Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – August 5, 2012.

The latest on Shane Doan, the Red Wings are seeking a blueliner while the Predators still need upgrades, an update on the Wild, and Yannick Weber hopes to remain a Canadien.

NHL.COM: Phoenix Coyotes UFA winger Shane Doan is doing everything he can to remain with the Coyotes, saying it’s “kind of my goal”, but acknowledged he has to conduct due diligence “now in the fact that the longer it takes the more likely and the harder it seems to be to get a deal done in Phoenix.”

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the absence of Marian Gaborik for the first quarter of the upcoming season is why the Rangers have interest in Doan. Brooks believes Doan has “narrowed his sights on Manhattan, Pittsburgh and Vancouver”. He doesn’t know if Rangers GM Glen Sather is willing to offer Doan a four-year deal, “but if he does, Doan is more likely than not to become a Blueshirt”, even suggesting (“unlikely” but “not impossible) the right wing might accept a three-year deal to be reunited with Rangers coach John Tortorella.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I realize some hockey fans roll their eyes whenever the Rangers are mentioned as a potential destination for seemingly every big name free agent, but regarding Doan, I believe they have to be among the favorites, for it’s believed if he leaves the Coyotes, he’ll want to join a Cup contender.

As for his desire to remain with the Coyotes, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that he’s trying to give prospective owner Greg Jamison as much time as possible to purchase the team before making any decision over his own future. Still, he’s also doing the right thing by gauging his market value and exploring his options. If Jamison isn’t able to purchase the club before the end of August, or withdraws his bid, Doan will move on. In the meantime, the wait continues.

Colaiacovo among few remaining UFA defense options for Red Wings.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: George Sipple reports the Red Wings are still searching for a defenseman, which could come either via trade or free agency.  Sipple lists Michael Rozsival, Brett Clark or Carlo Colaiacovo as possible free agent targets.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: One of those three could be good replacements for the departed Brad Stuart. None, however, will replace the retired Nicklas Lidstrom. At least they wouldn’t be costly, long-term signings, probably for one-two seasons. 

THE TENNESSEAN: Josh Cooper feels the Nashville Predators need upgrades in scoring forwards and defensemen. He noted the free agent market was thin (Shane Doan) and while Anaheim’s Bobby Ryan is rumored to be a trade candidate but the Ducks appear unwilling to move him to a Western Conference team. They were apparently keen on Pittsburgh’s Paul Martin but it looks like he’ll remain a Penguin.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If they’re seeking another puck-moving defenseman, Carlo Colaiacovo would be the best available free agent option. As for scorers, they’ll have to go the trade route if they can’t land Doan, and there’s just not a lot of available talent there.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo reports, “Contrary to the idiotic trade rumors invented by Twitter “insiders,” Minnesota Wild GM Chuck Fletcher said he has nothing going on in terms of trade talks with other teams.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Russo’s coverage of the Wild’s successful pursuit of Zach Parise and Ryan Suter was yet another example why he’s the best source covering the Minnesota Wild. If he says nothing’s going on with the Wild on the trade front, believe him, not the self-proclaimed “insiders”.

CANOE.CA: Louis-Andre Lariviere reports Montreal Canadiens defenseman Yannick Weber doesn’t want to be traded, claiming a recent Swiss report took his response to a question over how he’d feel if he were traded and turned it into a headline.


  1. I hope the rangers do get doan on a 4 year deal and all there long term signings bust. Sather has been an awful gm for years except he has the luxury of 2 things other idiot gm’s to take his contract and the rangers endless amount of money. If doan does sign there the ranger will forsure, if they weren’t already, be favourites to win.
    I have no clue what is going on with the leafs and franson but I think he is a good defencemen and still young, for teams like philly, detroit and nashville looking for defence I figure he is a good option, with some potential to get better IMO.

  2. Doan

    Doan has come out publicly to save face and save his agents reputation …as it was earlier said that they were trying to drive up the price for the teams in the media …so he has now come out and publicly stated he is trying everything to stay in Pheonix ……OMG cant believ thi shorse crap …nice try Doan …thats why youi just came off a whirl wind trip flying to Easten North America to visit and sit with 5 teams in person …yeah OK becuase your trying to sign a deal in Pheonix ….come on !!!!! REALLY !!!!
    are we that dumb !!!
    Wow good agent to have him say this out loud !!! PLEASE!
    At least now we can see what its all about ….its all about DOAN not the Coyotes ….if it was about the team Doan would have signed there and then allowed Maloney to trade him for future assets to help the team with his departure …it is now realized its about MONEY & term !!! as it always is !!!


    Something is cooking here IMO …..they low balled Subban ( a D man ) they have asked Weber if he would be fine with a trade ( a D man ) …what is Bergevin doing …hes creating a sense of uncertanty & insecurity amongst his ranks and at the same time making it look like his team and visiion is unstable to any potential players looking to want to play there.

    Id say hes up to something a little bit bigger via trade to have had all this come out in the wash …the Subban thing is very per plexing a serious low ball offer ..Bergevin needs defense big time ..Habs lack in that position not sure why hes screwing with it ..its not like they have minor leagures pushing veteran players out !


    Cant believe Burke is a black out ..should sign Arnott what is he doing??We need a veteran presence with a cup in the room and hes a big center that can still put uup points and you donet have to give up anything to get him …its a perfect deal and gives Burke options and a solid veteran presence for his young players !!! WTF

    PLEASE …..FIRE BURKE enough is enough !!!!

    • Arnott would be a great signing for the Leafs but the question would be: where do you put him?

      The Leafs already have the following center’s on the roster: Lombardi, Connolly, Steckel, Bozak, Grabovski, McClement, Kadri (assuming he makes the team) and JVR (who hey plan to use at center).

      There is an obvious log jam at center in Toronto and not in a “you have too much quality type way” because they certainly don’t. Grabo is the only one who will fit into a top 6 center role without certainty and even then he’s not a first line type guy, he’s a solid second line.

      I assume that the Leafs roster this year will look something like this:
      Lupal / JVR / Kessel
      Macarthur / Grabo / Kulemin
      Bozak / Lombardi / Kadri
      McClement / Steckel / Brown

      I think that Connolly is the odd man out here or could be subbed with Lombardi for the 3rd line center role. If the Leafs decide to go with more of a grit style or smarter bottom 6 they would go with McClement and Steckel down the middle. Kulemin and Kadri could be interchangeable depending on how Kadri performs. I expect a big season out of him this year.

      • Don’t forget Matt Frattin is knocking on the door and might become a full-time NHLer this year. If Kadri is kept off the roster like he has been the last few seasons and Tyler Bozak doesn’t break out in a big way Frattin could end up being one of those 3rd line wingers. As for Connolly, I would expect him to remain with the club, as Lombardi will be on the IR list within 10 games.

      • Can’t see Connolly being the odd man out – he is Burkes $4.75MM mistake. I think what TO needs is a D-man and I think someone like Hannan or Gilroy or take a chance with someone like Barker, Jucina, Campoli or Parent. The leafs need a “stay at home” d-man who will clear out the net.

        • You are right about Lombardi being on the IR after 10 games. I’m just saying that will be the starting day roster.

          With regards to Frattin, He certainly would be one of the best options the Leafs currently have for a 3rd line winger. He is NHL ready and can bring that grit and intensity with a scoring touch that their third line needs. I think Bozak brings more defensively to the roster than any of the other potential “odd men out” can bring that’s why I feel he will remain with the club. Even if it’s not in a top 6 role.

          I like to try to classify defense into three categories. Your Offensive/ puck movers, your stay at home minute eaters/ shot blockers and your all around defense who can do a bit of both.
          If you look at what the leafs have on their roster for defense and put them into those categories where do each fall. Phaneuf and Komisarek are the more rugged type who aren’t as fast moving but can eat big minutes. For offensive puck movers the Leafs have Liles. Generally each team needs at least one. That leaves the third category. Gardiner, Gunnarson, Franson and Holzer (blacker too). Gardiner could potentially be considered in the offensive role as well.
          The big thing that you notice is that there’s a lack of quality minute munchers in the Leafs roster and system. I think Percy would be the closest thing to NHL ready that they have for a solid minute munching d-main in their system. The problem now with the Leafs back end is that their two minute munchers are not at the level that they need to be. Komisarek is garbage and makes such poor decisions/ is WAY overpaid. Phaneuf is too slow and but does bring other assets to the team that they need. What the Leafs need to do is find another good minute muncher d-man who is mobile. Having one dman who doesn’t have quick feet is not bad for a roster but having too many is an absolute problem. I believe that the best option for the Leafs on the market is Brett Clark with Gilroy being the second best option. Both would replace Komisarek nicely.

    • DOAN

      I agree with you he isnt signing with Phoenix unless phoenix is willing to pay 7million because no one else will especially for a 36 year old and a 4 year contract no gm is that crazy besides burke or the NY.ISLANDERS yashin need i say more


      Far from the truth montreal is very strong in that position and subban is a RFA he is not getting UFA money just like georges when he was a RFA after this contract he should get his 5 or 6 million if he performs right …. People say kaberle is finished the truth is he still is good…. do you people even know his stats … In montreal he played 42 games had 3 goals 19 assists 22 points and only a – 6 11 of those assists are on the power play … so lay off the guy hes still performing good they as a team played poorly and injuries played a huge role……..
      Your other comment that montreal has no young ones pushing veterans out .. j.tinordi and n.beaulieu and m.ellis do you even know anything about this Montreal team … Pk. Subban – j.georges – a.markov – t.kaberle – a.emelin – y.weaber – r.diaz – j.tinordi – n.beaulieu – m.ellis
      8 out of the 10 are under 30… 7 out of the ten are early 20’s and younger and you think this is their weak spot ok there buddy .. i like the defense the most…… they have the goaltending the defense all they need now is the offence with this years draft we are going to have some good young talent in that position in the future…..
      so before you rant about baseless facts of no defense and the weakest youll see…

      and enough with reading slew foot subban the guy did it get over it like he is the only one and stop being jealous people that this kid is in the nhl for one and two is a top 2 defenseman something you’ll never be thats all i get out of it when i read slew foot subban = jealousy


      Shouldnt be fired for not signing arnott they are trying to get younger not older sure might be good one year deal never know but arnott isnt the guy that will make you make the playoffs a goalie is number 1 priority not a 90 year old player thats ufa that no one wants … Burke should get fired by over paying players like komisarek, connally etc etc but i think what saved his job fleecing boston for that kaberle deal but then boston won the cup so was it really fleecing when you hold the holy grail nope i think boston should continue trading with toronto its thanks to toronto boston will be in the playoffs for years to come from rask to seguin to stanly cup if i was bostons owner id send flowers and choclates to toronto for at least 5 years

    • Why would Doan sign a contract with the franchise if he doesn’t know if it will stay in Arizona? And it’s spell PHOENIX! He is committed to staying in Arizona, not to a franchise that may leave. If he was to be traded, why would he want his new team to trade away assets? And it’s questionable if Maloney will be the GM of the new franchise. It’s obvious that you do not know Doan. It was and still is his priority to stay in Arizona as long as the franchise can commit to staying. It must be tough on Doan not having an owner to look after and argue for the players – that’s why Ray Whitney left to play for a team that didn’t make the playoffs (and was very vocal about it).

    • Arnott is a third line center or do you follow hockey…..old and slow. Burke just signed McClement (3rd line center) and traded for JVR. As a Leaf fan I would think we have enough 3rd and 4th liners already. Thanks but no thanks.

  3. If Nashville is dumb enough to want Martin, and if I was Shero I would take the first trade offer they made.
    Paul Martin is a pylon… LET”S GO PEN’S

  4. are we that dumb !!!

    I cut and pasted that above quote from Slap’s comment. Nothing more needs to be said.

  5. Nobody wants Paul Martin. Not even his own team. He’s a Bryan McCabe type player. All money, no game.

  6. @ Gus ….

    whats your problem man ….just stick to your comments about hockey….so we can enjoy a lazy Sunday with good hockey talk …if not pisss off!

  7. @Slap: That reported offer for Subban has been denied by Subban’s agent as never having been made. I hope you were being sarcastic about the depth for Montreal in the minors. We have three guys (Tinordi. Beaulieu, Ellis) waiting in the wings, Gorges is locked in as are Emelin and Diaz and St Denis looked good to go last year. That said, the young guys could use another year before hitting the bigs. Montreal is poised 9if things continue to develope properly) to have one of the best D in the league in a year or two, especially if Subban signs for a good long while….just in time for kaberle to come off the books…

  8. Slap.. why are you coming to such conclusions on the Habs?

    One, the offer to PK is a rumor.

    Two, where did anyone say Montreal asked Weber if he would be ok with a trade?? What team in the world would do that? Maybe if he was a veteran player or something.. but not with a 6-7th D, sometimes 4 liner player who for the most part, isn’t really that good.

    Either way, MB has done a good job thus far, PK will get signed, Weber, may be traded (without his permission) and that’s all there is to really look into the Montreal situation.

    • I’m thinking that Subban is wanting something in the range of 5m/ season. I think that he sees the money that is being thrown at players like Doughty, Weber and Sutter and thinks, I’m not quite at their level but I play top end minutes on my team and deserve the money for it.

      The deal I would put Subban onto is that which Luke Schenn got from Toronto. I think that Schenn was overpaid for his deal slightly. Schenn got 3.6m per year as a young d man who played good minutes and put up decent numbers (before last year when he just went in the tank). I think that 4 years at 15m would be a fair deal for Subban and for the Habs. It gives him enough money and term for a young player in the league who has great potential and sets him up to be able to have a big financial upgrade in the future if he performs well.

      • I believe PK wants the same type of money that Tyler Myers is getting. The past two years he has put up similar numbers although he doubles up on PIM. PK is an exciting D-man and I have had him on my Fantasy team for the past 3 years.The only thing that bothers me about PK is his tendency to slewfoot as he really doesn’t need to resort to that and in most cases results in a penalty. If Montreal did make a low offer to PK most likely it was done to bring him down to reality as I see him as a $4-4.5 player.

  9. Hey Tampa fans: what is the skinny on Gilroy? I’m looking at his stats( and he SEEMS on par with the guys Sipple/Spector listed for the Red Wings but I have heard nothing about him. I donot know this player one way or another but he seems ok, just hitting his prime (in terms of age) and should be a cheap signing. What am I missing???

    • I think Gilroy would be a solid depth signing for a 5-6 type guy who could also put up some numbers. He wouldn’t cost a whole lot to sign either.

      • What I recall from a few years ago is that the Rangers considered him, along with Del Zotto, Sauer, Girardi, Staal and McDonagh as one of their good young defencemen, but he became the odd one out because his potential wasn’t considered as high as the others’ and he was somewhat of a defensive liability relative the others as well.

  10. @Slap & Shot:

    Subban’s agent came out and said that the reported contract offer never existed and that Montreal a) didn’t low-ball his client and b) that negotiations were going strong along amicable terms but that these things often take a while.

    From all accounts, Bergevin has created a much better culture and atmosphere than has been present in Montreal in years. (even dating back to their conference championship run) The idea that he is creating uncertainty and insecurity is silly and completely fabricated without any indication from sources who actually have any idea what is going on in the Habs organization. Didn’t pundits and “insiders” last year suggest the same about Stamkos and Doughty? (how can their teams low-ball them? how can they not risk hurting their egos? how can they create such uncertainty and insecurity in their top players?) Didn’t Stamkos score 60 + goals last season and get nominated for the Hart trophy? Didn’t Doughty go on to be the top d-man on a Stanley Cup winning squad? Sorry, all the BS that fans and media want to create or instigate is always based on unsubstantiated reports, and frankly, the slowness of the summer news cycle in hockey – just trying to give themselves something to talk about and to act like they have inside information on the players and organizations – it’s all BS and everytime people try and promote it, they look ignorant and downright Eklund-like. (Eklund-like, now that is a fantastic adjective, worthy of urban dictionary) PK and the Habs are fine and who cares what Weber thinks? (Weber is the 13th forward/powerplay quarterback – not a quality D-man)

    When a substantiated report of any real issues in terms of PK and the Habs comes up, I’ll take it with some credibility. Until then, it’s just twitter

    • Think Subban not signing may be in line with other similar RFA blueliners like MDZ and John Carlson not signing yet? Maybe they are all waiting for the market to be set, and then let the signings flow, as typically does happen. Ever think that they are working off of the deal that Myers signed a year ago, just trying to find the way their client fits in, in comparison to Myers? (heck, that’s the reason bottom feeding RFA’s like Franson won’t be signed for a while)

      Sometimes I think people just want to stir the pot rather than to put in critical analysis. When one looks at it objectively, it looks like everything is fine and this is just the way these things go.

  11. Two stories that may be linked, or may not be and its just an old boys imagination. Two young players, Subban and Kane dragging their heels on resigning. Kane has had a 6 yr 29 million offer for almost 3 weeks now without response.

    Looking at these teams needs, Wpg needs D and Montreal size and skill at F. Could be a mutually beneficial swap here…..but do you do a one for one?

  12. @ Matty G

    @ BIG BOSS …Good post by th eway

    @ Hah Habs fan 1 …Gilroy is a great pick up wierd.

    @ Habs_ FTW…WEBER ..just discussing what was out there??

    As like everyone here we all pst on what is reprted ….unless we all here have privey information driect from the source and if that was the case we woudnt be posting but rather writing for a paper so all discussions are about what has been put out in the media and the posts are a direct rebuttle to that information for a topic of conversation to share and talk about what possibilities there could be along with a general opinion ….Id say it safe to say that Subban was not offered anywhere what he was looking for and thats why he is unsigned to this day …..why should it be so hard to get your arguably tope defender into a deal ….it would show the fans team and Subban HEY this is the direction we are going and we are willing to givce our better players or tope players something worth staying here and to show other players in the league that the Habs are willing to pay people to play there….

    Josh Georges is signed for 6 years at $3.9 million I dont see him being any different from Subban so that should be the deal on the table !! except Id propose a $4 mill for 4 years deal for Subban with an out clause of 10 teams to be traded to, just incase he follows up with some stupid antics both in the dressing room or on the Ice…

    MYERS ….

    I think the Myers deal is way to inflated and not really the market set price for Defensman around the league at that age ….Buffalo did this in an attepmt to spur media attention and to prove around the league they have deep pockets and we will pay fopr top talent at an outrageuos price …just so they can get top players to the bargaining table and make it seem as if they have an open wallet ….weather players want to play there is a different story…but it is a neon sign that flashes CASH HERE !!!
    Myers deal is not the common deal and is not the true d man set price for the league IMO outrageous and not yet proven to be elite!!


    This guy would be a great pick up as a 3-4 d man …I think that he was pumped up to be a lead # 1 defender coming into the league and when that didnt pan out his stocvk dropped …but if this guy had a great Talent on his side like a Shea Weber to play with it could be lethal !!! IMO

  13. @ Old Soldier

    I always like your posts….

    I think a Kane Subban deal would be a waste for both teams ….Kaneis Tavares type equivalant… could bring in at least 3 solid players or at least 2 and a #1 pick so it would be beneficial to the Jets to look to get a 2nd or 3rd line from hime if they can trade him for the right pieces to a team who is stocked in talent on the NHL roster and minor league team ….i.e Panthers …Wild …Capitals …Sabres ..Oilers.. ect
    Subban would be more likely to get a solid player to fill a hole on a first line with a #1 round or second round pick to a team deep upfront as well maybe Philly would be good here for a Cotourier OR Vorack starting point and playerto be named in a combo….just a hypthosis for discussion ..who knows !

  14. @ Habs_ FTW…WEBER ..just discussing what was out there??

    It was never out anywhere.. I’m all for good hockey talk, specially in the dog days of summer, but Montreal never ASKED Weber if he would be ok if he was traded. Nobody ASKS unless they need to, namely NTC.

  15. @Big Boss,

    As someone already replied..Arnott would be the third line centre and currently I see the leafs Depth chart for Centre, by line as follows: JVR, Grabovski, McClement, Steckel. Don’t get me me wrong, Arnott brings a tonne, but here do you put him? We already have natural centres like, Connolly, Lombardi and Kadri playing wing. Not to mention where do we put Bozak now? I am hopeful there is a trade in the works to solve some of these guys but things are very quiet.

    Regarding Gilroy, I know BB was hot to trot on him a few years ago. BB seems to be signing everyone except for Franson, which leads me to believe something is cooking. And therefore BB might finally land Gilroy. With Carlyle and Parrish as coaches, maybe this is the project they have been looking for..

    • I agree entirely on your assessment of Arnott. He brings a lot to the team but there really isn’t much for space. You have to think that some team might want to take a chance on Bozak in a trade because he is fairly young and is still pretty good defensively. He is not the first line center that the Leafs had hoped him to be, he’s a bubble 2nd line player on a weak team or a 3rd liner on an average/low playoff team. However, he still has lots of upside.

      I agree with the depth chart on centers that you stated. Macclement is certainly slated to be the 3rd line center with Steckel being the 3rd. Both guys bring a good bit of skill in the faceoff circle and a solid bit of play in their own zone.

      I think the hold up with Franson is because it’s taking a while for the Leafs to convince Franson that he will actually get playing time this year rather than ride the pine or sit in the press box. He is a good quality young d-man and I would honestly think it would be a shame if the Leafs drop the ball on him like they have in the past. The best thing for Franson, like Schenn, might be if the Leafs trade him. The question is, where would Franson go, and for what?

      Thoughts? I would be interested to see what Lyle has to say on this one.

  16. Habs suck… Pk is a puke…

    • As a Leaf fan I dislike the Habs severely. However, I have to say this, if you’re going to post please try to sound even the slightest bit intelligent. That way we can actually get some solid hockey talk going rather than senseless name calling.

  17. This is where a team like Edmonton has to step in and pick up UFA’s like Coliacovo and Gilroy.




    Then trade guys like Omark, Peckham, Hartikainen, Hordichuk and N.Schultz. Even try trading Omark, Smyth, N.Schultz and Peckham for B.Ryan.

    • I believe that’s the lowest costing top 6 in the league

    • laefs advocate…..Sorry the ducks aren’t going to want that crap for Ryan, they will be looking for quality not quantity.

      • Ah, that is hardly crap for Ryan. Seeing how Anaheim is searching for a 2c + Dman + Prospect/Draft Pick.

        N.Schultz+Peckham (2 Dmen), Smyth 2c + Omark (Top Prospect).

        • They may be looking to fill these 3 holes, but I’m sure they want to do better than a 36 year old 40 point winger as their #2 center, especially when the whole league agrees that he’s on his last legs, a young forward that the Oilers considered waiving this past year due to his poor performance, and two marginal defencemen.

  18. Doan re-united with Torterella . . .?

    • I’d say Doan will go to Vancouver. Where he has a Summer home in B.C. and knows the city. Vancouver needs that 1 piece of grit and determination, and Doan has this. This could finally puch the Canucks over the top and be the solid choice for Cup favorite.

      • *push

  19. I think I read three comments.

    I wish there would be a limit on how much people are about to write… everyone here seems to think that they’re Darren Dreger or Bobby Mac.

    CONCISE people. Think twitter, not a final exam in a Lit class.

    • Sorry, not everyone*, but certain people. Thumbs up to those who keep it short and sweet.

  20. I’m sure others have commented about this, but Shane Doan is a class act. Though he must ache to have a shot at a Stanley Cup ring, he continues to give Phoenix ownership every chance to do a deal, keep the Coyotes in the desert (could they play anywhere else with that name?) and hang onto their on-ice leader.
    Virtually all other players in today’s mercenary NHL would have bolted for a big-money deal with a contender weeks ago.
    Whoever gets (or keeps) Doan will get (or keep) priceless intangibles.