Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – August 17, 2014

Latest on Martin Brodeur, Marc Staal, Torey Krug and Kevin Hayes, plus a look at the Carolina Hurricanes.   

Does an offer from the KHL give Torey Krug leverage in contract talks with the Bruins?

Does an offer from the KHL give Torey Krug leverage in contract talks with the Bruins?

ESPN.COM: In a recent live chat, Katie Strang stated her belief Martin Brodeur could be waiting for potentially an injury situation which could open up a roster spot. He’s been linked to the Minnesota Wild, who intend to open the season with Josh Harding (who’s battling multiple sclerosis), Niklas Backstrom (recovering from abdominal surgery) and Darcy Kuemper…She doubts Torey Krug’s offer from a KHL team gives him significant leverage in negotiations with the Boston Bruins…She believes the New York Rangers should try to lock up defenseman Marc Staal to a long-term extension. He’s eligible for UFA status next summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Like most observers, I’m not expecting Brodeur to land with a new club before training camp. Indeed, he could end up waiting past the start of the season for the right situation to present itself…Like Strang, I don’t see Krug jumping to the KHL. He’ll have to accept a short-term deal as the Bruins have limited cap space…Obviously the Rangers will try to re-sign Staal, but it remains to be seen if negotiations drag on through the season as they did last season with Henrik Lundqvist, Dan Girardi and former Rangers captain Ryan Callahan.

NHL.COM: Dan Rosen, recently responding to reader e-mail, doesn’t believe the Rangers should trade Staal this season. While acknowledging Staal’s UFA status next summer, Rosen believes he’ll get $5 million per season on his new deal, which the Rangers can afford.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: He could get more than that on the open market. He could seek between $5.5 – $6 million per from the Rangers on a seven-year deal. 

NBC SPORTS: James O’Brien wonders how patient the Carolina Hurricanes new management (headed by new GM Ron Francis) will be with their current core of talent if the club once again struggles to reach the playoffs. He notes captain Eric Staal probably isn’t worth his $8.25 million salary while oft-injured goalie Cam Ward’s $6.3 million cap hit is difficult to move. Still, O’Brien believes the Hurricanes would be dealing from a position of disadvantage if they try to blow things up this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Another lousy season, however, could push Francis and company to shake things up. Ward would be very difficult to move without eating part of his salary. Eric Staal has more trade value but he would have to first agree to waive his no-trade clause.

DENVER POST: Mike Chambers speculates the Colorado Avalanche, despite having limited cap space, could have interest in former Chicago Blackhawks prospect winger Kevin Hayes, who’s now an unrestricted free agent. The Avs also have to re-sign restricted free agent defenseman Tyson Barrie.


  1. Is Marc Staal worth $5 m ? Concussions, eyes and other injuries his entire career.

    • If Phaneuf is getting paid $7+ then hells yes he should get paid that much.

      • Dion is the contract mistake that all the other GMs have to explain to agents and players – how could a stiff like Phaneuf get such a deal?

  2. I guess you have not seen him play lately.

    • I guess you haven’t either if you think he is worth 5 million

      • Guess you haven’t seen brooks orpik play

      • only made it to stanley cup final, def not worth 5M, but jake gardener is worth 4M and hasn’t done much.

      • Mark Stall isnt but guys like Orpik MacDonald Nikitin Niskanen Streit Wideman are???Guess Jello hasnt seen many D men play.

        • I would take Staal over any of the defenseman you mentioned.

          • Exactly my point Staal is totally worth 5 mill. Other 5 milll guys Id take Staal over…Markov Martin Visnovski Gonchar. His health could be a bit of concern I guess, but his games is better than alot of guys who make 5 mill.

  3. Staal is a solid player in his own end, though the offensive side of his game has developed significantly slower than projected. Still, he’s an excellent shut-down guy and the Rangers need more than just Dan Girardi to shut down opposing players. Said skills also make him invaluable as a penalty killer. These qualities alone make him worth $5 million a season based on the current NHL contract trends.

    • Well said…

      • 5 mil isn’t that bad for player like that. its only his health that’s a concern. not his performance.

  4. Krug should get what he deserves it’s not his fault the Bruins have no cap space.
    Same goes for Riley Smith.
    Why haven’t they moved a few guys yet.
    Caron,Maquaid and Bartkowski could all be moved to clear space to sign these guys.

    • Other teams w/cap space are waiting for the B’s to get desperate – that time will come along with other teams like the Hawks.

    • Moving those three would have little to no effect on the Bruins cap situation, It might make it worse. If you move Caron, who is going to fill his roster spot? Rob Flick makes $833 less against the cap than him. Tyler Randall – $25,000 less. Everyone else on the Bruins roster would cost you MORE against the cap than Caron.

      What they really need to do is to get Marc Savard to sign his retirement papers. Otherwise you are looking at losing someone like Boychuk or Kelly.

  5. dion is not worth the big contract he got! if he was that good, calgary would never have traded him when they did! also, he is not the type of leader/captain they need! (doug G, mats…). subban might make a few mistakes, and as much as i dont like his arrogance, he is a damn good player….just not 9mil worth…yet?! staal does have injury problems, but in today’s market he is worth the 5mil.

    the sad thing about bringing up injuries is, that they occured playing for their teams!!! so a good contract for a reasonable amount of years is a good compensation for a player that gives his all for their team!

    • It does not matter if Dion’s contract is good or bad. What matters is that is what the market is dictating. Dion would have received the same offer from practically the rest of the league. Same with Subban. If Staal makes it to UFA, he will get $7 million plus. Why? Because that is what the market will pay

  6. Duncan Keith arguably the best defenseman in the league, is inarguably the best Dman dollar wise at $5,538,462 a season. So could someone tell me again how Dion is worth 7. Ya that’s what I thought.

    • Well dolt…errr I mean doug, when Keith signed his 13 year cap circumventing deal, the cap was 59 mill and he was getting paid 8 mill of it so 13% of the cap and trailed off 92% down to 1.5mill over 13 years, Dion signed his deal with a cap thats nearly 10 million dollars higher and his contract had limits on how long it could go on for and by the variance from year 1 till the end of no more than 50 % of its highest year… so in other words if keith did his exact same deal this year (it would be higher due to now he has another cup but…)

      .13 × 70 = 9.1 mill 8 year deal 2 mill higher cap hit atleast just based on his previous contract, not taking into consideration he has won another cup since then… cant compare contracts that are now considered cap circumventing that were written when the cap was 10 million dollars less. Its a stupid comparision do you really think Subban is worth nearly double what Keith is??? of course not, no one does. The contracts are totally different now compared to then. Quit comparing Weber, Keith and Suter to what guys make now its a ridiculious comparison.