Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – December 1, 2013.

The latest on Ryan Miller, Martin Erat, Dmitry Kulikov, Jonas Hiller and more.

Should the Islanders pursue Ryan Miller?

Should the Islanders pursue Ryan Miller?

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports two league executives claims NY Islanders GM Garth Snow is shopping around for a goaltender. Garrioch claims the best-case scenario (though acknowledging it as a long shot) is if Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller waives his no-trade clause to accept going to the Islanders for the rest of the season…Garrioch suggests the Capitals shop Martin Erat to a team which must stay at the cap floor, like the Islanders, Sabres and Florida Panthers…Many think the starting point for Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban’s new contract is LA Kings blueliner Drew Doughty’s eight-year, $56 million deal…It’s believed the Nashville Predators are interested in Anaheim Ducks goalie Jonas Hiller and Florida Panthers netminder Tim Thomas, who are both due to become UFAs next summer…Garrioch claims he’s been told the Colorado Avalanche are shopping left wing Jamie McGinn as part of a deal for blueline help…The Ottawa Senators might have interest in LA Kings winger Matt Frattin, who’s currently sidelined by injury and hasn’t played up to expectations with the Kings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll be very surprised if Miller agrees to go to the Islanders, even if only for the rest of the season. I believe he’d prefer a move to a playoff club…Not a bad suggestion about shopping Erat to a cap floor club, but I think those clubs would also want something else included in the deal, like defenseman Dmitri Orlov…I believe the starting point for Subban’s contract talks is Kris Letang’s eight-year, $58 million deal. I believe Subban ultimately gets an eight-year deal worth between $60-$64 million. If he’s finishes the season as the Canadiens leading scorer, is among the 2014 Norris Trophy finalists, or if he wins the Norris again, that price will go even higher, especially if he’s unsigned heading into July, when a rival club could come calling  with a big-ass offer sheet…Hiller’s not going anywhere for the time being, and I doubt Thomas will be available until closer to the March trade deadline…The Avalanche aren’t in any hurry to make a deal, but I can see acquiring a blueliner later in the season. Maybe McGinn or someone else gets shopped to address that…If the Senators want Frattin, the Kings would probably be happy to move him. Don’t see how he helps the Senators.

WASHINGTON TIMES: Chuck Gormley believes the Capitals shouldn’t look for anything except a hard-edged defenseman with a left-hand shot who can play big minutes for winger Martin Erat. He lists Florida’s Dmitry Kulikov, NY Rangers Michael Del Zotto, Philadelphia’s Andrej Meszaros, Columbus’ Nikita Nikitin, LA’s Alex Martinez, Montreal’s Francis Bouillon and Toronto’s Paul Ranger. He also anticipates Dmitri Orlov will be traded.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A problem for a lot of the clubs is Erat’s cap hit. Yes, I know, his salary is $3.75 million this season and it’s $2.25 million next season, but the cap hit remains $4.25 million, and that’s still not gonna be easy for teams to absorb. As for those blueliners, perhaps the best bets are Nikitin and Martinez.  Kulikov, Del Zotto, Meszaros and Rangers aren’t “hard-edged”. Bouillon could fit the bill but I doubt the Habs want any part of Erat’s cap hit.

BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa reports the Ducks won’t move Jonas Hiller until Viktor Fasth (who’s sidelined for a month) has returned to action. Even then, Fasth’s recent injury history could give the Ducks pause before moving Hiller.

CBC.CA: Elliotte Friedman reports the Toronto Maple Leafs may be revisiting trade talks with the Florida Panthers regarding Dmitry Kulikov.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kulikov could be a good addition for the Leafs, but then again we don’t know how well he’d play for coach Randy Carlyle, and as a restricted free agent with arbitration rights next summer, he’ll want a substantial raise.


  1. “we dont know how well he would play for coach Randy Carlyle…” well judging by ho well the other 10-12 D men Randy has “coached” since taking over 2 years ago and the 3-4 guys who have been run out of town by him…I got a pretty good idea how that would turn out.

  2. With the East the way it currently sits Miller makes the Islanders a playoff club. Perhaps even a playoff club that makes some noise in the East.

    • not sure why that is

      other than his Vezina year, GAA and Save Percentage are decent but not great

      • 8 points back in not a very good division with 3/4 of a year left on a team that has some good pieces but rotten goaltending. Miller is better than Poulin.

      • He’s in buffalo that’s why his stats are horrible

  3. Good luck to Washington getting any of that for Erat and Gormley should probably watch a few hockey games maybe do a little research in to players before he makes up his wish lists…Ranger has a NTC and as mentioned some of those guys have as much of a hard edge as a bowl of jello.

    • The only player I see going for erat on that list is boullion in Montreal which I would make the deal as long as I get orolov in return I would obviously give them back something else with that like a prospect like one of their goaltenders not fucale but like tokarski he deserves a shot he’s posting a 1.94 gaa last I checked in Hamilton and let’s face it he ain’t getting a shot with price in nets and budja playing amazing as a backup

  4. yea, but we forget what Carlyle did for beauchemin. he’s not running dmen out of town. they’re just not that good.

    if anybody seriously wants Ranger, he can fly. There are a bin full of rangers with the Marlies. Call one up.

    …and for peete’s sake, send rielly down before the teenage tragedy strikes.

    • Coaches are paid to make players better. To a point he has helped Fraser and Franson a bit but lets go thru the list Kostka Holzer Blacker O’Byrne Liles Gardiner Franson Komisarek, Fraser Phaneuf Gunnarson Rielly there are 12 guys over the past 2 years have been in and out of the lineup, is the D any better since Wilson left? Out of those 12 how many played for the Leafs this year? Grabo as a 3rd line checking center work out? Where is he again? Randy does not coach, he implements 1 system and if it dosent work he blames players and turfs them instead of changing the system a bit or coaching the players.

      • your list cracks me up. those who were good still are. those who weren’t are gone. nhl coaches implement systems. period. development is for the ahl, where the likes of blacker and holzer belong.

        • Sooo by your astute observation Rielly and Gardiner are done developing and this team wont get any better than allowing 40 shots a night? We better trade the whole d corps. Or get a new system.

          • Yes. That’s exactly what I said. Which is why I posted earlier, send Rielly back to junior. If you’re gonna resort to insults, at least line up your facts.

            Grabo was a cap casualty. You wanna blame Carlyle for the cap mismanagement too?

          • Nope just this horrible system that dosent suit the team at all, that he employs, but hey he won a cup so he must be a really great coach. Had nothing to do with the team he was given with 2 Norris type D men good goaltending and possibly the center wing combos that all had a good combination of size and skill. It was all Randy.

          • Komarov or McArthur were not cap issues they were not resigned because Randy didnt really want to play them but lets make sure Orr plays or McClaren. These are coaching decisions (as is Grabo not playing in a role that may have made more sense say as a 1 or 2 c but no Randy insists thats Bozaks job) that led to guys leaving.Thats not tosay for better or worse not everyone is a first liner but like it or not in 2 years Randy has had alot of player turnover due to the fact if your in his good books you play if not you may as well leave town, that is not coaching it is not improving your team if every time some one ticks the coah off you have to buy him out trade him or hope that its a contract year so you dont have to sign him. At some point the blame falls on the guy behind the bench, there is a young fast skilled team here why not try and play that way instead of cycling the puck. Why not be aggressive and use speed to attack the puck in the d zone along the walls and cause turn overs along the boards instead of collapsing to the net constantly and chipping the puck out, allowing the other team to keep pressure on you in your own d zone when its pretty clear you dont play D all that well. Coaching desicions are costing this team as much as the players.

          • Shticky, I agree with the main point you are trying to make. As a coach you need to adapt to what is happening and who you have to work with. At the same time though this team for the most part had not even tried to play defense. A lot of it has been masked yes by the goaltending but also by bolland. What’s the solution I’m not sure. I think it will take a lost season before a new coach but players such as kadri, gardiner and Franson are more easily moveable

          • I know that is the easy thing todo is to trade guys like Gardiner Kadri Franson or to swap Liles for Gleason, but what are you going to get? You are not suddenly going to get the cup winning Duck team and cap is going to be an issue as these guys are relatively cheap young good players. It will start to be shades of past management dealing away your future for the present ham stringing the team down the road. If it is a case of Randy’s system not working where does that leave them? It leads to cap issues firing a coach thats not a fit and older vets that may not be any better than what was dealt away in the first place. A team very similar to what Burke had when he came in to rebuild it properly in the first place.

  5. And exactly what can the Islanders give up for Miller? We own a conditional 1st round pick for next season – which the Isles can delay one year if they fall into the top 10 drafting teams, so that kind of puts the kaibash on trading the 2015 1st round pick, unless they promise not to use that clause next year.

    Other than that, they have Strome. But I don’t think they’re going to let him go.

    • Ya Im not sure what the Islanders could give up, just sayin I think Miller makes them a playoff team.

    • They would be fools to deal Strome. Fools I say! Miller will prob head west. I can see Anaheim making a pitch at the deadline as they would have a above average #1 in miller and a good prospect backing him up to learn from.

  6. Agree with Shticky on Carlyle, he does not fit with the current roster. But the problem is three fold sad to say, aside from the coach they have far too many one dimensional (offensive minded) players, especially on their defence. And thirdly Nonis, ‘draft smaft #2′, has not helped the situation, he made more bad moves than good so far [re-signing Bozak, signing a 3rd liner for 7 years, recently trading for a unproven centre for potentially a 2nd round pick, etc]. It’s a mess!

    • Yep, but I think it could be less of mess if you get rid of the coach which obviously dosent fit get 1 that fits better and see what you got before you start dealing pieces away that might turn things into a bigger mess down the road. Even if it means missing the playoffs. Dont start throwing away more picks and prospects away now. Fire Carlyle.

  7. I THink the Leafs should make a couple of trades to get better defensively and add more sandpaper.
    1. Carolina gets: Kulemin, Liles, & Ranger
    Toronto gets: Ruttu & Gleason

    2. Flyers get: Kadri, Gardiner, & 3rd round draft pick
    Leafs get: Schenn brothers

    Leafs get tougher on the back end and Brayden Schenn & Nazem Kadri are the same (young centers)

    • Carolina also agrees to pick up $1 mil of Ruttu’s salary

    • Hoping to get so more wear out of that Maple leaf Schenn jersey, Eh?

  8. rumors swirling

    Giroux and Coburn to Montreal

    Flyers get Subban and Prust

    • With the way things are rolling for the Habs why the hell would they do this?

    • Who exactly is swirling that rumor?

      • Jango27 is.

        • Hahaha.

    • That’s a made up rumor, but the Flyers do have a mega hard on for Subban

      • my buddy is coach of the Little Florida Panthers. he knows management of the big club. told me that Tim Thomas’ wife was being shown homes in the area by Panther wives 2 weeks before news broke that Thomas was signing

        Panther and Flyer talked. Flyer looking for bigger younger D and size in their FW. talked about Upshall and Boyes as part of package for Giroux and draft pick but Panthers refuse to include Gudbransen and Flyers want more for Giroux than those 3. Flyer like Subban deal better even though it means giving up Coburn too. PR problem is trading captain again after Richards was traded and trading Giroux after just signing him to 8 year extension at $8M a year. Canadien expect Subban will be $8M a year at least. friction with Subban this year and Prust doesn’t fit in long-term whereas Giroux and Coburn would

        • You know this makes absolutely no sense right? If Subban keeps playing the way he is will probably win his second Norris in 2 years even comparing salaries Id rather pay 8-9 mill per year for a back to back norris winning d-man who is under 25 than giving 8 mill to Giroux. Nothing against Giroux. If Subban was to be traded for salary reasons you dont think the Habs would be looking at picking up a few pieces not a 1-1 deal for another big contract for a guy who has consistency issues? I doubt very much they would trade Subban for Giroux plus Coburne (unless there was maybe a pick involved aswell) let alone throw Prust in to the deal.

          • i’m not saying I was on the call. just reporting what I heard

            if Subban wins back-to-back Norris trophies, he might get an offer sheet for $10M a year. you think it’s possible the Flyers send him an offer sheet for $10M a year for 15 years??? the way it looks right now, $8M a year is the bottom dollar he gets. he’s better than Letang and Letang got $8M a year

            Giroux might do better in Montreal’s lineup….doesn’t fit the style of the Flyers and the line-up……regardless, he’s still a PPG player, maybe more with the speed on the Canadiens, Flyers are slow

            makes sense for a number of reasons, the most important being the Flyers love Subban and everyone knows how they over-pay to get what they want….so maybe they add a player to the mix….they have Laughton (2012 1st round pick) and Morin (2013 1st round pick) having good years, possibly ready to make the team next season, so they could sweeten the pot with another player to get the deal done

          • And since an offer sheet at most could only be for 7 years….no I dont think there is any 15 year 10 million offer sheets coming.

        • Take it from me, whoever told you this is lying. None of what your friend told you is true.

          • have you heard anything on the Flyers front

            they don’t look like a playoff team to me. find it hard to believe Snider and Holmgren and Clarke will not make a major move, and will likely miss the playoffs a 2nd year in a row, without doing something

  9. Just how many teams are on Miller’s 8-team NTC list?? It was noted earlier that he won’t accept a trade to a Canadian team. So, the 7 Canadian teams and the Islanders must be the 8 then. Guaranteed. Got it.

    Or perhaps, all this rumoured “won’t accept a trade to” talk is a lot of hooey written by writers who are doing more writing than research into what those 8 teams actually are. (I’m looking at you, Garrioch!)

    • Miller has agreed to modify his NTC, but he still doesn’t want to go to a Canadian team – so that leaves 7 on his list. I still see him going to either Nashville, Anaheim or St. Louis. I think part of the holdup is that Bflo doesn’t have a GM and I don’t see Patty pulling the trigger on a major trade. Thing is all the teams mentioned above have goalie health issues – Miller is durable, consistent and has kept his team in most every game while taking 40+ shots on goal. Anaheim and St. Lous sit at 3 and 4 but I don’t think they want to go any lower and Nashville sits at 10. Nashville needs to win some games now. I think once Bflo gets a GM, then we’ll see some movement.

  10. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if everyone on this board is actually a NHL GM and you all are just testing the waters for with these proposed deals? Actually some of these deals sound like they were constructed by the great Brian Burke himself.

    Also, why do the Preds want Hiller? There are cheaper band aid goalies to be had for Rinne’s time out. Or is Rinne out?

    Sens could get Frattin for a burrito right now, because that is about how much his cap hit is. A really good burrito.

    Miller isnt moving till a contender loses their starter, or an up and coming team calls for him. Dollars to donuts he moves west.

    Carlyle is an alternate version of Michel Therrian. Some players flourish and others flounder.

    Shtiky, I expect at least 2 food references in your next response.

  11. The Norris trophy has no credibility in my eyes, not when it’s decided by newspaper guys…If they had GMs and coaches vote as well, then I would give the trophy it’s merit. Until then, I see it as a popularity contest due to the last 2 winners. PK was a PP specialist, not the best all-round player and he didn’t compete against the other team’s best players every night last year. This year though, he can be in the discussion because he is successfully taking a bigger role and more responsibility with the Habs. Last year that trophy belonged to Suter, I don’t see how anyone can say someone else was more complete than him.