

CALGARY HERALD: George Johnson, however, doubts the Flames will move Iginla this summer,  or that he’ll request a move. Johnson feels the Flames need to make changes, but doesn’t believe they’ll involve notable players like Iginla, Miikka Kiprusoff, Jay Bouwmeester, Mark Giordano or Curtis Glencross.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Flames are to move Iginla, this summer could be their best option. Yes, they could keep him and perhaps move him at the trade deadline next season, but they won’t get as good a return as they would this summer, when there are more teams with more cap space willing to take him on. As for Jokinen and the Ducks, let’s first see if the Flames wish to cut him loose, and if Selanne decides to return.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan recently reports New Jersey Devils captain Zach Parise admires the Red Wings style of play,and is a big fan of Wings star Pavel Datsyuk. That’s bound to stoke speculation he could sign with the Red Wings this summer as an unrestricted free agent.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It remains to be seen, however, if Parise becomes a UFA. Much depends upon the Devils playoff performance this spring, as well as the club’s financial situation.

SPORTSNET.CA: Ian Mendes recently reported if this season could be the last for Ottawa Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson, who has one season remaining on his current contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If there’s another season-killing lockout, perhaps. Don’t worry, hockey fans, that won’t happen. Otherwise, I believe “Alfie” will return for the final season of his contract, and will ponder retirement after that.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater believes the Colorado Avalanche have to make a real decision regarding Paul Stastny’s future, pointing out Stastny hasn’t hit the 60-point mark the past two season. He believes management has to decide if it’s worth continuing to invest in Stastny’s big contract, or shop him for the best return they could get. Dater also believes this could be Milan Hejduk’s final season with the Avs.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe it’s more likely Hejduk has played his final game with the Avs. Moving Stastny isn’t impossible, but his expensive contract makes it very difficult.



  1. I saw the interview with Iginla, and it sounds like he would accept a trade to a contending team. He’s a class act so I’m sure he wouldn’t block a trade if Feaster wanted to move him. Also, I don’t think Feaster would move him to a major rival either, so I would expect to see him on a team in the east .. if he’s moved at all.

  2. I don’t see Jokinen to the Ducks making a lot of sense. Playing him with Teemu could be a good fit, but Selanne will likely retire (for real) after next year and whoever gets Jokinen probably needs to sign him to a 3-4 year contract. I’m not sure the Ducks would want him beyond when Selanne retires.

  3. I feel for the Devils. They finally put their team back together after a disastrous season last year; only to have their captain and hardest working player moving out of town for nothing.

    As for the Ducks, Flames need to try and never let that signing happen (Trade the rights to Olli before the free agency period). If anyone remembers when he played for Pheonix, for that short time, he was always beating up on the Flames. Now throw in Teemu and watch the Ducks continue their annual dominance of Calgary.

    As for Calgary. They have to do something about TWO of the following contracts:

    Jerome Iginla: 7,000,000
    Matt Stajan: 3,500,000
    Jay Bouwmeester: 6,680,000
    Miikka Kiprusoff: 5,833,333

    Of course Miikka & Jerome will get you the best return, Stajan is a likely buyout candidate if there’s free buyout again. Bouwmeester is probably hard to move, but I think you could probably move him if you searched all possible avenues.

    As for Stastny, I believe he can still be a 70+ point guy in the NHL. I know he can. On this Colorado team, no one broke the 60 point plateau, it was a low scoring team (6th lowest) that is still rebuilding but has some amazing pieces (O’Reilly & Landeskog(who on a team with deep -‘s finishing +20)).

    Now, I don’t think Colorado would do this trade simply because Stastny would make them pay time and time again; but:

    Paul Stastny, 6,600,000 for Jay Bouwmeester, 6,680,000

    Straight up; Both are signed until 2014.

    Calgary gets a top line center that’s only 26 years old, while Colorado gets a top defensemen, that is still relatively young (28) who can move the puck, eat up huge minutes and has more points than any other Dman currently on their roster.

    Both I believe need a change in scenery, Bouwmeester flourishes under less stress (FLA vs CGY) and I think that Stastny would flourish in Calgary (It’s hard being an NHL’er in COL these days, The Broncos are more important for most Denver residents to the nth degree).

    If this trade happens, then you can either move someone else to start a quick rebuild (You have a young top line center, something every team wants/needs, and you have pieces, Cammi, Tangs, Giordano, Glencross).
    Could be a quick reshuffle, or we could see a full tilt rebuild in Calgary.

    Can’t wait for the summer :)!

  4. The Avs haven’t put Statsny in a position to succeed. If he is traded it will only be a year or so until the deal is viewed as a “steal” by the other team. Statsny has all the tools to be a very good first line center but needs to be with quality wingers and in a system where he can thrive.

  5. I do believe for Colorado now is the time to move Statsny. Duchene and O’Rielly are your two top centers going forward. With Landy, Jones, McGinn, hopefully Mueller you have a decent future. I think the Ave’s really need to look at getting a defenseman and another scoring winger moving forward. If they can lure Parise or Suter this off season (providing both test) that could be a good place, but I wouldn’t put your eggs in that basket.

    I think a huge question will fall on, what is the value of Paul Statsny right now, how much can you get for him. I’d be looking to get a draft pick and either a 2nd line winger and/or a top four defenseman and be prepare to possibly take salary back. I also wouldn’t mind seeing if you could catch a team desperate who may over pay.

    I stated before and I believe the Flames need to do an earnest rebuild. I don’t think that means move everything out right away, but I believe it needs to start at this years draft with either Kipper or Iggy being on the move. I also believe that Stajan will find himself bought out this year … but I think they should hold J-Bo. He is still 28 has tons of talent and will be playing for 8-10 more years easily and is a big part of the defensive rebuild.

  6. Not bad, Miokid! I agree that trade probably wouldn’t happen, but it’s a good one – kudos for coming up with a trade on here that is reasonable and helps both teams (and has nothing to do with the Leafs! lol)

  7. As a Flames fan, I say dump Bouwmeester. He’s underperformed since he got here, for whatever reason. Get rid of him, Stajan, and probably Kipper. Give Iginla the option of staying or going to a contender, maybe Pittsburgh.

  8. Its a very tough question for the Flames to answer.The Calgary Flames are a proud organziation and it is hard to imagine them without their franchise leading scorer and netminder. While i feel Calgary will have a much different look I dare to say it will still include Iginla, Kiprusoff, Cammalleri, Giordano, and Glencross next season.My view on Bouwmeester is a uncertain one. He is a rather sturdy defenceman. However he just cant live up to the expectations he has contractially bound to his name. While I agree with MioKids trade proposal’, I am curious about Calgary and Colorado as trade partners. Not that they havent traded before,just that divisional rivalries are as heated as ever. Though anything can happen. Very much looking forward to the playoffs and off season. While I’m optimistic Feaster can perhaps wheel and deal to retain the teams stars, things look bleak at best. Yet I applaude Jay Feaster and his team for, maybe not neccasrily turning the franchise around 180 degrees yet I feel it is on the right path. Despite all the questions that have been cued at this seasons end.

  9. @Paddy

    Thanks man =o)

    I try and think trades through a few times, and try not to overvalue or undervalue any player in deal. It does get annoying reading these forums when any big name is available, and of course, he’s going to Toronto for a bag of pucks, the team washing machine and a third round pick.

    As I always say.
    A) Make the numbers work
    B) Make the deal make sense.

    So that there’s no like 7 million going one way, and 3 AHL contracts on two-ways totally 2.5 million going the other. Or a team gives away their franchise player for a player who can’t crack a below-average team (A-la Kadri-Toronto) and a few other minor pieces.
    Like you’d think people would learn, look what it took to get Kessel out of Boston, it’d be ridiculous for teams to give up their talent for less.

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