Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – August 26, 2012.

Updates on Shane Doan, Bobby Ryan and Tyler Seguin.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS/MLIVE.COM: recently reported on the comments made late last week by Shane Doan’s agent claiming the veteran right winger would sign a new contract prior to September 15th, either with the Phoenix Coyotes or another NHL team. Pat Leonard of the Daily News noted Doan’s desire to re-sign with the Coyotes, that there’s reportedly a four-year $30 million offer from the Buffalo Sabres, plus the Pittsburgh Penguins and Nashville Predators also have interest. Leonard, however, believes the NY Rangers and Vancouver Canucks are the front-runners for Doan’s services if he leaves Phoenix. Brendan Savage of, meanwhile, reported the Detroit Red Wings have interest in Doan, but it’s uncertain if he has any in the Red Wings, noting Doan hasn’t visited with Wings management.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: Mike Harrington reports Sabres GM Darcy Regier claimed he’s had no conversations with Doan and had no comment on rumors his club offered the Coyotes captain a four-year, $30 million deal. Regier said his club remains interested in Doan but have yet to speak to him.  The Sabres GM also said he will speak with the Tyler Ennis camp this week. Ennis is a restricted free agent who missed 34 games last season, leading Harrington to suspect he won’t get a massive jump from the $875K he earned last season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Sabres did make that offer, and if it were only about money for Doan, he’d have signed by now. At this point, everything appears to hinge on the sale of the Coyotes. It seems to me if the sale isn’t finalized by early-September, Doan could be moving on. For now, we continue to wait.

Will the Ducks move Ryan this summer?

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Eric Stephens, in his player analysis of Bobby Ryan, observed how often the winger has appeared in trade rumors.

“He’s been ticketed for Philadelphia, Boston, Buffalo and New York City. He’s been coveted in Detroit, Pittsburgh, Ottawa and Colorado. Perhaps even Toronto still wants him.”

Stephens noted the Ryan rumors (real and imagined) went into overdrive when the winger vented his frustration in late-June, but since then there’s been nothing of note regarding his situation. GM Bob Murray claims he’s not shopping Ryan and would only listen to offers from interested parties, but there obviously hasn’t been one to convince Murray to move him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ryan’s future in Anaheim could be determined by the club’s performance this season (assuming there’s a full one). If the Ducks are performing well, they’ll have no reason to move him. If they’re performing poorly again, a significant shake-up could be in the works, which could involve Ryan.

BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa reports a Bruins source believes young forward Tyler Seguin will sign a new contract before there’s a new CBA, pointing to the recent deals signed by comparable young forwards like Carolina’s Jeff Skinner and Edmonton’s Taylor Hall…Shinzawa also suggests the current CBA negotiations are holding up possible trades of Vancouver’s Roberto Luongo, Anaheim’s Bobby Ryan and LA’s Jonathan Bernier.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Remains to be seen if Seguin get anything comparable to Hall’s seven-year, $42 million deal. Their regular season numbers are comparable (Hall has 95 points, Seguin 89), but Seguin had a better sophomore season (67 points) than Hall (53 points). Either way, Seguin stands to cash in… The CBA negotiations have certainly affected the trade and free agent markets. The only significant moves of late has been teams re-signing key players to long-term extensions.


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  2. Wow how good was that trade of kessel for seguin and hamilton? Boston killed it

  3. Raise your hand if you are simply sick of the Doan situation… (my hand is raised)

    Frankly, you can take his rather pedestrian 20 goals and shove them. AND… if this is an example of his “leadership” abilities… you can shove those too…

    • Every year there’s a player or two whose negotiations just go on and on, and this year, it’s Doan.

      However Jim, there’s no knocking his leadership intangibles. While I certainly wouldn’t give him the rumored 4 years and $30 mil we’ve been hearing about, he would be a great two-year guy for a team like the Sharks who definitely need some inspirational guys in the room.

      • Hey Jim, the company you work for is going bankrupt but trying to get a loan to stay afloat and won’t get moved to somewhere you didn’t sign on for therefore uprooting your life and family.

        You’ve worked there your whole life and really like it.

        You even tell them if they can hold it together you will stay loyal and work for them.

        If they can’t, you’ll have to do what’s best for you and your family.

        You take the time to actually check out future places of employment and areas to live for you and your family instead of making a rushed decision the nosy neighbor next door wants you to make because they need to know NOW what you intend to do so they can gossip to the other neighbors about it.

        Do you do what’s best for you, your family and yes, even your struggling company in a dare I say responsible way that shows good leadership both inside and outside of work or do you do what the nosy neighbor wants?

        I know where you can shove your 20 goals neighbor.

        • Whoa. If he wants to stay in Phoenix because that’s where his life is, fine. Man up and sign there. I’d respect that decision. If he wants to leave because he’s concerned about the team’s future, fine. Man up and sign somewhere else. I’d respect that decision, too. So far, he’s done neither, and leaves teams and GMs in multiple cities waiting on him. At the end of the day, let’s at least all be honest: he’s looking for someone else to make his decision for him, period. I personally have no respect for that personality trait, and totally understand how others would feel the same way.

          • It’s about his wife and kids, period! You’re way off dude.

      • What leadership intangibles? His teams have made the playoffs only 50% of the seasons he’s been in the league, and they’ve played more than 7 games a grand total of once. How can I reasonably evaluate his leadership intangibles when they actually matter in the almost total absence of meanignful experience? He’s a great guy, by all accounts, and fine, I’ll accept that. But for my money, he’s not even as valuable as Bill Guerin was for the Penguins back in ’09. At least Guerin had won something.

    • I find this much more interesting than the Kovalchuk situation.

  4. I don’t think Buffalo had a choice but offer Doan a huge payday.

    Most of the other free agents won’t even look at Buffalo because of their track record of poor performances. In order to make a real change they need to over pay a few more guys in order to entice they to move. Doan is only but one of them.

    And I’m a Buffalo mark….but the true is…..

  5. On Doan. Personally I think the Sabres are insane if that offer is accurate. Hell I wouldn’t make that offer for a 25 yr old Doan. I believe the whole Doan melodrama will end where it started, in Phoenix. The boy loves his ranch.

    On Ryan. I don’t think anyone can blame the kid for being upset. Seriously, months and months of this trade stuff must drive a player insane. I also can’t see how he can deal with management after all this? I don’t see Ryan finishing the next season with the Ducks.

    On Seguin. Hall and Skinner had PPG over .78 for their first two years, where as Seguin is closer to a PPG of .57, yes Seguin had a few more points than Hall, yet over a much greater number of games. Also there is the role each plays on their existing team, Seguin is barely a top 6 on the Bruins (for now). I don’t see him getting more than $5.0 per year.

    • brutal comments on seguin…

      Hall and Skinner played a top line role on awful teams there first 2 years…more TOI…of course they are goin to have more pts then Seguin playing on the stanly cup champs as a rookie…

      You need to get ur head checked for seguin barely being a top 6….he led the bruins in scoring last year….how is he barely a top 6? he also was added to the all-star game…This must be some kind of joke post??

  6. No one believes in “Hockey Heaven” being in Buffalo right now. So until they do and Buffalo wins a Stanley Cup, they will have to pay a “loser’s tax” on every top name player they go after if they hope to land him.

  7. Heard rumours of bobby ryan to the leafs. Some names that are expected to be involved in the trade are franson, macarthur, lombardi, bozak and blacker from the leafs, and ryan(obviously), palmieri, and mcmillan from the ducks, most likely a few picks will be thrown in there as well. There’s a rush for a trade before the new CBA deadline, but the CBA talks are also holding them up as well. This makes sense for both teams as this will calm the bobby ryan issue in anaheim, potentially give some decent depth or prospects on defence(might soften the loss of j.schultz) as well as give some very much depth at center for a team greatly lacking it. This should help the leafs as well as it gives burke the top 6 forward he is looking for( its not the necessary center needed, but is a player that burke absolutely loves, an american to top it, at a reasonable cap hit and length for burke) and will help give the leafs some cap help, and will help the franson situation(wants top minutes which he will get as a duck, and seems to not want to resign with the leafs). Some may argue it may not be enough for ryan, but based on the needs of each team, the close relationship with burke, and that franson put up solid numbers for a guy who was a scratch most of the year and still has top 4 potential and size, it seems like a done deal with a few minor pieces just left to be sorted out.

      macarthur, lombardi, bozak add nothing to the Ducks.

      palmieri, is Ducks second best prospect and NHL ready

      This rumor is pure BS

      • I agree!!! And to say that Fransen would get top minutes on the Ducks… Where in the hell is he going to get top minutes? And for the Ducks to give up Palmieri in a trade where they lose Ryan. You are out of your mind. Beside Ryan, Palmieri is our next pure sniper, one of our top prosepcts. I am so tired of hearing bogus rumors about Ryan to the Leafs. He isnt going anywhere. If the Ducks wouldnt accept just Coutier or Scheen (it had to be both) in return for Ryan, how in the hell would franson, macarthur, lombardi, bozak and blacker plus picks even get the job done? HORRIBLE

  8. Did the Sabres not learn anything after grossly overpaying for Ville Leino? Apparently not.

  9. I love Taylor Hall big strong scoring winger. But when this is all said and done I think Tyler Seguin will have the better career. Bruins need to look after this kid and get Dougie playing this year.

  10. Old soldier couldn’t disagree more on Seguin.
    Seguin barely plays on the power play.If he did he would have more points than Hall and Skinner.His playing time his first year was half of what Halls was.He also has to play defense in the Bruins system where Hall and Skinner don’t back check.
    He also isn’t playing center his natural position that would also add to his point total.
    Put this kid on the first line center and first unit power play and his points will be much higher.

  11. Ducks:
    The Ducks are not trading Ryan for blah blah blah from the Leafs or anyone for that matter. If Ryan is traded, the deal will be either like the Kessel deal or J. Staal deal. They are not going to take on salary or players with zero upside.

    Seguin is the best centre prospect in the NHL. He has not been given the same role as Hall. Had Seguin been given 1st line minutes, powerplay time, and a leadership role. Had Seguin been given this same opportunity his numbers would be much higher and his game-to-game impact would be more visible. He is a superstar in the making, and will be made one.

    Kessel Trade: STOP IT!
    Everyone needs to stop bringing this up. Kessel was NOT traded for Seguin, Knight and Hamilton. He was traded for draft picks who later became these players. This is a very different scenario. Aside from the fact that it was the #2 pick (Seguin) this is a very fair deal for the Leafs who got one of the best goal scorers in the league, and one who is young with considerable upside. Nobody can scream out that the deal would be in the Bruins’ favour if it was prospect x, Hamilton, and Knight. I’d trade that for Kessel in a heartbeat.

  12. You guys are definitely right about just those players i mentioned being enough, which is why i said picks were to be added, such as at least 1 first rounder(most likely from this upcoming draft as the leafs are a good gamble for a top pick in the upcoming draft, which could mean domi, mckinnon or jones) and possibly 2 3rd rounders have been mentioned. As far as the critics around franson getting minutes as a duck, has anyone seen how dusty the ducks dcore is? With the obvious exception of fowler and sbisa, its pretty dusty, sure souray was once good, allen is a solid purely defensive guy who will put up some hits and block shots, and beauchemin has not been the same guy since being a leaf. Kessel’s name has been brought up for trades, especially since all of the heat he has taken being a leaf as well as it seems he is likely to go UFA asap, but burke is avoiding the making a move with him based on the backlash he will get from the leaf nation for doing so as he will never be able to get enough back to justify the initial trade to get him.